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What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky entrepreneur podcast. So today I'm going to go into part three of four of my origin story. So I've been telling you the story of my past and talking about my childhood, kind of my first business experiences. And last episode I explained to you, I just had my first big business fail, I was feeling completely lost, completely defeated. And I was like, man, maybe I should just go on and get a job on my own finish up college. It's going to be a good easy route for me and I should be able to move forward. But I'm gonna talk to you today guys about what really changed me kind of a huge pivotal moment in my life. That helped me to play to my strengths, and realizing how I could learn to to learn the skills that I didn't quite know that were going to help me to succeed. So I'm sitting there after failing at this network marketing thing I have my last two guys really just kind of fizzle out. And I started to pull out of their lives a little bit, but then I had one of the was here made a good friend but the other one I've kind of honestly lost touch with over over the years. But the what really blessed me in this moment was it gave me an opportunity to stop at to think. So I started to ask myself, who do I want to be? What do I want to be? What are my strengths? Okay? You're gonna hear me say this 5000 times because you really need to play to your strengths, but you also need to realize you have the ability to learn. So there's a theory called neuroplasticity a lot of psychologists have been studying this for years. And the in basically up until I think it was 1960 people were saying that basically an old dog cat learn new tricks right there saying, once you've you've passed 21 or 22 you no longer have the ability to to learn or to change or to change your core beliefs, right? But that has just been proven not true. So there's actually a theory of neuroplasticity means you are able to, to learn no matter at what age and you can you can change your entire being basically all throughout your life. So the reality is, if you can Create that structure for yourself that system for yourself that will take you and help you create that, you know that passion for something, you can learn anything. Okay? I can tell you this with surety because again look back at my high school experience, first two years at a 2.2 or 2.4 GPA, something like that I can't remember off the top my head, but it was a very low GPA. And then the last two years being able to flip a switch and get a 4.02 semesters in a row. Okay, that transitioned over into my college career. I would love to tell you I got a 4.0 But honestly, I realized the work I needed to to put into to go from a 3.7 to a 4.0 was was too much for me. I figured 3.7 was going to be an excellent GPA, especially in the finance realm. So I was like, that's what I'm going to shoot for. And I did it. I went out I created a plan. I structured it for myself, play it again to the fact that I wasn't good at testing and said, Okay, if I'm going to get a C or a D on every test, what do I have to do to make sure I can still maintain an A in this class. like, Okay, I need to get at least a be one of the tests. I'm going to start with all of my time and effort into that one test to make sure that that one I at least get a good grade in. And I'll spend all my time doing all my assignments, everything but then the other tests, I'll just kind of do and hope I get your grades done. Guess what, guys? It worked. Okay. But that plan, that system, that structure of learning was what changed me. It helped me to realize, okay, I have some weaknesses. I said to myself, I understand business. But I'm like, all I know right now is my network marketing. Like, the only way I know to build a business is to talk to my friends and family. And I'm like, honestly, I've burned that and I don't want to do that anymore. I want to be able to do business on a whole new level. And then this is where some crazy marketer came into my life. His name is Russell Brunson. Another great podcast, you'll listen to his his Marketing Secrets podcast. So I had my brother in law, who's been in, in online marketing for quite a while, came to me and said, Joshua, read this book. I know you're into business and everything. So read this book. So The book is called.com secrets if you ever want to check it out, just calm secrets.com. I'll put a link in the show notes here. But he, in that book, he talks about basically winning in business. It's about winning online. But he created this book in a way that's so structured, that it helps you create a system for yourself to be able to go out and, and went online. And he teaches you basically how you went online. Then he had another book called expert secrets that came out again, I can put links to all the stuff in the bio phase one, so it all be down there.
But all you have to do is is look at these books, I would highly recommend them to you because these books helped change my entire paradigm on business. I was telling myself, Michael, I know computers and like I grew up playing computer games, right? Like I have a little bit of strength in those areas. But I I'm not a coder, so I couldn't I couldn't do HTML coding for a website or CSS or whatever they use, right? Mike, I don't I don't know that. Mike, should I learn that? Well, you know, do I do I want to be a coder long run, I said, you know, no, I like working with people. And I love. I love helping people to win. That was one of my favorite parts about network marketing is when somebody won, they got their first paycheck. That was a huge, huge success to me when I help somebody else when and it wasn't just myself. So huge value there. But then I went out and I said, Okay, I read these books. I got so excited about them. I binge read both of them in under a day. Okay, is I tore through them, put everything else on hold and read through them. And I've read those books easily 20 times each since then. So the reason I tell you this the reason I got so excited about all these books was Russell Brunson. If you've never heard of him, he is the number one marketer on the internet in my opinion. He runs clickfunnels which is an amazing basically web builder that's going to help you to to sell your products much simpler, your products or services much simpler than if you were to just build a website or You know, do a traditional sales process, but he's built his company out to 100 million a year without any VC funding, he had no funding. He came in by himself started this company, and in four years hit 100 million dollars. That is unheard of in the business realm. First off. So it's the biggest non VC back, sass startup company. So it's a software as a service company. huge deal. So if you've ever seen anybody else do that, I'd love to know because I my opinion, I think he's the only person who could have done it. And he did. But then he gave all of that away and his books, he gives it away. And guys, for me, I realized I could do this. I'm like, I could use his software. It's a very basic drag and drop builder, Mike, I can learn Facebook ads, I could learn how to to sell on camera or whatever, you know, I started learning all these