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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Aaron Walker on the mic. And Aaron is the founder and host of the podcast The view from the top, Aaron has interviewed over 1500 entrepreneurs, and has been able to scale his own companies from zero to seven figures. He is now a quote unquote, semi retired entrepreneur. But he like most entrepreneurs started up a new business and has been able to scale to over 15 mastermind groups. For that reason we invited him on to share with us how to leverage masterminds to monetize your audience. So Aaron, let's hop right in. All right, Aaron. So tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Aaron Walker 0:43
Oh, wow. That's a great question early in the morning, what some people don't know. You know, I had a business back in the back in the mid 2000s. That that didn't go anywhere. I talk about businesses that thrive. I've done really good on. But we rarely mentioned Josh the ones that don't work. And we had a company. We had a company called Whitby wi c hyphen v. And that stood for what it could be. And it was a real estate company that I would buy distressed property and fix it up. And it just floundered. It didn't do good at all. So I said, I better stay in my lane of genius, and do things that I really know how to do.
Josh Tapp 1:26
Yeah, I think that's a good entrepreneur lesson for all of us, right? Sometimes we try to step outside of what we're, you know, we're, like you said, our area of genius. And that's where a lot of us start to fail. So I really appreciate your your self awareness on that. Sure. Well, Aaron, how can you give us a little bit of background on yourself and how you got to where you're at today?
Aaron Walker 1:46
Yeah, I'll make this real brief. I don't like to talk too much about myself because I want to share some stories maybe that can help your audience achieve their goals and dreams. But just to give context to our conversation. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. I've been here almost 60 years now. I love Nashville. I was a very poor kid growing up didn't have anything. When I was 18, I went out and found a couple of investors. We opened up a little small pawn shop here in Nashville. I didn't even know what a pawn shop was when I was 13. But I started working at one fell in love with that business open. My first one when I was 18, got married a year later, continued to pour all the money back into the company. By the time I was 27, I was able to sell out to a fortune 500 company and retire and I thought wow, this is the American Dream Josh, you know, you go from broker and a convict to being able to retire at age 27. And I thought that's what was going to be the rest of my life was live, you know, leisure, but the truth is I gained 50 pounds and in 18 months, I was getting into bed in the middle of the day. I became very depressed, very bored. And my wife woke me up one day and she said, This is not what I thought. up for and I said, Yeah, I don't have anything to do. And she said, Go start another company, you know, buy another company, I don't care what you do. You just got to get out of the bed, get out of the house. And so I went and bought the company I started with when I was 13 years old. And we grew that four times the size. It was over about a nine year period. By this time I was 40 years old. And Josh, my life was amazing. I mean, I worked three days a week, my partner worked three days a week, and we did that for a nine year period. I had the big house, the vacation home, I had all this stuff. And I thought, Man, this is so amazing. until August the first 2018 years ago, I was headed to the office, and a pedestrian didn't look my way and walked out in front of me and I ran over and killed a pedestrian and it rocked my world. I mean, I can't even begin to tell you the things that went on. After that I took five years off, I didn't do anything. I sold a company took five years off and gained 50 pounds again Robin goes, here we go again, it's time for you to get up. I can't handle this. So I went and started a construction company. And it was very successful. And we operated it for a number of years. And then, eight years ago, I retired when I turned 50. And a couple of my mastermind buddies, Dave Ramsey, and Dan Miller said, Hey, what are you going to do now? And I said nothing. And they said, Now you need to coach. So Josh, I started coaching training other men how to do what I've done. We've owned 14 companies now over the course of 41 years, and today, we lead mastermind groups, we have 15 mastermind groups, we have participants from eight different countries. God just keeps blessing us and I'm having the time of my life now, helping people accomplish their goals and dreams.
