016 - How To Overcome Fear Of Authenticity...So You Can CRUSH IT ON CAMERA! - With David Storch And Abby Walla




David And Abby (award-winning Hollywood actors) have been seen on popular tv shows hosted on networks like HBO, Netflix, Etc. Their experience on camera taught them a system for overcoming the fear of authenticity and being your genuine self on camera.
Seeing the need from entrepreneurs for video content, Abby and David created a course that teaches how to Crush It on Camera!



Show Notes

Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today I'm so excited to announce our guests because for the first time ever, we have two guests coming on the show at the same time. I brought them on the show together because they are a dream team. We just couldn't separate them. So we have David storage and Abby wall on the mic today. David and Abby are both award winning Hollywood actors who've both been seen on popular TV shows on HBO, Netflix, what have you. These two came on the mic today to share their vision with how they can help entrepreneurs to crush it on camera. So we're gonna cover three things. Today, we're going to talk about how to crush it on Facebook Lives, how to expand your audience, and how to make more money with that audience. So with that, guys, let's hop right in. All right, you too. So tell us something about yourself that most people don't know.
Unknown Speaker 0:47
Oh, is a great place. Um,
Abby Walla 0:52
let's see, David. I think your volunteer experiences definitely one that people most people don't know about you and then
David Storch 1:02
Yeah, that was the most like, Hey, can you stall for a second? Yeah. So the biggest, the one thing people don't really know about meetings for the past 13 years, I've been volunteering at a bereavement camp for kids seven through 17, who have lost a parent, guardian or sibling. It's called comfort zone camp. And they're just weekend camps nonprofit where the kids get to come for free and get to do fun things like you do at summer camp, right? Like right or cool and bonfire and soccer and whatnot. But then they have therapeutic services mixed in there where the kids get to share their stories in group settings and talk with licensed professionals and really just learn that they're not alone and that there are a lot of other kids going through loss, just like them. I love that.
Unknown Speaker 1:55
So what do I
Abby Walla 1:55
know why now you know, I pass it off to David because I gotta go.
Unknown Speaker 2:00
Getting good. Breaks breaks the tension right off the bat.
Abby Walla 2:05
Um, for me, one of the things that I
would be that I used to volunteer for three summers, I worked with this organization and I would spend my summers in Switzerland and it's this organization called initiatives have changed that is this basically works with like peace and reconciliation with a lot of different kinds of people. And you would have everyone from grassroots organizations up into like un ambassadors that would be coming to these conferences. And it was such an amazing experience. We're literally on the top of a mountain in Switzerland overlooking Lake Geneva with these incredible people from all over the world. And I met some of my best friends there where you're just like working alongside people of all different cultures and backgrounds and met like Gandhi's, you know, great grandson or whatever, organization and all these amazing people, but that would be like one of my favorite memories and some of them Though I people don't know about me,
Josh Tapp 3:02
so a lot of us sometimes you keep close to your chest they're
David Storch 3:05
volunteer we're good people we're just you know humblebrag whatever we're
Unknown Speaker 3:12
doing you don't volunteer and whatever
Unknown Speaker 3:13
Josh Tapp 3:17
Well David as you can tell as a comedian, I'm gonna you know, you delve into your background a little bit.
David Storch 3:24
My background Yeah, sure. So, Josh is correct. I started off as a stand up comedian improviser, trained to be Upright Citizens Brigade back in New York City used to play all the comedy clubs there or the majority of them and then started touring the country getting to open for some pretty awesome recognized like, hey, David. Oh, geez, let's not play this game. With a lot of people you may know that are way better than me. share the stage with those guys. If I Open for them. I wouldn't be on this podcast, right? I'd be on today's show. Correct? Yeah. But yeah, so got to do that, which was really fun. Um, that brought me out to Los Angeles, California, where I'm an actor, and writers for TV and film. So you might see me on on some TV shows or movies. And then I've also written for movies and commercials and some TV as well, which has been rad. And then I'm gonna let Abby stop at her because that's gonna morph about what we do together.
