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What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here and welcome back to the lucky entrepreneur podcast. So I'm so excited to have you guys here today, I've actually been getting comments and people asking me questions about, you know, what are the tools that we use, I mentioned in the past episodes, that, you know, there's, there's a tool for everything right? And and I'm only going to share the tools that I know for a fact are going to win. But in order to explain this process to you, I want, I want to kind of give you a bit of background about myself. So when when we were starting all of these businesses, we went out and we would spend money on all the tools. I personally, if it's an investment in a tool that I know it's going to help me I will make it period, even if it has the chance of helping me because I'm willing to do that to make sure that my business wins. And you should be willing to do that as well. Don't go out there and buy every tool, but I'm going to show you the exact tools that you're going to need that I know for a fact work for every business. These are the primary, honestly, in my opinion, the elementary tools that you should have, no matter what if you're a business owner. Okay, so to give you a little bit of background, though, there was a story wants that I heard that I absolutely loved. So there's this was back I think it was in the 50s. Right? It was right around her 50s 60s. And it was there. They're building a bunch of ships to us to be sending out to. For for shipping, right. So each ship, if you're looking again, today's dollars, ships, millions of dollars of cargo every single week, right? And it's shipping, you know, who knows where, but they're, they're shipping so much money worth of cargo. So when that ship dies, it is millions and lost revenue for every every day that you're missing. Right. So what are these ships? It's discombobulated, even though that's the right came to mind. It it broke, right. So it came to the point like we cannot figure out how to fix this. So they ended up calling a specialist in and so they get this guy, they're panicking, they say, you've got to fix this. We're losing $10,000 every second we're talking, you know, let's let's get this let's get this fixed. And the guy goes so he's an older fellow. He walks up to the ship kind of looks around for about five minutes. Looks at a spot on the engine points at it pulls out a little hammer, okay, little wooden hammer with a metal head and knocks on that spot on the engine and boom, the engine roars and it's it's back and ready to go. puts it back in his pocket, and he says I'll send you the invoice. So these guys are all excited because they're back in and they're ready to get the ship going again start making millions of dollars. And they they come to a point where the invoice comes in. So they see the invoice and they say, Oh my gosh, what the heck, how much is this? Like this invoice? The guy had built them for $10,000. So the the boss of the ship or whatever the capital ship calls him up. And he says, He says what do you think charging us $10,000 You didn't even spend three seconds fixing this day or five minutes fixing this thing? How could you possibly bill he's like I could have done that. And the guy says, Oh, well it was it was $2 for the hammer. Absolutely. So it's very cheap hammer. He said it was $1 for the hammer she's made it says it was $9,999 for knowing where to hit Okay, I want that to sink in with you. He knew where to hit, he knew the exact tool that he needed. And he knew the exact place to place that tool in order to win. So I've built out a resource page for you guys, I want this to be a place for you to go to go and look at tools that you think you may need in your business. Like I said, these are only going to be tools that I know for a fact you need, I'm going to put the ones I feel every business should have at the top. And then the ones for specific type of businesses are just going to keep growing this page because I and no matter what time you come to this, you can't come to this page, you're going to be able to find the tools because I'm not just going to give you the tool, the $1 tool. It's I'm giving you the opportunity to to know where to hit, I'm going to record a video for each of those tools to make sure that you know how to use it, how to use it effectively, and how to take that tool to be able to go out and make yourself some more money with it because if it doesn't ever return, there's no reason to do it. So that that page you can find that at the lucky entrepreneur.com slash resource. Okay, so that's the lucky entrepreneur.com slash resources, I know entrepreneur can be hard to spell. So in the notes in the show notes for this, you're going to be able to find a link to that website. So if you go there, you're going to be able to see all the videos, that's going to have all of the trainings on there, as well as access to all the tools, most of them, I was able to negotiate with the people to give you a discount, if you buy it through my link, I just want to give us two tools to you guys so that you, you have them and you have the availability to get them. So I want you to be able to see which ones you need. Again, like we've been talking about for all these episodes, you look at the strengths of your business, the weaknesses of the businesses of yourself, and then you say, What tools do I need to do at to create a system that is going to work for me? So all these tools should help with that, guys. So go out there today and everybody and make your own luck.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the software's and tools that call for your attention and for your money, but you never know which ones work well for your business? I personally have worked with over 100 companies and every single company has has different tools that work well for them. But I found the few specific tools that work well for every business. And I've made a resources page that you can access at the lucky entrepreneur.com slash resources. On that page, we've got trainings that will teach you how to use the tools effectively, what businesses they work best for, and then how to access them and get discounts on them all through our resources page. So if you'd like access to those resources, go to the lucky entrepreneur.com slash resources. Once again, that's the lucky entrepreneur.com slash resources
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