076 - 5 Days To Trusting Customer With Helen Pritchard


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Show Notes

Josh Tapp 0:00 

Sup everybody, Josh tap here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we had Helen Prichard on the mic and Helen is here today to talk with us about her five day method that she uses to gain trusted customers. I love this method. I'm so excited to have Helen share this with you. So Helen, let's hop right in. Alright, Helen, so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know

Helen Pritchard 0:25 

about this question.

Josh Tapp 0:27 

It is unorthodox. It takes people all the time
they're like I like to serve people and great guy yeah.

Helen Pritchard 0:36  

And yeah, most people don't know unless you follow me and you've listened to everything that I do. Probably most people don't know that I was in a mental hospital when I was 16. Oh and of which actually I found the notes from only yesterday so my my mom and dad were cleaning out their marriage and they said about the stuff in the files was the notes can be in a hospital and it was really interesting to see 16 year old me and like my in this kind of like and it literally says today I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Read it's really funny and so yeah I think that's probably when people meet me they don't understand that that's part of my my backstory I guess is that i've

i've been quite severely mentally ill but I think it's hilarious so that was that and then say that I've been 90 grand in personal debt as well a lot of people don't know that I'm to unload my fantasy by magic talk about it. And but yeah, like I ticked all the boxes when it comes to backstories. But mental health got, you know, that. You know, the beautiful thing about that is as a marketer, you know, how valuable that is to have crazy stories, right? I'm not even making it up.

Josh Tapp 1:42 

You're not standing in front of a Lamborghini being like, yeah, this is my car that I rented today. Yeah, no, I mean, I'm a hot mess. I think everyone who follows me knows that like I make no I make no attempt to pretend I've got it all together at all. In fact, like I wouldn't award and when I got on stage, about a few

Helen Pritchard 2:00  

Drink. I said, like, you know, people may come up to me today, you know, wanting to speak to me and say that I've inspired them and all that kind of thing I said, anything inspiring about me is that if I can do it, anybody can do

heartmath you know, so that's me,

Josh Tapp 2:17 

that is so awesome. See, and we don't even have to delve into your backstory, because what you bring to the table and this is what I love about your story in general is that you are you're quick to the punch, right? you're the type of person who says okay, let's let's dive right in. So let's, let's hop into the meat here. Let's talk a little bit about your LinkedIn strategy. I mean, you have a strategy that really intrigued me, which is you're generating leads 100% for free on LinkedIn, and you're not using automation or anything so

no interest piqued.