Abby Walla 4:36
Does that make you so
I am also an actor and writer and living in Los Angeles. I have more of a theatre background, but also, you know, live stuff like David came out to Los Angeles and now acting more in the film and television side have had, you know, recurring roles on awesome shows and things like that. David and I started working together as writing partners we wrote produced and starred in a short film called holiday hostage that we had some amazing people involved in that and did the film festival circuit won a bunch of awards doing it. And one of the best parts about doing this project was that we had to raise money, like do a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign for it, which was our first tiptoe into the digital marketing world. And through learning how to crowdfund David and I actually raised $20,000 in our first day of our campaign, and then ended up raising over $50,000, which was well over our goal for the actual film. And once we did that, we were like $20,000 in a day. That's pretty cool. We should learn about this world.
David Storch 5:49
pocketed 20,000
Abby Walla 5:52
nonsense. So I actually got into the digital marketing world. had, I built up a digital marketing agency and was able to scale that past six figures in my first year of doing it on the side while we were traveling the country doing Film Festival circuits. And then through meeting all of these entrepreneurs, you know, and I had actually, by this time had roped David into building his own agency as well, because it was working so well. We started meeting all these entrepreneurs and just realizing what incredible stories entrepreneurs have the things that pushed them to entrepreneurship, you know, because it's, it takes a lot for somebody to be like, you know, EFF that nine to five life like I'm not going to do that anymore. I you know, a lot of stories where people really hit rock bottom before they decided to take control their life, and really do something unusual. You know, it was like, so many of us around entrepreneurs so much that we get very used to these stories, but if you really think about it, like what makes an entrepreneur which is such an off the beaten path is so is usually An incredible story and incredible thing that they've overcome or still overcoming. And so what David and I noticed was that they were having all these amazing stories, but so many people weren't showing up on camera to tell their stories. You know, they were writing this long ad copy, which is great and works to an extent, but we were like, wow, the potential, if they were to show up on camera and be able to effectively tell their story, you know, they were really limiting their business by not doing so. And so David and I put our heads together and actually, you know, developed what our business is now where we work with entrepreneurs to be able to do that to be able to show up as their most confident and authentic self on camera. And it's really exciting for us because it's like the perfect combination of our two passions.
Josh Tapp 7:44
Yeah, and you're able to collaborate based off of the knowledge that you've gained and the experience that you've had. I love that what I really like is the take you to have on it because you're not coming at it from just an entrepreneurial background. You're coming at it from hey, we've done acting before you understand the art of persuasion, you know, A lot of us as entrepreneurs have never had that experience to be able to, to be more persuasive. So that you already started on that. Let's let's dive in a little bit to what what is this new business that you've started and how you guys have been been growing it?
Unknown Speaker 8:15
Absolutely, David, me.
David Storch 8:17
Go for it. Okay. All right, cool.
Abby Walla 8:19
Um, so crushing it on camera is our course. And we have a coaching program as well. And as I mentioned, we work with entrepreneurs to really hone their personal charisma to be able to come across as their most authentic self on camera. And we work with two different types of entrepreneurs. So we have the category of entrepreneurs who have never made a video before Who are you know, we people? Yeah, are pretty new to it. Yeah. And like we've had, you know, one person on our program, like she was so nervous on camera that she would like break into rashes, and like, that's the level of anxiety that you would have going on camera and cheese. Now just so you know, since launched a YouTube channel, so she's doing great now, but then we also have on the other end of the spectrum is, you know, we have eight figure entrepreneurs who work with us who are making a lot of videos, but they are rambling a lot in their videos, they, you know, have five minutes of content that becomes a 20 minute video, or they're, you know, trying to create course material and it takes them a bunch of takes to do it. Or people have to watch their videos on to x speed because they're so slow.
David Storch 9:34
A lot of you know, they have like high drop off rates lower right or engagements. Okay, but they know it should be better. Right?
Abby Walla 9:42
Yeah. Where it's like sometimes people are hanging their hat on their brand, versus like how good their actual videos are. It's like people are buying from them because of their brand, not necessarily because their videos are good. So they're wanting to really like maximize them. So we work with those two different types of people, you know, people that have a lot of anger. Anxiety and wanting to learn how to start making videos and then people who are making videos but want to maximize the effectiveness of them. So what other questions before I keep?
