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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today I have a special bonus episode for you with James Kramer. I had James Come on because James started a new podcast that I believe is a great example of doing something that is your passion, whether the money is there or not. So James is the founder of the fatherhood rules podcast. He's been sharing specific things about the quote unquote rules of fatherhood, as well as some success stories top celebrity fathers, and really just helping us all become better people in general. So with that, James, let's hop right in. Alright, James, tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
James Cramer 0:40
Well, I've actually am this close to completing my private pilot's license? Oh, awesome. Yeah, I grew up always just loving flying on planes and just wanting to fly one myself. And then finally, when I did have the financial means to do it, because it's a very, very expensive little activity. Yeah.
decided, well, there's no no better time to dry and learn how to do it myself. So, just a few flight flight hours if you will away from doing that, from completing that.
Josh Tapp 1:10
That's awesome and even training like cessnas or you.
James Cramer 1:13
Yeah, Cessna a little single, single or single wing prop plane that is kind of like the basics of most everybody when they start off as something something reliable something safe and that's, you know, easy to fly.
Josh Tapp 1:26
Yeah. Have you ever ever heard of paragliding? Have you done that before?
James Cramer 1:30
Oh, yeah, well, I've never done it I'm fine to do it. I'm kind of a little bit of a thrill seeker so one of these days
Josh Tapp 1:36
I had the chance to do it. I said that is that is a dream of mine yeah hashtag dreams man. That's where I'm that's where I'm going one day.
James Cramer 1:43
I want to do something like that. I'll even do the the where they have the little suits. Yeah, based
Josh Tapp 1:48
James Cramer 1:50
That sounds like a good way to kill yourself. But
Josh Tapp 1:52
yeah, way to go though, right.
James Cramer 1:56
Drilling done, you know a while but
Josh Tapp 1:58
yeah, 300 miles. I was an hour into a class that's always fun, right?
James Cramer 2:03
I can say I did it and nobody else can ever say that I ever chicken of anything.
Josh Tapp 2:07
Right? You're famous last words. Yeah. Hey, y'all watch this, right? Alright man, I love it. So let's hop in. And so give us a little bit of background on yourself and where you're at right now.
James Cramer 2:19
Background Well, I'm born and raised in Tennessee, you might see my Tennessee flag in the background there. But right now I live in Oklahoma City. So I moved out here about 10 actually, almost exactly 10 years ago to start a new new career all by myself. I didn't have any friends or family or anything out here just kind of on a whim. I started a job back in Knoxville, Tennessee part time, and then they needed some way to kind of take over this market over here. So I moved out here on a whim and started up a kind of like a franchise company. And then within about three quarter half to three quarters of a year later I met my wife and then we've been married For let's see seven and a half, almost seven and a half years now. And I've got three daughters, two, which are six year old twins and then a three year old daughter as well. Oh, man,
Josh Tapp 3:11
you're outnumbered. Yeah, yeah.
James Cramer 3:15
You know what I'm actually kind of used to it. I grew up in a household. I had an older sister and a younger sister. And then my cousin even lived with me. She was a female and her daughter moved in with us. So I just, you know, in any household I've ever been in pretty much have been surrounded by female so it's just to make my sensitive side.
Josh Tapp 3:34
Yeah. in touch with your feminine side.
James Cramer 3:37
no qualms about that. Hello.
Josh Tapp 3:40
I saw so you moved out to Oklahoma City and you're so what are you doing now?
James Cramer 3:45
I work at the Oklahoma City zoo. Part of the guests experience department. I handle some of the rides there at the zoo more most particularly the way I was called a tram and give tours help train new drivers and I help out with many other things and on the rise and grounds and help with orientations when we have new hires that kind of, we go over a one or two day period of classes and everything kind of get them accustomed to working there. So a lot of things kind of I have my hands in.
Josh Tapp 4:16
Yes, I mean, you had your hands in franchises and running a zoom and most people can't say that, you know?
Unknown Speaker 4:22
Josh Tapp 4:23
So, you're currently you just started that podcast recently. That's what reasons we connected right. And that's what kind of sparked my interest especially because of your, your area of expertise. And we haven't had anybody on in this niche. So, um, tell us a little bit about your podcast and how you got into that.
