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2015 Ms. Washington DC
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MLM high performer
Early sales career 


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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Elaine Celts on the mic. Elaine is the podcast host of the bistro, this podcast dedicated for the Better Business Bureau. And she's also here on the mic to share with us today how to make opportunity meets preparation. Elaine actually started her career as a salesperson and became one of the top performers in the country. But after raising her three kids, she decided to open the door and become the 2015 winner of the Miss washington dc pageant, so Elaine's here again today with us to share how to create that opportunity for ourselves. So with that, let's hop right in. Alright, Elaine, so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know. Okay, I think some people might know but most people might not know that I spent a year living and working and teaching abroad in Bangkok, Thailand. This was oh my gosh, this was y2k time. So if they're making 99 and we're going what's gonna happen oh my gosh, I'm on the other side of the
Elaine Keltz 1:00
We're all right now to of course, nothing happened. But it was a great
Nice, nice, safe place to go to Thailand.
Unknown Speaker 1:06
Yeah, I guess though, to be honest, I remember. You remember the hype right? It was crazy people were losing their minds over this. And I'm going, I'm on the beach. Like I think.
Elaine Keltz 1:18
Yeah, you live in. Did you go to like Paquette
Unknown Speaker 1:21
I went to Paquette that that particular night gosh well it was a monumental night and you would think I would remember but I don't remember what beach but yeah, I spent a year there. So cope up all the items, really. I mean, I spent a year there and that was kind of my goal, in addition to teaching English was traveling so it definitely went north and south islands and then all over Asia, which was incredible.
Elaine Keltz 1:42
That is, yeah, awesome experience, especially for an entire year. Two weeks.
Unknown Speaker 1:48
Absolutely. And you know, I did that after I graduated college and before I started my professional career, which I mean, I recommend every person do that if you can or make it happen. Better yet, but um I don't know. I mean, I don't know that I thought about this at the time. But looking back in my life, I mean, that really set me up for a really optimistic idea about what, you know, the rest of my life personally and professionally could be. So,
Elaine Keltz 2:16
yeah. When it really gives you that confidence, I think being able to really step out on your own and spend time in a different culture. It's a huge deal.
Unknown Speaker 2:24
Yeah, it's not hitting. You know, I think sometimes, when I look, when I approach certain things I know we'll get into this in a little bit here on the podcast. But as I approach certain things professionally, we all can become intimidated. Are we prepared enough? Can we handle this? Am I experienced enough? Am I in the right place in time? And I mean, it's not cliche, this is my truth. But sometimes I think back to those moments and things that I did, that particular year, I went to Nepal by myself for like 10 days and just roamed around. And sometimes I think to myself, if I can do that, I'm pretty sure I can approach the CEO right now no big deal. Like if I can do that wander around not die and make it back to talk about it. I'm pretty sure I can handle whatever this is. And I think about that, and it gives me the confidence to kind of just do whatever it is I'm trying to do.
Elaine Keltz 3:16
Yeah, well, being able to see like, the the lack of opportunity they have, but you I have the world of opportunity in front of me, you know, it's just, it's an amazing experience.
Unknown Speaker 3:24
Without a doubt. It's, it's an empowering situation, but also very humbling to
Elaine Keltz 3:30
completely agree. Well, let's hop now over into kind of your professional experience. So give us a little bit of background on yourself and how you got to where you're at now.
Unknown Speaker 3:38
Yeah, sure. So as I mentioned, I did this Thailand thing. I was a professor of English and APAC University. And then I came back and I started my career, which was about almost a decade and I was a pharmaceutical consultant in the Baltimore DC area. So I did that for about 10 years and that was one of the coolest best jobs ever. It was a lot of autonomy. And I learned a lot about sales and marketing and how to speak to anyone and and i think back to my Thailand experience that, you know, if I could talk if I can communicate with people that don't speak English, and get what I need and go, where I need to go and all that, I can certainly approach whomever and ask for what I need, right. And so it really gave me a lot of no confidence in in my career as a pharmaceutical sales representative. And then after that, I had children and I remember going, I'm retired, this is amazing. I'm just gonna, like, live my life at my house and, and I shortly realized that I was working harder than ever in my life for anyone who has kids, you know what I'm talking about. It's a labor of love, but it's, you know, there's, there's a world of difference between going about your professional life and then you're dealing with, you know, children, it's a lot it is, whoa, that's consuming emotionally and multitasking and all of that. So, while it was wonderful, and that was my choice, I also I realized that I, you know, I also needed something I wanted to get back to some sort of professional endeavor. And I also wanted to do it on my terms. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. And so that was kind of my goal. I didn't know what I was going to do. But I am going to stay home with my kids. But I am going to work and, and and I found myself in kind of, listen, now this gets a negative connotation, but multi level marketing, okay, like Stella and dot jewelry. You know, as someone invited me to a party, I was like, Yeah, sure. Let's have mosaicism look at jewelry. Awesome. There, and then I'm about to buy all this stuff. And the lady says, Well, why don't you just become a consultant and you can have it in fella too. And I was just like, okay, yeah, why not?