Helen Pritchard 2:48 

Right. It must irritate people massively because the stuff for LinkedIn is more about what you don't do what you do so late you forget about automation, about tips, tricks hacks, about the hour. And then what time suppose best time to post in groups acts, and engagement pods. All of this is just bullshit peddled by people who've got no idea what they're talking about. Because nobody knows when the best time is to post on LinkedIn. And I'll tell you why. Because it used there's no way to split test it, because everything you post has got so many different variables, there's no way to compare it. So, you know, it must be a table my stuff's based on like really old fashioned, needs based selling as in, you understand that your ideal client is you buy everything for them. So your headline is written for them, your profile is written for them, every bit of content you put out is for them. You fill your audience off those people. So LinkedIn is the only platform in the world. You can handpick your audience. They try and let that sink in. So if you say if your headline says so one of my when I when I had my agency, and was helping HR managers and recruit better people using Facebook ads, yeah, so we used to help HR directors, you know, recruit people in a different way, by using Facebook ads, it's quite quite at the time, by only to connect you with HR directors, everything I put out was for HR directors, but I was able to just choose HR directors. So it becomes like, you can be really specific in the audience that you build, which is a market, it's like, it's okay, and this is free. And then you can then put your content out just for those people and you create an ecosystem around you where you become the go to person feel thing. And it works in close different ways. So my very first business when I was 90 grand in debt, I was a single mom of two kids and a mental health problem and no idea I was gonna survive. Like, I didn't think I want to go on and millions of pounds, I thought I need to turn off thousand pounds a month to survive. So I thought, how am I going to do this? So, okay, I'll get 10 people to give me 250 pounds a month. That's all I need for now. Not forever, just for now. Let me say that a million times. So I just thought I just wanna wait people look who get and they get me and you know, and they're not going to try and you know, don't want to be one of these like flashy Digital Marketer type people, I just want to be a normal person like and talk to people in normal way. So my headline was helping small business owners in Warrington, which is a really small town where I live and you know, sell more, sell more and look better online using Facebook and Twitter, which was I was out and then even in my headline it said 250 a month package. And then I only connected with small business owners in Warrington, which is a very small seems tiny. Yeah. So when you need that people, you know, people panic and they go, No, I'll never get any business. I only need 10 clients. So I want to connect him with all of those people. And then when they saw my headline, they were interested enough to come and look. And then the whole of my profile was written for them. So it's like having a landing page where you choose who looks at it. It's incredible, like so that's it really is. That's the simplicity of it, and then just putting out content across major themes. So the four pillars I talked about the four pillars content are Yeah, stories, video social proof and call to action. So call to action as in this is who I am this way do this so you can buy it and this is how much it is. So I'm a big, you know, promote, I always think you should put a price out there everyone can see them. And but those four types of content and having that rhythm going all the time, being consistent showing up adding new people to your audience every day, not asking them not writing a little love No and like personalized pitch Don't be too like just add these 10 people at least every day, who fit your ideal client avatar, you get a steady stream of audience build the right exact right people. Yeah, not like the show that Facebook has, which is just bits of everyone, you know, train anybody and everybody really, really nice that you put all this content for them. You know, you engage with these people publicly, you don't ever send them any direct messages or sell to them you and you let them come to you because you're consistently putting out these posts that say this is who I am so you can buy from me. People will watch you and they'll watch you for a long time and then when they're when they're ready. they'll reach out to you. So it's not very sexy because I
know the automation boys are like,

oh, but we'll get you 2030 qualified leads in your inbox every, every five minutes, and you just need to pay somebody and all they'll do is set up automation and a load of like, scripted, you know, and follow up messages and all that kind of stuff. And eventually, you'll get leads, you will get leads. Yeah, well, those people who are so on sophisticate if you don't realize how they've been sold to for staff, do you want to work with those people? Also think about the damage it's doing to your professional reputation. Because if you send out 99 messages, hundred messages and one person comes back to you because you get them at the right time. There's 99 people in there who think your character would never want to work with you. Because you seem pushy, and and weird and desperate. So it's kind of a try to think about it rather than thinking I need leads. It's like, how am I going to show up on this platform so that people come to me when they're ready. Now I talked about lighthouse marking. So like being really strong and who you are and what you do. what your values are, and then put your content out like a light so that people will be attracted to you. And they'll come to you when they're ready. And that is a really, really, really important sales psychology point because people hate to be sold to, but they love to buy, and they will watch you for a long time. So it's a long game, I'm talking, you know, you need to be doing this at least a year to be here really consistently. And you'll get leads for about that time. Or once you've been doing it for a year, and your offer is legit, and you're selling one thing at a time. That's the other thing that people don't realize, you know, you've got to focus on one thing. So one thing at one time to one person at one price, once you've got that clarity, and that's the most important thing. Then when you build your audience, and then you put your content out, you know, people will watch you for a long time before they decide to buy, you know, they won't engage with the store because why would they Why should they buy instead they'll come to you and they're ready. And once you get to the point where you'd be showing up consistently and I mean, consistently, like never missing a day. You know, showing up being who you are and not caring that you're not getting engagement and showing up eventually gets to a point where you Can't stop the leads because it can it compounds you know. So then you've built this incredible organic marketing platform almost without with barely any effort. That means that like for me, like I went on the other day, just going into inbox has like 2030 2030 leads, you know, sound like a spot without but yeah, that literally was about 20 leads of people wanting to join my program, you know, and the thing that you hear is, I've been watching you for a while, and now I'm ready. And I'm not a LinkedIn trainer. Like I've never had any training on LinkedIn. I've got no idea how to use the platform. I'm just showing you how I used it 10 years ago, and it's I've been getting leads for a couple of different businesses, like I said, so I have a social media business. And then I had a digital agency. Now I sell LinkedIn training. So I get it, you know, people are like, Oh, it's alright for you. Because you sell in LinkedIn and LinkedIn. for it. I know it works and having trained thousands of people, it works for them as well. So it's not very sexy and exciting. Sorry. And there's no magical or secret button that you pressed and everything works. You don't need premium. You just need to really understanding yourself and saying put yourself out there consistently and build your audience. And I guess that's the that's the bad news for a lot of people because they want they want it to be easier.

