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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Diane Forster on the mic. And Diane is the founder and CEO of my habit all life.com. She is here today to be sharing with us how to meet the barriers in your life with someone on your team. I love this topic and I'm so excited to hop into this, Diane. So let's hop right in. All right, Diane. So tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Diane Forster 0:28
Okay, Josh. Well, I was conceived the night that john f kennedy was killed. Oh, geez.
November 19, third 1963. And I was born on the two year anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. So I was born on August 4 1964. So it's kind of weird and crazy. I don't know. I felt like this, this weird connection to them. Because of that. You Now these news in the limelight the way they were, and you know that, you know, the crazy catastrophic way that they both died. And and then you know, I don't know, I feel like I might have a little sprinkle of a couple cells here and there that
Josh Tapp 1:15
say you're reincarnated from them.
Diane Forster 1:18
We'll see but but that that is a fact that is true that not many people know that fact about me.
Josh Tapp 1:24
See, that is awesome. I'm glad you shared that because a lot of people come on with some of the funniest things. And that's, that's actually pretty legit. Yeah, so that is awesome. Well, let's hop in now, Diane, let's start talking about where you're at and how you got there. So let's talk a little bit about you as a motivational speaker and why you ended up going that route in general.
Diane Forster 1:44
Hmm, okay. Well, let me share my story. I'll do it kind of in three parts, but it'll all sort of tie together. I am. You know, I grew up in New York. My my dad had a business transfer when I was 17 years old. So we moved from New York. to California and it was a summer before my senior year of high school, which was a really, you know, traumatic experience for me, which of course ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. And then I went to San Diego State and fell in love with San Diego and ended up getting a job the summer between my freshman and sophomore year at an ad agency and it was a temp job. And I was there I was only there two weeks, and they offered me a full time position. And I thought about it and I really like the traditional college route wasn't for me. So I decided to take that job and I had this foot in the door at an ad agency and ended up going to college at night but started working full time at 19 years old. And that led me down this amazing 32 year career in advertising and then television sales. So I spent eight years in the ad business in LA before moving to Chicago to get married and transitioned into television sales. I spent the last 20 of my years in that industry at Disney ABC. Working in television sales and so amazing career I worked on a variety of different accounts and learn so much about marketing and messaging and sales and branding and advertising. And while I was there, it was, it was Easter of 2009. And I was at home baking cookies and making deviled eggs for a family holiday and getting ready to go out the door and I loved to cook and bake and entertain. I just loved it. And I went to put the paprika on my deviled eggs before dashing out the door to go to this family party. And as soon as I tip the spice bottle, too much spice came out of the container and it ruined my dish and like one second. Oh my gosh. So immediately in my mind, I could see this product I could see this sifting spoon I thought God if there was just a sifting spool with a long handle in a sifting bowl, we could just put it down in the spice jar and just take it out and then just tap the spice exactly where you want it to go. That would be so cool. So clean, neat, everything looks perfect, because I'm very, very persnickety. My sisters call me diagonal because everything has to be.