Josh Tapp 10:14
I'm gonna ask you some more questions. I just want to tell our audience you know why I brought you to on the first place? I mean, that's pretty obvious because you have the background, right? But right now, everybody's probably been advertised to in the last hour about watching a webinar or, or seeing a sales video, or what have you. And it's just kind of become a part of our lives because there's so many courses and things out there. But I know for me one of the biggest frustrations I have so I buy courses all the time we spend like 20 $30,000 a year on courses, and we do all the time because I love what I learned. But the courses that drives me the craziest is when they will literally be 40 6080 hours of content that they could have taught three and I still would have paid the same price, right? Mm hmm. I just I just want you to give me the meat. That's why I paid you give it to me and then I can You know, and maybe some other people feel differently about that. But one of the other reasons we brought you on was because a lot of people in our audience have been asking this question, you know, like, what type of camera equipment Do I need to start? You know, should I be investing a ton in this? You know, how do I improve myself so that I can actually be confident on camera? So let's go first into the the equipment side of things like what are you to recommend? I mean, being in that world? Yeah, sure. And first of all, everything that you said is absolutely accurate. For a lot of the people that we talk to too, and even a step further, a lot of people say they don't even watch Facebook Lives anymore because of how rambley they have all become, and the people that they do watch and that they keep watching are the people that really, like one are entertaining to deliver NonStop Value. And so they know that they can expect that from that person, but that there's so many people that just don't watch lives anymore, which is, sucks if that's you that people aren't watching anymore because that's just a huge part of Marketing now. Yeah.
Abby Walla 12:02
Yeah, so, go ahead David. Did you were you gonna jump in about equipment?
David Storch 12:07
So as far as equipment, um, there's a very long answer for that. Obviously we'll always talk about some of it otherwise we'd be here forever, but it depends on what you're doing. For a lot of people your phone your smartphone is more than enough for a camera, especially nowadays with how good I mean the new iPhone 11 right. Right Bro.
Abby Walla 12:32
Bro max that Kevin's bragging he got the new iPhone.
Josh Tapp 12:37
This iPhone right?
David Storch 12:42
If you have the master probably make a kajillion dollars but if you don't know the way smartphones are now, that is a good enough camera. And the most the biggest thing that you guys should be really concerned about right now make sure it looks good is lighting make sure we can see your face. That's what I mean by that. And then sound make sure we can hear you properly that there's not like a freakin train going by. Not all muffling, right right so being able to see your face sound are the most important things and that doesn't always mean you need a microphone for sound. You can just go just starting out you can be close to your iPhone, you'd be wearing a headset like you know like your earphones or anything like that. Or there are like cheap, good mics like road, road road is a great brand aro D and there you can get a lot of my get something that just clips to your shirt. There have both wireless and wireless, obviously the non wireless are cheaper and they are fine. They are great. And then you can use those. There's also things called shotgun mics, which I can clip onto your phone or your tripod or something and
Abby Walla 13:58
then a lot of like rings Ring lights, you know that you can get on Amazon for, you know, less than 50 bucks work really well, if you don't have lamps or natural lighting, things like that. But again, like David said, one of the biggest things that we focus on and I think this is where we're different than some of what else is out there in the industry is that you know, our biggest focus is content over equipments. Like once you can see you and hear you. The most important thing is that your value, what you're delivering, and how you're delivering it, the fact that you are showing up confidence as your most authentic self, that you're trustworthy, that you're letting people get to know your personality, that you're telling your story. All of those things are going to be so much more important than, you know what, what $5,000 lens you're using or whatever like that stuff doesn't matter until your content is good. And we've interviewed and worked with a lot of like influencers, YouTubers, things like that, that we have in it. Come do masterclasses in our program, and all of them say they started off with their phone, they were just telling their story, they were just talking to the phone, on camera. And then that's how, you know, just having great content is how they built their massive following. And then down the road, they added, you know, studio lighting and all of that stuff. But that's just not where they started. And even now, like if you're using a lot of like Facebook and Instagram, with my agency, like I've run a lot of ads, like most of the time, the more raw looking videos that somebody has had, has done on their phone perform better than the like, glossy, high produced videos, because anything that looks like an ad, people are naturally just gonna keep scrolling past it. But anything that looks like hey, this might just be my friend in their car telling a story. They're gonna like slow down and it's enough of a pattern interrupt, or, well actually, it's the opposite. It blends in with You know, the content you want to see. And you know, people will stop and start scrolling.
