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Show Notes

What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. 

So today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that has been on my mind for quite a while working with a lot of entrepreneurs, especially newer entrepreneurs who are looking to advertise their business. And one of the things that always cracks me up is and I know I fell into this trap as well, when I first started as we decide, okay, I've got to run Facebook ads, I've got to learn how to do you know, Google ads, or SEO or something, and we put all this time effort and learning into something that I mean doesn't always have a guaranteed return. Facebook ads, for example, when I mean, when you record face or you do Facebook ads, in general, you have to spend a lot of your time focusing on the skill like learning and you'll spend hours and thousands and thousands of dollars on trying to figure this out. And a lot of times the ROI just isn't there. 

It's something that as you become a professional, absolutely it can, it can have a good return. But when you're testing your offers, you're trying to figure out if the market wants what you have. Facebook ads really aren't the easiest way to do It honestly, and I found I've shared this with all of you. But for me, it has nothing to do with learning an advertising platform. You know, if you go out and you decide to learn advertising, that's great. I did it as well. 

And it's been an invaluable skill in our business. But I've really found that there's easier ways to do it, that take a fraction of the time and they literally cost zero dollars. So I want to talk about a few of those methods. But the very first one and the one that all of you know is is you need to build an audience, all of these tie to building an audience.

 I don't care if you're a brick and mortar store, or you know, you have like a restaurant, you have a book or you sell information products online, maybe you're selling services online, it doesn't really matter what you do. The reality is that when you're advertising your business, you have to focus on building a tribe or an audience of raving fans. I talked about this all the time on the podcast, you all know that's really the whole theme of the podcast. But when I bring on these, you know multi millionaire people, the underlying thing that all of them have is a consistent stream of customers coming from a list that they've built. Okay, so the list, let's go into that for a second. That can be in a number of places, you could have an email list, you could have a podcast like this and have followers, you could have a group on Facebook or LinkedIn or any number of places, you could have a YouTube channel that you can have your website just doesn't really matter as long as you have a place that you can collect information. And people can consistently follow you. 

Most businesses who are successful end up having all of these you know, they have platforms on all these places. But when you first start, just choose one. I recommend podcasts to a lot of people because it takes like two hours to start a podcast and you can be on almost every platform, you know, Stitcher, Google Play iTunes, or what have you. There's just so many places that you can go to to start up an audience and that's podcasting is one of the easiest ways to do it right off the bat. But another way that I found is building your own group. You know, we have the tribe of Titans, which I'm sure all of you who are listening to this are already members of. 

If not, you can check it out at tribe dots. To the lucky titan.com. But if you go over there to the tribe, it's it's built with a specific purpose in mind, which is to help podcasters connect with one another, to help business owners to come and promote their businesses with each other. It's something that should be just a no brainer, everybody should be doing this anyways. But a lot of us are scared to get out from behind our computer or get out and meet people. Because we kind of have that a key word in our minds, which is networking. 

I don't like the word networking. I think it's hugely valuable. But the problem with networking is that we all have like a preconceived notion of what networking is, you know, we think, okay, I've got to go to like a chamber of commerce event or something, sit down and give out business cards and something will come of it. And the reality is that form of networking, in my opinion, I mean, has value, but it really is slow. It takes forever and like the ROI and if people are just there for themselves, the ROI is very low in a lot of cases, and it takes a long time to build your business. So let's talk about the first free method here. as being somebody who's spent all this time I've gone out spent over 20 What is it $40,000 now in in, you know, courses and coaching and all this different stuff to learn how to, to be a better business person promote my business, I found that it 100% comes down to finding these free advertising methods up front. So you can test it figure out if the people actually want what you're offering. And really, if you're doing it the correct way, you're just going to build an audience of people ask them what they want, and give it to them. 

This is something that a lot of people struggle with, because they try to do it backwards. They're like, Okay, I have a product who wants it, right? We get all excited about the product, but we're not thinking about do people actually want to buy this? And in most cases, I would say 99% of cases, you can sell your stuff no matter how dumb it is, because there's people selling some of the dumbest things online and they make millions of dollars doing it. But the reality is, you need to be focusing on that audience. So let's talk about the number one way number number one freeway to get business In your business. So it's the joint venture partnership. We all know this right? I've been talking about this in the podcast for the last year, and bringing people on. And they all talk about this, you know, the easiest way to promote is to create a joint venture deal, a collaboration deal. So I want to talk a little bit about this, because I've had some people asking me, Well, what does that even mean? What's a joint venture? And how could I use it in my business? 

