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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up, everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Kathleen gage on the mic. Kathleen is the founder of power up for profits.com. Kathleen is a PR expert, and she's here today to share with us how to leverage free publicity to scale your audience. So Kathleen, let's hop right in. Alright, Kathleen, so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Kathleen Gage 0:25
Wow, wow. There, you know, at my age, there's quite a few things that people don't know. But the one thing that a lot of people don't know is when I was 30, I was on this great spiritual quest. And I had I had just gotten sober. I've been sober for 35 years now, and actually 36 but at that age, I was kind of looking for direction in life. And so I actually went in search of my, my great spiritual guru, and I was headed to India, and I had it ended up in Israel. And so it told me that I was probably so high during geography that I missed that part. But I actually hitchhiked from Berkeley to Israel at the age of 30. backpack through Canada through Europe, took one flight from New York to London. And the rest of the way I was on the road. I was camping out, did that for three months and then ended up on the west bank of Israel. And I lived there for six months on image shop.
Josh Tapp 1:20
Wow. You said director you hitchhike there? I'm like, how do you hit check across the ocean? Yeah.
Kathleen Gage 1:27
You know, I had a few people asked me that question. Well, what about the ocean and I was actually going to go on a cargo ship, there was myself and another woman. And we were going to go on a cargo ship. And we kind of realized after being on the road, for by that point, it was probably about a month that that was probably one of the most dangerous things we can do to be out to sea for a few months with, you know, guys that hadn't been to shore for a while. Right, setting ourselves up. I mean, you know, there's, there's times in life where you have these moments of clarity of going, what am I doing? Why am I putting myself in this situation and I think that's true. trip to Israel gave me plenty of bad opportunity.
Josh Tapp 2:03
Yeah. Well, and it's it gives you that moment to just think about life kind of get your your bearings straight. So yeah. Oh, go ahead.
Kathleen Gage 2:11
Well, you know, it's interesting because that's what that trip really was about. I had gotten myself in kind of a, you know, a dark place in life through drugs and alcohol and I just needed to really clear my head and I tend to be kind of an extreme person. So rather than just going to the park for the afternoon, I had to go to Israel for six months, but it was one of the most incredible experiences I worked to automotive shop and worked in a greenhouse with carnations and what they call gifts Ophelia, which is baby's breath, and I worked with Palestinians. I work with Jewish people, and it was really such an incredible experience that I have no regrets for ever having done that.
Josh Tapp 2:51
Yeah, that's awesome. Well, and so while you were there, I mean, what were you able to learn while you're there, I mean, you got quite a quite a bit of experience there. I'm sure
Kathleen Gage 3:00
You know, I think the one thing that I learned is that wherever you go people pretty much are have the same core values as far as just wanting happiness, they want peace in their life. They weren't loving their life, you know, so that that was one thing I learned, I learned, there's more good people than there are bad people. And I learned wherever you go, there you are. Because I went in search of something. And what I realized was, I didn't need to go 10,000 miles to get that answer. But obviously, that was just in the cards for me to do. But, you know, you can find spiritual enlightenment just about anything.
Josh Tapp 3:35
Yeah, absolutely. I really appreciate that. And you're able to kind of take that and you're able to leverage that now into an entrepreneurial journey. So take us through that journey. And let us see kind of where you're at now and the direction you're heading.
Kathleen Gage 3:47
Well, it's kind of like, the way you put that it's true, because I didn't really know where I was going to end up when I started out on the side of the road in Berkeley, California in the summer of let's see what year was Then at 385 85, I believe, anyway, you know, I really I had a general idea of where I was going, which was India ended up in Israel, and it was the perfect place to end up. And I think that's true in business that a lot of times we start out with a vision of where we're going. And we have to be flexible enough to weather the storm, if you will, because there were times that I had to really change direction what I was doing, I had to get really savvy as far as using my intuition. If I got into a situation that was dangerous, I had to figure out very quickly think on my feet, how to get out of it. And I think that's true in business that a lot of times we think we're going to start a business, we're going to create a product and everybody's going to live happily ever after. And the reality is, is that once you hit the road of entrepreneurialship, you really have to keep going and there's times you're going to hit roadblocks. There's times it's going to be great. And you're going Oh, This was the best choice ever. Other times you want to pull the covers over your head and say, What was I thinking? But ultimately, I think, what I what I've learned that there's a parallel with my journey to Israel and entrepreneurialship is that it's really about serving, it's about being in service to other people. And it's also about the willingness to make money. I think I see this more in women than I do in men that a lot of women say, Well, I'm not in business for the money. It's like, really, that volunteer somewhere, right? quite seriously. We're in business to make money. And the more money you make more, you can do those altruistic type things that you want to do. I mean, to animal rescue, and if I didn't make the kind of money I make, I couldn't rescue the animals that I rescued.