Unknown Speaker 5:44
real hard. Sure, why not? But I think because I had such a really strong background in sales. It was like, I mean, it was just easy and fun. And it just took off. And the next thing you know, I grew this humongous team of women all over the country who were sort of on my My team, and I was showing them, Hey, this is how you sell things. And this is the best way to go about it. And so it was sort of this social selling environment. That was nothing but wonderful. It was awesome. It was great. It was lucrative. And it was flexible. So go home with my kids. But I was still out there running this really awesome business and making a whole bunch of money and it was all on the up and up. I mean, it was just this great thing. And so I did that. And and we'll get back to this but Jessica Heron is the CEO of Stellan dot. And at the time, she's like, you know, this idol like she runs a huge multi million dollar company and I had won trips to Vegas because I was doing so well. And I met her and I'm like, she's like my Oprah. She's amazing. Fast forward. When I'm doing the podcast. I called her up, and she was my guest, and it was just really cool. But anyway, so I did that kind of sales for quite a while. And then I was sort of doing that and then someone had approached me and asked me if I had Ever heard of them? This is DC America organization, which I'll be honest I had not you know of course pageants I knew about pageants what everyone else knew about pageants, they're on TV, whatever. So all I really knew about it wasn't on my radar. And then someone you know this, she was the director of the organization said, well, you should really think about this. Can I cons? Can I get you in touch with Mrs. DC from 2013 and 14? And can they call you and tell you and I just said, Sure, why not? Call me and talk. I'm open. I am all open. And you know, I ended up competing for the Mrs. DC America title and then I won and and then you know that, that that famous hand over the mouth, oh my gosh, I was. I was literally like, Oh my gosh, I won. What does this mean? I don't know what this means because I really didn't do a lot of homework here and I never did this before. It was a lot. I was contractually offered. gated to four to six appearances a month. It was a big it was for me, it was the sort of life altering thing that I just jumped into after one because I was, you know, obligated to do stuff. And I was happy to do it. But I was trying to figure it out. And long story short, I kind of approached it like I approached anything, which is going to give us 110% I'm doing this, I'm all in I'm here, I got the sash on. And I don't really want this year to end. And all I did was kind of sit on a, you know, convertible waving I wanted, I want to do something significant. And so my platform was empowering women through entrepreneurship, because that's what I had been doing right through myself. And so it was really cool. Because previous to this, no one was inviting me to come speak to this group or this women's group at George Mason University or, you know, people were inviting me to host galleries in DC or hand out awards and all this stuff and it was fun, cool, amazing. Wonderful. I loved it. It was great. And I did that for a year. And then I was contractually obligated to represent the District of Columbia at the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, which was amazing. And I finished in the top 15, which was like, Oh my gosh, this is great. And I made and met, I met and made friends with, you know, 51 amazing, talented, smart women from all over the country who have become amazing friends, and that's enriched my life as well, personally and professionally too. And then it was really that experience that kind of opened the door, if you will, to media. So that was kind of my entree. And some people say, wow, you know, you did this pageant, and now look, you're on TV, you do podcasts and, and you know, it's not that easy. It's not that easy. There's plenty of women who win a title and then they kind of go back to doing whatever it is they were doing, because that's their preference. For me. I was exposed to a lot of cool people. I happen to be in the nation's capitol. So there's a lot of cool things going on around here. So I was introduced to a lot of cool people. I would say it didn't exactly open doors, but it put me in a hallway. Yeah, and knocked on doors. And when the door opened, it was really up to me. So, but what are you going to do with this? Is this what you want to do? Are you going to ask, you know, are you going to put yourself in this situation, right, and so and so that's where my world and media began. And then there I hosted a show. I did that for a couple years, then I moved on and produce my own television show. And then around the same time, I started doing commercial acting, and hosting a podcast for the Better Business Bureau,
Elaine Keltz 10:32
which is all of those or I could go down a rabbit hole for every one of those. But I do have to ask you, and thank you for sharing your story. So one of the reasons we brought you on right was to talk about how you you open those doors. You talked about, you know, you got into the hallway. A lot of people you know, a lot of our listeners are saying Well, I'm kind of in that hallway, how are you opening those doors for PR opportunities?
