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About Krishna

Krishna Mohan is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Speaker, #1 Best-selling Author, as seen on FOX TV and multiple media outlets, President of Genius Visionary, Managing Partner of Capital Street Investments LLP, and President of Gifting Boutique.
Over the last 20 years he has helped 3 Fortune 500 companies and several start-up organizations focusing on Sales, Business Development and Finance. His management style has been described as decisive and motivational, where success comes from a focused commitment to developing new business, cultivating relationships, training salespeople and creating growth strategies. He is involved in several acquisitions and mergers.
Krishna has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management MMM, an MBA-International Business and an MS in Finance.
Krishna is an acclaimed speaker and regularly speaks in various corporate events, boot camps and management trainings.


GENIUS VISIONARY INC. Is a business consulting firm a vision based venture that helps businesses in growth, business funding and increase valuation and position the business for better exit options.
GENIUS BUSINESS COACHING: We help business owners to succeed in their business. Our unique approach is results driven and helped several business owners reach the finish line.
GENIUS ONLINE ACADEMY: Genius Online academy provides education and training for entrepreneurs to reach their business goals.
GENIUS BUSINESS CREDIT: Genius helps business owners to build Business Credit based EIN and help them achieve their funding and financing as well.
GENIUS NOTES BUSINESS is into discounting Real Estate Mortgage and Business Notes.
I'm a published author. My Books:
1. Elite Real Estate Professionals- Leaders in Real Estate Industry ( #1 Best Seller on Amazon)
2. Insiders Secret to Build Business Credit and Financing
3. How I find $10K in any Business within 45 Minutes (Available for Free on my website: https://geniusbusinesscoach.com/ )

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