little things. And I'm like, I could do that. Like those those play to my strengths. And when I started doing that, I started to see Wow, I could build this system out for myself so I could win every time and I personally am still Working on this system for myself, but, but I've been watching people win over and over and over again and the businesses where we have won have been because of this, because he he gave me the everything I needed to know in order to accomplish it. So I found Okay, all I have to do is figure out who is winning model what they're doing. And then I would go come out winning, right? So I did that. If you look back on my life, I did that in high school, I found the 4.0 students, I modeled what they did. I said, Okay, which pieces worked best for me. I created a plan and got a four point out in business. I did the same thing. I said, Okay. I really like Russell Brunson stuff. I really like Neil Patel and some of these other guys. And I ended up really learning enough from them that I was like, Okay, I can wait at this. And in that time, so I started to say, Okay, I'm still a college. I had actually just gotten married. So that's when life gets a little bit stressful, right? Because you say, Okay, I've got to actually provide for my family. So I was going to school full time as being 15 credits a semester, I was working full time, and I'm like, I'm gonna start a business. I got all pumped. I went out and I start My business so i, i coerce my older brother. He's one of my best friends. So it was pretty easy to talk to him because we mesh really well. And I'm like, let's, let's just let's build a business man. And then I started say, Okay, great. I've got all the skills and everything, you know, what are we gonna do as a business? Why should I sell? That's a that's kind of a funny predicament to be in. If you've ever been in that place. You're like, Okay, I'm so excited. I've got all these skills and everything. Oh, I don't I don't know what I'm going to sell. Yeah, what's my business? And I sat down, I said, Okay, well, again, where are my strengths? So I looked at him like, well, I really know how to win at school. I'm like, I can help you choose a degree. So my first business, I looked at a problem that was that needed salt. So in the college realm, I don't know if any of you knew this is just wrap my head around and be a random statistic for you. But did you know that 90% of students when they go to college change the degree three times before they decide on a career and the funniest thing is of those 90% 70% Then we'll change it up to five times and their time at college. That's pretty pathetic, in my opinion. The problem is people are coming in saying, Oh, I like this. This seems interesting. But they've never gone out. And honestly, it followed a system to be able to, to say, Okay, this is what I want to do, and then they don't stick to it. But I mean, obviously, I personally believe that if you're, if you're following something that's not your calling, you should change. But I built out a system that I'm like, I know this will work for most people. And
like, it'll probably be like a 70% success rate. But it's helping people to choose a degree and then how to win how to create a system. Basically what I've been talking about with you guys this whole time, I live by this system. So anyways, I go out there and teach this to everybody. And I build on a course I probably spent two months learning how to build out a funnel. So I built the funnel. I probably spent other month building the course all this was my brother's help learning Facebook ads, and then we launched it. I was so pumped, launched it drop $200 into it now Then crickets, guys, I was so mad. I spent like three or four months in preparation getting all excited launch it and I'm like, Ah, this is a scam. This is stupid. I hate it. I got so, you know, flustered with it that I almost just threw it out the window said enough. And then I listened to one of the episodes of The Marketing Secrets podcast. And that's Russell Brunson podcast. So he says, he's like, Guys, you and if you want to win, you have to be able to spend up to $2,000 to win. And you need to be doing what you know, not what you want, but you need to find the market and then give them what they want. And I was like, ah, but then he said something that just hit me to the core is like my number one rule, do not sell to broke people. I was like, well, that's rude. And then you start Think about it, and you're like, oh, broke, people don't buy anything. Of course, nothing against being broke, but I can't sell something to them if they don't have the money to buy it. Guess who college students are. Most college students are poor and broke right? They have nothing to their name. And I said, dang, that's my problem. I'm selling to a niche, who really probably isn't looking. I'm sure some of them were. But I'm like, I'm not uniquely qualified to solve this problem for them. So, like, man, again, I cycled guys. I said, dang. And I'm done. I'm so sick of this. And I came to the conclusion that I was just like, I shouldn't be online. So I really got to a point guys where I was starting to get really depressed. I'm like, Man, that's a second business I've done. So I'm like, Well, okay, fine. Yeah, I waited three or four months trying to figure it out. I actually started to start prospecting for jobs and realizing that I was not going to enjoy myself at any one of those. So I, I come back, I'm like, Okay, what do I know? I'm like, I'm getting good at funnels. I'm getting good at Facebook ads. I'm getting good at this. So I go out there and I start trying to do other products. So I added three other info products. And I started watching Okay, we're going to be leadership consultants we're going to do are the other ones or outsourcing Selling. They're all basically like courses. Now we're gonna sell things for real estate agents to sell things to restaurants. All of these were information courses that I was so excited about up and launch them and we spent probably over $5,000 in ADS between all of those, and fail after fail after fail after fail, man, I'm just getting so sick. But I'm going to explain to you in the next episode, really how we overcame that what we started to realize where our where our shortcomings were, and really putting us into a situation where we didn't feel like we were going to win. So guys, with that, go out there today and make your own luck. If you've enjoyed this episode, or any other episode of the lucky entrepreneur podcast, feel free to leave us a rating or review or to subscribe as we continually be releasing new episodes that will help you to make your own luck. Additionally, if you feel like you need some extra help or some extra resources and launching your business or improving your business, you can reach out to us on the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page. I will personally be in there answering any questions you might have, as well as directing you to the trainings and the tools and everything that we have within the Facebook page. So all you have to do is either look in the show notes or go to the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page.
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