Unknown Speaker 10:52
Yeah, it's gonna sound it's gonna sound simple, but of course it's not right. The truth is I always say, if there's something you want to do, don't let things hold you back. Just do it. Just do it. There's no time like the present because I learned this in sales, you're going to get 10 notes before you get a yes. Right. So so if you're in this hallway and you want to pursue something, you're looking for a media opportunity or a PR opportunity for yourself. If you're an entrepreneur and you're looking for, to get on the show to talk about it or something. Just ask. And and it's, it's kind of as simple as that. And However, it's also I also say, you know, it's not it's not luck when these cool things happen. It's sort of opportunity meets preparation. here do you can you pitch yourself like that? Do you? Do you know exactly what you want to do? And the next step is you just need to you need someone to offer or you need to ask is that where you are? Guess what, just do it. Just ask don't wait for someone to offer. Just ask. I also learned this from sales if you're not asking someone else's right you know, so Jump on it, go do it. Now Now maybe you're not quite ready and and that's okay. Maybe you get a mentor or someone you look up to I did that as well before I had my own show on TV. I'm going to who do I look up to on in on TV? Who are some local people that I that I like to do that and I would reach out to them and ask them to go to lunch and they might have been Like who? You know, I don't have time. That's okay, keep asking someone's gonna meet with you. And when you put yourself in that position, you're putting it out there in the universe really, literally and physically reaching out to people that you don't even know. Um, you know, the 11th person is going to say, Sure, let's meet and that I can see somewhere.
Elaine Keltz 12:45
I really liked what you said when opportunity meets preparation. That's pretty much the entire platform of our podcast. Make your own luck, right? So create that opportunity for yourself. Like you're saying go out there get it yourself. If you want it to go get it To prepare, and then the appraisers will start falling in your lap. And when you're ready for them, it's not hard to ask because you say, Okay, I know what I'm what I'm here for.
Unknown Speaker 13:07
Right? Right. I mean, there is something to be said for earning the rate, right? You need to know what you're talking about. You really need to educate yourself understand. Obviously, if you're an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, you know your business, you know what you have to offer, but do you know the industry? And do you know how it's going to be received? Do a little homework, just educate yourself so that, you know, roleplay I roleplay a lot before I reach out or do things because I want to come across as you know, educated and informed, you know, and so, and that makes a big difference. That makes a big difference. I've had people reach out to me to be guests on my show, for whichever show, and I'll be honest, I can tell sometimes, they don't exactly know what they want. They want. They want me somehow they're going Oh, she highlights people and and person. Yeah. And I could tell they're reaching out, but they don't know how to directly say, Hey, I'm reaching out because I see that you have a show. I'd love to be on it. Here's why. Here's what I do. I'm looking, they're either not comfortable saying that, or, or they don't know exactly what I do, or they don't know exactly what they want, or they're hoping I will offer it. And I could tell and it's okay, I was there to at some point, right? And then but you grow and I hope that people that have reached out to me and I was just like, Okay, I'm gonna pass on this opportunity right now. I don't know if it's a great fit for me too. But I hope that they learn from that just like I have learned. Yeah, next time. Okay, next time, I'm going to be more prepared. Yeah, not opportunity is in sync with my preparation, boom, it's gonna happen.
Elaine Keltz 14:45
Yeah, why this is coming. So I just have to say this to our audience. And this is coming from somebody who's part of many popular platforms, media platforms. And so I mean, if somebody is reaching out to you and just saying, hey, how can you help me? I mean, you just send them on the line.
Unknown Speaker 14:57
Right? Yes. Yeah,
Elaine Keltz 15:00
because if you come to if I come to you and I say, hey, I need help with this specific thing, but I have these specific things I can offer to your audience, of course, they're gonna come on your show. Absolutely.
Unknown Speaker 15:10
Right? Absolutely know your value, know your value that is so huge. It's all about, you know, like, even right now we're having this really great connection, where I'm valuing what you have to offer, and you're valuing what I have to offer, sometimes, I just feel like you need to come to relationships like that in business, you know, it's not just about what I can get from you. What can I offer as well, and then and then we'll boom, now we're in business, you know, there's nothing negative about that. It's just, let's pretty something dynamic, not just how can I help you with my free time? Right?
