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Scaled businesses from 0-8 figures
Worked on 5 continents
Owned 10 companies
1st million in 1st quarter 



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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Christine per rack is on the mic. And I'm so excited to introduce you to Christine because she has started over 10 companies and scale them from zero to eight figures, having her most recent one hit $1 million in the first quarter. Since then she has sold those companies and has decided to dedicate her life to training entrepreneurs to do the same to be able to scale their businesses from zero to eight figures. So today, Christine's gonna be sharing with us her seven tier roadmap, which she calls the entrepreneurs essential roadmap. So Christine, let's hop right in. All right, Christine. So tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Christine Perakis 0:44
All right, I'm going to tell you all a secret that I literally kept to myself for many, many years, and there's maybe just a handful of people who know this and it ties into something that we all need to remember as entrepreneurs which is there are going to be downtimes times when things are slow. When Nothing's happening when we're in between, and we just need to generate cash flow. So I was when one of those times needing to kickstart something and I was just stuck in my mind in my business and my cash flow, and I became a telephone psychic. It was about a month. And nobody knows this because it's not on my resume. But I did it and it helped kickstart at the end of that experience that cycle. I ended up owning multiple properties, multiple businesses and really thriving. So sometimes we just got to do things we never would have imagined we do. And whatever it takes, is really a mantra as an entrepreneur.
Josh Tapp 1:40
Yeah, absolutely. That is awesome. I don't tell a lot of people it's pay now. Now a ton of people know. So there you go.
Christine Perakis 1:48
It's out there. It's our secret.
Josh Tapp 1:50
Our secret gym thousands of people. Christine, so let's hop into kind of your background a little bit. You and I have already talked about a little bit but kind of give us the background. how you got to where you're at now?
Christine Perakis 2:02
Well, it's no straight line, I can tell you that I've been a boat captain and a yacht racer. And as you know, big sailor, passionate sailor, I've owned a boat for, that I lived on for 14 years. And the one thing I know it's true about sailing and life is there's no straight line. So I've had my share of I've started grown and expanded 10 businesses on my own and with partners, and helped hundreds of clients do the same on five continents. And I've built businesses, I've seen them tear apart, I've watched partners that I've been, you know, come to me to form their companies and ended up you know, going their separate ways. I've had to exit myself out of situations with legal representation. I've seen it all, and there just is no straight line. And so, being able to find the fastest, most efficient way is the mission of a sailor, and it's the mission of an entrepreneur. And that's what I'm here to help people do because I'm an expert at finding the way
Josh Tapp 3:00
I love that. Well. So tell us a little bit about kind of your career now. And you know, what you're doing now, really with like the book and with everything else.
Christine Perakis 3:10
So I've been a serial entrepreneur, as I mentioned, and I love growing, starting growing and expanding businesses. And some of those opportunities, especially with partners came from clients wanting to access the full breadth of what I can do, because I've been a lawyer and I advise a lot of different companies that way. And but my passion is the full perspective, the 30,000 foot view of business growth, and leadership development and team development. So that's how I've gotten some of my opportunities where I've come into a co run a company and have some equity and so on and be a manager. And I've gotten to vertically integrate a competition go karting company and build out a premier market research company for the entertainment industry and do multiple film production businesses on multiple continents. And so those are the kinds of things that are most fun. But in my last business, what I learned was we went from 100% equity funded startup to a $10 million a year company in four years. We made our first million and a quarter in the first quarter. And it was positioned to do double that revenue to 20. in year five, that was the three of us starting this company that we had, I had to do everything my partner was out, developing all the business and the expert in the field, bringing in every all the revenue, and I had to build all the infrastructure, build the team and organize everything around the rest of it. And you know, that's my gift. I was capable of it, but it's lovely. And it's a huge heavy burden with a lot of pressure to it. And I always wished that I'd had somebody in my corner from the outside, who knew the path I was on and had blazed that trail to or before me, we can help see things that I couldn't see. So after selling my last business, I committed myself doing that for others.