Josh Tapp 5:49
Yeah. 100% I really liked the way you articulate that because I do think a lot of people get hung up on that like that. It's either money or passion or purpose, right. So it's, but the reality is, is it one in the same. And when you're unable to afford to, you know, even live off of your business, you can't really progress in your, in your passion. So I really appreciate that. You mentioned that. So tell us a little bit about where you are now and what you're doing now.
Kathleen Gage 6:14
Well, there's a couple of, I would say there's three primary buckets that I work in, in my business. One is I work with bonafide experts. And by that, I mean, if you're 18 years old, and a life coach, you're probably not an expert. But people that have been doing what they've been doing for 10 2030 years, and they want to get a lot of visibility. I work with them on helping them to overcome their own blocks of getting on podcast shows and really, finding that is a great vehicle to reach the masses, if you will. That's one bucket that I work in. And I have several products that align with that I also work within the pet industry. And that came as a result of being very visible around rescuing animals. I've done keynote speaking at conferences. I do consulting with associations. And that's a real passion for me. And I get paid very good to do that. The other passion that I'm developing and I've just collaborated with somebody who has a very successful business in this industry is the plant based industry. And what that is, is I'm 100% plant based eater. I've been that way for about 15 months now. And what I didn't realize when I started, I did it for health reasons. But what I didn't realize was how much it aligned with everything else that I do, which is compassion to animals health and fitness, and the environment. So it's like these three buckets they actually integrate very nicely together.
Josh Tapp 7:40
Yeah, it's kind of fun to see your passions align in that way. Especially.
Kathleen Gage 7:44
Yeah, that's it. It wasn't always that way. And and it kind of unfolded with time and, you know, there's been periods where I would do something because I thought it would make me a lot of money and I've had periods where something I did made a lot of money, but it just was out there. alignment with my core values. And I think that's a really important thing, Josh, is that for entrepreneurs, if you're out of alignment with your core values, you can make great money, but you probably won't be happy. And so it's really finding that that bridge between your values and the revenues that you generate and bringing them together.
Josh Tapp 8:23
Yeah, I completely agree with that. And I really like the way you're, you know, you're developing that story for people because it allows them to realize, Oh, you know, where am I at right now? Is that is it, you know, am I too, too focused on the money or my to focus on the passion? So I really appreciate that you're able to bring that to the table. So I do want to ask you now so we were talking about this before, and this is kind of changing the direction of the conversation a little bit, but we're talking about, you know, your passion for getting people on podcasts and helping people to promote through podcasts. So why is it so important for people to be promoting their business through a podcast?
Kathleen Gage 8:54
Well, it's it's not just podcast that that just happens to be my sweet spot because I've been on both sides of the mind. microphone for many years way back in the days that am radio, you're probably too young to know what am I actually?
Josh Tapp 9:08
Listen to it last week? Yeah,
Kathleen Gage 9:13
I used to be in broadcast media. So I've had quite a bit of experience on both sides of microphone and and I find that it's a great opportunity for somebody to showcase their, their story to showcase their business and to entertain at the same time, bring value to people and reach. Ultimately, the you know, the potential could be millions of people if they get on enough podcast shows. And I started a program called the 100 Club and got that idea when I was out running one day. I was listening to Lisa Nichols and Hal Elrod, not at the same time I you know, I do tend to be a little ADHD but it was like I listen to listen to the other. Interestingly enough, it was one of those days that I was just looking for some answers to some things In my own business and working with clients, and I heard both of them say that within a very short period of time how their book went to international best selling status was that they had been on 100 and 150. podcast shows within a very short period of time. And I thought, you know, that's what I did with my last book. I was on a lot of podcast shows, and the magic number seems to be 100. So I actually created a program called the 100 Club. And the whole purpose is to teach entrepreneurs how to get on 100 shows and originally been obsessed of compulsive obsessive like I am It was like, within three months, you're going to be on 100 shows, but I realized not everybody works at the level I do. Yeah, so now I've stretched out to in a year's time to get on 100 shows. Now that's only two shows a week. And that's very manageable and very doable. So one of the things I've realized Josh in the time that I've worked with other people, is that I can't expect them to With the speed that I do, I tend to be very, very compulsive in what I do if I take hold of something, I take hold of it 100% the first marathon I ran was in my 60s when I turned 60 years old. And I went from never having run before to doing a full marathon three months later, just about killing myself quite seriously. And what I learned was, there's preparation for something like that. So now I train for the right way for for running. So it's the same with business. You have to train for it right the right way.