James Cramer 4:41
Well, it's kind of a put two and two together. So I have a long history of, basically, for lack of better words being on a microphone. Back in early 2000s. I started doing some pa for sports. You know, like the Announcer I worked for a minor league baseball team. And I don't know if you've been to a minor league games, they usually have somebody on microphone in between innings doing. Yeah, fun activities and contests and things like that. And then I worked for several athletic departments and I still was on the microphone doing promotions doing stuff on the quarter on the field. You know, I've been in front of, you know, 10s of like, 20 30,000 people doing microphone work. And then when I moved out here, Oklahoma City, I started a franchise of live trivia. So I was in bars and restaurants being a host of a game, you know, trivia game shows, bars, restaurants on a microphone, right? So, you know, the microphone or I've done I've done DJs at weddings, you know, so microphone work comes has always just been a real thrill for me. I just, I guess, call me an attention hog or I just like to have fun, I guess. And then so that's always been fun for me and then something that mattered a lot to me. Once I had kids was, you know, since I was Little, you know, I've just always adore kids I love you know, even as a teenager, you know, playing with them and, and just always being a fun person or Andra or sorry, uncle. And then when I had my kids, it was just something that I've been looking forward to so long and I really enjoy that role. So I kind of put the two things that I'm, I feel I'm best at which is being a dad, and being some sort of, you know, persona microphone or host of some sort and talking to people and I enjoy that. So kind of put the two things that I love the most together and came up with this idea that, you know, a fatherhood type Podcast, where we're going to cover, you know, some of the more simple you know, common topics of the world and then some that are going to be somewhat maybe controversial or some you know, just like it's kind of elephant in the room. Why are we not talking about this? You know, that sort of thing. So I'll get guests from all over. And so we can kind of talk about the season, the whole hope is just basically I just want to have, you know, some episodes from time to time where somebody can listen and be like, you know what, that that hits me, right? You know, it applies to me or I can understand where they're coming from, I never looked at it from that point of view. So I'm just trying to help help, you know, dads out or somebody who's going to become a dad, find something they can relate to. And essentially, you know, maybe take a little bit here a little bit there and apply it to their own lifestyle or, you know, and maybe help them in some some way, shape or form.
Josh Tapp 7:38
Yeah. Well, I love that because you're hitting more of a passion instead of hams. This is just my business. Right? So are you using this as a monetization form as well? Or is it just kind of a passion project?
James Cramer 7:49
I wish No, it cost me money.
No, you know, it's a hobby, but it's also something that I feel very strongly about. So it's just much Fun is anything but yeah, it cost me it's for the recordings, studio time, things like that and other things that you know to get the things up and running, the T shirts, the logos, the you know, the the artwork, things like that. But, you know, I'd be lying if I said that I hope maybe something will come out of it and you know, I can make some money off this either. So my listens to me one day says, you know, this guy could be doing something else or, you know, maybe somebody wants to help sponsor or advertise or something like that and but if I can just cover the cost of Hey, I'd be just as happy with that too. Right?
Josh Tapp 8:39
Yeah, cuz then your your hobbies being funded, right? Yeah. I love it. I mean, there's, there's a lot you can do, obviously, to monetize the platform. That's one of our big you know, points here that we come across our listeners you know, as what you'd get a platform you can personally brand yourself. And it allows you to like you're saying to network, but also to follow kind of what you're more passionate about. And I love that you're you're pursuing something that may maybe not even going to be producing an income on one end, but it's it's there to, to kind of share with the world. The reason I did want to talk to you about this, though, was, I like you to share but we're gonna go a little bit into to what you've learned and what you've been teaching on your podcast, but also into some of the strategies you've been using. Because it seems like you've gotten some really interesting things set up in your podcast. So let's start off first, you know, with with your topic and everything, most of the people who listen to this podcast already run a company. They've been you know, growing up growing their business, they probably already have a family and a lot of them are probably struggling with how do I you know, the work life balance? I think, like you're saying, that's always tough, because everybody just kind of like, Oh, well, you know, you can't, you can't really do both. So what what's your take on that? What have you learned from your podcast so far?
