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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up, everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have a business coach Chris wise on the mic. And the reason we brought Chris on to the mic today is because he has a unique take on scaling your business. Chris is here today to share with us how to scale your life so that you can scale your business. So Chris, let's hop right in. All right, Chris. So tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Chris Wise 0:27
Well, Josh, I actually spent 19 months in federal prison. gasps
Josh Tapp 0:36
so let's talk a little less. We're gonna delve further into that because I think this has really helped shaped kind of the direction you're going. So give us a little bit of background on yourself and how you went from 19 months in prison to where you're at today.
Chris Wise 0:48
Yeah, well, a little bit of background before so I've been an entrepreneur for 30 years. I've coached and consulted with hundreds of different CEOs and business Eleanor's over that time in a wide variety of different industries. And I was I had created this amazing life traveling the world. And I was living in Puerto Vallarta and I was flying into Los Angeles. I'm gonna give you the quick summary and this is because this could be a whole conversation but a quick summary I get picked up off the plane we're landing into lax picked up off the plane by the Secret Service, charged with with conspiracy for bank fraud. In essence, I had hired a company to help me get alone. They had done things fraudulently and, and so I because I benefited from the crime of another because I had become aware they're doing some shady things. I got indicted. And anyway, so it was very, very challenging. The most difficult thing ever went through the hill here. There's a lot of lessons that we could dive into, like how I went through prison in the most kind and loving way, but to business lessons, I just Want to point out from the top is I learned about business conspiracy or just conspiracy in general. And now I've learned that whenever, like the United States government is not somebody you want to play around with, like, they got unlimited money. And you you know, they target you like your, you know, you. So I was like, if I ever realized somebody is doing something illegal or even shady or questionable in the future, I'm like, I'm trying to run it the other way. So that's one lesson I just want to convey to everybody. It's real hard to learn that one. Another one is that I actually built my company. I ended up not being able to run my business at the time. And so I ended up selling it to my employees. But I was able to do that because I had learned how to scale businesses and I had it systematized and running and actually made, you know, money while I was in prison. I wasn't able, you know, to be there working I sold my company. So
that was one benefit of that.
Josh Tapp 3:01
Yeah. So you were able to transition pretty easily that direction. So for you, what do you know now that you've been able to transition through that? Where are you now? What are you currently doing and pursuing?
Chris Wise 3:12
Yeah, so I love my passions, organization, and building and growing companies. And so now I work with new CEOs, first time CEOs who are looking to navigate the challenging journey from 200,000 to 10 million in revenue. Right. And I also work with successful entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated that journey in the past but have realized they're much better off, they'll go doing it with a guide, will they'll grow their company more effectively and have greater results with somebody by their side?
Josh Tapp 3:49
Yeah. And so you were able to take a horrible situation and really convert it into a pretty incredible thing. Now you're currently teaching a principle that No for me, I thought I knew what it was. And then when we were even talking in this pre interview, you know, I was like, Oh, I actually have no idea what that is, which is L q. So go into a little bit of what l Q is and how you're using that.
Chris Wise 4:10
Yeah, and I will, and I want to just touch on something like I already had an amazing life prior, and what prison was, for me, it was like as a reset. It was a, you know, I had some incredible experiences through there, I had some very deep, you know, putting love into action, and one of the most violent and unsafe places that I've ever been. And it was really through the cultivation and me feeling through all the fear and sadness and loneliness that happened in prison. That just was I had a reassociation of my own identity, right, just got to know my true divine nature through this very difficult experience, and I created a whole new relationship with myself and with love through this. And so coming out of this, I have these entirely new distinctions about how How powerful love actually is. And, and so I began writing on l QLQ. Being the newest of the intelligence paradigms following EQ, which is emotional intelligence and IQ. And in essence, l Q is your ability to be kind and loving towards yourself and others. And it's generally speaking in life, we're taught to be kind and loving towards others, like that's a good thing, you should do that, but we're not really taught how to be kind and loving towards ourselves. And so most people live life trying to give from a place of, of a half empty cup or an empty cup. And, and so, and then they're looking to life and to others to give them the love and fulfillment and satisfaction and validation that they actually need internally. And so really, l Q is about learning how to create a relationship with your true self or your inner child learning how very deeply love that aspect of yourself. And so that you can actually become the source of your own love. And thus raising your l Q. And then when you raise your l q, you naturally when you go out into the world, you're going to show up much more kind and loving automatically. Because you started with loving yourself first.
