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What's up everybody? My name is Josh Tapp. And welcome to the Lucky entrepreneur podcast. So today is day number one. And I hope you're excited. Because if you're listening to this, that means that you've been attracted by either our title of our podcast or you've seen some of our marketing, or you've heard somebody tell you about it. And it's been pushing you back to this episode to the very beginning. So this episode today, guys, I'm going to be delving into my origin story. Okay? If you know me at all, I am a huge fan of The Avengers. I've even got posters of them all over my office, because I just I love everything about the Avengers, and I'm a total nerd. If you want to be my friend, all you have to do is going to our Facebook page like the entrepreneur and just start mentioning things about me and Avengers and I'm pretty sure will become best friends because I love everything about it. Especially if you know things about it that I don't because I'm always learning. So anyways, you can do that on the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page. But guys the purpose of this podcast, I wanted to help people understand that I'm not here to say, Oh, I'm so big corporate millionaire who is super successful at Model everything I do you know, I'm just a regular guy, I want to share my origin story about about my entrepreneurial journey and how I'm still on it. The whole point of this podcast is for me to document my journey, because I want to help you to win, I want to put you into an environment where you will win over and over and over again, because you're taking that time to create an environment where you're going to win. So the lucky entrepreneur, right? Our whole phrase, everything that we stand by is make your own luck. Okay? You're gonna hear me say that over and over and over and over again, because I am a firm believer in putting yourself in the environment to win. You see all these people who win over and over again as business owners, right? And we say, Wow, how did how did they get that overnight success, right? We see we see all these people who become millionaires. And to us, it seems like they just they just got lucky or they know one thing that we don't know and, and the reality is, it's not one thing, though, the way that people are winning is they're creating an environment in which to win and then they're there. are getting those same obstacles we're getting, but they climb over him, they break through them, they go out and, and winning against those obstacles so they can, you know, they can they can create those failures that will compound for their success over time. And what we're going to be delving into with this podcast is how to create that environment, okay? It's not just gonna be me talking. So I hope you're excited because I'm personally going to be sharing my journey. But it's not just going to be me. I'm going to be interviewing some of the top entrepreneurs all across the world so that they can be sharing some of these things, how they break through those obstacles, how do they create that environment to be able to win? What tools specifically do they use to win, we're gonna be talking about all these different things to make sure that you can copy those things, apply them to your business, create a battle plan for yourself, so that you can create your own luck. But like I said, Guys, today is my origin story. And over the next four episodes, I'm going to be sharing some of my personal experiences that have helped shape my life and helped put me into a better situation. So just so you Understand, we just cycled in our business. Okay, we just went through, built up a big business got quite a bit of revenue coming in, and then it tanked. It tanked. It absolutely tanked. We lost everything down to clear down to zero. So I said, You know what, I'm gonna be loud about this. I don't I don't want to just be like, Oh, you know, boohoo I, I failed, quote unquote, right? I want to be out there and showing people what I failed at how I failed that so that you can you can win. Okay. And just so you know, this is not the first business I fail that I have done over five companies in the last three years. Every single one of them has one and then failed, and then one and then failed, and actually has been three years. It's been five years. But regardless, we've been spending all this time doing all these different businesses, but I want you to know that, that I'm in the trenches with you, okay. And I'm not ever going to share something that I don't believe in. Every time I make an episode. It's going to be about something I'm either passionate about. a tool that I know for a fact works. An interview somebody that I know has one because I don't want to interview people who haven't Haven't overcome obstacles, okay? If they just you know, mamby pamby their way and got all successful through luck, then, I mean, obviously, we're not gonna be interviewing them, but we want to be learning from people who've gone out and done it. So I'm gonna get started now with my origin story, four minutes into this right? I want to delve pretty deep, kind of pretty far back, I guess I could say, into my life story. So just so you know, I was raised in a family. My dad is an entrepreneur has always been an entrepreneur. And for most of my growing up life, he was a contractor. So he built cabins in a forested area in Idaho, which is where I'm from, and I grew up kind of doing work with him, but he taught me the value of becoming, you know, becoming a person of value. So one of the things I learned early on from my dad is he was growing up you know, he used to work construction for us for him and we pay he pay us