So I sent out a request the next day to try and find this, this sifting spoon and I couldn't find it. And the voice whispered in my ear, saying you need to create this. So I'm out to dinner with friends a couple weeks later. And I tell them about this idea. And I said, You know what, I came up with this idea for kitchen products. Do you know anyone in that industry who could possibly help me and they did. And they made the introduction and he became my mentor and tried desperately to talk me out of doing this. He said, This is not an easy undertaking, like it's it's cutthroat. It's rough. You seem like a nice lady. Like do you just show you want to do this? And my mantra was, you know what, I just want to see what where this goes, so I didn't know what I was doing. But you know, just kind of put one foot in front of the other and I, you know, filed a patent, found a prototype manufacturer and made the prototype. Well, where this led me was to winning an innovation award at the International housewares show in Chicago in 2013. There were 30,000 new products featured that year and 65 were honored and my sister was one of them. And then QVC was there and they came over to me at the booth and said, We love your product, we want to start selling it on our website. And so then a couple years later, they called me one day and said, it's selling well we'd like to feature you on air. So this whole experience and trust me there was a lot of work a lot of blood, sweat, tears, all of that in there. But having the mantra of just I just want to see where this goes and and pushing through with it led to this amazing experience but it opened my eyes to entrepreneurship. So that's layers one and two of the story layer three of the story is my personal journey. And I was married and living with a man for over 20 years in a very dysfunctional relationship. It wasn't good. I was very unhappy, very lonely, very depressed. And I didn't tell anyone about it. It was a secret that I kept hidden because the, the packaging of my life looked really good, Josh, I mean, I had this habit, all life, I had the career and the husband and the home and the kids and the dogs and the cars and the travel. It looked really good. But inside was a very different story. I was depressed, I was lonely, I was unhappy. I was unfulfilled. And I kept trying to fill my life with other things like alcohol, food, shopping, friends. And the thing is, you can't live like that, you know, indefinitely. And so I had a breaking moment in June of 2011, where I attempted suicide and it was a wreck. Regular Saturday, we were out at some friends house for a barbecue and there was a bunch of families there and the kids were running around the backyard having a great time the sangria was flowing and the barbecues going. And when we got in the car to go home, the fighting started. And I just, I snapped. When I got in the house, I went upstairs to the bathroom and I locked the door and I took out two full bottles of prescription pain pills that I had sitting in a medicine cabinet from a surgery I had had the year before to remove part of my colon because the stress of this was literally killing me. Yeah, and I'm sorry, there's the blower is out there. Can you hear that?
Josh Tapp 7:38
Yeah, no, I can't hear.
Diane Forster 7:41
So as I'm telling you this, like this dramatic story. So anyway, um, as I'm standing there with the pills in my hand, they got knocked out of my hand like a karate chop on my arm. And the same voice that told me to make this shifter started screaming in my ear, which I know it was my mother, who's been gone. She's like my, she's my angel. And the voice said, You are not ending your life this way, Diane, you need to go get help so that you can tell your story and you can help others. And I just threw my hands in the air and I said, Well, you need to show me the way because I don't know how I don't know what to do. And so I cleaned up the mess, flush the pills, wipe my tears, kiss my kids, good night, next day, I called it therapists and said, I need help. I am changing my life. And so that sent me down this path of personal development, self help, spiritual awakening, and honestly, falling in love with myself because that's where it was missing. And so all of a sudden, I started healing in this profound way. And I started following all these people and immersing myself in anything and everything I could get my hands I became the sponge. And so what started happening for me as I started, you know, I'm into leverage and hacking and I was like, there's so much different out there, and I'm doing all these things. How can I have this to make this work for me so that when I'm out of alignment, I can get back into alignment in the present moment, you know, right away. And so it started opening up all of these intuitive gifts, and I was writing like crazy. So I woke up one day with a poem in my head called I have today. And when I finished writing this poem, among the many things that I was creating, I looked at it and I said, this is way more than a poem. This is a movement. I am supposed to help others who don't know their self worth discover their true divinity, power and purpose, because if I was living this way, how many others are living like this? And so I immediately flashback to the bathroom moment. And so that was the directive. I was getting like it all made sense. Put the dots all together. So fast forward. Two years later, and my twins graduated high school, and I made a bold decision and declaration that I was going to live in extraordinary life. I was going to do everything I can to get it. And so I decided I got to reinvent my life, everything about it. So I quit my job at ABC my kids last day of high school was my last day in corporate America. I walked away with no net. I sold my house and literally everything in it. 20 year life just gone. I got my kids off to college. And I moved from Chicago to San Diego because San Diego was calling me I wanted to live at the beach with my clothes, my sisters, and a dream and a mantra of I just want to see where this goes. And so it's been four years. It's been nothing short of extraordinary. I definitely got what I asked for. And I knew I wanted to write a book. I knew I wanted to speak and so I knew I wanted to coach I knew I wanted to help others in this way. And so what's happened for me is I wrote my book and it came out in September of 2016 got certified as a coach and NLP and human interaction technology hired high level coaches so that I could, you know, speak on stages. And all this magic started happening. And I created my own TV show and I'm building my own TV network now. And it's called I have today. So I have we've done over 100 shows I've done like 75 podcasts. I'm coaching people privately and in groups, and we're building literally building a production company, and a network of TV, radio, podcasting, live events, trainings, films, workshops, you name it. This is this is the 10 year plan for this company. So that's my story in a nutshell. And it was being able to step over the line of fear to to faith and trust that and literally keeping the mantra alive. I just want to see where this goes. So
Josh Tapp 11:58
yeah, wow story. Yeah, yeah what I like about that whole story and I like how you divide it into three sections because it made it so clear of you know how you came to be you know motivational speaker it wasn't just saying hey you know what I'm gonna do this like I I think a lot of people and I I'm kind of opinionated with this but a lot of people are like oh I'm gonna be a coach right? You don't really become a coach to somebody asks you Hey, can you coach me? And I think it's the same way with speaking you know, being a motivational speakers it has to come from a true life experience that you've created a real story that you can you can share with the world and help to you know, and especially your case to help motivate them help them to have today Now I have to ask you about that. Yes, I have today right? So is that saying like I've got this today, or what does that really mean?