Josh Tapp 4:50
I love that. Thank you for sharing and being so transparent about your story. It's really, you have an awesome story. I like it. I do want to also highlight the fact that you've been able to Make more than one company succeed. And that's the true. Honestly, the true value of an entrepreneur is if you're able to say, hey, I've made multiple different companies succeed, because most of us, you know, we say one. Yeah, I made it at one company and people start to drink their own Kool Aid. But, but once you've done it a few times, you start to realize, Oh, it's it's a system. So I really appreciate you're able to do that. Well, I do want to ask you, though, so going into the mastermind concept, you know, you had Dave Ramsey and and so I can't remember the other mentor, Miller. Yeah.
Aaron Walker 5:31
There's 10 guys in the group that was two of them that are here locally.
Josh Tapp 5:35
And then they were saying, hey, you need to step out and start coaching and everything. So how has that transition been for you?
Aaron Walker 5:41
Well, let me tell you the reason why I've gotta go back just a little bit and digress and give you a little context. When I had the automobile accident. I started feeling really bad about what my legacy would be. Had I been killed that day. And I started thinking about it and I said, you know, my legacy would have been poor kid. from Nashville, Tennessee, makes enough money to retire at 27. And nobody cares. Yeah. And I started thinking that's not what I want my legacy to be. What I wanted my legacy to be was Josh's life was different. As a result of having no me and been around me, that's what I wanted my legacy to be. And I'm a Christian by faith. And I said, God, if you'll give me another chance, I'll focus outward instead of inward. And I'll make a difference in other people's lives. And that's what we've been able to do. Josh, over the past 18 years, is really focused on other people's dreams, their goals, their desires. And you know, what's funny is we've been a lot more successful significantly than ever before. But the other thing is, is financially we're twice as successful today as we've ever been. And it's because that we focused outward we're givers and not takers. And the reason that I didn't want to coach I was tired. I've been working since I was was 13 I was 50. And I've been chasing money hard, just another business, just another hundred thousand dollars, a vacation home, all these things and I thought if I can just get one more store and make a little more money, then I'll be content. And I did that for years for decades. And what I found out Josh is when we put our confidence and faith in things that rust and deteriorate and go away, it doesn't give us that meaningful purpose that we're really searching for. Nothing feels that void. And I thought, you know, if I get a little bit more money a little bit more security, well, it doesn't scratch the itch like you think it's gonna scratch the itch. And then Dave Ramsey and Dan Miller said, Now you've got experience. You've been married over three decades. It'll be four decades, in six months, and I've married just an amazing woman. But what I found out was is that I need to help other people accomplish their dreams and their goals. And that's been much more meaningful. There's much more purpose in my life today as a result of it When you try to stop making the sale and you start trying to add value to other people's lives, they want to be around you. And then that natural reciprocity of business comes back your way. Like my good friend, Rabbi Daniel Lapin said in his book thou shalt prosper. He said, Hey, people then want to give you those notes of appreciation, and they're called money. And that money can do amazing things in the lives of other people. So I think it's just the attitude switch that I had, I had to adjust my attitude, just a little bit. And when I did that, I really understand now the value of purpose and meaning in our lives.
Josh Tapp 8:37
Yeah, I love that. Why'd you have to ask you so you know, you talked about potentially doing coaching but you said you decided to go more than the route of a mastermind. So why did you decide to go from one on one coaching to to masterminding?
Aaron Walker 8:50
Yeah, when I first started out eight years ago in this coaching space, I didn't really know anything about marketing and a buddy of mine said you need to get On a podcast and start promoting your business, not saying what is a podcast. He said, You got to be kidding me. And I said, No, what is it? And he told me and so I reached out to a guy that had just started john Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire and he had a really good show. And I told him my story and he said, Nah, man, I want you on the show. Well, he's had me on four times since then telling my story and our business just blew up. I mean, literally blew up. We have people from all over the world calling and I started coaching them. Well, Josh, I was exhausted. I was coaching 15 one on one guys every week, and I said, I can't keep this pace up. I'm gonna die. Yeah, I keep this up. And so I started thinking, I said, you know, Dave Ramsey invited me to be in his mastermind a couple of decades ago, and I said, I know how to do masterminds because I've done it for so long. So I started a mastermind group and I kept doing the podcast interviews, while we kept filling up the groups and I started thinking, now I can scale this like it's one to many instead of one One to one. And so then I started getting more and more. And I said, Man, I can't even do all these. And so I started enlisting great coaches, and doing revenue share. And so I'm able to scale it now because I do revenue share with facilitators, I keep filling up the mastermind groups, they make great money, I make good money as a result of scaling it. So today, we have 150 men from about seven or eight different countries. And we just completed our first pod of 15 groups 10 people in a group.
