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Creator of the cleanbeauty podcast, and lash binder
Award winning international model
PGA golf tours make up artist



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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today, we have Cassandra McClure on the mic and Cassandra is the founder of clean beauty.com. Cassandra started off her career as a professional model and makeup artist working with a list actors touring on the PGA Tour and establishing a name for herself in the clean beauty industry. So Cassandra is here today to share with us how to turn pain into prosperity. So Cassandra, let's hop right in. Alright, Cassandra, so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Cassandra Mcclur 0:33
I love pickles.
Unknown Speaker 0:36
Which is so funny.
Unknown Speaker 0:38
And I eat them like all the time.
Josh Tapp 0:41
That is the funniest thing I love. Okay, so let's, let's hop in, kind of get a little bit of idea of where you're at in your business and kind of give us a little bit of your journey to where you got to.
Unknown Speaker 0:52
Yeah, so like we discussed a little bit a little while ago. I am 30 years old and from Seattle, Washington. I grew up knowing that I wanted to work in the beauty industry. So early on, I was going to wedding shows with my mom and she worked in the event space. And so I actually got my first pride when I was 16. And I knew I really loved doing makeup specifically. So when I turned 18, I moved to LA and went to school in Hollywood. And then I also moved to London and went to school there and I trained with the top makeup artists in the world and I got to work on TV print film, every magazine, oh my gosh, so many celebrities. And it was really, really fun. I toured the world. I was the first stylist to ever toward the PGA. I went to 30 countries in a year with all them and installed all the wives and girlfriends. And I eventually moved back to Seattle to back home and I opened a salon and I started doing training for women to learn to do makeup as well and that was really fun. And then about three and a half years ago, I met my fiance actually online when I was dating and flew down to San Francisco met him and we are getting engaged in or we're engaged. We've been engaged two years. And we are. We're getting married next June in Greece in Santorini. So, it's been a long time coming. But we have the same birthday, which is really funny. And he's in tech, of course, which brought me to Silicon Valley. And it really opened up my eyes to a whole nother world. And I feel like that's where things you know, I thought I was successful before, but that's when really things turned around for me and took off in a different way because, um, it wasn't until I moved here that I really was was around the most powerful and smartest people in the world. And it was it for me, it's really motivating. And I, you know, I live right next door to Mark Zuckerberg. It's really it's really interesting. Just be in be in this space. And I knew that I didn't always want to do makeup like 24 seven like a couple years ago, I did like 40 weddings in a year like I was at a wedding every single weekend. Um, but anyways, I I was here for almost a year and I started having like major health issues that I couldn't really ignore anymore. I had always had the sniffles I had always, you know, had trouble like, you know, squinting when I'm driving, but it got really bad. I almost got an accident and I wasn't really able to breathe anymore. So I went to Stanford, they did a bunch of testing and they were determining that I had allergies, they did a allergies thing on my back. And they're like, oh, you're allergic to your dog and pollen and dust and all this stuff. And I was like what and they were like get a helicopter get this you know, get to your sheets. You have to, you know, maybe get rid of your dog and all these crazy things. And I was going in for shots every week. And I was like I was so frustrated going in and getting shots in my arm of like this stuff to try to make it better but like nothing was changing. And I went to this event, I met this lady and I found out about beauty counter, which changed everything for me because the first thing she said was that they were a clean beauty company and I was like, What do you mean clean? Like, I'm in the beauty industry? I haven't heard that term before. And she was like, Oh, well, you know, we don't include any fragrance in our products. And I was like fragrance, I have fragrance and like everything in my house. And she's like, well, it can cause major health issues like, especially for your breathing for your skin breaking out and I had just got diagnosed with psoriasis. I just got prescribed glasses. I had all kinds of medication for my skin because it was dry and flaky and inflamed. And I couldn't sleep I couldn't breathe. I was it was so hard to breathe out of my nose. And so I was like, Oh my gosh, let me go home and do a detox. For me. That just meant looking at everything in my head. house from my air conditioner, my my conditioner or my Heron and all that stuff shampoo conditioner, but the glit like the air fresheners that were in my wall.