Diane Forster 12:47
I have today is a the the most powerful three word sentence you could say to yourself every day because it is all you have all All you have is today. So I have today How do I want to use this day because what if this is the last day of my life? You know, how do I want that to unfold? How do I want to show up and what I do is I teach a three step blueprint of living the I have today way and what it is, is, it's called love it, thank it, bring it and what that means is love. It stands for loving your life, no matter what's happened to you because everything that has ever happened to you has been for you. Even if you didn't know it at the time. You know, my, you know, unhappy marriage and you know, my I didn't even talk about my infertility and my mom's dying of cancer young and my suicide attempt and the things that happened in my life. Truly happened for me and I love that all of that gave me clarity about who I am today right and how I use that in my today. Thank It is about living. gratitude and appreciation for where you are right now from all the big and little things that are in your life. You know, the the cup of coffee, you get to have the bed you get to sleep in every night like you know how many people in the world never experienced that. You know, the water we get to drink like what a gift that is the car you get to drive even if it's not, you know, the car of your dreams or the home, all of it being in gratitude and appreciation for everything that you have right now because that appreciation, appreciates and allows the universe to do what I call is open up the portal of abundance to be bringing you more and then bring it is the power piece that is creating your future. And there's an acronym for grant which we can talk about at the end. I've got a video training series that explains all of this. But that's really how you show up in your life. How are you showing up with your health, with your relationships, with your career with your mindset, and so on. That is my daily I have today way anchor of love it thank you for bringing that brings me back into the present moment of how I want to live my life today because today is all I have. And it's really it pulls you into the present moment takes you out of your past your baggage your story that you keep carrying around and alleviates the worry about the future when you understand your power that you are the one that gets to create it. So so that's what I have today means and so and the poem is, you know, so beautiful and so simple. It's and profound and it starts I have today to love and be loved. I have today to start fresh and new I have today to see things with new eyes. You know I have today to pray and meditate and it goes on and on like that. It really pulls you right present which is where we're supposed to be living.
Josh Tapp 15:54
Yeah. Jeez, that is really cool. I love that. Well, I want to turn the conversation a little bit Mr. Now because most of our listeners have probably hit this plateau in their life, and this is your unique ability, right? Where you're, you really excel at is helping people to overcome that, that plateau, as we all like to call it. And what's really funny, and I want to just announce this to the audience as well. So they've, they have an understanding of why I'm asking this because we talked about this in the pre interview, but you know, we work with a lot of people who've surpassed the seven figures level they've made a million dollars, but almost every single person I know who has hit that point plateaus, and we were talking about this I think it's because it's like that the end all goal, they're like, Oh, yeah, like once I hit a million dollars, and then they hit that hit it. They're like, Well, our now what else is my life about at this point? Let's talk on that a little bit.
