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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have a special bonus episode for you. And I've got marketing expert, Joanne French on the mic. Joanne is here today to share with us how to multipurpose your content to eliminate content burnout. So Joanne, let's hop right in. All right, Joanne. So tell us something interesting about yourself that most people don't know.
Joanne French 0:25
Well, thanks for having me, Josh on the show, but it's something new happened to me recently. So I could I could tell you a little bit about that. I am actually going to start with a network marketing company, which is so bizarre because I'm a marketer, and I always kind of, you know, don't tell the network marketers, but I was like network marketing poopoo if I could be that crowd, you poopoo on your podcast, but no, that is okay.
Josh Tapp 0:58
Not not the worst thing we've heard.
Joanne French 1:00
Good, probably the worst thing that you'll hear from me but so I found this product and I started I started taking it and it's really kind of changed my life in a way and my daughter's life. And my boyfriend's life it was it's restorative Hell yeah, I love the product so much that I'm going to sell it so I just, you know, someone might want to punch me in the face. And it was a few months ago, I would have wanted to punch this woman in the face if she said this phrase, I lost 10 pounds just like nothing like just lost 10 pounds I don't know where it went off the hump on my back someday. But it just you know, and and that's not why I started taking this product. But anyway, so that was on my mind. So nobody knows that about me. I just started just going down the word of network marketing. Today actually so wow it's really because I just had such a powerful experience with this product is like yeah I'm waiting for like, like the hump to arrive on my back
Josh Tapp 2:12
Dre awards to start
Joanne French 2:15
to give up my you know did I sell my soul to the devil so?
Josh Tapp 2:20
Well you know what's funny about that is the some of the best products I've ever used come from MLM companies. They're just, they make such awesome products, but sometimes you just like, you know, I'm just gonna promote this to my people because if you have an audience, it's so easy to just promote that product and you don't even have to sell it as a business. You're like, you need to get I lost 10 pounds. Yeah, incredible.
Joanne French 2:41
You're trying, like you punch me in the face. Yeah.
You're not women. You know, like, forget it. Like you said, You know, I lost 10 pounds like, Oh, I just stopped eating cranberries are lost in pounds. You know? It's so annoying.
Your whole life, you know,
Unknown Speaker 3:01
right. Basically
Unknown Speaker 3:05
that's a whole nother podcast.
Josh Tapp 3:07
I'll say we're gonna go down a huge rabbit hole here. But so give us a little background about yourself though and how you got to where you are now.
Joanne French 3:17
So I've been in marketing sales and marketing my entire career and a market researcher
to boot so I've been in corporate America for I don't know 25 years Yeah, man I get it. That's Maybe someone's 25 years old that it's listening right now but yeah, your whole tonight so your whole life I've been you know, in sales, sales and marketing corporate America. And you know, I left two years ago to start my own business. I kind of was kicked in the ass to to get out of my industry. You know, I was laid off and blah, blah, blah. happens in your life. So I just, you know, proceed starting my own content marketing agency on my own. And it's been just a fabulous experience so far, I'm not gonna lie that there's some dark days when you start your own business, it's, you want to bang your head against the wall. But so far I've learned a lot about myself and a lot about the people that I work with and just starting from scratch and it's just been, you know, an act of courage for me and self discovery. So many other you know, business owners have different perspectives than people that work in the corporate world, where you're just trained in certain ways to you know, climb that ladder, you know, please that boss take on any task or any client you know, you know, the Can I say, sh i t sandwich It just that you have to eat in corporate America are very different than the sandwiches that you have to eat when you have your own business, because I don't know how I'm getting on the top of their shoe, so I just
need a spin on them.
Josh Tapp 5:20
What? And that's that's business, right?