Unknown Speaker 5:12
My makeup, my skincare, all of my perfume. I just was like, I thought fragrance was not a bad thing. I thought it was just sent and it was nice. It was in my car. Because I had one in there it was in it was 24 seven, and I and in three days, I'm about 48 hours, I started to see it change. But within three days my skin cleared my itchiness on my head went away. I could see better. It was less cloudy. Like I had literally I was just I was poisoning myself. And I did this I went on Facebook and I said oh my gosh, you guys like I did it. I did a live and I said I can't believe this just happened. This is my story like and all my friends. You know, I had like lots of followers and all my friends and family were like, Oh my god, Is this real? And I said yeah, like I can't believe This is like you know that the laws haven't changed and the cosmetic industry is unregulated like the tobacco industry is but not cosmetics. And we're putting that on our face. And it blew me away. So I became an overnight like I threw everything out in big bins. And I had every high end brand I had $5,000 worth of product in my vanity and I threw it in the trash. And that was another video that kind of went viral because I had dumped it all into a trash bin. Yeah, I was like, I can't use any of this. Like it made me sick. And that's when everything changed for me. And I started looking into podcasts and for clean beauty and there wasn't any that I found. So I was the first clean beauty podcast in the world. We launched November. We are on one year anniversary next week. So I'm really excited about that. We've had over 60 guests in different countries and we have over 105 star reviews and it has gotten a lot of press and it's been really, really fun to have that and I just interview brand founders and I Learn, you know, I've, I've taking everyone on this journey with me because I didn't know these things. And so I bring on brand founders that are clean and sustainable, and really making a mark in the industry. And I'm just a hero for clean beauty. And so I was able to monetize my beauty counter as a consultant. Working with them. I started making pretty good money just as a, like a residual income. So it fueled my podcast. And that gave me more time to do interviews, and especially live interviews, videos taking off starting to do the videos and people took notice and that really helped and then I decided I wanted to move forward with a product that was also clean, which is an eyelash applicator called lash binder. So we launched that in March 2019. And that's been going really well too. We're on Amazon and we partnered with some really big brands and we're also moving into retail and things so I'm, but that's my first product. I've kind of I've definitely heard around that it's like, you know, I'm like, that's a one hit wonder and I get what that means but my bigger picture is so much bigger. And it's really to create products that aren't like the world to me doesn't need another lipstick. There's a million brands and a million lipsticks not to say that any of them are bad or good, but just that I love them. But I didn't feel like we needed another one I wanted just to solve problems. So I'm working on on several other AI products that have never really come to market yet. So I'm really excited to be partnering with other brands to do this to highlight them and also working on my own projects. So really, really exciting stuff. And now I'm a speaker. I have toured all over the country and have been on different panels and keynotes in different places like alt summit, I've done really huge events like bottle rock And I'm working on clean beauty con, which is going to be the world's first clean beauty convention that brings together clean and sustainable makeup and skincare lines and brands and founders. So I'm really, really excited to launch that in 2020. We are soft launching and like getting everything together now. So
Josh Tapp 9:19
yeah, well, what's really impressive about your career, and this is one of the reasons I loved and wanted to bring you on was the fact that I mean, you had such a great career. Regardless, right? You've done the PGA Tour, you've done everything right. But then you had one big relatable experience where you're like, I'm having allergies constantly, because of this stuff I didn't realize was a problem. But you being vulnerable and being transparent, was what took your business and just shot it off. And that's, to me is super impressive.