Josh Tapp 11:31
Yeah, I really like the fact you've built out you know, I want the 100 Club and what's your what's your reasoning behind 100 interviews? I mean, I know you said that a lot of people seen success that way. But
Kathleen Gage 11:42
well, you know, it's it's kind of like running a marathon. 26.2 miles is is the standard marathon. And in order to do that, you have to train on a regular basis because you can literally kill yourself if you try to go from zero to 26.2 overnight. It's the same with trying to grow your business too fast, you might grow it quite rapidly. But if you don't have a proper Foundation, then you're not going to succeed at the level that you possibly could with the 100. What that is, is that's a goal to stay focused and targeted, because a lot of times people will do something for a short period of time. They try it for a little while, they don't get the results they want. And they give up with the 100 Club doing it over a period of year that keeps them consistent with the behavior. And the the first month that I work with people. We actually lay their foundation we get their pitch sheet put together. We get their bios put together, their introductions put together because a lot of experts are really good at what they do. But they've never thought about the market perception of what they do. So my job is to help them to really formulate the the messaging that they they're going to put out to market.
Josh Tapp 12:57
Yeah, and so your whole goal is to help them create a place platform that they're basically teaching the same thing on 100 different places.
Kathleen Gage 13:04
Yes. And to look at the different angles, for example, myself, I, in the short time that we've been having a conversation, the shows that I could get on our shows within the pet industry, Animal Rescue shows, consulting within the pet industry, plant based eating health and fitness. Senior Citizens being healthy because, oh my god, I can't believe I actually said that I'm a senior citizen. Another one would be entrepreneurialship. Another one would be living your passion. So I can find shows that all align with that. And I direct it all back to the core message that I have. And this is what I work with my clients on is look at all the different books that you have, so that you're not limited to one narrow approach and in how you get your message out to market.
Josh Tapp 13:52
Yeah, well, so what's the what's the benefit to them? I mean, so for example, a lot of people are saying Okay, why I just already have a funnel. I have ads do all those things. So what's the difference between going on somebody's show and you know, paying for ads?
Kathleen Gage 14:04
Well, oh, that is such a great question. Thank you for asking that. When you pay for ads, you're basically paying to get people's attention when you're on a podcast show. You're the bona fide expert. So right now on your show, I'm the expert, right? And you've invited me to share with your community. So my job is to create lots of value in having my funnels together. As we're having a conversation. I know right now, people are going Oh, Kathleen Gage, let me go look up Kathleen Gage, and they go to the internet while they're listening to us, and they look up my website, they look up my Amazon page, they look up my social media. And if I have my foundation in place, then I'm going to get them on my list. And all it cost was me spending time with you and sharing my expertise. It's the same for my clients. It's like, you want to have your foundation in place because if you go out and get a whole bunch of interviews and you don't have your foundation in place, you're really missing a lot of opportunity. It's the same Same with an author who has a book, if you don't have your Amazon page set up, if you don't have your funnels set up, then you're going to miss the opportunity to get people into your community.
Josh Tapp 15:12
I completely agree. I love that too. And the best part is you can usually do it for free.
Kathleen Gage 15:16
You know, and that's another really good point to bring up is that you definitely want to look at the whole bait and switch that's been going on lately. I don't know who's teaching this, but they're basically saying, hook people in to be on your podcast show. And when they get really excited about it, say, Oh, it's only going to cost you X amount of money. And I've heard figures as high as two and $3,000 where clients will come back to me and say, you know, this show wants me and they said they're gonna, they're gonna promote it on social media. And I said, Okay, that's a tweet, that's a LinkedIn post into Facebook posts, and they're only going to charge me $2,000 and it's like, oh, no, no, no, donate that money and do a media release around the fact you donated that will get more traction. So be very good. Careful of the people that are doing the bait and switch. Another thing you want to look at before you're on a show is you really should be checking out the shows you should be checking out, you know, who is the listenership? What's the platform? What's the, you know, really do your homework?