Unknown Speaker 16:05
Yeah. And start watching them to
David Storch 16:06
say, Oh, what's this? And then with the proper content tricks, that hopefully within the first five, three to five seconds, you've already caught their attention. Right? Oh, watch it. I want to watch this.
Josh Tapp 16:21
Yeah. Well, so can I ask you a follow up question on that? So you're sitting here? Oh, dang it. So a question I have about that. I mean, we know that before. I mean, there was like doodly videos, for example, where it would be somebody drying or those those animation videos and everything, but those have actually almost completely phased out being effective. And it's become more. I mean, the trend is more going out and like you're saying, recording on your phone and making it seem like you're a human. Do you think that that's going to be a fad or do you think that's kind of us, coming back to being authentic?
David Storch 16:57
So it's a couple things right. I think One like why would people go into the doodlee stuff and which was super cool, right? It was to entertain right to keep your attention but also because back when we those were really massive v phones, the equipment you really had to use in order to make good video was expensive like you really didn't need my camera, you needed to buy lighting, you needed to buy all these things. It wasn't I mean, you didn't have a pretty much an entire studio in your pocket. Which we do now. And so if you wanted to kind of stand out but not have to spend tons of money on all this equipment on the camera alone, you could go you could hire someone to make like that type of animation video. Right But now that you have all this, you can look like a professional you know, $5,000 camera just with a smartphone. That's really the main one of the main reasons why you stopped needing all this stuff. It's because I can save tons of money. Yeah, and then get to see me, which is really at the end of the day what everybody wants. We buy based on emotion we buy based off trust. As humans, we just connect to people. I mean, it's why we all got around the campfire, as cave men, right? Real is all about connection to be together, we just naturally gravitate towards each other.
Abby Walla 18:24
And there's a huge like yearning for that right now, too. You see the rise of Facebook groups, people want social media to connect them people are lonely, you know. And so they're looking for that connection animated videos, like, unless we're talking about, like, you know, Japanese like deep story driven things like those animated videos that you're talking about for marketing, right? Those don't give you connection. They don't make you feel seen. They don't make you feel like you belong. And that's like, what these videos are people being able to show up as their authentic self do make people feel that and you know, in general, we're shifting towards It's like what people call intimacy marketing where people want that human connection, right versus just being sold to, you know, it's like people that like I said, people are scrolling past things that look like ads, people are tired of a lot of those old ways of marketing. And people are just seeking connection. So this is a great way to have connection to have impact and to have it monetize your business, you know, to have it benefit you in a business sense.
David Storch 19:29
I think one of the reasons why to it will never go away because like the reason why we're so we always tell people to do video to incorporate that into their marketing is because it helps you stand out from the crowd. No one is like you. So you are the reason your company is going to start standing out from the crowd and your videos are going to stand out from the crowd being your true authentic self. So that's not really you know, animation videos just using that not that I'm dumping on those but that was right. It's your kind of all good This same, it's tough to really bring you to stand out and bring your true authentic voice. with you being on video as yourself, that can't ever really go away, you're always gonna stand out there is no one else like you just Peary, your twin or a triplet, you're still individuals. You have your own little style and personality and it works great.
Abby Walla 20:22
And that's why we like we always say like the number one face way to never face saturation in your niche is by being authentic, because you know, you might not be the only one that has a Facebook ads course or an E comm course or whatever it is, but people are going to buy from you because they resonate with you. They're not buying from you because you're the only person that came out in the world who came up with that idea. They're buying from you because they resonate with you and your story and your authenticity. So when people are worried about you know, saturation or things like that, it's which a lot of we hear a lot from marketers now, where it's like oh, there's a So many people doing the same kinds of thing. Why are they buying from that person? Well, it's like, because they like that person, that person is showing up as their most authentic self. And when you do that, then you never have to worry about competition.
Josh Tapp 21:13
Yeah, I really like that. I mean, that's, that's your point of differentiation is, you know, and instead of having to be worried about Oh, how do I make my offer better and everything? It's just be you, right?