James Cramer 9:48
Man, I've learned that
you know, there's some really
there's there's so many great ways to do what you do. There's and there's never any kind of just like cut and clear black and white, you can only do this and that's kind of what, what applies to fatherhood. And why I love it. Because, you know, there's some great people that have come into this world as a result of their parents. And but the parenting styles have been can be sometimes vast, you know, vastly different, you know, 180 from each other. So some of the people I've talked to, you know, have different methods or styles. I even talked to a friend of mine who's she's gay, and her and her wife, now have three kids together, that they did through various methods, and I follow them on Instagram. And I see them you know, from time to time, they actually come to the zoo a lot. But we're still friends and we see each other from time to time and they're doing an awesome job of raising their kids. And no matter you know, what you do for a job What you don't do for a job or you know what your your, like work life balance is. You know, there's so many ways to go about, you know, just having a successful life and being happy. And there's a lot of people out. There's a lot of resources out there to help you with that, you know, one of the dads asked me, yeah, one of the dads I talked to, again, the name escapes me of his, his business, I thought myself, I could come up with it. But there's a lot, there's a lot of help out there. And then there's a lot of articles being written. There's a lot of researchers, there's a lot of people who do this for a living. And I, when I tapped into this, it come to open up Pandora's box and open up a whole new door. Wow, there's so many things out here for so many people, a lot of resources and so I'm hoping to kind of connect everybody to that. So they can help themselves because one other thing that I've learned is that you can never You can't be too prideful to where you don't have an open ear to listen to others. And that's another thing that I want to achieve in my podcast is that, you know, your way isn't the only way. And if you if you stay open and stay humble, two ideas are, say open ideas and stay humble about yourself and your family. Then you can you can still improve as life with your kids, because there's something new every day with kids and parenting. So there's so many doors that have opened just kind of new horizons and things like that, that I've really kind of been anxious to see what else is out there and really excited to talk to you and see.
Josh Tapp 12:48
Yeah, hold on. I can completely agree with you on that. I mean, when you start, you know, having to be the host right? you're sharing information with people at open so many doors, because you really have to Know your stuff when you're sharing with other people. I mean, if you're a teacher, for example, I mean, the amount of effort you have to put in to actually know the topic well enough to share with somebody. Um, and I love that because it opens up so many opportunities like you're saying. So currently you've been you've been interviewing people you've said, You've done a little bit of the episodes on your own everything but the one thing I wanted to ask you about, we were talking about in our pre interview, so you've actually decided to do a panel on your podcast, which is actually very ambitious. So how did you get that set up?
James Cramer 13:32
You know, I'm still working on I've got some some folks that I'm trying to make sure I can get on this discussion. But yeah, a co worker of mine, we were just killed some time one day and I was talking about my podcast and it's a female and and we're just as she came up with this idea of a topic that I we kind of been bouncing back and forth, and, and it just kind of hit me. Oh, that's brilliant. Why haven't I thought of bringing some other people in. I mean, most of my episodes have been just a wander One conversation. But yeah, it is definitely a mission to have four or five people sitting there and try this out. So we'll see.
Yeah, you know, I wanted
I wanted my whole life, I've always been that guy that's kind of looked at it from an outside point of view. So even in when I was in a fraternity, or when I'm in a business, everybody's focused in on this one thing, and I'm just like, Well, guys, you gotta think about, you know, X, Y, and Z when we're doing a, b and c to or, don't forget about this, or what if we did it this way? Nobody ever thought about that. And so that's kind of what I really loved about having a panel on is because I want to get you know, one someone from an older generation someone from a newer you know, younger and, you know, female to male and black and white. because me and Joe Blow over here are talking in this just two heads and we may we may agree on everything might not make a great discussion on something because nobody's challenging any thoughts. Nobody's Putting in an outside perspective that we never thought about, like, you know what? I'm obviously not, you know, African American, black, you know, so I don't know how it feels to be in a situation, you know, similar or very different or female, you know, I never been a female. So maybe you were have a whole different point of view on this because of who you are or what you are, right? I really want to be able to have, you know, all the bases covered every angle and a discussion so that anybody who listens to these particular episodes can be like, I never thought about that way. Or she's, she's really, yeah, that makes sense. And especially if I have a daughter, and she said that my father was great at XYZ, but he didn't really do this, that and the other very well. And so as a father of daughters, like myself, that I was like, Oh, God, I never thought about it from the female point of view. So I'm really kind of excited about that. To see how this Turns out and if it turns out well, and I may do some more of these, but I'll still have the one on ones from time to time as well. And that'll probably the majority of the episodes, but you know more people have more, you know, perspectives and outside opinions and if they're vastly different, and I disagree with them, there's still something that can be taken out of those. Right, somebody else can can find some relatively relativity to that, that works for them and applies their lifestyle.