Josh Tapp 10:34
Wow, that's incredible, because you're able to scale it so so quickly to I mean, a lot of us are, are in the attempt of doing that. So I just have to kind of do a couple clarifying questions because some of our audience might not even really know what a mastermind is, or they might have, you know, presuppositions of what it actually is. But so what what exactly is a mastermind?
Aaron Walker 10:53
You know, there's all kinds of fancy definitions for it, but the truth of the matter is, we've created kind of a brotherhood You can do this for women, you can do this gender neutral, you can do it all me and all in whatever way you want to do it. But it's really a community. And it's really people that have the similar core values. They really are trying to achieve personal and professional gratification and growth. And they're trying to maintain a sense of excellence. They're trying to grow in all arenas of their life. And we come together on a weekly call every week. It's a video conference, we use the platform called zoom. And you're able to meet regardless of where you're at in the world. And we had it's kind of ironic, we have a guy in Australia, and he is on the call tomorrow in our today. And so we've got two days going on simultaneously on the call. And we've got other groups that have three and four countries represented on the same call. You see what's so great about doing it from a video platform is that you can be anywhere you can do it from the convenience to your home, your office, your Cell Phone wherever you want to be. We meet every single week. We have an accountability tool that we hold you accountable to 10 different things. We have the hot seat, which we call man in the middle. We have themes every month, but questions that we asked to get the conversation started. We have two live meetups every year one in April, one in October, here in Nashville, and I bring people to Nashville. I pay for everything, your hotel, your food, your entertainment, I pay for the speakers, we pay for everything. It all comes out of your dues. It's a very affordable mastermind because I'm doing it because of the life transformational experience that people are getting. their marriages are better, they're better dads are better husbands, they're better business people. They have their own trusted advisors with the same 10 people they meet with every week, calling them out holding them accountable. Going through things like the 12 week year that Brian Moran so is an unbelievable productivity tool that we use. He does a great job putting That together, we've been using his tool for years now. And it's just a lot of people sharing resources and ideas, making introductions, offering that reciprocity of helping you accomplish your goals and dreams. And when you have a group of givers in a group doing that you can only imagine how far you can go in the biggest thing of all, is that it gives you a new perspective. And what we have found out Josh is isolation is the enemy to excellence. And if you want your life to go to the next level, we were designed to be in community and when you're in these groups every week, it is explosive, your growth and what you accomplish.
Josh Tapp 13:40
That is so awesome. I thank you for sharing your passion with that, because I completely agree with you masterminds are are the future in my opinion, and what you're talking about, you know, the legacy that you can leave. So I have to ask you a little bit. What are you? What are you teaching in your masterminds because a lot of a lot of them have a teaching aspect and does yours have that or is it mostly a You know, just a way for people to network and grow.
Aaron Walker 14:04
Yeah, the networking aspect is way down the list. This is all about personal and professional growth. It's usually about 60%, professional 30%, personal and about 10% spiritual. Because I can teach you to make money. It's not that hard to make money. But if you come home with a pocket full of money to a household of strangers, you still end up a loser, right? I don't want you to do that. I want you to be well rounded in every area of your life. You know, we just read Jeff Bezos book, teaching about how to do systems and processes and a friend of mine put that book together and he did a marvelous job on it. In January, we're going to be reading a book called Generation Z unfiltered by a guy named Tim Elmore. And in it, it really helps us to understand the Generation Z, which is my grandchildren, they're 18 years old, and younger, you know, I think 2001 and up to date Is the Generation Z. And it really helps you understand what these kids are dealing with, you know, that generation of students, they've grown up in the 21st century. And they're the most social, they're the most empowered, but they're also the most anxious youth population in human history. And it really helps you to understand how to deal with these kids. We do marriage books, we do. Productivity books, we do leadership books, we're constantly in a posture of learning. So that's the reason every month there's a theme, there's a book, there's questions, there's reading assignment, and then we take and make personal application to those things.