Unknown Speaker 9:48
Yeah, I started being called an expert in clean beauty. And I was like, Oh, no, please don't call me that because I just I'm new compared to, you know, Katie, denno and Christine Coleman, like people who have been around 10 years using clean beauty, I just didn't know because in you know, five or six years ago when I first tried, you know, cleaner lines they, you know, or greener they were really crunchy like I remember going into Whole Foods and seeing them and trying them and I'm like, these don't work. But things have changed in the formulation and the longevity and in the products themselves and the packaging. And so I came on at a really good time I got I got kind of lucky when I when I crossed paths and it made sense for me because I wasn't really going to compromise. I was still like kind of open to using the products I was using before like in my professional kit as long as I didn't use them. But then once I found out how high performing the clean products were I was like why would I not implement these into my kit and become a clean makeup artist because there aren't very many and the ones that are actually on my team. They're all over the country. They join beautycounter and then they become queen bee advocates just like me and they start attracting a whole nother type of, of clientele. Because how can I mean there's so many people with allergies and skin sensitivities like, Oh my gosh, so people that call me that have a gluten allergy because it's not just what you eat is what you put on your skin right? So yeah, I'll have a bride call me and say like, do you have gluten free products? And I can say yes, and that's, that's unique. That's definitely a way to stick out in the industry because it is very saturated. If you look at how many makeup artists and how many YouTube and Instagram makeup artists there are, it's kind of cool to be able to stick out in this new way and really be a hero for clean beauty in such a positive light. So
Josh Tapp 11:48
yeah, which is pretty awesome. So when you when you have the idea and everything, people started calling you an expert, you're like, Wait, hold on, I'm not an expert yet. What did you do to become the expert? I mean,
Unknown Speaker 11:58
I still don't call myself that. Because I feel like I am taking everyone on this journey with me together where the clean beauty movement and it takes all of us to make the changes in our own lives. It's like recycling, I can't save the world recycling in my own house by myself. I have to I have to share that with everybody on my show through my social media, at events and at my speaking engagements and share what I have learned and implementable strategies that you can go home and you can do that night and feel like you've accomplished something. I mean, there's so many shows, and podcasts and books that I've read that are it's just seems impossible and daunting to start. But I have created a clean beauty program that it's just like a cleanse. It's like let's start where you are. What are you running out of mascara? Okay, here are three great mascaras you can try and find your favorite one and make the switch and then when you run out of your foundation do the same thing. Your body wash you know like that was my mom's Big thing. She's like, I'm throwing away everything right now. You know, I've been using this for 20 years and I was like, Mom, that's fine. So when you run out, just send me a text and I'll send you what to go buy on Amazon. And now she's like, Oh my God, this laundry detergent is cheaper than what I was buying before. And it's better and I was like, thank you, Mom. I'm using this testimonial on my
Josh Tapp 13:21
my mom even does it
Unknown Speaker 13:23
my mom now I mean, it is so cool to see my family switch because I don't want to get a call one day that they're in the hospital from cancer like some of my friends have. And it's, it's something that we just don't fully understand when there are carcinogens known carcinogens that are linked to cancer and our mascaras and lip lip glosses. We all know the lead is in our lipsticks. That is not okay. And it doesn't need to be in there. It's just a cheap filler to keep cost down so that they can mass market and in places like Walgreens and stuff, which we all know I mean, everyone's going out of business already. Ready Barney's is going out of business? I mean, yeah, it's all about online. And it's like, well, what is your story people care about what the brand is, what it represents, who it's giving back to. And I also do, and I think that so many of us want a personal touch to things, but we also want to know who's behind something, and not just like, Oh, this company is owned by, you know, and they own some rich guy, their brand. And they have no personal interaction with with the customer. You can't go on their Instagram and talk to the founder in two seconds. I think that's, you know, kind of cool. And so I think a lot of the new millennials do like they're consciously see what is happening with the oceans like for the first time, we have boats going out to pick up tons and tons of trash like, of plastic and waste, and it's killing our fish and it's in our food because we're eating the fish and it's like, and the beauty industry is contributing to that tenfold. I mean, it's one of the biggest, problematic industries when it comes to because if you think about all the little bottles and the caps and the tubes and everything And no one's cleaning those out before they throw them in the recycle bin. And so it's kind of like, Whoa, we haven't really thought about this or looked at that before. But it's worse than a water bottle, you know, because these are even smaller pieces that are just going to get trapped in turtles, like, you know, esophagus and stuff. It's like, it's so crazy. So it's like, what can we do to move forward with sustainable biodegradable packaging, eco friendly sunscreen, you know, things aren't going to kill the reefs in our fish. So like, all of those things are important. And I think that's I niche down so so hard on not just clean but also green, that I think that's also contributing to my success, because I didn't just go in and say I'm here to talk about makeup, you know, it's like, Okay, I'm gonna talk about founders that have, you know, that want to leave the world a better place for our children, you know, and our children's children. So, I think my passion comes through and I think that's another thing like you really, I can wake up easily If I'm sick, like I kind of am today and I'm just so excited to talk about it, because I'm not getting paid to do this, right, you're not paying me but I'm so happy to be here and to be spreading the message. Because, you know, it's just it's all about awareness.