Josh Tapp 5:02
Wow, that is awesome. So I mean, really one of the big reasons we brought you on is because of your expertise in helping businesses to go from zero to eight figures. You know, some people will say, Oh, I can get you from six figures forward. But that's honestly and you and I both know this. Yeah, once you've kind of hit that six figure mark, it's, it's a lot easier to go to the next step because you have the money to do it.
Christine Perakis 5:24
But money and a track record, right, you kind of know what it's like to get off the ground.
Josh Tapp 5:29
Absolutely. When I started multiple, eight figure businesses, but as well as helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs do it, you know, what are kind of those key factors that help entrepreneurs to be able to go from zero to eight figures?
Christine Perakis 5:45
Well, one of the things that I do when I'm working with a company that's already gotten off the ground is understanding their numbers, right businesses. You know, as a lawyer, I can tell you, most lawyers don't understand numbers right and business owners will Look at a spreadsheet and their eyes might glaze over. But the numbers tell the whole story. And I spent time on my, you know, multi million dollar businesses really focused in the numbers. What's the story that's being told here. And coming in from the outside, I can look at income statements and cash flows and bank accounts and credit card statements, and really see where's the opportunity. So an on a business owner can say, I don't have the money and I guarantee you, I could go into their business, look at their financial statements, and I could find the money to afford my services. That's something that it takes an outsider to be able to see, to get the perspective to get out of the weeds and not in the weeds with you to be able to guide you that way. And managing cash is a gift of mine.
Josh Tapp 6:47
I really love what you're saying there because a lot of people get scared by the numbers, but it's really not as complicated as people think First off, it's a matter of understanding the linear progression of numbers.
Christine Perakis 6:59
Right, but you also Understand, you know, having revenue doesn't necessarily mean profitability and having profit doesn't mean you have cash, right and cash is king. You know, I had a steady business that was growing, growing, growing, but I had payroll to make I had leases to, you know, pay for there were some nailbiting months, weeks days, you know, where we're just wanting to make sure I can bring it all in and get it out the door and keep the doors open, and goes on like that for years before you can build up a reserve and really feel like you're stable and you have, you know, a comfortable salary. And, you know, most business owners are struggling to to bring home $100,000 a year, you know, we're doing it because of the freedom. But in fact, we're enslaved to the struggle and the 24 seven and never getting a break. And so my commitment to my clients and in the world is to bring more freedom to business owners, and I know how hard it is to get there, and you can't do it a lot. That's what I learned the hard way. Trying
Josh Tapp 8:00
Yeah, and I completely agree honestly, one of the big reasons why we do what we do is because the solopreneur idea is just not true. It's just, it's not I mean, you can maybe make a lifestyle business that way. And some people will make it but the odds of you making is drastically increased when you start surrounding yourself with the right people, and learning from the right people.
Christine Perakis 8:23
Right, when I get my hands in a business, you know, if I get that privilege and that honor is, let's get into the weeds and figure out what do we want to do for the long term? There's nothing I love more than spending two days with business owners and a senior team and identifying what's the legacy they want to leave behind? What impact do they want to make in the world, and I guarantee you it will have nothing to do with the business they're working on right then. Because the only thing that stays the same is our core values and our core purpose in life that we can keep if we identify it, and use it as the common thread and then we build a business Just around the changes of progress, and we keep moving forward from there. But that's how we build legacy. You know, it's not just a job. And it's basically a job, if you're being a solopreneur. And just trading your time for money, you will never get out from underneath that you won't be able to build something that you can sell. And as long as you can work, you might make money, but as soon as you can't, or you can't take time off and still make money. So these are all things that are really important to me to figure out with the business owner. What do you want from your life? What do you want from your business? And let's go about crafting that figure out what do we need? What is the the the trail guide, right, the roadmap to get there. And that's why my book, the entrepreneurs, essential roadmap, became a best seller on Amazon because it gives you the tools of the infrastructure, the framework for growing any business.
Josh Tapp 9:52
Yeah, and I love that you brought up the book because like you're talking about, you've built a road map to help entrepreneurs go from zero to eight figures. So kind of a delve into that a little bit share with us, you know the steps. I mean, I know it's not cut and dry, but kind of what your steps are that you guide people through.