Joanne French 5:22
business, right. But at least you know, I know, it's, you know, it's definitely a struggle to start up. But, you know, all my clients are nice. I choose my clients and they're not chosen for me, I get to work and network with amazing people. I get to do podcasts like this. I don't, I don't have to worry that my boss or the CEO, the company that I'm working for, because I'm the CEO, you know, it's gonna worry about what I say, you know, God, you know, Dan said shit sandwich on podcast now. Yeah, I don't know. You know what I mean? It's like that paranoia question. In America that that you just don't experience when you have your own business, you're like, you're free, you're, you finally get to kind of be yourself. And honestly, it took me a long time of still transitioning from that corporate mindset into my own business mindset. But I've learned so much along the way, that it's really just been, it's just been a fantastic experience.
Josh Tapp 6:25
Yeah, that's so awesome. Being able to transition is, you know, like you said, the scariest thing you can do, but also one of the best things that you can do for yourself, you know, taking that that leap of faith as they say, you know, and having having those risks in your life I think helps really helps you progress as a person honestly. But I do have to ask you, I mean, this is what reasons we brought you on, you've got some really interesting experience. It honestly a different take on marketing than most people do. Because, I mean, you've you've got a market research background, most of us struggle with that area of marketing or of growing our own business. So So what's gonna Your approach to your market research now you've got so much experience in that.
Joanne French 7:04
Well, more so marketing research really taught me that well being brands, you know, that's the research that I did for you know, big pharmaceutical companies, they really do spend a lot of time researching their customers. And it might sound creepy now that we're in the hole, you know, data privacy, Facebook and other social media platforms and so forth where that might be creepy, but to people in market research and marketing in general, in big Corp working on big corporate brands, they know their client, they know who their customers are inside and out and they do spend a lot of time and money researching not segmenting them to really find out what you know, what their top target audiences how to speak to them, what they want, what they need. So that training In market research really helped me become, you know, a much better marketer, because I know how to you know how to do the research know how important it is to know who your client is and what to say and what your brand voice should be that it just really given me a leg up as I started my own agency. And, you know, I, I podcast, obviously, I'm an interviewer and a professionally trained moderator. So that was also helpful as well. But you really need to know who you're marketing to and not you know, foundational to anything any type of strategy or strategic plan. So having that discipline that that corporate discipline is certainly helped me create shortcuts for small businesses who don't have the same type of, you know, millions of dollars in budget to do research and let you know, research alone little unknown Marketing, um, to really just get to those avatars and shortcuts that I've created. So that to help them understand their audience, yeah, a lot better and more in tune with them.
Unknown Speaker 9:14
When I think being able to take that sort of approach, you know, in your marketing really helps you to, to clarify, I guess the entire strategy, like you're talking about being able to say, okay, we're marketing to this person, you don't you no longer have to do any guesswork at that point. You say, what does that person want? They're loud online about what they want or what they don't want, and all you do is provided to them.
Joanne French 9:37
Exactly. You know, I mean, it sounds very simple. But, you know, if you're at a cocktail party, let's say, you know, who your who your audience is there, even though it's, you know, there's a bunch of people, you know, let's say there's 50 people really you're there's might only be 10 people that are really going to be part of your tribe, and when Want to be part of your business that you could target of that 50 people, and that's fine. You shouldn't try to appeal to a mass audience. And if you if you read, huge Seth Godin fan, obviously, if I'm in marketing, everyone's heard of him, right? I was listening to one of his books recently, um, and he's like, you know, what, don't become Taylor Swift, or, you know, any of these big giant pop store stars be the Grateful Dead. If you're gonna choose a band, you know, beating dead, the dead was low key, but they actually sold more than anybody else. Because they really had the small tribes of people like not everyone was a dead fan. Like they were just like, if you so if you went to a cocktail party, you got to know the guys wearing here and, you know, I don't know I don't want to generalize, you know, deadheads or the Grateful Dead or, or what have you, but you know, people who in that cop that at that party, you know, you kind of kind of have an idea of who the deadheads are. Yeah. Instead of trying to appeal to that mass mass audience where everyone is going to like you hone in on that niche who's really going to become your tribe and want to hear information from you because they find it so valuable. I mean, think about what they did. I mean, they got people just to travel anywhere and it really just like Hey, man, I'm going to see on all night I haven't seen one dead concert so grateful dead, but I don't know, I'm just I don't know why I just just never had I just didn't like them that much where I was part of their target where I just dropped everything. Go to No Buffalo, New York or wherever, the next day to go see them. But that's, you know, pretty amazing. And you know, I think said that in the book that I was reading with cricket would have the name of like marketing one to one or whatever he just put out and was like, yeah, you know, stop trying to appeal to the giant masses, which I think, you know, particularly people want to do on social media, they would just want to be an influencer and get you know, all these people like them, but you know what, they're not going to stick with you unless you're giving them something like the dead gave to their fans, if that makes any sense. But, you know, you could just say that the niches or niches, sounds cliche, but you know,
Josh Tapp 12:44
but that's the I think everybody knows it, but nobody really knows how to narrow that niche.