So let's talk about that for a minute. A joint venture deal is essentially a collaboration effort that you put together with other people who have audiences of like minded customers. Okay. So let me give you an example of this. Let's say I am I'm trying to sell a fitness product online, right? I could be like everybody else, I could go and try to be an Instagram or Insta famous as they like to call it. I could pay somebody to help get me a bunch of followers now. 100,000 people following me and then we'll see what happens, right. But that takes a long time takes a lot of effort. But the true way to do this, and this is what's cool is you've actually got people in our community doing this and you can check out people like Joe Bauer Rena Vokoun voco. 

And Excuse me, I always say her last name wrong. Sorry, Anna, if you're listening to this, but she knows I have a hard time with her name. Anyway. So the when it comes to fitness experts, right? You say, okay, instead of instead of focusing on ads or anything else, let's say I have zero dollars in my budget, but I want to promote this product. So you have a workout program that you've built, you've recorded YouTube videos, you're all excited about it. Now, how do you sell it? So the number one thing I'd recommend to anybody you know, even in the fitness space, is Who else has an audience of your ideal customer. So if you're in the fitness space, let's say you've chosen the niche that hey, I want to help entrepreneurs lose, like, let's just say male entrepreneurs who have that dad bod, which you know, is me right now, and I don't even have kids. So you know, I'm getting a chubby belly and I really want to work it off, but I'm too lazy right now. I don't have a program to help me do it. So if that's the case, you know, I'm your ideal customer. What audiences do I hang out in, you know, I people, people that I listen to right so i can tell you right off the bat. So if you're in this Here you go. Here's some free audience research for you. We've done this for a couple other businesses as well. But when it comes to, to this so the customer like me, I follow people like Russell Brunson, I follow other entrepreneurial people like john Lee Dumas or Natalie or, excuse me, what's his name?

Steven Larson, lots of these other people who are in the funnel space. So you could know okay, I just need to partner up with people like Steven Larson. Yeah, he's a millionaire. He's probably got 80,000 to 100,000 followers. How could I find a way for us to collaborate with one another so that we can promote each other? And this is not about you just saying what value can I provide to them? What value can I provide to them? be thinking about collaboration, okay, if you listen to this podcast religiously, which I hope you do, we just interviewed a guy named Scott Aaron, and he talked about this concept and I loved it, which is, it's not about you giving all the time you do need to give it you need to get into a habit of giving. But if you want to create business, you need to have an attitude of collaboration. Find a way that it's mutually beneficial for you. to work together, not just a way for you to work for them, okay, you're not their employee, they're not your employee. 

So don't go and say, Hey, you should promote my crap because nobody wants to do that. But it shouldn't be the other way around either right? need to find a way for you to work together. So let's talk about a few of the joint ventures you can do. I'm going to stick with this fitness example. One of the easiest ones you could do, let's say that both of you have a YouTube channel that you're running to do some of your your workouts, you could meet up and do a guest workout, right? So you could get on and say, Okay, I'll come to your studio, we'll do a workout together. And you can, you know, your name gets out there, right? So they promote you. So you come on to their show. And they're like, hey, I've got the famous Joe Schmo here with me. And he's this fitness expert for entrepreneurs, and he's going to teach us a couple of great workouts right? 

And here's the cool thing. With zoom. You can pretty much do this all at home. You don't even have to go to their studio physically if you don't want to. But you would do that. Right. Those are the simple collaborations or let's say you both have a podcast and you come on and you talk about health. Plans for entrepreneurs with dadbod. Right? So you can come on talk about that on one of their one of their podcasts. And here's the reason why this works. So well. If you're trying to target somebody like me, right, I'm an entrepreneur, if I'm listening to entrepreneur stuff all the time, so I'm learning about marketing, and they're talking about funnels and ads and what have you, or like, you know, the financial stuff. If somebody comes on to that podcast and talks about being healthy, it's a pattern interrupt. Okay. So instead of saying, hey, which one of the workout podcasts Can I get on? be focusing on on the ones where you can be the pattern interrupt? So if you go on to a podcast about entrepreneurship, and you start talking about, you know, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, and how that increases your ROI on adspend, I don't know if you can come up with whatever you want to do, right? But if you can give them a tangible result, it's a pattern interrupt, and you'll get a lot more people following you because it's not just somebody else hopping on that show saying, oh, here's my way I do ads, right? Because that's just another person. running ads.

 So I like to bring this up to a lot of people because the the shows that I've seen the best results with for myself are actually not the entrepreneurship podcasts. What's been people interviewing me the ones that I get the most traction from? I'll go into. So for example, I'm speaking at this event. It's called aces con, it's for tech tech people, right? So they're looking to learn how to code effectively or what have you. Most of those guys and gals want to be entrepreneurs, they want to freelance. And so when something for me, I can come to them with a message saying, Hey, here's this great opportunity to advertise your business for free through joint ventures, right? They're going to say, Wow, okay, I could, I could actually do this on my own. 