Elaine Keltz 15:48
If you think I have free time, you're wrong. We'll see and I love where you're going with that because a lot of people are going to come at you and say, you know, here I am, give me free value, but if somebody will come to you Say this is what I want. It's just gonna change the entire dynamic of the conversation and for you, it takes the work out of having them come on your show, right? And, you know, as a host myself when somebody comes to me and they're like, Oh, yeah, I'd like to come on your show. I'm like, Well, what do you do? I don't even know what you do. Like, I love having people on my show. But you have to be more than just two people to come on my show.
Unknown Speaker 16:21
And maybe that person is right on the brink. You know, maybe that's the person in the hallway that's going like, Okay, I'm here. And I'm knocking on a door, but I don't know what to say. You know, I don't know what to say. And that's okay. At one point or another. We were all there. Continue to hone that. That's my advice like, Hone that okay. You had you had the confidence to reach out the conversation maybe didn't go great. Let's, let's examine why and that's another part of, I think success or even you know, in terms of PR and getting yourself out there. It's, um, lean into those noes. lean into those sort of failures, if you will. They're learning lessons. Absolutely. 100% They are there to teach you and you just need to learn from it and move forward.
Elaine Keltz 17:05
And there's always another opportunity
Unknown Speaker 17:06
always and hey, sometimes when the door closes, you gotta look at that as positive. I know it, it stinks. I've had tons of protection. We've all had tons of rejection. And it is like, oh man, it's like Jedi mind tricks. You have to tell yourself okay, that that's not that's not the opportunity for me something better on the corner. Gotta keep that optimism especially if you are looking to find success in your business. You can't let some no just just make you feel dejected and then kind of stall your progress. It is just absolutely critical that the no doesn't mean no for you. It just means no for that interaction right now.
Elaine Keltz 17:52
Yeah, they're not saying I hate you never come back. I mean, maybe somebody will
Unknown Speaker 17:57
hate me. Someone else is gonna love me right?
Elaine Keltz 18:01
But 99% of time, they're just saying no to this interaction, this transaction right now, but maybe come back later when you've got something better to offer salutely. So for you, when you go out seeking these, these PR opportunities, how how do you kind of choose which ones that you'll go do yourself? because like you said, you're strapped for time?
Unknown Speaker 18:18
Yeah, that's such a great question. And I think a lot of entrepreneurs or people, you know, looking to promote themselves, and ask themselves that because and I'm sure you gone in this path, too. Sometimes you'll accept any invitation to do anything. And then you realize, wow, I'm really putting your value decreases, right? Your value decreases when you're just appearing on every show every newspaper, let's do this. You really have to get a little bit. I think maybe in the beginning, it's okay to really cast a wide net, right.
Elaine Keltz 18:53
It's an experience.
Unknown Speaker 18:54
Yeah, get some experience. And then I think as you kind of find out Your your niche of what it is, you know, who you want to represent you or who you how you want to represent yourself. You're finding those like minded mediums, or people or interactions, or networks that can propel you forward. So, you know, I can do an interview with with some group of people that like really has nothing to do with moving me forward. It's just an opportunity to talk or get my stuff out there. But, you know, man, I always go back to this in sales, right? It's all about the right message, the right amount of times to the right person. And if you kind of it's sort of, I don't know, I feel like that's a skill you can hone but if you're giving awesome messaging, but it's just not going to your target audience. There's really no point or if you've got your audience right here, but your message isn't, isn't home just right, you've wasted a really great opportunity. Or your messages? Great, you've got the right person to say at once they're like, Hey, I'm busy. Can you call me back and you never call back? Who you know, wants to be there and it didn't. So you really have to figure out the right message to the right audience. And you have to be persistent but not annoying with it, you know, boundary value comes in, I think,
Elaine Keltz 20:23
well, so what would you say to somebody who's, let's say they're, they're reaching out to somebody who's just huge right in the media realm. And they they start getting a bunch of noes. How would you help them turn the tables to stop getting that? No, and start getting a Yes, sure. Yeah. Oh, go ahead. Sorry.