Josh Tapp 10:09 

Yeah, one, let me ask you this. So a lot of people I mean, when they're because we've worked on LinkedIn a lot as well, that's actually one of our main lead generation sources. And for a lot of people that we've worked with on a LinkedIn side, their cow, I've I've niched down. I mean, I've even done this myself, you know, I've tried them the method you're talking about. And if it doesn't work within six months to a year, what do you think the problem was? Was it boiled down to

Helen Pritchard 10:36 

it's always the office, the clarity, even I've got no clarity. So when we do any of my work, any kind of willing to do me always starts with selling one thing to one person at one time. And then the ideal client avatar work about really understanding who that person is. Number one problem I see in business generally, is trying to sell too many things to too many people and just don't have any clarity on what you're actually offering them and how much you charge in and what's in it for them. Yeah. headline, my help in headline thing which gets, you know, a lot of like negative feedback about and for the people use them love them because they work and that's really so that's why I'm like fine you can you can criticize it all you want. But the reason the template is helping XYZ to achieve x y Zed by x, y Zed is because that's the order people care about things in. So when they see you on LinkedIn, they're like, is this person for me? What's in it for me? And how are they going to deliver it? And I think the biggest thing I see is people get so caught up in how good they are, you know, and how good they are at what they do. They forget that people don't really give a shit about them or the business. They care about themselves, and what's going on in their world. So therefore, it's all about how can we make this super simple for people to see how they can buy from us. And then all the other stuff you want to do, which you can. You can bring all that in later. But you've got to have a hook and you've got over focus, you've got famous for that one thing, and then you can do what you want after so I get a lot of people come to me for help. And then so yeah, but I don't want to pick one And might well you don't mind helping you carry on doing what's not working then like that's it. You know you either you either trust in the process, as I say, or you don't. And it's not my job to argue with people about what's right or wrong. There are loads of ways to use LinkedIn. I just know that my way works. And it's guaranteed to work if you d
Josh Tapp 12:19 

Yeah, that is awesome. What I really love that because like what you're talking about, I mean, we talked about a lot when it comes to just networking in general on relationships, engaging your audience. It's not something you just do overnight, right? You're saying there's no magic button. I mean, what I love about your methods are saying, hey, it's it's six months to a year before you're going to really see a true result out of this. And for that reason, a lot of people are just going to disregard and discredit what you say, right? 

Because they're like,

yeah, that takes too long, right? I only have two months until I have that in time bankrupt, you know,

Helen Pritchard 12:50 

right. Yeah, exactly. That's very true. Yeah. I know. I'm far too desperate for that. I mean, the thing is, I always say to my students, it's like, not everyone. Prepare to do the work, which gives you a massive competitive advantage. Like is the easy stuff is easy. So everyone does it and that's why it loses its its impact. And I've been in marketing honestly like 20 plus years digital market. And then the hard stuff. They're like the spinner the hard slog like or like, you know, sort of doing you doing your hours basically putting your hours in, you know, not everyone wants to do that they want a quick fix. I see that a million times. So I just think I like the fact that mine's a longer game. I love the fact that it sometimes it works instantly. But when we do the five day challenge, we get leads on the Wednesday, which is like two days in which is great, and that's great for my PR, but fundamentally that's 90% just look because my my time still works. And some people have had amazing results. You know, I felt I feel my clients or you know, in a week I've done that, you know, don't get me wrong, we've got some great testimonials. Or you know, fundamentally it's it is a long game people need to give him say to me, I don't get engagement on post I hate LinkedIn and shit and I'm like, not LinkedIn That shit is it is the fact that you're expecting people to engage with you. And why always say is when was the last time you were engaged on someone else's stuff? You know, it's a givers gain market, you know, it just you've got to, you got to do time I think at stripes, and then it becomes completely simple. You just do three things a day, every day, add new people put some content out, engage with the audience, and it becomes a lead generating cash machine. But there's just no magic bullet, you know, and that's, that's, that's about it, guys.

