011 - How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome With Agi Keramidas




How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome With Agi Keramidas
How to overcome impostor syndrome
How to use masterminds to grow your brand
How to charge for events
How to get mentored by the best in the industry


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Show Notes

Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky entrepreneur podcast. So today we've got agi keramidas on the mic. And he is the co host of the podcast, personal development essentials. So a geek came on the mic today to share with us how to overcome impostor syndrome, and how to overcome that fear and taking the first step and sharing what we know and love with the world. So again, is going to talk to us about how to build out a mastermind with people how to charge for these events so that you can start getting money now, even if you have no money in your wallet. He's also going to share with us how to get mentored by anybody in the industry, even the best people in the industry. So I'm so excited to have you on the mic today. So again, let's hop right in. All right against so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Agi Keramidas 0:47
Alright, so yeah, maybe it's not something like a secret that most people don't know. But it is something that would like more people to know. So I'm Greek originally, you might say My gift from my accent when I was 35. So 10 years ago, I made the decision to leave my home country, Greece and move to the UK. So I left there, my, you know, my job, my family, friends, fiance, everything I had the life as I knew it and move to the UK in pursuit of a dream that I have had an instinct or a gut feeling, which at the time, I didn't really know what it was. But I took the decision. Despite that, and it's been the best decision I've taken in my life. I would still say that then yes. On words.
Josh Tapp 1:39
I love that. Well, I do have a follow up question to that. I mean, that's such a huge step. Right? How did you combat the fear that you had, you know, the fear that comes from from taking those steps, you know, most of us probably wouldn't be able to have the courage to do that.
Agi Keramidas 1:54
It can be challenging. All right, I'm not going to say that everything was easy. Of course, the Word difficult moments when you are in a new country have a new language. And there was a job waiting for me to show it was not like, you know, going in the dark like not knowing. But still, I was completely on my own. I had no friends or people to support me here. So to answer your question about the fear, I think it was just two things. One was the faith that I had in my instinct that this was the right thing. And that's something I can't really explain. It's I hope that people get it when when your heart tells you something, right and, and you know that I need to do that. And then you just have the faith and jump in and do it take action based on your faith and the fear of scorn.
Josh Tapp 2:52
I love that. What I love how you also I mean, it was the preparation, right? I mean, you you partially you're okay, I already had a job. I had things in place. And I mean, when you're, I feel like that kind of helps your faith, you know, when you're able to say, okay, I've done the work to make sure that I'm taking care of, you know, some people will go and they'll say, I'm gonna live in a box until I get a job. You know.
Agi Keramidas 3:15
I, in a way I admire those people. I'm not one of them. I mean, I need to have some preparation. So yeah, I, I did prepare, and I'm not going to lie in it wasn't a decision that I took in a week's time. It was over a year that I was mulling it over in my head and trying to decide what I I prepared and then I just took the big, the big step.
Unknown Speaker 3:38
I will have that.
Unknown Speaker 3:40
That's awesome.
Josh Tapp 3:41
Well, so I you're you're a podcast host as well. So it's the personal development essentials podcast, correct? Yes, it is. Yes, sir. So tell us a little bit how you got started with that and got into podcasting in general.
Agi Keramidas 3:54
The podcasting was a couple of years ago had the gut feeling or uninspired. They had to start the podcast. So I, I got all the equipment. I got everything. And then for a few months, I did nothing. Absolutely. So I was thinking of retaining the microphones, everything because I didn't know what to talk about. And then I was in a mastermind group with another participant that is now my co hosting the podcast. And we were just, we just met at that time. And one of the people in the mastermind told us that you know, YouTube guys are very entertaining and passionate. When you talk about personal development. Have you thought of doing a podcast about it? And that was it. I mean, it was an inspired idea at that time and a few months later, we we launched it was so that's how it started then it's a weekly podcast. We deep dive into elements or aspects of personal development like for example, setting or meditation or affirmations, or whatever it is. And there are also many episodes with interviews of other people that can inspire and help people grow.
Josh Tapp 5:13
Right. When and you mentioned earlier, I mean, the people that you're wanting to help are people who are new to the personal development realm, you know, so so why why did you choose that type of person in general?
