007 - **Bonus Episode** How To Get Any Business Owner To Talk With You




n this bonus episode, Josh shares his first piece of advice that is working well for The Lucky Entrepreneur.
Powerhouse Networking, even if you are scared of people
How to choose a platform to attract anyone you want to talk with
Learn from the best and shoot for the stars when networking...you will be surprised how eager people are to talk about themselves



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What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here. Welcome back to the lucky entrepreneur podcast. So today is the first bonus episode I've ever done. I mentioned this in the previous episodes, I was going to start doing these bonus episodes sharing the experiences I'm having that have been working and the things that have not been working, because I want to make sure like I said that you can create that environment to make your own luck. So the first thing that I the first bonus episode I want to share with you is a lesson I've been learning over the years, but it has finally been coming to true fruition in this in this past couple weeks. And on top of that, this has been a lesson that has kept my business afloat with every business that I've been doing. So very, very good principle here. So I'm going to be sharing kind of the background story a little bit. So when I started college, I actually went to a class on networking. And all of you know networking can be one of the most boring and tedious concepts. But they were teaching us how to use LinkedIn to network effectively and Wow, it changed the way I look. Add networking because it created a way for me to start making friends with high level executive people. So I started reaching out to people and said, Hey, I'm a student, I would love and be honored to connect with you. If you know if you connect with me and honestly, I started having these super high level people connect with me, I got really ambitious and started reaching out to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and I had quite a few of them who actually responded to my my comment to them, and said, congratulations for for, you know, basically like reaching out to me, you know, they're like, most people don't have the courage to even reach out to me. I thought that was such an amazing thing. So I actually got obsessive about it. So reaching out to people. I currently have 6500 connections on LinkedIn. And I use that consistently to grow. So throughout my business, I've had multiple different experiences where I've been able to tap into that LinkedIn network to cover the bills or to start a new business, or what have you. And it has been the number one One biggest needle mover in my company, but I want to share something with you. For a lot of us we say, you know, these people aren't going to want to connect with me, let alone talk with me, right? But here was the funniest thing. I started to reach out to people who, again, executive level people who had connected with me. And I said, Hey, I'm a student, I would just love to interview to learn more about what you do. And I started having big level people reach back to me and start saying, Yeah, let's do an interview. And I would sit down with them and just talk with them get to know them and I had no agenda. I wasn't selling to them. But I created these friendships that have now resulted in business partnerships here in in the, you know, in the future, I guess a few years from that. Um, one of the big guys that that really stood out to me one of the first ones I got to talk to his name is Bob path. So Bob is if you've never heard of him, I would highly recommend them. He has a book called communicating to when he does the voiceovers for National Geographic and many different other big publications. He has his own Talk Show and everything. Really awesome guy. But he he was immediately he said, Yeah, let's meet tomorrow. So we we got on zoom, I did a video call with him and we we just started to get to know each other really awesome, amazing relationship that I formed from there, he was able to give me some great advice, I was able to move forward. Now let's fast forward a few years. So I'm in my marketing agency right this last year. In order to get clients as a marketing agency, you can do many different things, but all of them are either time consuming or extremely expensive or both. So I was doing all these different methods to get clients for our business, but none of them were really, you know, panning out in a way that that was quick and effective except for LinkedIn. I got a strategy that started to get us around 25 appointments per week. If you're interested in doing a strategy like that I actually have a guy can that can connect you with His name's Mitch Gonsalves. Really awesome Canadian guy who he created a method to be able to get these appointed I don't personally teach it. It's one he does if you go to our resources page, so it's the lucky entrepreneur.com slash resources. It's one of the videos in there and it will show you how to connect with Mitch. So really awesome guy, I'd highly recommend him. But this this experience, being able to network with these people, in this way was getting people to actually sit down and meet with me because I was creating a personal relationship with them. When we do Facebook ads or Google ads, it's really hard to form that relationship because we don't get to personally one on one talk with them. And it was really frustrating, right? But for for this podcast, I'm gonna fast forward how to this podcast when when I started to, to look at, you know, how can we start growing our business again, right? We said, Okay, well, we have a couple products that we can sell to people. We also have
a service that we want to offer, which is really the direction we want to go, which is our Titans group. It's a group that we've created, where we're going in and we're actually helping industry experts because Come industry leaders, because we're coming and taking our marketing knowledge, helping them build out masterminds and information products and things like that, to be able to start seeing their influence, grow and share the message that they've got in their heart that they've been wanting to share with people. This has been probably the number one thing for me that I've always wanted to do because I love working with business owners, hence the podcast, right? And the podcast was the other thing I've always wanted to do. You know, I don't have the best voice for podcasting. I don't, you know, I stutter a lot. I speak really fast. But I've got a message and I'm like, I want to share this with people. And I want to help people win. So I reached out when I started this podcast, like I told you as I was gonna start telling you what, what I'm doing. I reached out to 25 people that I didn't know if they would respond to me or not, they're people I've connected with at one point or another. Whether it was LinkedIn or Facebook, we met in the Facebook group one time ask them a question something right. And when I when I did this, I reached out to 25 people and on average I would do that to