you know, little bits of money to do this. work for him. And then when we get older him into paying us more, but then he did something that that drastically changed the trajectory of my life. So when I was about six, seven years old right around there, my dad started getting really heavily into leadership and into to personal growth. So he got really excited about it and said, You know what, guys, if you will read read a book, I will pay you 20 bucks just for reading one of these books every time. So me being the lazy person, right? I said, I'm not I don't want to do. I don't want to do manual labor. So I went out and said, Okay, I'm just gonna read like 20 books a week. So I did. I started tearing through these books. When I was home, I'd get home and I'd read all sorts of great books. The first one I read was The Richest Man in Babylon. Which by the way, if you want to understand money on a whole new level, that's the first book you should start with. That changed my life, even at that young age, and helped me see money in a whole new way. So when my dad turned me on to those books, I got so excited because a I was making money, but b i was actually Just starting to learn from these things. And I realized from one of the books that Oh, you can sell things that people want, and you're going to come out on top right? You're gonna win. It's gonna be easier, right, quote unquote easier. So the lazy side of me says, Okay, well, I could do this, you know, and not have to read books. So, I went out and I, my eight year old self, I collected all of my broken toys, my rock collections, my lucky rabbit's foot, all that stuff. And then I put it into a trailer of a lawnmower trailer, took it on my lawnmower and towed it clear to the end of my parents streets. So again, we're from Idaho, we live in a community of about 60,000 people. And we were kind of more we're further away from town about two miles from town. So the road I went to was was mildly traffic. I said this is about as far as my parents are going to let me go without getting in trouble. So I showed the trailer with all my crap down there made a makeshift table on the back of it and then I took a white poster board and with pencil I wrote stuff for sale that's great marketing right that's that's lesson number one for me I think was was my marketing was very poor. But what I did is I sat there on the side of the road for the entire day not a single person stopped we had about probably I would say probably 100 cars hundred 50 cars with pass every hour. Nobody stopped to even be nice to me. So first off, I have sympathy nowadays for for kids fare on the side of the road and I have money I'm like, I'm gonna give you money. I just I feel the pain, right? And they're really wanting to be entrepreneurial. So I love to support that. So anyways, I sat there at the end of the of our road for for most of the day. And then near the end of the day, my brother's friends so one of my older brothers, his friend was probably like at the time he came up to me and looked through my stuff and gave me a quarter for for a Polish rock. But more than just, you know, making me me happy That I made money. I realized I just made 25 cents to sit here. It just changed my whole paradigm is that wow, if I can learn how to sell this better, Mike, what would happen if that happened every hour, I can make 25 cents an hour, right? My little entrepreneurial brains go and get me all excited. I was mildly defeated because I was like, dang, I only made that much. But then my parents found out I did that and said, Hey, you probably don't want to sit down the road being good parents because they don't want me to get stolen. Right. And they had me come back and it was my dad explained more about entrepreneurial ism that way, but that's not where my entrepreneurial pursuits ended. Right? Here I am. I don't know what is it 20 years later. And I'm, I'm still an entrepreneur and I'm so glad I'm still an entrepreneur. But there are many different pieces like this that absolutely changed my paradigm because it helped me see what entrepreneurial ism really is. The best part about after this experience Right so I'm sitting I get home from sitting on the end of the street. My dad has started to make some connections in the in basically in every area because he's becoming more wealthy right he's he's learning how to become successful so he starts interacting with more successful people. Then one day he said, he invited a millionaire over the first millionaire I'd ever met. His name was Manasa. pho to To this day I remember him because he was this big old Tongan guy with a passion I have never seen. He had become a millionaire in network marketing, right? So he's, he'd gone out and basically off a pure passionate sales ability made himself a millionaire. And my parents were involved this network marketing company with them and and from that, I started to see Wow, you can make money doing some pretty incredible things
and being around those people being around so this Manasa photo guy and then there was one guy who to this day is still an idol of mine. His name is Chris Brady, amazing leadership guru, multi millionaire, but I ended up playing with his kids multiple times. Because my pay And him got to know each other really well. And through that experience, I started to see the lifestyle that you could have by being wealthy. And what was funny is I'm not like most people were like, Oh, they have boats, they have houses, these people had time, they would just go off for three months at a time and visit Italy or spend three months in Africa, building schools for kids or whatever. And I was like, I want that I want that lifestyle. And honestly, in my opinion, I thought the only way I could get there was through being entrepreneurial. And I grew up in that environment learning that okay. If I can just create a system, I can become wealthy. So through my my high school years and everything I started to go out, and to, you know, spend my time in becoming like lowing mowing lawns, or, you