Josh Tapp 16:14
Yeah. When I really appreciate that and like really the passion you can hear the passion that you have for your niche and that's what's cool is when you do find that niche, it's so easy to become passionate about it like you're saying. So for people a lot of our listeners are looking they're already business owners, they're already trying to get their their product or service out there. I think they're all running that same problem like I sell makeup. Or I'm here to show you how to put on makeup you know and instead you decided to niche down so how could they find that story so they could niche down the way you did?
Unknown Speaker 16:43
Well, with lash binder with my tool and also with with beauty, I was really listening to the customer. So with last minute for example, all the weddings that I would go to, even when I was at fashion shows with Famous models, they would all tell me that they couldn't put on lashes. And they would say it, they lost the lash the glue there, I shot with glue, they poked themselves in the eye with tweezers. And I took those things. And I said, I need to make a solution for this particular thing, because I've heard it so many times. So no matter who you are, or what town you live in, there's something that someone has complained about more than once that you could be the person. You know, it's like, I like everything has been invented by somebody. And it just takes the person that has the guts to try it and run the experiment. And I didn't put like my entire life savings into this experiment. I said, I'm gonna launch this product, I'll see what happens. And that's my little puppy OBS toy. And you're saying hi. And so I think it's about solving a problem and helping people. You know, it's like, what problem are you solving? You know, if you're a plumber is like, Do you have something that is always frustrating? You know, doesn't fit that you like, you know what you need, but it's not available. And it's like how or it's, or it's something that's not available where you are. There's like, for example, there's a lot of clean beauty stores and they're in big cities. But what Jeannie just did at beauty heroes, she's all the way in Novato by Sacramento. And it's far for people to drive all the way to San Francisco to find a foundation. So she opened a store there. So it depends on it doesn't have to be a complete new invention. It can just be a little bit of a twist or an upgrade, right? It's like our phones, we upgrade them every couple years with the new tweaks that we want. And that's what is the new hot thing. And so it's like, what can you do to be different? And just own what you're doing? And I think that's, that's, you know, it's big no matter what industry you're in, it's like, what problem are you solving? Why Why would someone pay whether you're doing a service or you're selling a product?
Josh Tapp 18:56
Yeah, well, so I do have to change gears a little bit. Now. Because you You've kind of tricked me. So I know you've been able to run a lot off of your reputation that you'd already built. But at that point, but how did you really launch and get your product out? So, so quick? I mean, did it like a year?
Unknown Speaker 19:12
Yeah. So I was working on it for over a year, not knowing if I was going to do anything with it. And I went to a mastermind. So I really believe that, you know, education is important. It doesn't mean going to a school. It's just finding something that works for you. Like, I go to conferences, I go to different talks, or I'll go to webinars or or read a book. And I think that's all education. So there was this one in particular, this camp that I went to, for women entrepreneurs, that were just trying to figure out how to make things work in their own life, like, like I'm talking to you about like how to solve you know, your own problem in your own life with whatever it's like, you're not hitting this the amount of money you want, is it like what is it so I went and we Did this portion where they were, they said, like, you know, if you could do anything, and no one would judge you and there was no risk, what would you do? And I had a prototype with me and I showed it to everyone. I was like, you know, I've been working on this for like a year. And it's like, I could really get it out there. I would, I would love to like help people. And everyone in the group, there was like, 12 women, and we were supposed to be really honest with each other about all the ideas and give practical steps to like, be able to achieve whatever they wanted to do. And all of them were like, how is this not a thing? And I'm like, that's what I had been hearing. So I was doing testing before and I was like, you know, you ask your friends and family, though they might actually be too nice. So you kind of want to do blind testing with other people. So that was kind of that that group that put me over the edge because they were like, here's all the things you can do. I know this distributor, there's this person that does this and like they can help you with, you know, manufacturing and you know, they were powerful women that like had connections but more than It was really the encouragement of like, get this on the market. I was original question. Like how,
Josh Tapp 21:07
how they're able to, to? I forgot my own question now. You got me thinking
Unknown Speaker 21:13