Agi Keramidas 5:26
I, in some ways, I show that with myself, as well. Let me explain what I mean that
as much as I love Tony Robbins in his work, and I'm actually a crew member in his events, etc. Somehow, if you don't meet that, can you relate directly to Tony Robbins and go to that level of personal development? I will say, Whoa, okay, that's a little bit too high. For me, you know, to be directly inspired, like that show. Sometimes I could feel that people that were Let's say a few steps below that level was way more easy for me to relate and listen to and connect with. So on my own personal development, journey and growth in the same as Paul, my co host,
Unknown Speaker 6:18
Agi Keramidas 6:20
teats, what we learn our show us, we grow us who learn about things for exam, stoic philosophy. We're no experts, but we learned about it. So we said, and so on and so forth. So that's why I think that people that are in fairly new to personal development, or let's say, at the moderate level, they will find great value and benefit to that.
Josh Tapp 6:45
Yeah, absolutely. I love that. When and like you're saying, I mean, being able to just share what you what you've already learned with people is huge, and I think a lot of people are scared to do you know what you did and start a podcast, things like that without feeling like oh, I'm an I'm an absolute expert. In this, but the reality is, I mean, you only have to be one chapter ahead, right? Absolutely, yes. Oh, go ahead. No, no,
Agi Keramidas 7:08
I was saying if you become if you wait until you become an expert, you probably won't do anything. Right? We have to learn to grow as we learn, right? I love perfection perfection can come later it's
I suffered from analysis paralysis for many years in my life Just so you
Josh Tapp 7:32
know, said it's pretty easy to get yourself kind of caught up in that getting too worried about what people are going to think. Yeah. So let me ask you this. Okay. So it I mean, why why podcasting over you know, YouTube or, you know, starting a Facebook group or what have you.
Agi Keramidas 7:51
I think it was the
maybe I was a radio fun when I was growing up, and I I enjoyed the, the way that you listen to the voice either in your car or in times that you wouldn't necessarily be able to watch a YouTube video. So when I listen to podcasts, I'm always doing something else at the same time. Right? So I'm leveraging the time to learn something while I'm driving while I'm at a GMO, you know, in cases like this, so YouTube, Facebook is things that I'm dabbling in and now I still haven't you know, committed to doing a video on because it's, it's it's very different the setup the processing, it's a whole different thing. So at some point, it might but I like the the audio version of it.
Josh Tapp 8:49
I love that. That's that's honestly why I got into podcasting as I was like, you know, it's pretty easy to start, right? Yeah, I just need a microphone. You don't even need a good setup visually because nobody's gonna ask Right. You show up in your pajamas and nobody's gonna say anything. I love that though. I mean, one of the things I do that I love to, like we talk about this all the time in our group is, is it's a matter of finding the platform you're comfortable with and that you personally use. I love that with you where you're like, I grew up listening to radio and I mean, you probably listen to podcasts before this. And we talked about john Lee Dumas before this right is pretty much the best podcast host ever. Right? We can only hope to become my camera. But I I love how I'm, you know, choosing choosing that platform and just committing to one is actually a lot easier than people think. And that allows you to kind of gain your voice and get more comfortable with with sharing your message. So you know, that's that's a big part of personal development, right?
Agi Keramidas 9:51
Certainly, you know, I remember the first time I did an interview, I interviewed someone for my podcast and that was a year ago. I was so nervous beforehand. hid my notes and I was trying to review my notes, worried that I'm going to make a mistake or insult him or something. And that's a great experience. And now it's after a year it's so much comfortable and pleasurable and fun actually to speak with.
Josh Tapp 10:18
Yeah, I love that growth. Well, you're you're a year ahead of me. So look forward to being as skillful as you in your in your podcast.
Agi Keramidas 10:29
I think you're doing a wonderful job. Thank you.
Victor, great momentum from what I understand,
Unknown Speaker 10:36
like any
Josh Tapp 10:38
well, so let me ask you this. You're gay. So you've you're a podcaster. But you're also a knowledge broker. And that's really kind of the core business that you're that you're a part of. So what is a knowledge broker? And how did you get involved with that?