Christine Perakis 10:08
So I call it the seven tier system, right t er the entrepreneurs essential roadmap. And it starts with understanding, what does it take to be successful? What's your mindset? What's your self concept? What do you what do you constantly and consistently go back to? Where's your thermostat on success? And how do we dial it up? And then we talk about how to identify our what's the 8020 rule? What's our business require of us? Most of us have heard of it, maybe we know what it is. 80% of our results come from 20% of our activities. So we realize that we only have five things to focus on in a business. And that's lead generating conversion transactions, pricing and profitability. That's it. So it's that simple. So we start then to identify who's our ideal client. What are their fears from Australians wants and desires, and how do we make them an offer they can't refuse. I call that my conversion equation. And, you know, it's a buyers journey, and we teach that and how to take people along in their buyers journey. And then identifying the goals. Where are we at today in the totality of our lives, our business, our family, our finances, our personal well being, all of those things, and we create some very intelligence, shall I say, smart goals? A lot of you might have heard of what a SMART goal is, but are we actually doing it? Most of us would say, yeah, yeah, I've heard of it, or I know what that is, and they just roll their eyes or it goes right over. But the fact is, developing SMART goals is very effective. There's a reason for it, you know, handwriting the studies have shown that we can activate our subconscious to cooperate with our goals by telling our brains to write down what's in them through our hands to actually execute on these in the smaller Example, around my book was back in 2015. When I was contemplating this, I started writing my goals every single day. And I said, I want to have my book written by within a year, I want the bestseller A year later, everything pushed up a year, I got that book done. And it became a bestseller in a day and a half. It was done a year early. And it was a best seller in a day and a half because I believe I committed to it and committed to writing my goals. And so those are the kinds of things that are in the tier system. And, you know, one of the systems that we talked about and putting in place for a team is communication styles, right understanding how to be a good leader. communication is the key metric to that. You know, if you can't be a good communicator, you are missing out on at least 75% of your population that you're trying to sell to, to hire to partner with. And why waste that when you can just learn it. And then finally, time management right. Most of us are overwhelmed To be successful, we have to work day and night maybe to get a startup off the ground. It's unrelenting eye on the ball focus. But we still spend time on Facebook and Instagram and, you know, doing things that are not growing our business and not feeding us. And really understanding the subtlety of what do I get rid of? It may not be social media, but you've got to justify it to yourself, and who am I sacrificing? You know, is your family getting enough of your attention? Because you're putting it all into the business because we can ignore those aspects of our lives. Very important.
Josh Tapp 13:36
Yeah, I completely agree. And I just have to highlight one of the points honestly, they were all great. But one of the points that really stood out to me was the, the communication I was just listening to, to Warren Buffett and interview by him and I really loved that because he talks about that. He says, I would make a million a year because of my my work ethic. But he says what made me a billionaire was my communication. And yeah, I really just had That kind of emphasize your points, I think you're completely spot on with that.
Christine Perakis 14:04
Now, and he's been quoted to say you can double the value 50% increase in the value of your business just by learning how to communicate. And most people are afraid, you know, they don't want to be a speaker. They don't want to write, you know, and it's, they're so fundamentally, you know, missing the ball. It's, and communication isn't just talking right it that's 7% of it. It's body language, it's energy. It's how we show up in a room. And that's how we engage people to follow us anywhere. You know, those two things communicate first understanding your Why is my philosophy of understanding your why your purpose, what are you engaging people with, and then being able to communicate that effectively. So people will hear you and they will follow you. I love that.
Josh Tapp 14:48
Well, Christina, let's start talking now about your platform, the system you've been using to help entrepreneurs to do this?