how I did that. So it was really just, I got that extra like push that I needed. And then I started designing the logo, the website, figuring out the name, figuring out what color I wanted, like how I was going to market it. And so Oh, I think you're talking about like, how did I get it out there? Right? Yeah. Instagram, I had a I've had so much experience. I was on MySpace. Back in the day, I started doing YouTube, I was already on Instagram. And I was like, I can start a new Instagram account. I can do that. Like that's free. So let me do that. I can do a Shopify. I can build a website. I've done that before. So let me do it. Some of the things I did, I had resources that I use, you know, and I hired someone to do like graphic design, but I really just built something beautiful. I got some really great images. I use the community that I already knew photography. offers video models and I had them pose and use the tool. And then I sent out a whole bunch of demos for free, like over 100 pieces. And I got feedback from everybody. And they told me how they thought about the box and the thing and and all of that, and then we made the final tweaks. And then we launched I trademarked it, I filed it, I did all my patent stuff, and I made sure I got someone to help me with that. So that people couldn't steal my ideas easy. And then I I just, I mean, I used influencers really, because it was it's a gimmicky thing where it's kind of fun, and it's different and everyone loves a new beauty product. So in that space, I was really already tapped into that. So I used it to my advantage. And I launched everywhere Facebook, Instagram I ran, I run some ads, I went to every single talk I could find in San Francisco related to new startup I found a mentor I got on The CW is cosmetic executive women which I found a mentor on there, she helps me with stuff, I got a publicist, I got an assistant, I invested in myself and in hiring others, and I did it on with equity or with percentages. So like if they, you know, I gave them a sales percentage if they can help me sell then they all and even with my influencers, like they all have codes that they use and when when I make money, they make money. And so that really worked for me. And we launched on Amazon not far not long after that Amazon is so saturated now of course, but that was that was a good kind of you kind of like, need to be in that to kind of gives you credibility. I guess
Josh Tapp 23:47
it legitimizes you
Unknown Speaker 23:49
Yeah, so that was cool. And then now we're working on you know, our other versions and select a Yeah, so I think that answered the question, but Oh, yeah. I've taken a lot of feedback from people and I'm really implemented what they've said and took it to heart and really appreciate like, I don't just ask what they think and then ignore them. Like, I'm really like, oh, okay, you know, they needed to hear it said a different way. Or they needed a different angle of a photo, or like little things that I didn't think of, because I'm the mastermind behind it. I'm not thinking of it as a consumer. So I use a lot of friends and family to like, help me get to that place to meet them where they are, because we found that originally, the makeup artists that I was trying to market to didn't care that they were using tweezers. They didn't care that they were using their fingers to apply this tool to apply lashes. So I said, Oh my gosh, you know, the people that need this are people that can't apply lashes already. So I was like, okay, so I have to talk to people that have never worn lashes and are afraid to now have a whole different marketing strategy. Yeah, where, you know, so one of our really viral videos was a guy that was drunk in Vegas. And he put the lashes on his girlfriend and didn't know what he was doing. And he like, put it on. And he's like, Did I do it? And they're like, yeah, like, it's not easy. I had so many messages like people like, Okay, I'm ready to buy one. And like, we had a bunch of sales, because if you can tell, they were all like drinking in a hotel room, and it was a party and he, and he was like, let me put on your lash. And he was like, you know, they were all dancing and having fun. And it was not you could not have paid people to make. Maybe you could have to make that scene. But oh my god, it was really incredible. And after that, I was like, kids can do it. Drunk guys in Vegas can do it. And like, it was, it was kind of like, for me, it was just like, wow, I'm like, I'm making it so like fancy like I'm like, because I was the one who was like, Oh, I'm a professional makeup artist. Look how easy it is. Well, people are really believing me because they're like, well, you think everything's easy? And that's true. So you really kind of I was like, Okay, so we have five year olds who use the tool. In their dance competitions, and they're in cheer pageants. And they're moms by the tool. And they, I mean, they're our biggest heroes, they say, you know, I'll be these little girls used to wear us tweezers used to stick there, you know, they used to get hurt and damaged their eye and like, your product is built with silicone, like they can't hurt themselves. And I can leave the room and not have to worry about them. And like, those are the testimonials that that get us to the next level and get us to the next customer. So that's been really, really cool.