Josh Tapp 16:16
Yeah. When and the reality isn't to me, I've been kind of frustrated by podcasters doing that, because the reality is that a podcast is meant to be a free platform that people can come and learn from right. And I think if you're charging to be a guest on the show, I mean, you better have at least 2 million downloads of your podcast or it's already worth the money.
Kathleen Gage 16:35
Absolutely. I have a client who was on a podcast recently within 20. And she didn't pay Yeah, I mean, this was a great opportunity for her within 24 hours, there was something like 45,000 downloads and she goes, Is that good? And I said, Oh, yeah, that's
Unknown Speaker 16:50
the sweet spot.
Kathleen Gage 16:51
Yeah, definitely. Um, you know, so yeah, do your homework and don't get caught up in the flattery because You know somebody who's really good at sales, they know how to flatter you into giving you giving you giving them your money, when sometimes that's appropriate, but other times it's very inappropriate.
Josh Tapp 17:10
Yeah, I agree. And I think some of the people are doing it at a point where it's like, well, you don't even have a listenership. Why would I want to pay for that? Just really interesting that that's happening today.
Kathleen Gage 17:19
Absolutely. Well, I'm in the process of starting a podcast show with a gentleman in the plant based industry and he's got a very successful business in that industry. He dropped 130 pounds by going plant based, we bought six diseases. And he and I, we've known each other actually from the internet marketing space, and we decided to collaborate. We're going to do a podcast show specifically to educate people around plant based eating, we're going to invite people onto our show, we're never going to charge them because we're doing this really as a service to other people. However, on the back end, we do plan to monetize through our own conversion funnel. So yeah, you know, if somebody comes on our show, we're not going to say well give us $500 because we have production costs. We have this in this business, there's a cost to doing business. And people need to realize that you don't necessarily have to pay the other person's cost in order to create value for their market.
Josh Tapp 18:13
I completely agree. And I like the direction you're going with that. Because I mean, the relationships that you make when you're in these interviews, for example, I mean, it allows you to create a business relationship that you wouldn't normally have with a lot of people, especially when you're starting off, being able to get into those, those higher level entrepreneurs, for example, or in your space, you know, somebody who's already seen crazy results that you can leverage. I mean, there's a huge value to that for people. I do want to ask you, though, where do you recommend people start when when they say, Okay, I want to get my product or my service or my business out there? You know, where do I start to get on these shows? Because a lot of people just get overwhelmed and say, Oh, well, I don't even know if I have the value to provide to them.
Kathleen Gage 18:52
You know, a good place to start would be looking at the shows that you listen to, and don't expect to go on to, let's say In the plant based industry ritual is a rock star or Joe Rogan in in, you know like the shock jock kind of industry. Don't expect to get on the big, big big shows right away start with something that's a smaller show, go to iTunes go to the new and noteworthy and a lot of those shows they're looking for for good guests to interview and put your marketing material together you should have a pitch sheet which basically has a short bio on it the topics you speak on your your headshot, and your social media links. Start with that so that you can formulate what it is you would even be talking about and then listen to the show and see if it's a good fit. Then when you approach the host and they're pretty easy to find. You can find them on social media, they often have a website link that you can go to they have a contact form, approach them and say you know, I was listening to your show and I really liked when you interviewed Bob Jones and when you talk about x y See, and I also talk on that I would love to be on your show, can we have a conversation? Don't send them a whole bunch of stuff to begin with before I even said they're interested like, I years ago, I remember a client who wanted to, she wanted to get an endorsement by a rock star entrepreneur, and she said, I'm going to go to this woman's conference, I'm going to pay $5,000. I'm going to sit in the front row, and I know that she'll give me an endorsement. And I said, You know, I think you're going to be wasting $5,000 You don't even know if she endorses books. And she goes, Oh, no, no, my book is that good and yada, yada yada. Well, she ended up losing $5,000 plus the airfare plus the hotel, and she was so disappointed. It was just it was sad, you know, so don't be sending a whole bunch of stuff before you know that they're even interested. And the the big key to all of this is become interview worthy. Like really hope Your skill, put your message out there, do some blog posting do some YouTube videos, do some Facebook Lives, because you'll start getting noticed, but it's a consistent process.
Josh Tapp 21:12
Yeah, one I like what you're saying about that because the reality is for most people getting yourself out there is not as hard as everybody thinks it is. It's just a matter of providing value like you're saying and create an actual story for yourself that you sell to people. And that could even be in the title of your podcast you know, or, or have your your homepage I think a lot of people are so worried that all the branding parts so hard and it takes forever but just one good story. That's all it takes.