Diane Forster 16:43
Oh, I love this so much. Oh my god, I have so much to say about this. That is that is a common problem because you've had this goal, this cap in your mind. And once you achieve a goal, this is what we talked about when you achieve a goal. Normally, it's immediately replaced with another one. But if you've only been focusing on that one goal, then when you hit it, you actually hit a state of depression, because you feel like what is my life about now? So it becomes incumbent upon you to take what I would say, like say you're climbing a mountain, you know, going back a little bit to base camp just to do a reassessment and a reevaluation. And I love doing this work with people. I love taking all the facets of the diamond that you are and incorporating that in everything that you do, and helping you identify your why. And maybe you had a while to get to that point. And maybe the why was, you want financial freedom. You want peace of mind, you want to be contributing to the world. But now in this unlimited universe, you are you are you're so poised and ready for the next level of whatever that is. And so taking all the facets of the diamond that you are like I shared in my story, see how I broke it out and took, I took everything that I've ever experienced in my life to create what I'm doing now and pull that into everything I'm doing. Well, that's what I do with other people. I take all that and how can you really use that in a more fulfilling way every day. So you are literally jumping out of your bed excited about the day in front of you, you can't wait to get to it. That's what it's supposed to feel like every single day. So I'm so being able to really do that and look at that. So go back, you know, hire somebody like me, or at least have a conversation with somebody like me to see if I'm the right fit for you to now take what you've done and figure out what is that next up level for you and what does that look like? Because when somebody comes to me, I tell them I'm your genie in a bottle. You can ask me anything you want. There. No Limits. I absolutely look at you with no judgment, my response to you is going to be, that's awesome. Let's see how we can make that happen for you. Always, always, always so. So it's a safe place to say that and dream big and go, Oh my god, could I really be bigger than Oprah? You know, could I really, you know, spend a year sailing around the world? Could I really create the next amazing program that stops world hunger? Yeah, you can. You're only limited by your limiting beliefs. And so I don't believe in them. So it's getting rid of that that noise that chatter that be potentially holding them back. So
Josh Tapp 19:43
yeah, yeah. And I want to throw something in there as well comment. You know, you were talking about potentially like, yo, you hire somebody to do this or find a coach or whatever you've got to do that. The reality is, and this is, you know, being an entrepreneur myself, even as the coach you need to Coach, everybody needs somebody else to help them break, this isn't something you can do by yourself. And I think we've just kind of learned as a society is Oh, I can do this myself, I can put my shoulder down my head down and just charge. But the reality is, is you're going to charge right into a wall, and it's going to break you. And unless you have somebody sitting on top of that wall pulling you over, right, and that's what a coach is for us to say, Hey, you know, they don't even have to know everything. Sometimes it literally is just somebody who is one step ahead of you, or has some sort of help in the area that you're trying to overcome, but they can they can lift you over. And that for me, I know for myself is how I've been able to, to get over those barriers quickly. Because instead of sitting here like wallowing in self pity, I'm finding somebody else to throw me over the wall. And that's really what you do. I mean, so come walk us through a little bit of of your process and how you help entrepreneurs to, you know, to break that mental barrier.
Diane Forster 20:53
Okay, I Well, I but I just want to comment on that because I just want to validate something that you said because I I believe this. I have had coaches since 2012. You know, this, this thing happened to me in 2011. And I knew, I knew and I'm not I'm not gonna say anything negative about therapy. But I quickly learned that talk therapy wasn't going to work for me because I was rehashing my life over and over and I know what's happening in the subconscious as if it's happening to me on a cellular level. Again, I said, I need somebody to pull me out of that and take me where I want to go. So I seeked I seeked. Like the best of the best. I invested mightily in myself. I didn't care. I wanted to catapult my success. And there have been years Josh, I've had as many as four coaches going on. We absolutely need coaches. And a good coach, like you said isn't necessarily smarter than you. They have a different perspective. That is they are there they they've done what you want to do or are doing it. They stand behind you and They meet you where you are, and they push you to that next level. That is the quality of a good coach. So I just wanted to say that. And there's a video of me on my LinkedIn, I know we're going to talk about this where I was interviewed, and I share that story about how to how to really find the right coach for you. But my process is this. I always suggest have a conversation with me. First and foremost, I offer a complimentary discovery call. Let me let me assess you because I can tell literally in the first two or three sentences what's going on with you, I can tell right away, I can see energetically what's going on and can know oh my gosh, I see all this. I see all this talent in this person. I see all these gifts and skills. So