to sell them something. So for example, let's say I was trying to get a Facebook ads client, I'd reach out to around 100 people and we'd have anywhere from one to three, who would? Or who would respond, yes. And we would actually get an appointment and sometimes we would close one of those people. So it takes a lot of work a lot of times to be able to really get some, you know, effective clientele through that. So when I when I went and did this for the podcast, I didn't really have high hopes. But I said, You know what, I'm just gonna try it. So I reached out to 25 people and said, Hey, if I don't even have one person respond, then we know that's not a good method. Right? But I just reached out to 25 people, and you will not believe I got 15 appointments in the first day. Okay, this is 15 scheduled call for my podcast. Huge guys. This has been incredible for me and we're so excited because I'm like I this isn't going to take me very long to get a lot of really awesome people to come on my podcast. Make these friendships, and start to Create business relationships with these people if they want to, if not great, but here's been one of the best parts. I'm not bringing them on here to sell them. I've been getting people onto this podcast specifically to learn something that I want to learn from them. So there's a lesson to be learned here guys. It's not just about the networking. There is a specific reason why people are willing to respond to me. And it actually is in a lesson that I learned. Well listen to a podcast john Lee Dumas I don't know if you've ever heard of him. He's a number one business podcaster I will go look up his podcast fire you listen to every episode. It's it's gold. I love his podcast. It's called entrepreneurs on fire. But john talks about how
if you want people to be able to connect with you give them a platform. So I was like, Okay, well, you know, I video I still get slightly uncomfortable with I'm fine with doing it but took me a while to get comfortable with that. I do love writing but it's very time consuming. And I'm like, I don't want that to be My main thing, but I'm like, I love audio because I can just throw it together an episode like this right? And share from my heart. And yeah, it might not be the most, you know, the best communication, but I'm going to be getting across, you know, from my heart to your heart, what exactly the message I want to share, because I'm going to be transparent, and I'm going to be authentic with you. So one of the best things that I learned from that was that if you can have a platform for people, they don't care how many people are on or listening to that platform, they just know that doing episodes like this, they come on, and they let me interview them, gets them more exposure, okay, some of the top level people are allowing us to interview them, just because they're like, hey, it's exposure, and they understand the value of it, where if I were just to reach out and say, Hey, I'll give you a, an audit, or I'll, you know, I'll reach out and we'll just, I just want to pick your brain. People hate that. They get out all the time. And they're like, well, what's the value is just gonna be me and you but if I say, hey, I've got an audience who listens to my podcast, and I I will pull this post this on our on our lucky entrepreneur, Facebook page, all these different things, I have a little campaign that I throw together for him. It's worth their time because we say, Okay, come on here, I'm not just going to interview you, I'm going to post you all over the place. I'm going to rave about your stuff, I'm going to comment on all of your things on on for the next week or whatever, just to give them enough of a reach, right? And they know Okay, well, if I do this, I'm gonna get a good return from it. But here's been the secondary benefit. I had no idea what's going to happen. Again, I didn't bring people on this podcast to sell them as I'm as I'm interviewing them, right? I brought them on here just to pick their brain really to know the questions. I asked questions that I genuinely want to know from people. And as I've done this, by the time we're done with the episode, I sit there and I talk with these people for another 20 minutes, and they every single person I've had on my podcast up to this point, and we've interviewed for quite a few months ahead of this. All of them have said hey, let's hop on earth right let's let's do a business deal together. Why not? they're recommending let's do a little thing. Let's do a little joint venture partnership where, you know, you promote me on my Facebook page, I promote you on my page and do vice versa or whatever. And or like, hey, let's do this, let's connect with each other. And I've had these people connect me with, with other people that I could interview or other people that would be perfect people for our business. It's just been an incredible experience because these people are willing to share, they just want to know that you're willing to share back. It's that value trade. So that was the lesson I learned guys. If you have not done this, pick a platform. If you like to watch video or you like to read a lot, or you like to listen to podcasts a lot, choose the one that you do the most. And make either a YouTube channel if you like video, make a blog or a Facebook group or something if you like writing or make a podcast if you want to do audio. Guys setting this up is not hard. I do this through anchor which is a very simple platform that will post it all over to every podcasting platform like iTunes, Spotify and all these other podcasting hosts sites so that people can see our podcast. And it cost me Nothing. I just do this to make sure that I'm getting a platform to be able to speak with people. And today, we're actually going to start reaching out and get more podcasts lined up, I want to start getting it so it's, I can start having more podcasts during the week. Right now we're going to be launching two episodes a week, I want to get to the point where we can launch six episodes a week, seven episodes a week if we have to, just to make sure that I'm getting and meeting lots of people because the the networking is compounding to where we're starting to see an amazing result. So guys, go out there, pick a platform, and that will help you to go out and make your own luck. If you've enjoyed this episode, or any other episode of the lucky entrepreneur podcast, feel free to leave us a rating or review or to subscribe so we continually be releasing new episodes that will help you to make your own luck. Additionally, if you feel like you need some extra help or some extra resources and launching your business or improving your business, you can reach out to us on the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page. I will personally be in there answering any questions you might have, as well as directing you to the truth. trainings and the tools and everything that we have within the Facebook page. So all you have to do is either look in the show notes or go to the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page.
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