Christine Perakis 14:55
Yes. So there's only so much time in a day, right? So I can't help everybody that I'd love to have And most people, you know, feel like they're financially not able to get that kind of one on one very intimate type of support. So I created my online business advisory system so that people could have the fundamentals in their pocket that would be fed to them in a way that's manageable and bite sizes. So it's a 12 month e learning system that delivers the education of starting a business and quarterly segments of business, startup and growth, all the way up to scaling to seven figures and beyond. And then also delivers in those five categories that we talked about earlier. lead gen conversion, transactions, pricing and profitability, and scaling, a whole set of strategies, tactics, resources, literally plug and play tools. That hundred and 40 industries are represented in this system. It's really vast. It puts everything at your fingertips It is a total Do It Yourself solution for people who need it. It even delivers group coaching for an add on bonus that you can come into twice a week. So it's a full system for those who can't afford more than that. And, and then it allows for people to align with the experts, perhaps maybe on a less frequent basis to be able to have the expert help by having the fundamentals covered. And it's all delivered in video, audio, workbooks, text, any way that you learn, you will find the way to do that in the system,
Josh Tapp 16:37
which I love that because it's it's bite sized pieces. A lot of us get these choices, right? Oh my gosh, it's just gonna overwhelm me. And so I really love that you're doing that and taking that step by step and so you've actually created a special offer for our audience today. Haven't you to be able to, to get involved with this?
Christine Perakis 16:53
Yeah, I have so the price of the program is $297 a month or 20 97 for the year, which is 10 months for the 12 months for 10 months pricing, and two free months is the short of it. And for your audience today, I want them to be able to have access to this. And I'm going to give it away for $97 a month, or 997 for 12 months. So that will include even I'm going to throw in the bonus of group coaching, which is another $500 a month program. That's part of that program. So paying upfront is the best value of 997 for the 12 month program with lifetime access to all of the strategies, tactics and resources, or $97 a month on a monthly basis.
Josh Tapp 17:45
Wow, that is an awesome deal. Thank you so much for being willing to give that to everybody. I just have to reiterate for everybody. I mean, this is somebody who's made eight figure businesses on her own but she's also helped hundreds of businesses do the same. So take advantage of that honestly, if you're going to be able To sit down with somebody like this, Christine who's going to be able to help you and reaching those those goals, you should absolutely be heading over. So So where can people find that deal?
Christine Perakis 18:09
That says Business Breakthrough pro.com.
Josh Tapp 18:13
So Business Breakthrough pro.com. So I'll actually link that up in the description of the podcast as well. But before we sign off, I'd also like to have you kind of let us know where we can get your book and anywhere else we can connect with
Christine Perakis 18:28
you. So the entrepreneurs essential roadmap is on Amazon, and there's a link on my website quite conveniently. Christine, Christine, per Rakesh calm, Christine. So actually, both website and book are linked on the website. So if you go to Christine Caracas, calm, you'll find the book, the entrepreneurs essential roadmap, and you'll find the link to the Business Breakthrough pro Online Business Advisory system.
Josh Tapp 18:57
I love that. Well, I will send everybody That way we'll do that description and put it all in the description and kind of get that going. So before we sign off, though, did you give us one last parting piece of guidance?
Christine Perakis 19:10
Don't go it alone. I don't care how you do it, but don't go it alone. I a couple years ago I was at home on my island in the Caribbean. I was living the dream I was in paradise. And literally the most powerful storm in the Atlantic basin came directly over my island and a direct hit, tore the roof off my house and let me bury the live for 24 hours with no idea how I was going to get rescued. And I was alone. And it didn't it took me months to figure out that that was crazy. I was you know successful as 100 thousands of social media followers and connected to people all over the world. And suddenly everything was taken away. no electricity, no Telecom, no running water. I had to survive, and I had no idea how I was going to get out of my sheltered space. That is the defining moment for me to say enough, I can't do it alone, nobody else should have to go it alone. And I urge you to get the support you need, whether it's through the books that I have, or the system that I'm offering you, or some other way, Josh has got some great programs, and he's here to be a support for you as a resource. get the help you need, find the resources that it takes to not have to go it alone.
Josh Tapp 20:27
Thank you so much for that I completely agree with you. And honestly, if, if you're living in the solopreneur world and hiding behind your computer just to make some money, you're not gonna make it. That's just really how it is. You've got to step out and start making these relationships and doing that it's going to just change your life. So Christine, thank you so much for coming on the show today.
Christine Perakis 20:47
Thank you so much. Josh has been fantastic. I hope everybody has a great day. Thanks for having me again. It was great.
Josh Tapp 20:53
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