Josh Tapp 6:18
Yeah, one. So what's what's kind of the benefit for doing it? Obviously, there's a lot of emotional benefits to that. I mean, if you're not, if you're not loving, you're not living, right? So for a lot of the people who are listening to this, you know, as entrepreneurs where where can they benefit from that?
Chris Wise 6:32
Yeah. And so here's the here's the traction point in terms of being an entrepreneur when you're in the nitty gritty of business, there's, there's ups and downs, there's losses there heartache, there's frustrations, there stresses, there's a lot of emotional turmoil as an entrepreneur that you go through. And when you don't feel safe enough to actually feel these emotions. What you do what most people do is They tend to avoid deny escape out of these emotions and so there's not there's not an act of being able to just be with the emotion and so there's tends to be a suppression of these emotions so that you can keep on making decisions and driving forward well then well now you're carrying an emotional weight and you're not making decisions for the most grounded and conscious place. Right? And so when you really learn how to very deeply love yourself, you and just infuse your body with love, then you feel safer in your own body. So that as difficult emotions are coming up sadness, loneliness, frustration, you're getting sued and the fear and the worry and you're going to run out of money or Hey, is this the best are going to come in. You can feel that emotion that's coming up in a from from a much more healthy and conscious place so you can just feel it so it can actually move through your Body, as opposed to holding it, suppressing it denying it need to go drink or eat or whatever the distraction method is, or just keep driving forward, you're now able to be like, I'm feeling worry. And I'm taking this action anyway. So for an entrepreneur l q enables you to be fully conscious with the emotion that's present through the whatever situation you're facing, so that you can make the most conscious and grounded and wise decision that's available to you at that time.
Josh Tapp 8:37
Yeah, which I love kind of the direction you're going with that because, I mean, the stress level that a lot of us feel is something that you're not just going to be able to avoid. And I know that when we watch a lot of these people, I mean, I actually took a course a coaching course from this guy, Jesse Itzler is that multi billionaire, great guy loved it, and he was talking about that, but if you look at his lifestyle, I mean, he's a billionaire. He's he's basically, quote unquote, retired. And so he can pretty much do whatever he wants. And for a lot of us, we're like, oh, well, his life is probably just peachy he never gets stressed out, you know. But people like them have learned this L q to a point that they're able to just say, oh, even though I'm having this stress, I'm able to continue moving through it. So what's kind of one of the first practices that you put people through when they when they go to, to apply this in a business?
Chris Wise 9:23
Yeah, and I'd say,
I think it's very important. Having both of these, right, because you need both just to create a frame and that'll answer your question. You still got to know business practices and strategy. This is not like, this isn't the secret stuff like isn't Oh, you just think this and do this or that everything works out? Great. No, no, no. You need both you need to I when I'm guiding my CEOs like guide them to build a successful company, profitable company through starting from a place of self care and self love. And then from that context, you go out and implement all the business practices to the right business. cash flow management and all this stuff that you would normally do to build a successful company, you still do all that stuff. But it's starting from this place of self care and self love. It's starting from a place of realizing that I need to take care of me. I'm the generation point for this company. And the more effectively I take care of my well being my emotional health, my mental health, my physical health, loving this aspect of myself, I'm going to create that much greater of a business and it's actually going to feel good along the way not to say there won't be challenges, but at least I'll be able to face those challenges in the most conscious way and love myself through it. It feels like this approach feel so much better than the traditional. I'm just gonna keep burying through it and pushing through it and grinding and feel like you're killing yourself and, oh, you may make profit, but you're killing yourself. Right? And the thing is, you don't have to do that. You can have both. You can create an amazing company and love yourself through in the process of doing that.