Abby Walla 21:23
Yeah. Yeah. And a lot of times people will search for external things to make their stuff better to stand out from the crowd. So they'll be like, well, what if I incorporate messenger bots? or What am I like, add this new shiny object or that shiny object? And it's like, no, strip that away and be you. And of course offer and other things matter, too, right. But that's like, if all things are the same, the thing that's going to differentiate is you.
Josh Tapp 21:47
Yeah, I love that and people will relate better with like your individual story, too. And that's, I mean, in a lot of cases, I think one of the things that a lot of people struggle with is they're, they're going out trying to say okay, well how can I get every single person and Bo yz niche and it's, I mean, you only need 1000 raving fans, right? I can't remember who said that huge marketing guy. I can't remember his name. But you know, you only need 1000 people out. Yeah. And with those thousand people, I mean, yeah, you might reach more people eventually. But just getting those initial few people is really important.
Abby Walla 22:18
Yeah. And we see people because they're trying to reach such a wide audience, they lean towards being general versus being specific, where it's like actually more important to be specific and to like, to niche down and like all that stuff then, because when you're just trying to be general, you end up being a very watered down version of yourself or, or what we see a lot of is people being a watered down version of somebody else, like one person being successful, and then they're just trying to emulate that. But instead of like, doubling down on what makes you awesome, is going to attract the best people to you. Like you don't even have to chase them. They're gonna come to you when you're showing up in that way.
Josh Tapp 22:58
which I love because like you're saying I mean, it's you going out and saying, I'm going to choose this teeny, teeny, teeny niche. But because of that, I'm going to make more money. And I think everybody underestimates the size of their niche. Yeah, well, yeah, there's probably like, 20 people in the world to do that. It's like, Well, I mean, you might just be thinking about your hometown, but I mean, your limit, you know, and they start to come out of other niches into yours, because they like you. So I love that. So, a question, I think you guys probably get a lot, but I'm going to ask it anyways, because we've had actually specifically worked with a lady A while back, and she was probably like her 50s. And she really struggled with self image, but she wanted to sell a product online was very passionate about it. But she struggle with that on video. So how do you how do you address that with people when they feel like hey, well, I'm not attractive enough to be on.
Abby Walla 23:49
Yeah, it's very common that that is something that comes up and there's a lot of mindset and self work, you know, to be done around. That, but one of the biggest things is when somebody is able to take the focus off of themselves and put it on, like, who they're serving who their audiences the impact that they want to have, when you're able to take that focus off of you how you look how you're saying something, and instead on your intention, it's gonna be a lot easier. So that's something you know, we work with people on a lot is like, why, like, what's your why, like, why does it matter to you to be doing this and like the impact that they can be having on people with their story or their service or whatever their thing is, and when people are able to shift that focus off of themselves, it becomes a lot easier to show up on camera.
David Storch 24:43
Yeah. And what can be really amazing and powerful about that too, is once you get to the point where you actually share that with your audience, that you were afraid to go on camera, or that literally you're maybe you're holding Your phone in selfie mode recording a video or a live saying I am afraid right now. Because I don't think I'm pretty enough. I don't think I'm whatever. And how many people are gonna relate to that. I think you'll be stunned. And it's this cool thing to see because it is connecting so many people and you realize you're not alone. Right? I think that's the biggest thing is that a lot of people who feel that way they, they don't realize how many other people feel the exact same same way as you and you know, you. I might feel like I'm not good looking enough and that I don't and then I look at someone else and they go, I feel the same way and I go, what like you're beautiful. And then they look at me and they go Yeah, so are you. We're worse. We're like our own worst enemy. So but what's amazing about telling your personal story is when you do that you realize how many people feel the same way you come together and you kind of lift each other up.
Abby Walla 25:57
Mm hmm. It also gives people permission do so, like if you do it, and people see you overcoming that struggle, it's giving them permission to do that in their lives as well. Not that we should all need permission to show up, but a lot of us do. And so you overcoming that and being courageous enough to share it is gonna then help someone else do the same. And that's where like, the ripple effect starts happening of you know, you're giving them permission, then they're gonna show up and they're gonna do and then that's gonna help somebody else. And then it's like, oh, cool, we're all, you know, having a good amount of impact. And that's where change actually starts happening, or people actually start feeling better. And like we said, like social media, you know, it can be polarizing, or it can be a connector. And this is a way that it becomes like such an awesome tool for connection.