Joanne French 12:50
It works. It definitely works.
Josh Tapp 12:54
I was just talking to john Lee Dumas the other day, and he was saying that you know, you have to niche and tell her hertz. And he said most people don't realize that their niche is a lot smaller than they think it is. But once they start, you know, feeding that niche what they want, it all sudden grows and you start becoming a category King, right? That that niche King because you're able to, to, you know, get kind of infiltrate that niche and because nobody is really creating their audience anymore, right? That's kind of the platform that we stand on it. They're like a Titan, right. It's, it's more about collaborating with others, and figuring out where they're going. I mean, one of the things for podcasting that I really appreciated in my conversation with john Lee Dumas, john, I think you and I were talking about before to is, you know, if people listen to podcasts, listen to podcasts, and if you're being able to promote your, you know, your podcast on their podcast, you're going to become one of the seven podcasts that they listen to. And that's a I honestly, like that gives you a such an easy way to infiltrate and you don't have to spend $10,000 a month on adspend just to keep yourself alive. It's more about your finding those raving fans like you're talking about. So I really appreciate that you brought that up. I do want to ask you, though,
Joanne French 14:06
so cool, just by the way that just, you know, I mean, since since I started, I've met so many other podcasters. And they're so helpful. They're just so genuine and want to help out the podcasting community. I just love it.
Josh Tapp 14:21
I completely agree. Honestly, it's one of my favorite communities because they're everybody shares, which is amazing. So I do have to ask you, though, we're going to kind of change the direction of the conversation a little bit here, because one of the reasons I brought you on the show was really your interesting take on, you know, being able to Multi Purpose content. So kind of talk to us a little bit about that and your content strategy with that way.
Joanne French 14:44
So So, you know, I work with mostly, you know, growing, growing small businesses who don't have these huge marketing budget budgets, and where I always tell them to spend their money. 100 if they can, is in long form content. And what I mean by long form content is, well, it could be a podcast or it could be a video blog. It could be white papers, case studies, anything that in calculates encapsulates your strategy in one place that you can repurpose over and over and over again. So for example, if you invest in a white paper, that white paper can be turned into a smaller version of you know, of content and that would be a blog. It could become a in within that white paper, you might have a poster for conference within that white paper, you would probably have a speaking proposal for a conference and the white paper will help you sell Through. So the white paper is also can also be chopped into a lot of different social media posts. And it The list goes on and on, you can do a podcast about what you put in the white paper. It's you know, so I've seen seeing these long form content pieces in my career really not only propel your strategy forward, but also become the content content generation machine that can get ripped, repurposed over and over again. And usually something like a white paper, I'm just using that as an example. And there's a lot of other things that you could do. It's evergreen and has a long shelf life. Unless you know it's in if you're doing something in a white paper in tech where there might be just another competitor that comes out and, you know, that becomes old news. But that's not Not likely to happen and in most industries where if you spend the time on long form content, you know, it's gonna have a very long shelf life, that your sales people are going to be able to pull off the shelf and use to close deals. And if because that's all your credibility and evidence and evidence of, of how great you are, should be, and not long form content. So instead of the spinning your wheels on social media, you know, all the time and I think social media is important. But you spend some time developing, you know, making sure that your strategy is well understood in a longer piece of content. That
Josh Tapp 17:46
Yeah, that totally answers my question. So one of the things I do have to add into what you're saying as well, and I mean, a lot of people struggle with this. Okay, well, you know, what sort of long form content should I make and I don't know if you recommend any different lists. But one of the things I guess the theories I prescribed to is choose either video writing or audio, because you're going to be good at one of those, or good enough and one of those to be able to repurpose. It's something that you can literally just riff and you're done right? For me, that's audio. I do like video, but I much prefer doing audio. And some people would prefer to sit down and nail out a 15 page, you know, quote, unquote, paper or white paper or whatever blog article or something that they could repurpose. So I said, I'm gonna add that into what you're talking about, because I think a lot of people do struggle with that, you know, knowing where to start. So what's kind of the direction you point people where they need to start?