Josh Tapp 11:05
One I really love your approach because you're changing that that paradigm, right? We've been taught for especially the last 10 years, it's been about the grind, right? hustle and grind, do everything that you can if you're not doing that you're not going to win. But that's really not the truth, right? You're going to bury yourself into a hole that you're never going to come out of and never going to see that success because you're too worried about getting that next thing done.
Chris Wise 11:29
And it's not you're still busting your ass and working hard. But you're not. there's a there's a distinction when you feel like you're killing yourself inside. Right? Right. You can still work hard and grind and do what you got to do as an entrepreneur. But inside you're like, I love you. I'm feeling great. I'm taking care of me. What do you need? Like, Oh, you know what, I actually need to take a rest tonight and not push that extra four hours because that's better for me that you listen to that internal voice into what's best for you.
Josh Tapp 11:59
Yeah, and then also To see if you're like you're saying, you know, if you're treating yourself that way and giving yourself that leeway, you're gonna start giving that to other people too. And it's going to help you succeed on a holiday.
Chris Wise 12:09
Yeah, cuz people are gonna want to be around, you're going to create a culture that is actually sustainable. Those cultures where it's just grind, grind, they're not sustainable, and there's burnout. And there's people that end up treating each other in horrible ways. And you have that whole corporate culture that you know, that's a create that war mentality. Yeah, I wrote an article about bringing it into war in business. And you actually can when we, the more that we, each of us love ourselves very deeply, no longer need for war. There's so much abundance that is available. sure there's still competition, but let's compete in a way where it's a healthy competition, not like I'm going to try to sabotage and destroy you along so I can be successful. It's not NACA Balian anymore. It's cooperative capitalism.
Josh Tapp 13:00
Yeah, I love that cooperative capitalism, being able to work hand in hand with your competitors. You know, I was back when I was getting my degree I in college, we were studying some of these larger companies and they were talking about most of the big companies love their competition. Everybody thinks they hate each other. But they love them. Because because of them, they're all thriving, right? Because they know that if all of us put out better products, it pushes the next one further push the next one further moves the industry forward as a whole. And everybody makes money as it grows, instead of having to form that monopoly, right. So I really I love that. Well, so when you work with your clients, right? I mean, you've and especially because we're talking to an entrepreneurial audience, a lot of them might be saying, Yeah, but I know this is kind of that like Fufu staff, right? Oh, yeah. Love yourself, whatever. I already do that. What do you tell the people when they when they say that?
Chris Wise 13:51
So if somebody says I already love myself, I'm saying that's not a part of self we're talking about because most people already have a good relationship with their ego or their identity. I'm not talking about loving more of that. I'm talking about the aspect of self there's three parts of self. And I, there's a lot of writing that's on elk on the love quotient. org. So if somebody went there's articles I might be referencing throughout here, they're all on the love potion org and this one article in particular the three parts of self right so when we look at that there's we can look at, we have an act of self or ego or identity, those are three different words to kind of say the same thing. That's not the part of self I'm talking about the part that like your role, your ID, you know who you are as an entrepreneur, that your your gender, all of them, what's underneath, all of that is your inner child or your inner self. That's an aspect of self that all that part of ourselves once is to be loved and acknowledged. And most people have not created an active and healthy relationship with that part of themselves. One because they didn't even know it existed. But if you kind of do Take a moment to feel inside. And one way to kind of connect with that part of yourself is just if you were to imagine holding yourself as a little baby, and just feel your innocence, feel your, your worth and your value kind of before all the life conditioning came on. And you can kind of connect with that part of yourself. And if some of you if you haven't done this before, there might be a part of this just like Yes, that's me. Yes. Give me that attention. I want that. Right. That's no, that's a real thing, right? And we all have it. And so the more that we can connect with that part of the cells and more that we can love that we just become healthier human beings, right? There's psychology, right? So it's not woowoo with psychology, that is like very common, and there's a lot of different ways to other models of looking at the three parts of cell. But like, no, it's real. And if you don't have that relationship with yourself, you're not operating from a very healthy just Being a standpoint? Yeah,
Josh Tapp 16:02
I really appreciate that I think you're really hitting on some amazing topics when it comes to, to applying that as an entrepreneur, because most of us aren't willing to do it. But what you're talking about is just a simple exercise that you can apply that might literally just change your paradigm and kind of get you in that right direction. So once you've kind of worked with people, and you've gotten them, to understand their love, question everything, does it become easier for you to be able to make those changes in their company?