Josh Tapp 16:29
Yeah, well, I like where you're coming with that. I mean, I don't know if you've ever heard of the concept of the mastermind or not. But I mean, a mastermind is that where you're getting people together, getting multiple brains in the room to create that one mastermind because everybody gets the opportunity to share and if you're all there for the same reason, you'll have your own particular issues that you're having or though your own particular successes but but coming together creates that opportunity to for everybody to learn from each other. And I think sometimes people really don't understand The value of having multiple voices either because for some people, this is the hard part about being a podcast host right? Some people are just gonna be annoyed by me, right? They're like, I don't like your voice. I don't like what you say. But I really like that guest. So for me, it's like, well, the more people we have on there, as long as you can control the conversation, it becomes it gives a lot more opportunity to relate with other people. So I love that. Yeah, that's why I was just like, that's really cool. You've decided to do a panel that way. And I think you'll still see a lot of success doing that, because most podcasters don't do that.
James Cramer 17:30
Right? Yeah, it'll be different. And but we have, luckily, where I record we have, you know, four or five microphones and headsets and a comfy couch. And so the logistics of it should work out and the people that I have on, gonna have on I respect their opinions, and that's another part of it and try not to bring into some kind of, you know, john doe, from the streets that, you know, I'm like, What is he talking about? You know, there's people that I vetted beforehand that know least can can be articulate and are going to have some some of the thoughts that from a whole different upbringing that should be quite interested in here. So yeah, I'm excited about it. So I'm glad to glad to hear that other people's income, at least onto something
good, like, maybe a pioneer here.
Josh Tapp 18:26
Hey, yeah, I I honestly, that's why the podcast space is so great, because you can basically duplicate what's been done in other industries. And I mean, for like, you've been and you've listened to radio before, I'm sure they do panels on the radio. There's like nobody who does it on the, on the park in the podcasting space, especially probably in your niche. So that's really interesting.
James Cramer 18:46
That's unique, so I love it.
Josh Tapp 18:50
Well, so let's get one last piece of advice from you. So with somebody who's has this passion right there, they feel like it's something that they've you know, that they found it intersection, how would you How would you tell them to to move forward with that passion make it into an actual business or into a project?
James Cramer 19:08
Man, you know,
I don't I don't know if I'm, I may be a hypocrite in this sense of the word. You know, it was funny you asked that because, and I'm gonna try and keep this somewhat brief because sometimes I have a tendency to run on in my career right now, like I said, I work at the zoo, you know, love the zoo, it's a great place. A lot of the people I work with the role I have is great, but I don't want to be doing that forever. It's kind of a stop, you know, a stop in between whatever I'm supposed to be doing with my life, because I don't really know what I want to be when I grow up yet. And so I had this internal discussion in my brain like James, you know, I, for a long time, I wanted to actually be like a radio DJ. And people tell me all the time you have the voice to be a DJ. You know, anybody you So Rajab hooked me up, you know, I've never actually just like, I want to be DJ, I'm gonna go after I don't care, I'm gonna just, you know, I'm gonna spend 12 hours a day and do what I need to do or you know, and do the research and then put forth the effort. Or like a, you know, a pilot, you know, I'm going to be a pilot, I'm just going to go and learn and I'm all of a sudden be doing this, that and the other.