know, doing other sort of businesses like that's like I could gain money like so I can do door to door. I did everything because I knew if I did those little Things I can make some extra money and I can become wealthy one day, right? But here's the best thing, one of the biggest lessons I learned transitioned very directly into my education. So I get into high school, right? My mom actually homeschooled me for three years, which was like the worst three years of my life. No, I love my mom. But I did not like being home. I'm a very social person. I love people. So I wanted to get to school. And when I got to school, I'm there. And I just kind of start doing the school thing. And for the first two years of school, I was just worried about friends and ended up only getting like a 2.4 GPA, those first two years. And then people started bringing up this thing called college and careers and I, up to that point, my parents had maybe mentioned college a few times. They're both college grads. So, you know, to them it was it was important, but they didn't really push it very hard. My parents said you know, you, you do what you want to do. Basically And what ended up happening was, I looked at where I was at, and I said, Wow, I'm not winning at this, and why am I not winning? And the entrepreneurial side of me was like, well, it doesn't matter. I'm just gonna go on a business, right? I'm gonna start up more businesses and everything. And then I started to think, well, what if I do want to go to college? You know, what if I do want a career, and you know, in business, is that gonna matter? If I if I know math, right? Everybody will tell you it doesn't. But I personally use that all the time. The math I learned in high school and college and everything. But what happened was, I said, Okay, who is winning at this school game? So I went to three or four of my friends who were 4.0 students, and I just started to look at what they were doing. How much time are they spending on homework, how much time would they be at school? Would they go to talk to their teachers afterwards? You know, how good are they at tests Do you have to be good at tests, and I found all the little pieces of what they were good at and then I created my own Plan.
I said, Okay, these are things that play to my strengths. And here are some things that play to my weakness, or that helped me avoid more of my weaknesses to help me do better. And guys, guess what? I got a 4.0 for both my junior and my senior year. Okay, that was not saying I got 100% on every test, I realized one of my biggest weaknesses was I was horrible at testing. So I did all of the homework, and I made sure I did all the extra credit assignments, and I did all the things because I'm like, I know I can do those well enough to get good grades. And then when I would go and get a C on the test, or I bombed the test, I would still come out on top with an A in the class because it would average out right? So I gave that understanding and that that skill that I learned there has translated over into my college degrees into everything I've done, because I said, Oh, if I just get a system that works for me, and not just a system that's generic, it works for everybody. I found that if I did that, for my Myself, I can win. And that opened my eyes. And I would encourage all of you, as you're looking at this and you're hearing these stories or hearing me talk about about my past, you're going to see that you can do this yourself, you can create your own system and you can learn how to to create a system for yourself. Don't be looking for somebody's done for you blueprint. Everybody kind of has a framework that that works. But the reality is you have to pick what works best for you. Because for some people so for example, if I go back to that example of the the millionaire the first millionaire had that but also to write the dude was a firecracker. I could not keep up with him as passionate was so intense because I ended up working with him later, which I'll talk about later. He he was just so passionate, so intense that I just couldn't keep up with him. And his system was basically he talked to everybody. If you're at the gas station, you talk to people you know, use network all the time. And for me I was like, I I love people, but I am not that good. I am not that good of a Salesman yet. And it really got me excited because I said, Well, I, I don't have to be that good. All I have to do is find my own path that works for me. So guys with that, I hope that that is a really good understanding of where I was at. This gives you a good foundation. And over the next three episodes, I'm going to be talking about some more huge life changing experiences. And I hope you get a ton of value out of these because I'm trying to put my heart and soul into this, I hope you can hear that. I'm just so excited about it. And I want to make sure that you're all feeling my passion. I want you to feel that you can you can create that own situation to where you will become a better person. So guys with that, go out there today and make your own luck. If you've enjoyed this episode or any other episode of the lucky entrepreneur podcast, feel free to leave us a rating or view or to subscribe as we continually be releasing new episodes that will help you to make your own luck. Additionally, If you feel like you need some extra help or some extra resources and launching your business or improving your business, you can reach out to us on the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page. I will personally be in there answering any questions you might have, as well as directing you to the trainings and the tools and everything that we have within the Facebook page. So all you have to do is either look in the show notes or go to the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page.
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