Agi Keramidas 10:50
And great question. So the knowledge broker is someone that facilitates Self education because as you know very well and so many people are probably are beginning to realize that the traditional education system is broken. It's not enough to teach people, children or young people the skills they need to be to live a successful and fulfilled life so that they teach you things that are haven't changed much over the last century. So self education at the moment, and that also because of the internet nowadays. Anything we need to find out it's just a Google search away and never mind the quality of information but there is abundance of information. So the knowledge broker will extract that knowledge or use the knowledge that he or she is good at, and facilitate self education to others that can be done through a workshop through an online course. Through mastermind groups, which is what I'm most involved in, events, seminars, you know, so any, any nice anything that someone knows better than someone knows, and they can teach it that is for me, and normally it's broken.
Josh Tapp 12:20
I love that. Well, so why did you end up deciding to go that route you know, with the information products and services.
Agi Keramidas 12:28
The thing is that I was I've been passionate about personal development for a very long time, and I never thought I could make a business out of it. I always thought that this was just for myself to get better at myself. So I can create a business or something else. So I tried different things like real estate or, but I never had the passion to really push through those with the knowledge business. I had the passion because of my passion. From a development background and then when I found the course that Tony Robertson Dhingra chose he was worth doing I got convinced straight away and that was my core learnings and teachings from that KBB the knowledge business blueprint course that gave me all the foundations to be able to execute mastermind groups at a high level with the experience that I was taught rather than head from myself to play the course.
Josh Tapp 13:33
Yeah, very great course actually took that one as well as when we were deciding that's where we met well, so you know, when when you started doing these masterminds and everything what was cool is kind of the setup. How did you get started in in you know, setting one up because a lot of our listeners are probably thinking hey, I could probably do that.
Agi Keramidas 13:54
Absolutely. And I mean, if you have the some fine foundations with It doesn't have to be the course necessarily, but you can find you can learn information from the internet, but I had done some online masterminds before on my own or, you know, experimenting because I always found that fascinating. But when I did the course, to answer your question, my first mastermind actually did it in this very room where I'm here at home, where I invited the six people that I knew personally from my social circle, and did like a pilot show I had everyone here I did present the mastermind in the way that I was envisioning it to be but because I had six familiar faces, it made it much much easier. I didn't charge the money, not much. It was just a small amount to, to demonstrate the commitment and to you know, feel like I'm not doing this for Free it is a starting business but right it went very well. I got some nice distinct, lovely testimonials and that gave me more than anything else Give me the confidence. Because once you get the confidence that well I can do this and people are giving me good feedback and I actually facilitate this the growth then from there on, you can just build on that and keep on learning growing and evolving your, your service in this case.
Josh Tapp 15:33
Yeah. Well, so when you got them together, you held a mastermind, correct? Yes. So some of our listeners may not know you know what, what exactly is a mastermind and how does that how does that work?
Agi Keramidas 15:44
That's a great question. And you know, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows what I think. So a mastermind is I will give the definition very simple is a group of people That meet usually on a regular basis with common purpose. It can be all sorts of different purposes but usually it has something to reinforce growth to one another either in their business or in their personal life or in all sorts of different
Unknown Speaker 16:21
you know, nieces.
Agi Keramidas 16:23
Sure, they meet, they share knowledge, they support each other, they hold each other accountable. And the real beauty of the mastermind is that when you present your silence and we say or an opportunity you have to the group of people that are similar minded, then you tap into inner lids that goes way beyond the minds in the group, right and of connects to the master mind which is something
like Say something that is beyond the what we see around us. Right? I
don't I don't want to go a little bit to go into that. But let's say it's just inspired ideas that when they appear in the group of people you don't even know. Well, where did that come from? That was a light bulb moment. That's what I mean.
Josh Tapp 17:24
Yeah, I love that. I mean, we so I'm personally part of three different masterminds, but for different areas of my life, I mean, we have one for personal development have one for business I've owned for my health, and doing being part of these masterminds. It's cool when you get a lot of people in the same room who are pursuing maybe different goals, but they're all kind of going in the same trajectory, like you're saying, it creates that, that third mind that mastermind, where everybody learns, and I personally, I discredited those I was like, Oh, yeah, whatever. You know, it's a rah rah session, but man, the best learning comes from masterminds. I mean, you can come out the other end with exact answer to a question that's been driving you crazy. Especially on a business perspective, I mean, the one I'm in with that there's just four of us. We meet up once every month. And we're all kind of going in the same direction, but for different types of businesses, but when we when we meet up, we're all coming out and saying, I have this problem, but there's at least one person in the group who said, oh, I've already overcome that problem. Let me show you how to do
Agi Keramidas 18:22
it. I'm totally you you tap into not only the other people's knowledge, but also to the resources, right contacts to even the funds if there are opportunities to their networks. It's It's incredible, especially once a mastermind group gets bonded and the people commit to each other's success. It's not just a bunch of people, you know, chatting about the business. It's it has a very specific structure. Absolutely no, it I'm just explaining it for people that may not appreciate the value that it brings.
