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Entrepreneurs and speakers become successful, first-time authors through Amy Collette’s Unleash Your Inner Author coaching system. Compelled to share their transformative stories, they discover how to take their powerful messages to the world in a bigger way as authors.
Amy is a book coach, publisher and author whose purpose in life is to raise the positive vibration of the planet by helping thought leaders increase their impact. Amy's best-selling book, The Gratitude Connection, features inspirational stories and practical tools to help you retrain your brain for happiness and success. Visit Amy at: UnleashYourInnerAuthor.com


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Show Notes

Josh Tapp 0:00
What is up everybody? Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. Today we have Amy Collette with us here on the mic and we are so stoked to have Amy here because we're gonna be talking about the legend behind the leader how your book will change the game and that title gave me shivers first time I read it. So I'm pretty excited about this. Amy say what's up and tell everybody something about yourself that most people don't know.
Amy Collette 0:24
Oh, hey, Josh, it's great to see you this morning and glad to be here. So tell you something that people don't know about me. Um, I My mission is to help raise the positive vibration of the planet. I
Josh Tapp 0:40
love that.
You're doing it well.
Well, so Amy, I really appreciate you coming on the show today to talk about this. Yeah, you and I had a conversation What? Two weeks ago maybe we do and we just resonated so well. I was like, Man, this this lady is doing some pretty game changing thing. And I want you to come and share a little bit about, you know, the meat what what you're actually doing to help really authors to gain a ton of exposure to get their message out to the world, which almost all of our listeners, at some point want to write or write a book, or maybe they have written a book. So let's talk a little bit first about when you should write a book, right. I mean, I think you have a very unique take on this. So when should somebody decide to actually write their book and take it live? Yeah, that's
Amy Collette 1:28
a great question, Josh. I think a lot of people have it in their heads. They have a dream to become an author to write a book to make a greater impact. And they often don't do it because it's such a huge project
that they can't get their head around it, or they can't see themselves as an author. So that's where I start. I start, hey, you have what I call the legend behind the leader. Sometimes we forget to tell that story. It's our battle. story. It's why we're so passionate about what we do, right? It's why we're entrepreneurs. It's why we're out there trying to change the game trying to change the world. And the way we do it is one reader at a time. So I say, do it when that book, the idea, the message is knocking at your heart at your head, it's got to come out of you. You know, generally I work with people who are just compelled to get the story out. And they just need help getting it from their heart and head onto the page. So timing is important. Timing is when you really can't wait anymore. You've got to get this message out because you know, that it's helping people and you want to help more people. That's when to write your book.
Josh Tapp 2:49
I love it. And I like when you've made a million dollars. It's like that could be you wake up one morning and you're like, I need to write this book. This is something I definitely need. It's pulling me Yes, compelling myth. And Amy, I really was interested in the way you've structured your business model. Because when people write a book, the first thing they think is I get a publisher, right? And how do I get a publishing deal and all these different things? So what's your take? Do you think people should be getting a publisher? Or should they be going a different route?
Amy Collette 3:18
Well, publishing has changed, you know. And so there's, there's different schools of thought, I think the old school thinking is that you have to get a publisher, do the traditional thing, because that gives you credibility. Right? You've got the credibility that somebody has said, Hey, I want to I want to publish your book. But I always come back to building that heart to heart connection with your readers, who do you really want to impact because the downsides, there are several downsides to traditional publishing to a, you've got to spend a lot of time finding a publisher that's going to resonate and get what you do and have a similar offer. audience and not want to change your message into something else, right that they think is more mainstream or whatever. But the world is your oyster now because of self publishing and print on demand. So if you have a following of any kind, those people are ready, willing and able to buy your book right now. They're, they're hungry for it. You know, if you're a speaker, if you're a thought leader, you're building your own platform. So you can get your message out there quickly. Now, you can do it all on your own if you want to. Or you can bring it up to the level the professional quality of a traditionally published book, if you've got a team that knows what they're doing and can help you bring that out. So that's really what we bring to those people who are compelled to bring their message out. who really want to make a greater impact. not have to wait two or three years to do it, they want to do it now, you know, when you're ready, you're ready. And your people are ready and hungry for that message too. So it's, it's very easy to do it. But it helps to have the support and guidance of a team of people who have been there many times before and know how to get your message out to the world in a way that represents your brand, your message and is totally on target with what you want to do.