we have a conversation. And then if someone decides that they want to depending on the level of what it is they're looking for the list of things is it one thing is it three things is five things you know what's going on with you You know, my first and foremost goal is mindset work. Everything starts with mindset. So I, I am an intentional living expert and a mindset manifestation mentor first. That's my coach and I want to call myself a life coach or a business coach. It's everything, but it all starts in the mind. And so if someone's stuck or or, or blocked somewhere, that's what we do first. So I do what I call a rapid mindset shift program with somebody where they will fill out a confidential questionnaire, we will do a deep dive 90 minute session based on that. And then I create a proprietary product called the personalized mantra meditation for them and takes me hours to do but it's customized to that individual and it gets rid of all of that noise creates new neural pathways in the subconscious and allows them to dream bigger than they ever thought. possible and they feel the shift the first time they hear it. So it's an audio and it's somewhere between five and 10 minutes. And all they have to do is listen to it every morning. And they call me and go, Oh my god, things are starting to show up in my life, like miracles happen. I got one person called me. She goes, I got three job offers offers today. And I'm not surprised because I know how this works. So it's magical. And so from there, then we decide All right, well, what do you want to do from there? You know, do you want to do a three month a six month? Do you want to join my group year long mastermind and where there's a lot of involvement. So there's, there's a few different levels that I do with people. But the first thing is, let's get the mindset and check. Because I can tell you what I see for you and what's possible for you. You have to believe it and see it for yourself. Absolutely do. So.
Josh Tapp 24:53
Yeah. I love that. See, and that's a really cool process in general because I think a lot of people are running into the problem right now. There's so much information online. So we're always seeking the free information, right? But the reality is, is you pay for what you get, are you getting what you pay for, right? And so a lot of people are, they're paying nothing, you're really you're going to get tidbits. But the problem is it starts to create confusion in you, and somebody like us creating a really custom tailored plan for them that that's gold. And I even get, I get frustrated when people come at you with like, oh, here's this thing, and it works for everybody. And here's just my framework, quote, unquote, what's your framework is great, but the problem is, if the framework isn't one that can work for everybody, then that, you know, it's it's kind of worthless at that point for you. It's again, it's like you're paying for information that's going to get you 95% of the way there but you need that last 5% to really see the results. Exactly, exactly. And
Diane Forster 25:45
I'm all for I you know, online programs, I have a couple of myself and you know, they're out there and I make them available very, very affordable. You know, just test the waters. It's really to dip your toe in. The real transformation happens from direct coaching, it just does because, um, your your coach, can you know it customize it. So right frameworks are good. But so for example, I was working with a woman last year and she really wanted me to help build out her business for her. And so I did I, you know, we figured out all her earnings potential, how she should use her time, what she needed to do all of these things. Well, she had a situation come up where she was pulled into jury duty and it was for a murder trial. And she went through massive PTSD at which I helped her with and she said, Thank God, I had you, you know, we had a plan to be doing this, who knew it was going to be that we needed to work on that and so you just don't know what's going to come out so much more is going to come out for you. When you work one on one with a coach. And the end the ROI is your right you have Listen, we've paid for it. And like I said, mightily. I've spent Double isin multiple six figures on on my brain and on myself so that I can give the highest level of quality to the people that I work with. You know, that would that's what makes a coach stand out from the masses who just say, Yeah, I want to coach Oh, yeah, well where, you know, what have you done? Where are your credentials? And where's the proof? You know? And people say, you know, well, why should I hire you? And I learned this from a dear friend, I say, I don't know why you should hire me. But let me just tell you what my clients say and give you the testimonials. And if that appeals to you, then then let's have a conversation. So that's where it is. It's in the results. Right?
Josh Tapp 27:44
Right. 100% I love that. I really think a lot of people understand that they need it, but most people just don't take action on it because it's one of those it's kind of uncomfortable, right? They have to start being vulnerable and saying, I can't do this. It's almost like I don't know if I should even go that actually but Regardless, you know, for a lot of people, it's like counselling in the sense that they, it's not going to work unless you decide you want to make it work. And you're never going to do it until you admit, hey, I don't have this. I can't do this by myself. And I think like you're saying, even for men, it can be a little bit harder because we're a lot more prideful. But once you do kind of release, kind of give that up, it allows you to, to accept better things into your life and great people who can help you overcome those barriers. So I, I really do love that.