Joanne French 18:38
Well, I so I do believe that if you know your audience, you kind of know what what they want or prefer, as far as whether it's audio video or written form. And for for you, since you like audio. What's great about audio is that you could take whatever audio that you want and have it transcribed. And just do some quick editing and then there's your blog post, or advice or vice versa. Um, you know, video can get transcribed and turned into a, you know, a blog post as well. I, I like to write I'm a writer, you know, I, I like to write science fiction and all this other stuff. But, you know, I just love to write and I think, you know, because I was in such a, you know, conservative and lofty esoteric industry that that, you know, a white paper in that industry is really credible people are going to read it, um, but there's really no wrong right or wrong answer to it. Do what you feel comfortable, you know, to get to get it out there. I think, you know, you probably want to sketch it out your idea and make sure whatever you're doing As far as long form content, make sure that it's a solution to a problem, right? And then provide evidence to back that up and whatever medium that that you that you're going to use. And there you go, that's my job. I just gave it away.
Josh Tapp 20:20
Oh, man, your clients are gonna fire you now.
Joanne French 20:23
No, I mean, I still have job security because they, you know, even though people have the talent to do it, they a lot of them took the time to do it.
Josh Tapp 20:31
Yeah. And, you know, I think you're really hitting on a great point there because most people are so worried about sharing, you know, their tricks and tactics or how they do things, but the reality is, most people don't want to take the time to become good at what you're good at. Right? They're like, Yeah, I would rather pay you to do it because then I don't have to take the time to learn it or the time to, to do it myself. You know, it just saved them a lot of time doing that. And
Joanne French 20:57
I genuinely want people you know, their people to be Successful but yeah, that's, you know, that's, that's my model, you know, you have What's your problem? How do I solve it? How do I show evidence that I saw this, you know, not your case studies, testimonials, and you know, whatever that you do your proof, your social proof, anything that you have helps move that content further and becomes here, then you get you kind of make a little shortcut to that know, like and trust So, you can get to trust quicker by taking the time to develop that, that long form content. I mean, it's kind of, you know, when you write when you have a podcast or you write a book or whatever, you kind of that authority is established into that. So, it's it so that's a shortcut to trust, especially if you're talking about a subject that people are Interesting and where you have a great solution to a problem that they have. So,
Josh Tapp 22:06
yeah, that's really awesome. I like I like that concept, you know, the shortcut to trust. And that's a pretty awesome strategy. So I'm gonna repeat that for people. So in your copyright you want to be or I guess, in, in your content in general, right, your content strategy is, is find a problem, create the solution, and then provide the evidence, right, it's kind of what you talked about evidence that the solution is is you know, works well. I really like that because that's a that's a very simple strategy because some people have like their eight or nine points to, to content. But if you're able to stick to that those three framework of three that really makes it simple for you.