Josh Tapp 18:58
Right. Well, I will record people that come to your, your personal development one, like he knows what he's talking about. You don't make it a year in podcasting unless you know what you're talking about the amount of work it takes.
Agi Keramidas 19:13
It's just to say it's my passion, personal development is my true passion. So when you do something that you're passionate about, you tend to do it at a high standard. If you don't, you can never excel in anything if you if you just go half heartedly into anything.
Josh Tapp 19:32
Yeah, absolutely. Well, are you let me ask it. I'm gonna ask you some some little questions here that are more kind of, I guess, housekeeping questions. I'm just kind of curious about some of our listeners have had questions about this. So the first thing was how did you start funding your business initially,
Agi Keramidas 19:51
and I will likely leave for this kind of business, the mastermind business, I didn't need maths funding. So I can All the zoom calls I can handle from home show the courseware legally show I just found it found that it from my own personal funds. I didn't need any loan or anything else.
Josh Tapp 20:14
Hmm. And I love that because if anybody's listening to this and they're saying I don't have money, that's a great place to start.
Agi Keramidas 20:20
No, yeah, absolutely. You don't need much money to do that. No. If you have a decent internet connection and some basic equipment, that's all you need. Really.
Josh Tapp 20:32
Mm hmm. I mean, you can just use I'm just using some simple Apple headphones, right? You can use the mic on those and there you go. You're right, you're off to the running
Agi Keramidas 20:40
salutely Yeah, you don't have to invest in expensive equipment. Maybe later.
Of course, when you
as you grow as you grow, then of course the equipment will grow and right. Everything will Yes.
Josh Tapp 20:58
I love that. Yeah, so another question for you. So what was one obstacle that's happened recently in your business that you were able to overcome?
Agi Keramidas 21:10
Yes, well, hey, the obstacle that I've found because of for me, I'm kind of a new entrepreneur. So my mindset for many years was the employee, shall I exchange my time for money? I go to work or get paid and repeated So to answer your question, my biggest challenge in being an entrepreneur is the marketing and the sales of my service to others. Especially in the beginning, because there is no you know, marketing budget, I didn't want to start spending money on advertising without knowing exactly what I'm doing. All the marketing I have done is organic. By Directly reaching out to people or posting on social media and things like that, which
Unknown Speaker 22:06
take a lot of time, right?
Agi Keramidas 22:09
And sometimes you start to question yourself and you said, Does anyone really bother with with buying these, but that's the challenge. So to overcome it, what I did was pretty much I used the the directions and the teachings from Dhingra chose you who was one of the teachers in the KBB course, which, of course, was saying that you have to have marketing stamina, you have to love what you do so much that if you don't sell it to someone, you are doing them a disservice. And that has stayed with me as a mantra and I'm trying to operate. From that perspective with my marketing and sales. I'm not there yet. I haven't really absorbed it. 100% as a constant But he guides me towards that.
Josh Tapp 23:03
Yeah. I love that. One. I love what he says in there and he's talking about, you know, like you're saying, really you're having the stamina to be able to move forward and I think he also talks about in there it's not about just, you know, running yourself into a wall. I mean, you really have to say do I love this enough that I would do it for free? And, and I mean, for example for you, you've proven that by doing a podcast I mean, there's not really much money in podcasting, but it's a great way to meet people.
Agi Keramidas 23:30
Okay, so absolutely, that's something that I had didn't have enjoyed and I still enjoy and right now talking to a fellow podcaster from
the other side of the ocean is awesome.