Josh Tapp 15:43
So awesome. I really like the direction you're going with that you're giving me some ideas. I'm jotting down notes as fast as I can here. So really appreciate that well, so free for you. What's, what's kind of your motivation behind all this and I you talked about doing it, you're doing it because you've You wanted that legacy and everything. But is that really kind of your main motivation behind it?
Aaron Walker 16:04
Well, here's the thing. Josh, I've done pretty good over the past 41 years. You know, I'm not saying that boastful. God's really blessed us and he's provided a great income and, and we've done good. And the thing that gets me up every day when when I told my mastermind group, those guys I was talking about we were called the Eagles. When I told them that I was going to go to the Caribbean and sit on the front porch of a Tiki hut rock myself into an oblivion. Dan Miller leaned over he said, that's the most selfish thing I've ever heard you say? And I started laughing. Well, nobody else did. And I said, What are you talking about? And he said, You've done so good in so many different arenas in your marriage is great. You need to teach other people to do that. And I'm like, I'm tired, man. I don't want to do that. No, he said, You need to do that. Well, since then, it has radically transformed my life to see young man Josh like you and see you be a better husband and a better dad and you make money and I can try Train you and teach you, I can teach you some of the things not to do as well as some of the things to do. I'm kind of a mentor. And I want to teach other people to do that, because I want you to succeed. I want you to be a great husband and a great dad, and a great business person, I want you to enjoy some of the things that I've been able to enjoy. So that's what motivates me. It gets me out of bed. It's like, Hey, I can teach my grandchildren and my children. And mentors are a last thing today. There's not many mentors out there. And the the millennials and the Generation Z, they need people to walk alongside them and help them and instruct them in the best way that I can do this is in these mastermind groups, where I facilitate I cast the vision, I teach the culture, I show them my core values, and I take people alongside of me and walk in teach them and then put them into a mastermind group. Now they facilitate I continue to cast the vision and we grow iron sharpens iron. To a place that it's never been. And we literally want to have thousands of these mastermind groups across the world to help other people accomplish their goals and dreams.
Josh Tapp 18:11
Wow, that is incredible. I can hear the passion in your voice. I know you're doing it for the right reasons.
Aaron Walker 18:16
Well, thank you, man, I appreciate that. You know, we're doing good, we're doing fine and all that. I hate it when people with money go money's not important. I want to go You liar. Let's take it away from you. Yeah, we'll see how important it is. Just don't make it your God. Don't make it yourself focus. If you do that, you're going to be sorely disappointed later. I want you to have a greater vision, a greater reason to do the things that you're doing. And when you do that, you'll last long term.
Josh Tapp 18:43
Wow, that's so incredible. I love that. When I have to ask you as this is something for a lot of our listeners, you know, we asked the question what they would ask you Yeah, somebody who's been able to create so many masterminds? What do you think it takes to start a mastermind I mean, you've already done it yourself. And I'm sure you've coached other people in doing it. But some of our listeners would like to start one. So what would you recommend them and starting?