Josh Tapp 5:32
Yeah. And what I love about that is they're kind of getting, you know, and working with somebody like you or you because there's really nobody like you in this one. But you know, having, you're having the strength of the publisher, right, where you're getting the reach, but you're not getting the chains that come with a publisher where it's saying like, you get like two cents per book, right? all said and done. Right? There's I've been even saying this reason I'm kind of a contrarian when it comes to this. I don't think anybody should use a publisher nowadays. Just Because we've seen people, there's a lady in the clickfunnels community, right one of the communities I'm a part of, she built, she wrote a book with a doctor, it was a $37 book that she charged for, and she sold $5 million worth of copies in three years, having from no real background as an author, and it's because her books have a very specific need for a very specific group of people and hasn't become you know, I mean, that's, that's better, better than a New York Times bestselling author, in my opinion, because they did with no help, you know, and that's my contrarian opinion to it. But I do think that you know, when you're, when you're coming at it from the perspective of wanting to get your message out there, it really comes down to how do you want to spread your message, you know, and, and so for a lot of the people who let's say they've already written a book, or they've got in the works to to, to promote their book, what would you recommend to most people as a good place to start when promoting a book
Amy Collette 6:58
the place to start Is with your with your network. You know, I got good advice when I started my business. And when I wrote my book, to start locally, and start with your, you know, I always have people build what I call a launch team. So a launch team is those people who are already your fans, maybe they're your clients, maybe their partners, maybe their collaborators, joint venture partners who share a similar audience. And then your book goes exponential. You know, your book helps solve, like you said, a specific problem. And you know, back to your question about traditional publishers, they want it to be really broad. So they may change your message that you know, when they buy rights to your book, they can do whatever they want within put whatever cover they want on you on it. But when you do it yourself, you have complete artistic control, right? So you have control over all those aspects. And when you do that, that means you're you're touching the people who you most want to impact. And that's going to take your your message out to the world because your launch team helps you take it initially out to the world. But then once it reaches, reaches your readers, and it changes their lives, do you think people are going to tell other people about it? You know, that's when you know people buy 10 copies for their friends, they give it to all their clients, their customers, their partners, all that stuff. They say, you've got to read this book, it is literally going to change your life. So that's what we're looking for here. We're looking for that just you know, really kind of that viral aspect. And of course, you use social media and all those aspects, but start local. Start with the people you know, the people who are your raving fans and love you already.
Josh Tapp 8:54
Yeah. See, I want to just stick my mic in front of your mouth again. Could you say joint venture partnerships again?
Amy Collette 9:00
Venture partnerships.
Josh Tapp 9:02
That's what we stand for guys, we know this. And so I do love that, that you bring that up. Because I mean, what you're talking about is the core should be really the organic growth, right? During from MBA program, we talked about this in the core forms of marketing, right? The highest form of marketing is the it's refer, I can't remember how they word it, but it's basically the referral traffic, right? Everybody knows that. They want that. But it seems like this completely unattainable thing. But what you're talking about is leveraging your local network, leveraging the people who already follow you, right? If you have any, and some people don't think they do, but they could whip out their phone, and there's 1000 people on their phone who would probably buy a book, right? And there's just so many different ways that you can tap into these local networks. But then on top of that, destroy venture networks, right, these joint venture partnerships where it's so easy to find other people with like minded audiences who'd be more than happy to promote your book. And a lot of people think that the publisher is the only one that has that network, but everybody has access. To that social media has busted those doors down. So, with with you, you know, Amy, as you know, somebody who's worked with so many different authors, what have you found is kind of the the key success factor when it comes to writing a book and launching it quickly.
Amy Collette 10:18
I think having a team that can help you, because then you don't have to figure out all that stuff yourself. You can spend the time and effort to do that. But it's going to slow you down. And you're going to make some mistakes along the way, you know, and that's what I did the first time around on my book, I made all the mistakes. I learned all the hard lessons, and then did it myself. I published it through a publisher the first time and it came out to be a book I didn't even recognize, you know, it wasn't it didn't represent me. Yeah, so
yeah, it's it.