Josh Tapp 14:34 

Yeah. Well, and I think what you're saying is the unpopular, you know, I guess opinion, right? Because like you're saying, I completely agree with you, you have to earn your stripes. It's rose things if you've talked to any successful person, everybody, you know, people talk about this all the time. I don't think people truly internalize it, it's that very few people have actually ever truly just made it in less than a year, very rarely. Most of them have made and they've They've made multiple businesses or they've spent five plus years and working here. I've been in business over five years before we started to see things take off. Because there were seven different companies within that time and tons of different products and iterations and what have you, until we finally figured out Oh, this is exactly what works for us. This is the method that works well for us. I didn't just teach it, right.

Helen Pritchard 15:22  

That's it. But that's what I mean is teaching is always, you know, you've got to donate. And that's another thing I hate being linked, like lumps lumped in with LinkedIn trainers, because I'm like, you can only show people it's gonna leave on LinkedIn if you've been getting leads from LinkedIn for your other business, right? If that makes sense, although you're just regurgitating someone else's training or someone else's. Yeah, my stuff is my stuff. Like because I sat at my computer and I set my profile that way, in that moment, you know, when I was, you know, a little bit drunk and a lot desperate, and I was like, it leaves in because I wasn't well. So I did. have any confidence come speak in front of people couldn't walk into a room full of people, which I know seems mad now. I know my name. So I was like massively in debt, my dad was taking me around the shops to buy food and stuff like that. So I couldn't pay for anything, then mind coaches or, you know, courses or mentors or anything like that, or ads No way. And I couldn't get to anything. So logistically are two kids under five and I was on my own and I couldn't go to networking meetings and things like that. So I think that's why I love LinkedIn. And that's why I'm such a big a big sort of like cheerleader of it is because it will help you get money in the bank for free. You know, you need to invest. And the main my proudest thing in business is the challenges because we help so many people who don't buy from me, and I know that those people are 10 years ago, me, you know, they can't afford to pay for my program. Absolutely. And that's fine. You know, we know 95% of people don't buy from us but they get enough in five days of training to go and actually get some money in the bank and I know this to be true because they messaged me and told me so You know, it's, I think everything you do is always for 10 years ago, you isn't it kind of it's like, well, this now and I can help these people and I can help you. And when you hit on the sweet spot like you were, thank god and i call it value joy, profit like triangle, but I don't know, I think there's a value. I'm really enjoying what I do, and I'm making loads of money. It's like, this is fantastic. And again, this is what I try and teach people, you know, you can absolutely have a business that's fun, and easy and enjoyable and profitable and predictable. You can have it. Absolutely.

Josh Tapp 17:31 

I love that. Well, and you've been kind of hinting on this a little bit. So I'm going to I'm going to dig into this section, because you and I talked to us before, but you talk about the LinkedIn method, really, it's it's more of a way to brand yourself so that people start coming to you, but that you also have outreach strategies as well that you're using now. Right? So you said you have your five day challenge method. So we kind of go through that a little bit, how you fill that up, how you convert the people, and we'll kind of go from there.