David Storch 26:45
And make no mistake just to like, you know, bring it to sales, because at the end of the day, that's what it is. Like, if I'm watching someone who's been that open and vulnerable. Yeah, I'm interested in what they have to say. And if they're selling something that 1000 other people are selling There's a much higher chance I'm buying from them, just because I trust them. Like, man, please share that with me whether I relate to it or not. I'm just like, this is a person I like, this is a person I respect. Click
Abby Walla 27:13
Yeah. Like with coaches and staff who are trying to sell that they can help you overcome your challenges, but yet they're like, won't show any of their own challenges. It's like, How do I know you can even overcome stuff if you haven't? And it's like, you know, so it just builds that that trust factor.
Josh Tapp 27:30
I love it. Well, thanks for sharing those examples, guys. I think that for a lot of people, they're worried about that, you know, being a hindrance, but like you're saying that really can be a point of differentiation are really what makes you stand out. So let's switch gears here a little bit. Coming back to the crushing it on camera course. You guys basically the point of the course is to help somebody stand out on video. Is that,
Abby Walla 27:52
is that about? Right? Absolutely. Mm hmm.
Josh Tapp 27:54
So let's go into a little bit like what's your method? What's your theory around, you know, making that happen for people and helping them stand out.
Abby Walla 28:01
Mm hmm. There's different elements to it. One of the biggest things like if people are someone, if people struggle with anxiety around being on camera, or there's somebody who maybe takes like 20 takes to film a short video, things like that, a big thing then it comes down to is preparation that they just haven't been taught to effectively prepare for the video. And so it's you know, something that becomes super frustrating, time consuming, anxiety driven, when we actually have a system that we take everybody through so they know when they're gonna hit record, that they can knock out their videos and three takes or less or if they're going live, you get one shot at it. Having an effective preparation process that's also quick and easy, is really important because we know everybody's a busy entrepreneur. So telling you like, here's a six hour process is not going to be helpful, like everything I do is teaching you how to do it in a quick and effective way.
David Storch 28:55
And what's so interesting is that like a lot of the entrepreneurs always say I'm way too Busy for like a prep process like I just need to kind of like make this video go, you know, especially the the seven, eight figure entrepreneurs who are, you know, running massive businesses and don't have a lot of time. And what's funny is that when we talk with our clients who are those people? And we say, Okay, well how long did it make you to do this video? And it's like, oh, it took me this many, you know, took me like 15 takes or Oh, I did a live I didn't prep at all and it was like a 20 minute one, but it was supposed to be five minutes. And we're like, we always say okay, well if you just like reallocate that time and do the system, the prep system that we teach, right, it's like you're actually going to be spending less time overall because it's not if you're if you're if you're a person that is you know, a seven eight figure entrepreneur you're doing lives all the time you're doing videos on time you feel confident, but you ramble, do this 20 minute videos for you to do our prep process is going to take minutes, it's not going to take you long, right especially the more comfortable you get. So Now you're only spending let's, let's say 10 minutes, I'll be generous and say, All right. And then you do instead of a 20 minute Facebook Live, you actually did it in five to six minutes. Okay, nice time. You save that. And if you're that 15 to 20 takes, that's probably taking you an hour and your frustration levels through the roof. Yeah, did you do the proper preparation ahead of time that we teach, and you're probably doing that in three weeks or less, because that's
Abby Walla 30:29
and your video is going to do better. It's going to get higher engagement, people are gonna watch it through the end all that stuff. And then
David Storch 30:37
we always get that I don't have the time and we're like, cool, you're actually wasting more time.
So you do have to tie we're saving
things after we're done with you.
Abby Walla 30:49
And then another big aspect that we work with people on is developing their own personal charisma like really honing. You know, that special thing when they're hanging out with their friends and they're in their most relaxed environment. How to capture that and get that on camera. Because we'll have a lot of people say like, Hey, I'm, you know, normally like a bubbly fun person. But then I turn on the camera and all of a sudden, I'm monotone and I'm boring and I'm stumbling over my words, and I can't remember what to say, and my personality coming out, and nobody wants to buy from me because I don't seem confident. And so why would they pay me a lot of money when I don't seem confidence? You know, so we really help people. Hone that what's most awesome about them that authentic best self so that they can show up and do that on camera. And we also work on different storytelling techniques, because we talk a lot about you know, telling your story. So how to effectively do that. Not just so you're telling your story for impact, but so you're telling your story so that if you want to throw a call to action, at the end of it, you're a lot of people are buying from you. So like we said, there's a lot of personal things to it, but then it always comes back down to we know people are building a business and so it does come back to how You can incorporate that into making more sales.