You I did it right the second time with creating my own team. Have people who were aligned with me and my message. And that's what helped bring it out to the world in a way that was really timely because once I decided to do that, I couldn't believe how fast it came together because I'm also a project manager by training. So I was able to manage several different processes, you know, cover design, interior design, all the editing, all those aspects, there's a million different pieces. I was able to manage all those things and put a book out pretty quickly after I decided that I wanted to bring it back in and do it myself. So that's you you can do it pretty quickly. And with the the book coaching, which comes before all the publishing pieces, that makes the writing process so much faster, too, because you're not going off on tangents. You have a clear Knowledge of your mission, have your, what I call your soulmate readers, those people who are really going to resonate with you. And you're yourself as an author, how you want you know what your goals are as a business person, as a speaker, as a workshop leader, as a venture partner, what are your goals, so we make sure that your book meets all those goals. And then you have a roadmap to write your book, you have a plan an outline, and it can go very quickly because you've also got support and accountability. So the whole process for a lot of the authors I work with can be four to six months to get the book out of out of your head and onto the page and have a finished manuscript. And then it's another two to three months to go through that publishing process. So you can have a book in your hand, well within a year timeframe, and have it out, have it out to your audience and making a difference.
Josh Tapp 13:00
So awesome. I do love that because I know for me, you know, when we were first talking about that, that's the overwhelm for somebody like me I can at some point, I do want to write a book, I don't feel like I have, I guess the topic that I want to write about yet nothing that compels me to write yet because I actually think I get enough of that through video and, and audio currently, right. But being able to at one point, write a book, that is a huge daunting task to me because of how much work goes into it, you know, and, and what you're talking about is saying, hey, let's simplify the process and write it. I mean, there's some people who write books, a 200 page book in a week, you know, it's it's pretty crazy to see some people who could just tear through these things and see that happen. But so, you know, we're coming to the end of the interview hearing me but you know, if you could give everybody one last parting piece of guidance, he said, Hey, this is the one thing that I hope you'll take from this interview. What would that be?
Amy Collette 13:55
That would be your message, your story, your Legend behind the leader
is not just important. It's urgent.
Josh Tapp 14:07
I love that. Can you explain a little bit of the difference between those two, between important and urgent?
Amy Collette 14:12
Yeah. Well, I think sometimes as leaders, we forget to tell the story about why we're so passionate about what we do. You know, it's so much a part of us that we might forget that other people might care about that. But when people understand your passion and your unique perspective, nobody has a perspective that you do, you know, so, but we forget that. And when people understand why we're so passionate, then they're more willing to get on board because it resonates with them. it aligns with their values, and their beliefs and what the difference the impact that they want to make in the world. So don't sit on it forever. You know, get that story out. Tell Your story on your website, put it on your about page. But also, you know, when you're a speaker and you're a thought leader, people fall a little bit in love with you when they hear your story, a little bit of your message and what you're doing. Now, you want to tell them why, why, why it was so important. And now with all this uncertainty in the world, from COVID, to racial injustice that we're really waking up to now. People are so hungry for these inspirational messages and for why you're passionate about what you do and how you're changing the world. So that's why it's urgent. Do it now people are waiting.
Josh Tapp 15:42
So awesome. Well, Amy, thank you so much for coming on today. And could you let everybody know one place where they can connect with you? Cuz I know a lot of people are probably saying, You know what, I need help with my book. So Amy, where can people connect with you?
Amy Collette 15:55
Yeah, you know, I want to tell your listeners, Josh that I love stories. That's what What I thrive on that's how humans Connect is through story. And so I want to hear everybody's story I offer a free half hour consultation just you know if you're curious about it let's talk so you can reach me at unleash your inner author calm and I also have a freebie because I'm a such a believer in positivity and gratitude that my my I have a freebie at unleash your inner author backslash positive and it's 30 days to a more positive mindset and you just get it's free. You just sign up you get an email each day for 30 days. That gives you small habits to build your your positivity practice.
Josh Tapp 16:43
That is awesome. Well everybody go check those out. So it's Alicia inner author.com slash positive? Yes. Okay. Want to make sure I was positive on that. Make sure you go check that out. Amy's giving away an awesome freebie. I mean, 30 days of emails from anybody He's actually going to really help you if it's if you're if you leverage that and coming as somebody who's a content creator, anybody who's willing to send you 30 emails has put a lot of time into this. I honestly have never done 30 emails straight in a row. Um, but I think that everybody should go check that out. And Amy, Thanks again so much for coming on the show today.
Amy Collette 17:19
Yeah, thanks for having me, Josh. It's always so much fun to talk with you.
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