Helen Pritchard 17:55  

Yeah, so it's kind of interesting, because of course, yeah, I talked about the LinkedIn. I get leads from LinkedIn all the time. And it's done me proud over the years of ages isn't that kind of stuff. Now for me, I wanted to scale massively. So I was doing the LinkedIn. I was teaching people this LinkedIn stuff. And we were getting people in buying my courses, we do a launch once a quarter. So every every quarter we get we add people into the mastermind in it, you know, and it was really, I don't if you know, Phil Harrison, if you don't guys look him up, he's an absolute genius. So Phil and I started working together about a month ago. So I was organically feeding a lot of people from Facebook, because I get a lot of sick of this from my Facebook ads, right? Because people say, hang on, if you're so good at LinkedIn, like why are you getting clients from Facebook? Right? And I'll take a breath. And then I remember that, you know, not everyone's that bright. So the reason is, is that my audience, my real true core audience aren't on LinkedIn. You know, they're not on LinkedIn because they're terrified of it. And they want me to help them understand it, so they can go and actually Use it. So I see myself as like this bridge between Facebook and LinkedIn. so few people are happy on Facebook scrolling around doing whatever they're doing. You know, my small business owners are all in groups and things like that. So I've always use Facebook as a lead gen for my store, always I've done hundreds and hundreds of guest experts, hundreds of podcasts, you know, all that kind of stuff in terms of leveraging my time, which has helped me organically get there. I think I did. I was up to like the 200 k mark on my own. I bought it was hard. Well, you know, that was the graph day and I was doing, you know, five or six calls a day of podcasts and you know, guest experts, all that kind of stuff and posting in groups and some forms were falling off. You know, I was just working morning, noon and night. Absolutely doing Facebook lives every day and all the organic stuff that we see and I think everyone should do and what it was doing. I just decided to do a five day challenge. I've never done one before. And I've never been in one. I just seen them and thought well this is quite interesting. And so because the Feeling a doing a launch organically is hard work. I think everyone will probably agree with me who's listening to this. It's a lot. It's very labor intensive. And the five day challenge I thought I could do that before the launch and get people in who don't who don't know me, give them five days of free training. And then at the end offer them the mastermind, which is my call. And then I started to work with and I did a couple on my own. And again, it was great and I loved it because I just pour myself into the challenges like I do this thing like it because
I've never been trained to do one. I was just making it up.

So I did a live so I did a video in the morning. This is the task of the day and then I do a live in the afternoon up like this is the task of the day and here's some bonus things to do. Then in the evening, I did a live with wine. So I just used to sit at home in my pajamas and plant my hair on the head.

I imagine

the glasses are drinking a glass of wine and just used to say Ask me anything. So do these Q and A's but and you know it's getting like a few hundred people in and we'd sit and we chat and they'd ask me questions and I don't have questions all weekend. Friday, I asked them often to buy. And they did. And it became this incredible conversion method of people who've seen me or weren't quite ready to spend 1500 pounds on me, or they wanted to know more, but I used to. And also it stopped me having to answer loads of phone messages and questions, you know, can I just ask you a couple of questions. And now I was able to just follow people and started working with Phil Harrison, he said to me, Look, you got something really, really big here, but you need to sort out your automations and your processes and stuff. So Phil, and I have developed this five day challenge process now. So now, we spend a bit well, big in my eyes, I mean, the nose, I'm only small fry, but I mean, we spend a lot of money on Facebook ads to people who've got no idea who I am, which means that I can relax a bit with my organic. So that's helped me massively from a mental point of view, because I can breathe again. Because before I did all organically,
so what we do now is we run these ad campaigns

and just it's a dead simple It's like show you how to get leads on LinkedIn for free. You know, fight a fight, ain't nothing to lose. Come and find out. We get loads of grief in the comments if you haven't seen them. Today I people used to go honestly, you know, I used to joke advertising on Facebook when you talk about LinkedIn and all this kind of stuff and some horrible things about me personally like the way I look around, you know, you're a scammer. You're a liar. You know, it's just when anyway, that's Facebook Messenger again, yeah.

Facebook ad campaigns, you'll understand

Josh Tapp 22:30 

how you know, you're doing a good job if people start hating on you in the comments, right? Yes. Okay. I figured it out

Helen Pritchard 22:36 

to them all as well and then fill it with like Helen to stop. So you're not going to change anyone's mind. 