Joanne French 22:41
Yeah, and it's really it's really is that easy. And, well, your your Quick Study, because sometimes I have to tell people that 10 times, you know, a sink, the kitchen sink, into everything, but no, it's not. It's not a quality one. quantity of it. It's the quality of it. Yeah. Businesses solve problems for people. It's that's why they get into a business. You know, I'm a content marketer because I help people make more money with content, I help their salespeople close deals with the content that I create for them. So you if like Nike, they solve a runner's problems by building you know, you know, saving your sneakers or what have you. So every company out there solving some kind of problem, and you have to know your audience well enough to know what kind of problems that they have, and what their pain points are. So, anyway, that's how you get there. That's a whole nother ladder that I did talk about, you know, the emotional ladder to to a sale and and so forth, but Nobody likes to be sold to. So that's one way or one one way around it. And you've got your shortcut to trust that way.
Josh Tapp 24:10
Yeah, absolutely. I do want to build on that for you. Because, you know, you talked about there's multiple platforms you could speak on, you actually do workshops pretty frequently right to be able to teach a lot of these things to people.
Joanne French 24:23
I do because I can't shut up about it. That's
just like little Yeah, it's like, just please let me let me teach you this. So you don't, you know, waste your time. So I, throughout my career in market research and marketing I, I've always, you know, in market research, you have tons and tons of data, but nobody wants to read, I like to read. I like the data. I'm a data junkie. But nobody else does, especially in marketing teams. So you have to be able to distill that data. down and the best way to do it is through workshopping it out, where you even you know, are cutting and pasting little pictures or drawing, you know, drawing something just to get your creative ideas out based on some of the data. So I always found workshopping to be similar to finger painting for adults. So when I was in kindergarten, I couldn't wait to Louis. Like everybody had a station and you can only be at the station on one day of the week and, and I just couldn't wait for finger painting day because no one was trying to be anything. I just got to paint and be creative. And workshopping is like that too. You want to, it does, you don't want to be didactic about it or be per, you know, lecture people, you that's when they get to figure some stuff out on their own, and play through whatever creative exercises that you can bring forward in that in that workshop. So they really remember what they were supposed to kind of, you know, kind of learn and take away and then implement in practice. So I do this at the local level, just through social media marketing. So I do LinkedIn, LinkedIn workshops and Instagram workshops. But in my in my career, and I still do workshops like this for my clients is on strategic planning. Because once you get your great strategic plan together, and workshop that out with your team, you know exactly who your audience is, you know exactly what your positioning should be, you know, you know, what the, you know, the emotional payout to be all your hooks and it's worth spending a day in a strategic planning workshop to get that done. And, and out there with your team. So everybody's on the same page, you know, reading from the same Same script. It goes yeah, I did that in my in my corporate career with clients for big brands and they do it in small business you do it everybody should do those types of workshops as well so,
Josh Tapp 27:16
but I really appreciate that so people can actually reach out to you and join one of these workshops at your website. So, so let us kind of know what your website is here.
Joanne French 27:27
It's my company name is interviews, content marketing, but it's I nn OBS and Victor you is in Eugene se interviews calm and my social media handle is at interviews I nn o v USC to reach out to me to find out about my events and workshops, so it'd be great.
Josh Tapp 27:49
Awesome. Well, so people can go to that. So it's interviews.com or you can look her up at the handle at interviews. So definitely go check her out on those places. So before we sign off, though, Joanne, let's, let's get one last parting piece of guidance out of you.
Joanne French 28:05
So, look, have a have a plan, don't drive yourself crazy. It's not quantity of content that's gonna get you anywhere. I don't care what anybody says, speak to your audience provide value, give them what they need, be the solution to their problems, and that's how you you'll you'll create your tribe, you know, and you're gonna be like, the Grateful Dead Sunday, man, and
we're all gonna wish we were following you around the country saying
that would be my parting piece. So
Josh Tapp 28:40
cool. Thanks a ton for coming on the show. Joanna, thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.
Joanne French 28:44
Sure. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it. The
Josh Tapp 28:47
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