Unknown Speaker 20:40
Oh, no, I was just gonna say, maybe ask yourself, you know, is my message on point my value is is what I'm offering. Maybe it's off, you know, maybe maybe the people I'm reaching out to like, this isn't a good match. Or I'm not I'm not getting my message across right. I would say Look at that. You always want to offer value because if you're getting all these noes, chances are these people are going. This is not anything I need to hear be a part of promote, really has nothing to do with me. Maybe your big dogs are just in a different hallway. Right? You know, you're just in the wrong spear. Or, again, maybe maybe you need to talk to a mentor or talk to people within your industry. See who they're reaching out to. You know, I don't think there's anything wrong with a good a good copycat if you're so authentic, you know, how did someone else find success? I think I can do that too. You know, no one is you and that's your superpower. There are millions of people who do the same job, but what makes you you However, at the same time, I can go well, where are they pitching? I could pitch there. You know, I'm me, pitching me but I'm gonna wait see what they're doing. You know, there's something wrong with that.
Elaine Keltz 21:57
Yeah, absolutely attacking somebody else's strategy. It works for them, it could probably work for you.
Unknown Speaker 22:01
And you just you make it your own you make it your own your own personal value is your own personal value. Or maybe maybe your maybe you need to maybe some person needs to work on that, though, you know what I mean? Maybe they're not being authentic enough and they're sort of just copycatting, you know, product service value, everything, you know, well, then you're not really unique and you know, you know, murdered that person is already getting their, their information from another source. And there's nothing that you're offering that's unique. Work on that just work on that, I think,
Elaine Keltz 22:32
yeah, change your value, right, add more value or find some way you can help them and I think in our online world, right now, we don't, I mean, a lot of people are trying to shoot, okay, I've got to be on one of these major news channels. But the reality is, there's tons of people with audiences of 10,000 people or more, whatever, and those are the type of people you can reach out to, they're almost always willing to reach out back to you because they're looking for opportunity. And that'll help you grow to those larger opportunities. Where you actually have value can provide by saying, oh, I've Then, here, here, here and here and allows me to get forward. Yeah, yeah. So I really liked what you said, though, Elaine about, you know, it's choosing the right opportunities. So once we start saying no to opportunities,
Unknown Speaker 23:12
oh, when should you start saying no, I think when they're not serving you or serving you negatively. Time is, you know, time is time is finite, right? We only have so many hours of a day. And if you're, you know, you, you understand your value, then you then you can understand where your value is not served just by giving away your time. So I think when you're starting to say, no, it's you're realizing, like, I'm not really going to get anything out of this. It's not moving me forward professionally. And I think there should be no hard feelings to just go, Hey, you know, hey, No, thank you. No, thanks for this opportunity. But let's stay in touch, maybe something down the road. But I think um, I think it's important to start to start Saying no, when you realize you're at that point, don't just take every opportunity because they can serve you in a negative way by just decreasing your your value of what you offer. And again, it's, you know, I hate to say wasting your time because that sounds rude. And I don't mean that but wasting everyone's time even. I believe that
Unknown Speaker 24:21
I almost wanted to write a book about this.
Unknown Speaker 24:24
And that is, the idea is
Unknown Speaker 24:29
when you say no to something you don't really want to do. You're really serving everyone. What is the point of saying yes to something you don't want to do? Your energy is not there. Your energy is not being truthful. And you're not going to give your you're not going to present your best self. And so you're not serving anyone, including whomever asked you to do XYZ. You know, if you're going to give yourself give 100% or milestone,
Elaine Keltz 24:55
absolutely. No, it's really good. Awesome, awesome answer. Thank you so much. change gears a little bit. Now you've been, you've been building out a podcast and I know you're doing it for the BBB, Better Business Bureau just for people who don't know what that is, which is pretty, pretty awesome deal honestly being able to work with such a large organization, but you also have your own TV show and everything. So how were you able to start and grow your own platform? I think a lot of people don't know that.