And so sometimes I get up those, the ambition to do it, and then sometimes like,
it seems pretty hard. But this podcast was kind of, I guess, maybe a little bit passionate, I guess, because it was something that is so the word escapes me here. so important to me, my kids. You know, I grew up in a terrific family household. I've lost both my parents now. And so now everything that they taught me or that I was, you know, in nurtured to growing up is kind of within me and I'm trying to continue that on that path and hopefully just make them proud. So I guess when I, like I said, when I put the two together, you know, talking on microphone and, you know, being a father as like, sounds like podcasts can be pretty easy. But, and then there's times where I, all of a sudden, I get up the wild hair on my, on my head or my body and I'm like, Alright, I'm do this and I do do it. So sometimes, and that's a complete honest answer. Sometimes I am definitely a hypocrite where where, you know, that voice is telling me to go do it. And I'm like, how that sounds kind of hard. And there's other times where like, I gotta do this, you know, or, or I get thrown into the wolves, and then come out on the other end, a success like when I moved here, kind of more probably to your question. I started up a live trivia company, calling a franchise if you will. So I I worked in Knoxville, Tennessee part time. I think it was maybe five or six times once a week I did a trivia show in a bar once a week. And then I got recommended to the president of the company. The guy that was over that area said, Hey, this guy's over here is pretty good. If you need somebody in Oklahoma City, I think he'd be a great person for it. I didn't know a thing about the business. I literally asked questions in a bar five or six times and then moved out to Oklahoma City. With no family, no friends, nobody I knew out of here and you know, never been to Oklahoma City in my life. All of a sudden I move out here good apartment. I'm starting a company was with 100% Commission. I had no salary no nothing. And I don't know if it was just stupidity or I just didn't know what the hell I was doing. Was was on my plate. Or if I was like, Yeah, I can do this. And so I kind of just I got thrown in You know, obviously my own choice I've nobody just like forced me to do this, right. But then I grew this company to the third largest market out of 30 plus cities and markets and the whole company. Just because I had ambition, I had skills I had desire, I was able to, you know, find some good people work with them, train them, and they did a good job. And then the business continued to roll from there. So there's, there's instances of both Josh where sometimes I get to be maybe too cowardly, or, you know, lazy. And then there's other times where I might, I'm doing this, and I'm not gonna stop until it's done, or it happened to me, and I'm gonna make the most of the best of it. So there's a little bit of everything from there. So I hope that's a good good, honest answer there for you.
Josh Tapp 23:48
Yeah, no, I really liked it because you're being authentic. So before I go, let me give you the obvious answer is I think more than people realize it can be hard to have the courage to do Do a lot of those things, you know, to step out and make your passion into into a business or into your project, you know, and I think sometimes, in my opinion, some people are just going out and saying, Oh, well, if you're passionate, go do it. But the problem is, most people don't really know what they're passionate about yet. And they don't know how they don't see a path to succeeding in it. And the reality is, I think with most people is, if you haven't done it yet, it's probably not enough of a passion for you. Because when when it's something you're like, Oh my gosh, this just works. Like you're saying, you put the two pieces together, like I have this skill. I have this passion. How do I put those together into something I'm actually good at? Right? You're good, Mike. So let's get a podcast out. Right.
James Cramer 24:45
Josh Tapp 24:46
So I love that, honestly, our whole platform what we teach is, is find a platform, you know, decide what's going to be the best way for me if you're comfortable with writing, right? If you're comfortable with being on a mic, get on the microphone. If you're comfortable video, do video right and So I just really liked the way that you were able to take that and turn your passion into, you know, a podcast. So I know it hasn't fully launched yet. But when your podcast launches, where can people find it?