Chris Wise 16:29
I would say
the answer is yes. I mean, I think the more somebody is able to have love themselves, and that just helps with being more open minded and being more flexible and being more fluid and, and navigating that. So the answer is yes. But I would also say the biggest difference that I think it just makes is you just feel better along the journey. I mean, I don't think there's anything you're You still have a successful company, you still got to go through challenges, you still have ups and downs. But you actually are just learn how to treat yourself in a more kind, loving way. And I actually, here's one of the things that the most powerful practice to actually do this, right, so you can, we've talked about the inner child, but the thing I think is the best way to love yourself is just saying the words, I love you to your own inner self. So just say, I love you, you know, you can put your hand on your heart, you can open eyes close eyes out loud or silently, but you just say the words, I love you to your own inner child. And you can do that over and over, you know, a couple minutes a day. It's a great starting point. And it's as simple as that.
Josh Tapp 17:44
That's awesome. I really appreciate that you're being able to bring that to us. Well, you know, our time is about up here. But what's one last parting piece of guidance that you have for us being able to apply this today
Chris Wise 17:57
you know, if I if I were to look back into until my 21 year old self, the advice that I wish I had because I was the one who was a grinder, I mean, I was the one that would push myself and do all the goals and coaches and accountability and blah, blah, blah. But what I was missing was actually being kind towards myself. And I realized how much better I would have failed and how much more successful I would have been if I would have actually had this and so the advice that I want to give the most important thing I want you to remember to walk away with is yes, still keep on track of building a great company and learning business principles and, and having intention and doing all the right business stuff. But make the decision to prioritize self care and self love above all else. And if you do that, I promise you, you will build a much more successful company, this practice and this this approach will you will feel much better about it. And you'll just become a much better human being because that's what we are. We're human beings. And the nature of a human being is Love, like babies don't get love, they die. You're still a human being. And if you're, we still need love, and we look for it externally. But guess what this is for you don't have to, you can now give that to yourself. Yeah. And so just saying the words, I love you to yourself every day, minute or two incredible things will happen.
Josh Tapp 19:23
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for that, that advice and the guidance you gave us. So for you, you know, you're you're in the consulting game you've been you've been wrecking it in that that case, right? Cuz you've taken a whole new perspective on, on running a company right and changing the way a company runs. So a lot of our listeners are probably saying, hey, how do we connect with you? What do you do and how do you help people progress and move forward?
Chris Wise 19:46
Yeah, so
best way to connect I'm happy to you can just text me and, and I'd say you know, the stuff that we've talked about today I think is the most important but it ends up being probably about 5% of the time, most of the time. We're the tactical Over talking about what are the right metrics? How do we better manage cash flow? How do we align our mission to our strategy? How do we bring on the right people onto our team? How do we execute better as a company put in a project management system? So I'm looking at working from those high level tactical pieces, helping our people architect their business. And so if somebody was interested in connecting more with me, just text me. And that is 72044 562-287-2044 or five, six to eight, and just reference, the lucky podcast, or I'm sorry, the lucky Titan.
So I know how we got connected.
Josh Tapp 20:45
Awesome. We will definitely throw that in the show notes too, so people can reach out to you. It's very few people are willing to give out their number. So I really think that's something people should be taking advantage of, just to see, I mean, how can you help them How can you help them grow their business? So everybody again, that number is 72044562 to eight. And Chris, thanks for coming on the show man. Yep, thanks Josh. The number one needle mover in my business is joint venture partnerships. Growing a following can be time consuming and frustrating. For that reason we created the tribe of Titans the world's first joint venture matching platform. Using this free platform you can find guests for a podcast YouTube channel or Facebook group, or you can promote your brand product or service in one simple place. You can create your free account as tribe dot the lucky titan.com once again, that's tribe dot the lucky titan.com
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