You know, I said,

that's just a personal development

thing of mine. I've managed to, you know, get myself out of that. And what we've learned is that campaigns people who don't know who I am, and that's that simple affair. We've sent into a landing page, obviously getting signed up. We put them in now and now we've got all these automations so all in one go. messenger bots, we've got emails, we've got things happen in teams and stuff like that. So it's really processed,

driven now. And all I

know, all I need to do now is the same as I was doing before, I guess I just turn up to the the afternoon. Hi, how's everyone getting on? Here's a bonus thing, and then the lives of wine in the evening. Except now we've got a much more sophisticated closeout process. So we have. So now we get 3000 people into a challenge,

which is a lot more than when I was in a moment. So

we averaged about 3000 people, people have no idea why I'm watching what I do.
And then we take them through this process of understanding their business. So the one on one method who profit, you know, the ideal client avatar, and then we show them how to do the headline on LinkedIn and talk about content on LinkedIn. So it's really a lot to do in a week in a week, but it's sort of fun, and it's fast. It's glorious, and I'm really strict on the rules. You know, we are always a little very moderated. I've got about 50 ambassadors who helped me in there as well, so they helped with feedback. and things like that. And then there's autumn also by message button. Then in the evenings, I've sorted the life of wine, but we get like hundreds

of people like 250 people in the life.

So it's a bit chaotic, but we still managed to do it. So these lives

an hour late, a couple of hours a night, every night for a week. Again, most people do I like it, because I think well gives me a massive advantage. Yeah, and then we do the offer on the Wednesday night, and then on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Sunday, we get the group up until the Sunday and then we close it or we archive it. So they have to make a decision by Sunday. Or they they have to book a call with one of my ambassadors to get and then they can do that then the launch happens the week after. So that's just been a really interesting lesson for me in how to scale a business because there's so many moving parts that was like people and teams and that even I was the Facebook Messenger bot under my house is amazing, you know, offers and loads of different options and ask them questions and gives them different responses depending on what the answer may be. I know again, a lot of people will be listening to this going, Yeah, Helen, but to me, I was like, amazing. And inversions are predictable. So we normally convert up 5% to the product. So

that means like, yeah, so this

last launch, and we're just talking about chatting about for me, we spent 29
grand on Facebook ads. We did

three challenges interlocks, we did an extra one, because we were in lockdown.
And then we converted our 312,000 pounds, which is a good conversion, right? Yeah, it is only cost in there. But people in teams attack and stuff. But still, I was kind of like, this is really cool. And we know now that the more people we get in, we've got the structure in place now.

Like it's not going to break it, if that

makes sense. So for me next 12 months, I think would be really exciting because I want to be doing challenges with 10,000 to 20,000 people in them, you know, for me as an actual show, pony. This is great. You know, like, give me like me, I love you in front of all those people. So, but it just blows my mind because it's just me excited. My heart You know my kids you know my kids have got teenage girls so they're coming in and out saying it to everyone you know they've got the fake lashes on or whatever or the died last time that died there and they're showing everyone or you know the cat brings brought a mouse in once and it was always like squealing the bathwater came through the ceiling once. So, I love I love the fact it's just so like, chilled. And it doesn't feel like a sales process. Hopefully not to that either. You know, it really is. People get so much out of it. And the feedbacks incredible. So for me, I mean, there's loads of other things that we could do and might do and we've got quite a heavy email campaign as well. We're not afraid to send out I think so nobody on the last day or something like we're pretty aggressive with the emails. But again, this time, the launch finished on a Sunday night which is unusual for us because we did this extra one last 30 minutes finished at midnight. Last 30 minutes. We I think we're between 12 and 15 people by crazy Isn't it like when you you know it's become so predictable, but Beside me think Surely, people aren't getting out of bed off 11 on a Sunday night and lockdown and sign up to my LinkedIn mastermind calls, surely,

but they do have the whole team are on the chat, you know, watching the group chat, you know, we've got six to go to Target five to go for to go. And then we're like, just incredible.
Our target was 300. And we did 212. And they all came in in the last half an hour. So

Josh Tapp 27:24 

it's crazy. And I want to kind of reiterate your method because, you know, sticking to our theme of the raving fans, or love about your processes, you're like you said, your competitive advantages you are giving your time. Everybody is always measuring their time and dollars. I go, I'm worth like a million dollars an hour and it's like, okay, yeah. So if you give that away to people, if you give it away for free, right, you're willing and not one to one, but you're doing it in a group setting like you are. You're literally opening the door for raving fans. And then you send emails to people on the last day. People like oh, I would, I would often out. But if people if you think about if somebody came to you and said, Hey, I have the cure to cancer, and they're emailing you eight times, and you had cancer, you would, you would be grateful they sent you eight emails, right? And you're just looking for that 5%.