Diane Forster 28:28
It's so true and there and your confidence boosts like you can't believe you know, and I currently right now I have two coaches. So I'm working with a business coach, and then I'm working with a health coach slash doctor, because there were certain things that I wanted to uplevel in my life too. And it's so great to have both of those people where I can be 100% vulnerable myself, saying, I need support here. I don't I need you to help me you're you're the expert in this so that I can do what I do. do that much better. And it's amazing I changed so many things this year, I'm calling this my year of radical changes, because people are watching me and being influenced by that, like, I stopped drinking alcohol back two days, my two year and a two month anniversary of not doing awesome was I just did it cold turkey and it was a conscious decision that I made for my health. And not that I was, you know, had a problem with it or anything, I just, I wanted to be at my best all the time, you know, spiritually energetically, you know, physically. And so now it's inspired other people to do it too. And all these other things are happening. And I've got that influence from my coach who's helping me and she said, You know how much better you're gonna show up in the world. If you change if you get rid of alcohol. If you get rid of caffeine, if you get rid of sugar and I said, I'm in, I'm in I'll do it, because you're gonna you're going to hold me accountable. So that's a good coach will help you do that. No judgement. She never judges me. And so I never judge people either. And so you've got to be able to have a coach where you can be fully vulnerable with them. Tell them your secrets, trust that they're gonna, you know, have your best interests at heart and they want to see you succeed because, like you and I said, it's the most rewarding feeling in the world to see someone thriving like that.
Josh Tapp 30:26
Just Yeah. 100% Well, and Diane, you've shared so many good pieces, good nuggets, as people like to call it out with us. I've really appreciated this conversation. But before we sign off today, could you give us one final parting piece of guidance that you would like to leave with our listeners if this was the only thing that you could say to somebody you know, before before you had you before they died? For example, the last thing you could say to somebody always say to them
Unknown Speaker 30:52
Diane Forster 30:55
here I'm going to give you a reality check.
You know, I just Have a friend passed away two days ago. And he was in an accident. And he was such a light in this world and he affected positively affected the lives of thousands of thousands of people. It is really devastated so many people. And he lived his life in such a beautiful way. That the the, the impression he left on the world is having this ripple effect. And so what I want to say to you, if you are listening to this, your life matters. There's 100 there's a 400 trillion to one odds of you being born, you are a miracle and you came here to leave an indelible print on this planet and all the lies that you touch. You are not supposed to play small. You are supposed to play big and be the extraordinary being that you are and yeah, it's uncomfortable, and yet scary. And yeah, it's full of things. But on the other side of fear is extraordinary. And I'm living proof of that. And each day my life gets better and better. And I'm not special. I'm just like you. So live each day to the fullest. Do something every day that makes you uncomfortable to step up to your highest greatest fullest potential and tap into all the resources that are out there that are here to support you. Because we are We want you to shine like the bright star that you are.
Josh Tapp 32:30
Well, Diane, thank you so much for sharing that. And before we sign off, can you give us one final you know where we can we can reach out to you the links that we can connect with you I know a lot of people have been listening to us have probably been like, man, I gotta talk to this lady. So
Diane Forster 32:44
please do reach out to me. So let me tell you two ways reach out to me on LinkedIn. So if you search Diane Forster and it's D ay ay ay ay ay ay ay NEFOR s t e r. You will find me connect with To me, send me a private message, let's set up a, you know, a free consult. And then also what I want to share with you if you want to kind of get a sample of, I have a free training video training series. And that the URL for that is my habit all life.com. So my have it all life.com. So go there and watch it. And then you can also sign up to have a free discovery call with me there as well. So, yeah, let's at least talk because like I said, we're either a fit or we're not. If I'm not able to help you. I probably know somebody who is so
Josh Tapp 33:43
yeah. And I really appreciate that about you, Diane. Well, thank you so much for coming on. I'm going to post those links in the description as well so everybody can reach out to you, and we'll catch you later. Thanks for coming on the show.
Diane Forster 33:54
Thanks so much for having me, Josh. Take care.
Josh Tapp 33:58
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