Josh Tapp 23:43
Yeah. Real Time to technology is awesome. I love that well, so is Dean grassy, so you kind of your main person that you turn to when you have business questions, or who do you go to I guess for for learning,
Agi Keramidas 23:57
and I don't know didn't finish At least I'm not working on a personal mentor 11 He is the mentor of myself and the people that are doing the course in terms of more professional I have a coach that helps me it's not necessarily a business coach more of a life coach but helps with with both. Yeah, I am part of mastermind groups myself as yourself that have a more business focus rather than only personal development. And also of course, the social media the groups it's when you are a participant in groups it's easy or easier to find support, find answers ideas, etc.
Josh Tapp 24:48
Yeah, I love that. One. I really like your approach to it because it's it's not always about having the one coach but you know, getting yourself in the environments you know, around the people who can help solve Have your problems. That's again, masterminds. It's like the course especially if you can't afford $25,000 to pay for coaching, you know?
Agi Keramidas 25:13
I'm not at that level. That's the kind of coaching But still, I don't think that matters so much as long as your coach is someone that has done or is can help you to what you what it is that you want to do, because they've been there and you respect them. Right, that's great. I mean, sometimes it can even be free a friend of yours or a mentor. Show it doesn't necessarily have to be the 25 obviously, the the masterminds that Tony Robbins does have a different type of audience than myself, Ray, our multimillion dollar business owners, etc. So it's, it doesn't really matter as long as it is something that relates to each one's level at that time next year. Who knows, maybe we'll scale up and go to the higher level mastermind and so on.
Josh Tapp 26:10
Yeah. What I love that because I mean, you can set your sights on the stars if you're willing to do masterminds or I mean experience I had recently we went to, I was trying to figure out how I could get myself with these coaches who are a lot higher level. And I saw reaching out to the two comma club members, which I don't know if you are into Click Funnels or not, but they're, they're people who've made a million dollars using a sales funnel, right? And I just want to I just want to rub shoulders with these people. So I actually just reached out to a couple of them and offered some services for free ended up getting a guy to basically partner with me, but he's, he's willing to coach me as well. So I've been getting coaching from him. That's why we started this podcast because he's like, you need to have a platform you need to have somewhere where where you know, you're sharing with your audience and that, I mean, like you're saying, just being able to To get yourself out there people like that you don't have to be this rich person to associate with rich people. You just have to be willing to either give some time or some money to be able to get there. So
Agi Keramidas 27:12
I have found just that, especially with approaching people to interview. It gets easier and easier you get. I haven't stayed in and I try to aim high with the people that I invited to my podcast and I never heard someone telling me No, I can't do it or I won't do it or your podcast is too small or whatever. It's people are very happy to, you know, share their message.
Josh Tapp 27:45
Yeah. When you give them an opportunity to share it, they never know how big you're gonna grow. Maybe you're going to be the next biggest podcast on the internet.
Unknown Speaker 27:53
Who knows?
Josh Tapp 27:56
I love that. Like you, thank you for answering all these Questions. Before we take off though I was wondering if you give us one last parting piece of guidance, and then tell our listeners how they can connect with you as well.
Agi Keramidas 28:09
Sure, well, piece of guidance say, believe in yourself. You have capabilities beyond what you currently are, are aware of. So just trust in any gut feeling that you have any inspired thought and executed. It doesn't matter what don't worry about the outcome. just grow, have some progress. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, just keep on growing. Keep on learning and believe in yourself, because there are great things that just around the corner if you take action towards them.
So that's my piece of advice. Love that.
I don't know if you are able to put any of the links in the show notes of the poll. Absolutely. Yeah. You can find me on social media. It's I can I made this. So AGI, I'm not going to spend all of it.
Unknown Speaker 29:17
I'll put a link in there.
Agi Keramidas 29:19
That post podcast is called the personal development essentials. It's on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify. There is a YouTube channel but because it's not video, not all episodes affairs, and I would be very happy to connect. Just send me a message add me as a friend and I'm looking forward to connecting. Yeah,
Josh Tapp 29:42
I love that. So everybody, I'll put that in the show notes that you have ways to connect with them and you can even look up his podcast on but thank you for coming on the show. Again, sharing with us you know your experience and your wisdom. And we will talk to you soon.
Agi Keramidas 29:55
Thank you very much for inviting me to just show the best
Josh Tapp 30:00
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