Aaron Walker 19:06
Well, you know, a lot of people started reaching out to me a lot of people that are notorious, you would know who they are. And they have successful masterminds. And they said, big a, everybody calls me big. I said, big. How did you scale all these masterminds? And so people started hiring me to coach them to do masterminds for themselves. And so my daughter is our CEO, Brooke, she walked in my office one day, and she said, Dad, why don't you create a playbook to teach people how to build their own mastermind? And I said, I don't know that's gonna be a lot of work broke. I don't know if I want to do that. She said, You've already done it. You've got the social proof. You've built 15 of these and they're not slowing down. People are not leaving. She said our churn rate is in single digits annually. We've had the same 10 guys meeting for five and six years in the same group. She said you're adding value. Why don't you teach other people to do this? So I thought about it and prayed about it and checked in with my trusted advisors. And they said, Yeah, man, you need to create that playbook. So we did. And so we created the mastermind playbook. And if you're interested in that, you can check it out, you can go to the mastermind playbook com, forward slash Aaron a row and let me say it one more time, the mastermind playbook.com. forward slash ayran. A ro n. So you go there and you can check it out. But in that we teach you step by step. There's 11 steps. There's 90 tools, and there's 30 videos that teach you everything, Josh that we've done to build these masterminds, all the systems and processes. We teach you how to do all the onboarding, how to build the groups, how to build your avatar, answer the question why you're even building one. We teach you the application process. We've developed lead magnets. We have a facilitator in formation course, a new members course how to repurpose social media. We even give you the achieve method, the Brian Moran 12 week here overlaid on top of it, to walk you through it in a 90 day period. So YouTube can build a six, high six figure income with a number of mastermind groups. And it's just very effective. And there again, this is not hypothetical. I mean, we've done this by and we for years now have had these successful masterminds. So we teach you step by step how to do this. Here's the cool part. You get one mastermind group going, that pays you 425 to $500 a month each. In 45 days, you can get 100% of your money back off of the investment for the mastermind playbook. Now, Josh, there's not many investments you can make today and get 100% return in 45 days, wants to suffer going it takes years to get back back your investment. And now we have a very, very successful mastermind groups and you can do the same thing you can do exactly what I've done by using this mastermind playbook.
Josh Tapp 22:12
I love that, Aaron, we'll definitely send people that way. I do have to ask you to so when, when you've built this out, you've been building this using your same formula that you use to build your own mastermind. So you're not even I mean, you're not even doing this off of, you know, hypothetical, that's what I really appreciate about all of your methods is you're saying, this is how you do it. This is how
Aaron Walker 22:32
I did it. Stuff Works, you know, and we wouldn't have 15 successful groups with a single digit turn right? If it wasn't working. Right, Josh? We had 125 men come from seven different countries to our live event in October out of 150. So we had 90% attendance to our live event from seven different countries. And we do that every six months. They wouldn't be Coming from seven different countries if there wasn't great value, we teach you how to do the live events. Also, every system every process, you need to develop a six figure and a high six figure income is in this mastermind playbook.
Josh Tapp 23:17
That is so incredible. I love that we'll send our audience that way. If you're wanting to start a mastermind, that is the direction to go. So I'm just gonna repeat that for everybody so they know where to go. So it's the mastermind playbook comm slash Aaron, which is a ro n. And people can go that way. It's also going to be in the show notes. And Aaron, before we sign off today, can you give us one last parting piece of guidance and let us know how we can connect with you?
Aaron Walker 23:39
Yeah, I appreciate that. You know, it's all in mindset. Josh, when I was a kid, my mom had little saying that I've adopted as my lifelong mantra. She would say can't couldn't do it, and could did it all. And I hated it when she said that as a child. But when you think about it, you've got to believe you can do it yourself. You got to have confidence. It's in yourself, that you can do these things. And when you develop that mindset, life will change. I also talk about fear a little bit, and people are afraid. And I say fear of missing an opportunity more than you fear failure. And when you develop the mindset of, I can do it and I'm not afraid YouTube will be very successful. Hey, reach out to me at view from the top.com. Let's have a great conversation. Let me teach you more about masterminds. If you're interested in joining a mastermind, I'd love to have you if you want to build your own. Go to the mastermind playbook, comm slash a run, and you can start your own as well. Thank you so much, Josh, for having me on as your guest today.
Josh Tapp 24:45
Yeah, well, thank you so much for coming on the show. And I'm just gonna repeat that link because it's a view from the top.com slash the lucky Titan. So we're so excited to have you guys there. And thanks again for coming on the show. Aaron.
Aaron Walker 24:56
Thanks a lot, Josh. We'll see buddy.
Josh Tapp 24:59
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