Josh Tapp 26:32
One, the cool part is that you've been able to do that testing all the way through the process. I mean, you even talked about it started with friends and family, but then you went to a place where you're gonna get honest feedback. I think people are honest with themselves saying, oh, people are giving me honest feedback. They're saying, oh, like, obviously, it's a great idea because everybody's saying it's a great idea. But you got to put in front of the people who don't like you or who are going to be very honest about about what you're giving to them.
Unknown Speaker 26:54
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, totally. I mean, initially, we had people weren't a couple people. Leave comments like, Oh my god, this is $30 for a hair clip, and it was like, it kind of does look like a hair clip, good point, but we pay the people that, you know, if you find a makeup artist, you're going to get a code from her and you're going to get a discount, and she's also going to get, you know, $5 off or $10 off. And depending on her level of artistry, if she's a student, you're going to get a $5 off discount, and so is she now we're down to $20. And like, of course, they didn't comment after that, because they didn't know that but it's like, I want to make sure that I'm, I'm looking at all of that. And, you know, I priced it competitively and great, because it's a great product that should last you an entire lifetime. It's not like something, you know, mascaras are $24 in the last few months. So it's like we you know, beauty wonders are $20 and they they don't last very long. So So yeah, we think we priced ourselves well. And we did we did. We did well there so
Josh Tapp 27:54
yeah, well thank you so much for coming and sharing all guys are really you really hit that the nail on the head with the recent sight of it and really how to launch the product correctly. So thank you for doing that. before we sign off, though, could you give us one last parting piece of guidance? And then let us know how we can connect with you?
Unknown Speaker 28:10
Yeah, so I think
Unknown Speaker 28:14
in terms of guidance, I'm, at least where I am, I really started to do more self care. And being in the valley can be hard on your mind and your brain and your time, and you start to kind of like, I at least was so dedicated to what I was doing that I wasn't even giving my fiance very much time. I mean, that's why I've been engaged, engaged for two years. I wasn't planning my wedding. I wasn't going out with my friends. I wasn't doing a lot of things for me. And once I started to do that, I really started to take a step back and go back to like, I'm only going to be here once to really give yourself the grace and kind of let yourself off the hook because I was really hard on myself at first, I think, and just taking everything as long as you're, there's no mistake if you're learning something, it's just the way it is. And so I've really taken every single lesson and tried getting something out of it and maybe even teaching someone else I love giving back and I love helping other people. And I think that's where a lot of my fuel comes from, is from my mentorship and and everything that I'm doing. So, you know, as long as you have people in mind, I feel like you'll do really well. And you can find me at Cassandra mcclure.com. My podcast at clean beauty podcast, calm lash binder at lash binder.com we're on social media, all of those handles all of those places. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blah, blah, blah.
Josh Tapp 29:48
There'll be links to all of that.
Unknown Speaker 29:50
Sure, and I'm right now, I am on my Instagram the most on my personal account because wonder McClair and There's one every dm myself, I manage the account myself, I post every single day I'm in my stories every day, you can see what I'm doing. And I think a lot of people like that. So just so you know, and I have so many amazing things happening events, especially in the Bay Area, if you're in the Bay Area, definitely get in touch. And I can invite you to all of our events and everything like that. And I am a consultant with beautycounter. So if you're interested in joining my team or shopping, clean beauty and starting your journey, or you know you need to replenish, then go to beautycounter.com, slash Cassandra McLaren, or just go to beautycounter.com and select me as your consultant when you check out and my face will pop up and my name.
Josh Tapp 30:38
Excellent. Well, thank you so much for coming on and sharing that with everybody. She pretty much just gave you the VIP pass everybody, So reach out to her.
Unknown Speaker 30:47
Thank you so much and much for having me and sharing my story with your audience and I can't wait to start talking with everyone about what they thought.
Josh Tapp 30:56
And thanks for coming on the show. The number one needle mover and mighty Businesses joint venture partnerships growing a following can be time consuming and frustrating. For that reason we created the tribe of Titans the world's first joint venture matching platform using this free platform you can find guests for a podcast YouTube channel or Facebook group or you can promote your brand product or service in one simple place. You can create your free accounts as tribe dot the lucky titan.com once again that's tribe dot the lucky titan.com
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