Helen Pritchard 28:12 

I always say this, I always say, so when we do the group calls, and my son himself would never send that many times. I could never say some days, I'll post funny 30 times a day, easy. If I've got stuff going on, and we send all these emails, I could never do that. I could never do that. And I was like, well, I did that to you. And did it. At what point did you think God would tell him to show up, I always tell them to stop trying to sell me. I would tell him to stop going on and sending you and like we don't we love you. And I like that's the difference.

Yeah, right people.
You know, I'm very polarizing. You know, people, a lot of people don't like me, but a lot. A lot of people drop out in the first day. Because I basically say, Listen, if you don't like me, and you don't like the way it's delivered, you don't like the fact that a lot of people in a door the fact that I drink and that I swear and that my kids get involved and that is you know, and it's very casual. Just leave. I'm not interested in your feedback. You know, just go and lead and find some challenge that's for you. This is my house, like literally and figuratively. They're like, is my rules, you know, it's not for everybody, and we do lose people and what we do also, people just seem to love that and I are a lot of my audience are women. I think, like, I wish I could be that good with my boundaries, you know, and it just comes from, I think, I just, I think you can run it on wherever you want to run it. But you've got to be yourself. You've got you know, and that's the feedback I get, you know,

and, you know,

if I, if you think that there's, you know, 3000 people or 6000 people call who see me and see my name, whether they like me or not, they know I do. Yeah, well, I would say don't need to like me to leverage me, you know, if I really if you really hate me, and the government says,
bullshit, come in the challenge, and you can either be right or you can be rich,
you can't lose. Find out you know,

I think that is so so important to people because, like yesterday I got somebody I got a soilless Taxes. I thought, dude, what happened was a couple of Facebook groups, I think ones like 50,000 plus people. And somebody said, who helps? Who can help me with LinkedIn? And what was interested in the comments. So it's like maybe 3040 times for me,

oh my god, how amazing a challenge. It's free, you know, blah, blah, blah.
And then two or three types of other people saying I can help. And I just thought, oh, from a reputation point of view, it's so powerful, because I don't even need to go and say, I can help you and all these people are advocating for me. And I think that's really powerful. And if you're not yourself, it's very hard for people to fall madly in love you as much as it is hard for people to
decide they hate you're never seeing them.

Josh Tapp 30:38 

Right. Hello, that will help you have brought straight fire to the mic today. I've been really appreciating just the meat that you brought to us. Instead of just talking about fluff. You're saying here's the exact strategy, hence why you're attracting the right people. But before we sign off, how and how and when is your next challenge. How can people get Get on that.

Helen Pritchard 31:02 

Show pony. I don't even know the answer to that question.
And I definitely am four weeks ish time from now. And we won them all the time. So what I always say is, if you're interested in challenge or anything else, just follow me on Facebook. That's where I do most of my showing up like I do lives on there. All my life is on there. Like there's no blur between work and home, really. So follow me on Facebook, you'll find me if you say, Hello, Richard Warrington, you'll find me and follow me there. And you'll find out Don't worry. I mean, I've got a big free group as well. So hello, rich as LinkedIn marketing group, again, you know, you don't go there to debate my methods, you go there to do the work. So again, we run a pretty tight ship there. So don't think they'll come along thinking I'll be able to start pitching people to work like that. And well, there's a free group there and just yet, you'll find it. You'll find if you follow me, you'll find it Trust me.

Josh Tapp 31:58 

I love that. Well. Awesome. So everybody We will put those links in the show notes as well. But, Helen, before we sign off today, can you give us one last parting piece of guidance?

Helen Pritchard 32:07 

Pick one thing, sell it to one person at a time
until you until you get famous for that thing. Don't do anything else.

Josh Tapp 32:13  

That's it. I love that. Well, everybody, make sure you do that, you know, pick one thing so out to one person at one time, I can stand by that as well. And, Helen, thank you so much for coming on our show today.

Helen Pritchard 32:25 

Thanks, Josh. Thanks for having me.
Bye, guys.

Josh Tapp 32:28 

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