Unknown Speaker 25:22
Yeah. Oh, gosh. Hmm, great question. I mean, I think I, gosh, it's sort of a loaded question, because it's very loaded. Sorry. No, no, no, it's okay. I mean, I think it was gradual. But at some point, you just make the conscious choice to say, I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm representing myself and you might have employees, you might have one or 10 or 500. But once you put your sort of business out there, I think it's really important to make sure that you're always aligning it and making sure It's, um, your brand is tight, if you will, right. And so you don't want to just putting anything and everything out there as far as content. If you're really trying to build a strong business, you need to keep that brand strong. Understand what your brand is and how you want other people to perceive you. And don't really deviate from that. You know, in a world where everything is social media, and you can put things on LinkedIn or Twitter or YouTube or Instagram, name them, whatever, and you're representing yourself or your business. Just just always keep your business in mind and know that like, any old interaction is not always the best, you know, you always have to ask yourself, Is this representing who I am in my business in the best possible light and have people you can trust people that are working for you to kind of keep that straight to, um, but at the same time, we don't want to be stiff, right? Like we want to be authentic. So but I think you can still do that with just Keeping this thing in mind that you don't want to just put anything out there. And I think that's the best way to build a strong brand. Oh, and then also the value, adding the value, any interaction. I mean, if you are putting your stuff out there on social media, look, there is so much content, there is so content, if you're representing yourself in your business, is that content helpful to anyone? Or is it just I hate to say this sort of nonsense, you know, yeah, you want to be relevant. So yeah, you want to keep putting your stuff out there. But it's not hard to ask yourself. Is anyone going to look at this and go, Wow, that was neat. That was interesting. That was useful. That was helpful. If it's not, maybe don't put it out there. So maybe just thinking that way. I'm thinking that way because I think that's what separates Pete like a good brand from another that it's helpful. Have you ever unfollowed someone I mean, I have a brand even because I'm just going okay, I don't really need to hear about this anymore doesn't. There's not even any little cool tidbits that I'm walking away with going like, Oh, I'm gonna have a better day from that, you know, not at all. It's just the same. Maybe it's boring, maybe it's irrelevant, whatever it is, I mean, we're not perfect and we want to be authentic. But if you just ask yourself that before you post it, that might help you to have people kind of follow you, your business, like what they're seeing, and mainly feel engaged because it's helping them in some way, shape or form.
Elaine Keltz 28:36
Absolutely. Well, so for you. I mean, what what has been the number one needle mover for scaling that audience? I mean, you've you've got a large following at this point. So how have you scaled it?
Unknown Speaker 28:46
Yeah, great question. I've aligned myself with certain brands, um, you know, just for example, you know, one of the things that I do like I'm a brand ambassador for Rent the Runway, you know, I could have, I've had people Last night for local mom and pop shops and that's great too and I love supporting that. But in terms of scaling Well, if I'm trying to get my name out there and I, you know, partnering with Rent the Runway is pretty awesome. You know, me if I ever have the opportunity to interview the CEO at Rent the Runway, that would be great, you know, and so, I try and reach for, you know, just kind of reach higher, because that helps me grow and that helps my business grow. And so, you know, maybe those decisions kind of, you know, here's where I am. I want to interview someone up here, am I there yet? Am I prepared in arise rise? Well, let me put myself in, in that kind of that window of opportunity as much as I can. And so I think that's a great way to kind of scale your businesses is, you know, what's up here? Where are your goals and in are you doing things to move yourself closer to those people, those goals, those businesses, those achievements,
Unknown Speaker 30:01
And I guess that's that's what I've tried to do.
Josh Tapp 30:04
Yeah. Well, thank you so much for sharing that. Honestly, I've really appreciated this interview, you've brought a lot of good stuff. I've taken like a whole page of notes. So you're doing great.
Unknown Speaker 30:13
I really, I'm really enjoying this. Thank you.
Elaine Keltz 30:16
Thank you. Well, before we sign off, though, would you mind giving us one last parting piece of guidance? And then let us know how we can connect with you follow you, however, you want us to do that?
Unknown Speaker 30:24
Oh, sure. Yeah. So hey, just the last piece of guidance, I would just say, um, have smart people around you that will tell you the truth. And that's, that's huge. And then my last thing, and I started out by saying and I guess I'll finish by saying if there's never the best time, whatever it is, you want to do, go for it. If you're not someone else's. So yeah, if you want to follow me, you can find me on all social media platforms. You can find me on LinkedIn. C lane. Espanola counts. You can find me on Instagram at Mrs. DC America 25th Teen on Facebook, same name, Elena funnel accounts and I'd love to connect with people. You can also check out the podcast. It's called the Bistro. And I will say so that council a better business bureau has recently undergone some internal changes. So now we're BBB national programs. Find us there and my show is called capital Connect. You can find that on YouTube.
Elaine Keltz 31:21
Yeah. Excellent. Well, thank you so much for sharing your guidance with us and for letting us know how to connect with you. I'll add links to all of those in the description so that people can can connect with you. So thanks again for coming on the show. Elaine,
Unknown Speaker 31:33
thank you so much for having me.
Josh Tapp 31:35
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