Josh Tapp 32:03
Yeah, well, honestly, I think if you're in the online game at all, you should be doing video Wouldn't you agree? I mean, if you're selling anything
David Storch 32:12
I got numbers I can throw out I got let's hear.
I'll give you four numbers real quick that I think are important. Right? So 85% of internet users watch online video, right? 54 Excuse me. 54% of consumers want more video content. 88% of marketers see a positive ROI on video. And this one always gets me 95% or more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video.
Josh Tapp 32:47
That's pretty crazy.
Unknown Speaker 32:49
Abby Walla 32:51
Just to be frank, if you're not making video, you're leaving so much money on the table.
Josh Tapp 32:56
Right one influence and reach. I mean, just Most of these platforms, so I mean, we haven't really talked about LinkedIn. But I'm a huge advocate of LinkedIn, and they are prioritizing video content. And I actually tried this for myself just to test the difference. I posted a written ad or not an ad written posts with myself, right. So the picture, did it against the video, and the video was shown to over three times more people. Oh, wow. Yeah. And it was the same words everything but it was just different video cuz I was like, I want to see if this is actually a legit thing.
Abby Walla 33:27
Yeah, people underestimate LinkedIn too, just in terms of like, it does so well with like value videos and things like that. Like, obviously, Facebook is has so much. There's so much business done on paper. But it's funny how much people underestimate the power of LinkedIn.
Josh Tapp 33:44
Yeah, well, I'm going to give a solid call to action for you guys. Because if you if you are doing video content, you need what they've got. Okay? The crushing it on camera course is going to be basically a course to help you get get you know, cut down on your time so you can make sure that you're getting ahead Higher ROI on your videos. But for the people who are on video you need to get on video. And this is a great course to get yourselves into there. So that's my solid call to action. But let's hear yours.
Abby Walla 34:09
I mean, I liked yours. I thought it was great. Yeah, I mean, if you like, if you have never made a video, or if you're making videos, and they need to be converting more, we can help you. And we've already helped a lot of entrepreneurs, like you have all levels and of all levels of experience, and of all levels of success too. So we would love to help all of you leverage video content so that you can be having more impact and be making more money. So our website to learn more is www. crushing it on camera.com. And you can also find David and I on Facebook, David storage and Abby wallet and we would love to connect with you guys. So send us a message.
Josh Tapp 34:51
I love that. So that's crushing it on camera.com and I'll put links to all of those in the bio so you guys can see that. So before we sign off though, what's what's one last part piece of guidance that you both have for us
Abby Walla 35:08
fall back coming back to haunt me. I would just say I, you know, I would I would just really challenge everybody who's listening to, you know, today, go make a video, go like hop on Facebook, go live for one minute, two minutes, it could be a really short thing. But you know, just that sometimes that first live video or something is really hard to overcome. So if you haven't done one yet, I would say you know, rip off the band aid and dive in and do that.
David Storch 35:38
Yeah, I would say, don't let fear stop you from succeeding. People who don't do video, they always they always tell us it's you know, they're afraid of this. They're afraid of that. What if this What if that and really to boil it down? You're just afraid of the unknown. And that's one of the biggest things we kind of teach us to make it so you don't you know exactly what to expect. So don't let that fear stop you from making the impact and money you deserve. Oh man.
Josh Tapp 36:14
Well, thank you for your your guidance for your experience. And thank you for coming on the show. Thanks for having me. Have you ever wondered which tools top entrepreneurs in your industry are using? Well, I've interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs and from those interviews, I was able to see which tools that pretty much all entrepreneurs are using. And we were able to create a resources page for you with all of these tools available too. So if you'd like to see the top tools and top trainings that we're going to be offering here at the lucky Titan, you can go to the lucky Titan comm slash resources to see this entire treasure trove of tools and trainings and everything else you're going to need. So with that, go over to the lucky titan.com slash resources.
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