James Cramer 25:13
So the podcast is called fatherhood rules. And by the way, that was kind of a double entendre, if you will, because my little subtitle is the celebration and education of being dead. So fatherhood rules, you know, it's awesome, it rocks and the rules, you know, the guidelines, the the how tos of being a father. So that's kind of what it's all about. You can find it on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts or Google Play with it. Yeah,
Josh Tapp 25:41
I think it's Google podcasts, Google podcasts. Anybody really knows everybody listens on on
Unknown Speaker 25:46
James Cramer 25:49
And then stitcher should be uploaded. So So hoping to get those out very, very soon. I've already got, you know, half a dozen plus that are already recorded. So I'm trying to make sure that I get At least a good inventory ready to go on the shelves so that once I start putting them out there then I shouldn't have any long droughts and I can continue to record and put those out there so that's what it's called I already got an intro that's up there on Apple podcasts and Google and Stitcher so if you want to subscribe I don't really know how that works yet to be honest with you so well oh sure saw that. There you go. So full disclosure not sure how it works if you subscribe or whatever, but they technically the podcast at least the intro was up where you can find it and it has the information about it. Those are all posted and you can search and find that so hopefully very soon Episode One should be uploaded very soon.
Josh Tapp 26:45
Awesome. Well and for our listeners, we've pretty active audience and so if anybody has any guests that they'd like to see on his show, you know, buddy who's got some, you know, top named people in the in marriage, family, fatherhood industry, yeah, is the place to send them
James Cramer 27:00
soundly, you know, you don't have to necessarily be a father or have, you know, experiences one, obviously, those are some of the key demographics that I'm looking for. But sometimes, if you have an experience for maybe a father figure or maybe your father or lack of father for that, for that matter, or something along those lines, are you, okay? You can refer me to somebody who is. And then also, I'm also always looking, I'm always open to, you know, to some of our topics. I mean, I have a list of brainstorm ideas, but you know, if you think something, there's a particular topic or suggestion that you think people want to listen to, or maybe you want to know, you know, I'm a father, how do I, what do I do with my kid who keeps on eating this boogers? You know, you know, that's not on my list now. But if somebody recommends it to me, I'm like, you know, that's a good question. I got kids that eat my burgers to make we need to stop that. So let's do some research and let's talk about you know, something along those lines. So, I'm open to suggestions. You know, I want to make this for you about you, so that you want to listen, it's not me just rambling, I get guests on, we talk about various things, and they have some sort of experience in this industry or that topic. So it's not just just do this, and they're just, you know, shooting the breeze, you know, for an hour or so we, you know, talking to people who have experience or knowledge on these subjects, and everybody can probably find at least something that relates to them, that, that they can bring into their own families or their or their lives. So, but yeah, if you have something that you want to hear, let me know, if you have somebody who you think would be a great guest or somebody else wants to be a guest themselves. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I love meeting new people. I love hearing new things. I love being educated. Because there's no way in hell that I know everything that I'll ever will know everything. But there's a lot of people out there who can teach me a lot they can teach others There's a lot and have a lot to say. So I definitely want to be able to to get that out there for everybody to listen to
Josh Tapp 29:08
awesome James well how can people connect with you
James Cramer 29:12
is probably going to be email just fatherhood rules@yahoo.com and that probably the I'm working on getting some social media up and running but like I said, until I actually launched my first episode, I don't want to be putting things out there for and then them trying to look for me there's nothing there so right but fatherhood rules at Yahoo comm would be the best way to reach out to me
Josh Tapp 29:36
perfect I will put links to all of that within the show notes that everybody can can get in contact with Yeah, you know, who knows a year from now you're going to be interviewing like, top I don't know who the top father is my dad
James Cramer 29:50
you know, it's a it's funny to say that I'm hoping that maybe I can find this celebrity of some sort. You know, there's, there's, you know, athletes and actors and singers who are Are some amazing parents despite their their schedules or, you know, their their inability to go out into the public without being swarmed by people. And so I want to hear that too. So maybe somebody were like, you know what, this sounds like a cool podcast and I can trust this. You know, this, this nobody over here called James Kramer.
Josh Tapp 30:16
Kramer with the sea. Hello, also, thanks for coming on the show, James.
James Cramer 30:25
Absolutely. My pleasure, Josh, thanks for your
Josh Tapp 30:26
time. Do you have a question specific to your industry that you want answered by a top professional? If so, hop on over to the lucky Titan Facebook page. On this page, we're going to help you answer those questions and get you connected with the top individual who can answer your question. So with that, hop on over to the lucky Titan Facebook page
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