I don't have to get a job. I could do that. You know, and like, I can spark that interest in them. Where if I just go on to an entrepreneurship podcast and talk about entrepreneurship, they're like, yeah, that's really cool. Right? So that's really the concept that of the joint venture, right? So that's the simplest way to do it is one on one so I go on your show you go Mine or I come work out with you come work out with me kind of thing. And those those weren't great, but I would call that honestly, the lowest level of joint venture. Because it's simple that you can literally set one of those up every five minutes. I'm not lying to you. I literally go onto LinkedIn, about 15 minutes can have three people willing to promote us, okay. And because we're doing collaboration, I'm saying, Let me promote you, and you can promote me and we'll be off to the races, right. 

So I did that for a long time. And honestly, I do love that. Obviously, we bring guests on our show. And that's one of the reasons because we cross promote each other. And we have some amazing people come onto our show, and I get to go on to their shows as well. So it's, it's a win win for all of us. But before I go too long, obviously, I've been going for like, what, 10 minutes now, but I want to make sure that I'm hitting this point home for you, because that's just one of the simplest forms of joint venture. If you really want to up your game. It's about creating group collaboration. There's a lot of different ways to do this. And honestly, in a podcast, it's kind of hard to illustrate this. But if you can get a group of entrepreneurs promoting each other, it creates It's magic. Let me explain to you what are the ones recently that we've been doing. 

And the results that we've had. I just did this this last week. We've been doing it for six months, but I want to show you the most recent one. So we just put a group together called the Pantheon, a lot of you have probably already heard of it, you can go check it out at the lucky Titan, comm slash Pantheon. But what we do is we just create a joint venture for you, we eliminate that time. So you don't have to spend all this time creating the joint venture, you just join it. And we've already got 10 high level entrepreneurs who are in your same industry, but promoting different products, so we can promote each other on social media. 

So essentially, what we do is I make a post and I tag all other nine entrepreneurs in my Pantheon. And they like, comment and share my post. The value of this is instead of having it be seen by the 10,000 people in my network, it's seen by over a million people because I have nine other entrepreneurs with at least you know 10,000 other connections and when we do that, it opens up to the tags. It goes on to the hashtags and anyways, it really opens our posts up to nearly a million people every time we do it. So let me explain to you why this works. So well. We made a post, I wasn't selling anything. I literally just said, here's this value that we're offering. And I think the last post we made, what was that one about? Gosh, I can't even remember. 

But anyways, it was a value post talking about, you know, that concept like this with joint venture. And we tagged the 10 people took me about 15 minutes to make the post, we put it up and had all these people like come and share one week later. Okay, we had over I think it was 1400 people engaged with this post. Okay, these are people who like, comment and share the post doing that God's seen by over a million people. 

The video has been seen by over a million people just little snippets of it. But we've had over 10,000 people who have watched the full extent of the video and in the end, people have been coming to my profile. The beautiful thing is on LinkedIn, you can track and see how many people come to your profile, and we had over 10,000 visits to my profile just in the last week. 

Okay. That is gold. That's something that you cannot quantify. So much brand exposure. But if it just stopped there, and we had all these fluff numbers, I probably wouldn't do this. But the value was of those 10,000. And this is going to seem like a small number, but this is huge. We had 150 people go to our sales page. Okay, we have a ton of sales come off of this because people were looking at what we're doing and saying, Wow, I need this right. I didn't have to even ask, they came to us. And the value of this this is the really amazing thing about this. If you're following this, this method, you're building these group joint ventures, every single member of the group should be having similar results to this bare minimum, you should be getting 1000 video views. That's something I mean to pay for that is way expensive. So do it for free doing a joint venture, right? So I could beat on that all day. But the reality is, this is a method that if you're trying to promote your business, I don't care what type of business you're in, even if you're like a network marketer or restaurant owner or what have you. This works because it's about human connection. 

It's about collaborating with one another. I got on here a while ago and talked about the captain Moroni, right the guy who had his his banner right? He went around to from village to village, waving his his flag and saying, hey, come join me, right? Come and collaborate with me and we'll fight. You know, what will win the fight against these these bad guys? Right? So the value of this and and I guess true the message of that story. 

And the reason I shared that is, the goal of a joint venture is to be that person, be that Captain Moroni, right calls those people too, you rally people to your flag. If you'll do that. You don't have to spend money. You don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of time. These joint ventures should take you five minutes a day. Very simple, and you can promote your business 100% for free. So I hope that helps. And again, I'm just going to shout out to everybody, go check out the

lucky titan.com slash challenge and then we actually have a 30 day challenge. We run through setting up your first joint venture, okay, this I walk you through every single day what you should be doing. It's a very simple process. You can do it five minutes a day, you can do it two hours a day, but most of you are probably already doing these things. I just want to center your focus on what you're doing so you can see
the result. Okay, so once again, that's theluckytitan.com/challenge and I will catch you all there.

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