008 - ***Bonus Episode*** Rebranding...Our First Big Obstacle!




**Bonus Episode ** Rebranding...Our First Big Obstacle!
Name change for the lucky entrepreneur
Why the change
What we expect to accomplish with this change
What this means for you



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What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and I am here today to share with you a special bonus episode. Because today I have something very important to tell you, we have decided to rebrand our podcast and to rebrand our entire business, we decided that since it's such an early stage would be a good time to do this so that we're not running into legal complications as we move forward. But I want to share a little bit with you why we're changing it and to and we're changing it. So I mentioned to you guys, when I first started this podcast, I was going to share with you and be transparent about everything so that you could learn from my mistakes and be able to kind of make those those changes in your business and avoid those problems. Right. So for myself, when I started this, the lucky entrepreneur, I was told by a mentor that this is something I should do that I should start a podcast. I really liked the lucky entrepreneur. The domain was open there was a few other reasons why I just felt like hey, was that was the right direction for us to go. But I actually found out in multiple scenarios there's been people who've been sued for using the word entrepreneur or, or other words that that we've been using. To kind of define our company, and I don't want to start us off the wrong way. So I talked with our lawyer and he said, Hey, just just for safety reasons, it might be a good idea for you to rebrand. And doing this actually gave me an opportunity. So I sat down, said, What Really? Are we? What is the direction we're going? And what have you guys been wanting us to be? Because I just want to be what you guys want me to be? I want this podcast to be something that our listeners can come and say, I want to know this. I want to learn this from this specific person. Josh, can you go out and do that? And I absolutely want to be that person for you guys. So based off of the all of you guys, the listeners, everybody has been talking with us and sharing kind of your experiences and your questions. I've realized that we've really kind of found our niche. So moving forward, we will continue to interview these top entrepreneurs. I've been so excited to have already interviewed multiple of them. I can't wait to share with you guys really that I mean the amount of people we've got coming through the pipeline right now who are just incredible speakers. You've already heard from a few who have just been touched. notch, and I'm so excited to keep producing that good content for you. But we found that for us, we can interview these people. And I want to come to you to say, what do you want to ask them? The purpose of our Facebook group is so you can come in and say, Hey, I have this question. If I or one of my team members, we can't answer that question for you. I want to be able to record this podcast episode with somebody that you know can answer it that I know can answer that question for you to the best of their ability. So for example, let's say you come at me with a marketing question for real estate. We have a guy that we just recorded. Not too long ago, he'll be the next episode. His name is wil hider. He knows how to make marketing work for real estate agents. So I want to be able to go to him and ask him for that help for you. A lot of times people sit here and they try and figure out business problems on their own. But the reality is, if you can get a coach and you can get somebody to teach you that next step, then you are going to succeed 10 times faster than even they did. So what's the new name? What's the name of this podcast and the new business? We We're calling it the lucky Titan. Okay, the reason why we've chosen that the lucky Titan is actually a brand that we have been building in the background for quite a while. We've been building this brand because we want it to be the customer journey that we want to take you guys through. We want to provide you with all of these the answers to your big business problems up front. But then my whole goal is to help every single one of you become a Titan, right? We talked about going out and you know, making your own luck, right? That's, that's still part of our podcast and everything that we're about. But once you've, you've started to create that environment to win. How do you make yourself an industry leader or an industry Titan as we're going to call it being an industry Titan means that you will be recognized within your industry, and that you have a message that can be shared and should be shared with the world. So our entire company and everything that we're here to do is to help you to become that Titan. So everything you're going to see moving forward, all of the courses, all of the resources that we add to our resources This page all of these things will be focused on helping you become that industry leader, industry Titan, we're going to start putting on masterminds, we're going to be putting on these events so that everybody can get together, we can learn from each other, whether these are virtual or in person events, we want to be able to provide you guys with all the tools but also the people right to be able to learn from each other to be able to master your craft to build to master your specific niche. So with that, guys I just want to share that with you I'm so excited for this new direction because this really is basically an alignment of our businesses it for me It felt like this was actually meant to happen, this is the direction we're supposed to be going. Because we want to be our own original business. This is going to help us in branding and and creating the best customer experience for you. But it's also going to create a an opportunity for us to be known for one thing, right we want to be known as the Titan makers. Okay, that's, that's gonna be asked. So with that, everybody, I hope you're so excited. Just remember That the website will now be changed. The website title is going to be the lucky titan.com we'll be adding the resources page and everything in there as well. So we'll be changing up the outros to these videos so that the Facebook group will be changed to, I think we're going to call it the lucky Titan, we might adjust that depending how we how we decide to move forward that but all of these things will, you'll be able to find at the lucky titan.com. And then if you go to the lucky titan.com slash resources, that will be the new resources page so you guys can get all of those tools and trainings that we talked about. It is a literal treasure trove, Kay, I want to keep providing those tools and that will be the best place for me to provide them to you. So if anybody has any questions, feel free to reach out to me on the Facebook group. Or you can email me if you go over to the the lucky Titan page, you'll be able to find my email and you can send us an email in there and we'll do our best to get to to all of you. But yeah, with that everybody go out there today and make your own
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