Kathleen Gage 21:35
Absolutely, absolutely. What got me into the pet industry is we we had a it turns out she was a puppy mill breeder dog and she was about 10 years old and a sheep to a purebred sheep. So she had tumors all over her belly. She had just she was in really bad shape. And we thought we're gonna have to put her down Well, it turns out through her blood work, she was in pretty decent health, all things considered. So I decided to do a go Finally, and I just put it out to my community, I said, I'm creating this product that has nothing to do with the pet industry. But you'll get this product if you donate yada, yada, yada. Somebody who had been on my list for a while saw the story. She said, Would you come out and speak at this conference? I said, Well, the pet space isn't my industry. She goes, Well, you know how to make money online. And that's what we're looking for. So one thing led to another to another to another. And now about 50% of my revenue stream is in the pet industry was just because I had a good story and it had to do with this rescue dog.
Josh Tapp 22:31
Yeah, Sheesh. That is so crazy that you're able to enter a new niche like that.
Kathleen Gage 22:36
Yeah, it's I love that niche, too. It's Yes. Fantastic.
Unknown Speaker 22:39
Especially cuz it's a passion niche.
Kathleen Gage 22:41
Absolutely. Absolutely.
Josh Tapp 22:43
That's so awesome. Well, I do have to ask you, you've actually built out a platform for people to be able to go in and get these interviews, you know, quickly and effectively, right. So So tell us a little bit about your platform and where you're going with that?
Kathleen Gage 22:56
Absolutely. I created a directory of podcasts. listings and at this point in time, we have 500 listings. And those actually came from me going out and looking for shows for myself, my virtual assistant looking for the shows, and then clients who would hire us and we would look for shows for them. And we put this list together, it's been over the last probably three years we've been building it out. And what we do is every few months, we go in and we clean it up and make sure that the shows are current and that they're not charging people to be on their show. And we've put this it's called the directory of podcast listings real simple. It's a $47 product and all people need to do is go to power up for profits.com forward slash Titans ti ta n s, and it's got the directory with the 500 listings in a number of different categories. I've got some training material in there on how you prepare for a podcast show have put a one sheet together and it's it's a really, really fine resource for those people who want to Something right in front of them that they can go through and say, Okay, these 10 shows look like a great fit. We've got all the contact information, the links and everything. So we make it as simple as possible for people to be successful at getting interviews.
Josh Tapp 24:14
Yeah, and I really appreciate that. Because I mean, what with our community with the tribe of Titans, we do this, right, we help them get in contact with these people. But what you've created is a way for them to know all of these people are looking for guests, and they're great shows. And your job then is just go through the list. And absolutely, it runs your idea. So that's, that's an incredible, honestly, addition to most of our audience. So I'm gonna definitely be promoting this across the platforms because I think you should definitely be using this, especially if you're wanting to increase the amount of shows you have, or Honestly, it shows that you're on it on a yearly basis. So I really appreciate that. So I'm gonna repeat that link for everybody. We'll also post this in the description so it's power up for profits.com slash Titans. So you can check that out. Kathleen will be able to hook you up with some pretty amazing gifts there. So Kathleen as well, before we sign off, what's one last parting piece of guidance you have for us?
Kathleen Gage 25:06
Josh? That is such a great question. And I would say the the parting piece of knowledge that I have is live fully today. And I mean that with all sincerity, because from day to day, we never know what's going to happen. And if you live fully and you're in the present moment, you tend to get more out of life and you give more to other people by living that way.
Josh Tapp 25:26
I love that so much. live fully today. Well, thank you, Kathleen, for hopping on the show with us today. And do you have any where people can connect with you personally as
Kathleen Gage 25:36
well? Absolutely. Thank you for asking. They can go to power up for profits.com power up for profits calm, and if they want to learn about the plant based eating they can go to plant based eating for health.com.
Josh Tapp 25:49
Perfect. We'll add links to that in the description as well. But thank you for coming on the show, Kathleen. Thank you. It's been delightful. The number one needle mover in my business is joint venture partnerships. The following can be time consuming and frustrating. For that reason we created the tribe of Titans the world's first joint venture matching platform. Using this free platform you can find guests for a podcast YouTube channel or Facebook group or you can promote your brand product or service in one simple place. You can create your free accounts as tribe dot the lucky titan.com once again, that's tribe dot the lucky titan.com
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