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Show Notes

Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Mark Galvin on the mic. I'm so excited to have mark here because he is the founder and CEO of EA presence. He's here to share with us how to maximize your engagement on LinkedIn. And I brought mark on today because he's got a unique take on how to leverage LinkedIn to create business. We've actually been using this exact process in our own business, but I also picked up some incredible tips in this interview. So everybody Listen up and Mark, let's hop right in. Alright, Mark, so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Mark Galvin 0:35
One thing you know, I always struggle with is I have two brothers and two sisters. And I always get that question. I think that that's the thing that everybody doesn't know. But everybody knows that. Here's the big here's my one thing. Nobody knows. My The reason I live in Atlanta, is that my grandfather was a journeyman in professional baseball and he played the minor leagues. And he has so he came to Atlanta and back in those days, the the team Atlanta and this is. This may sound a little odd but anyway, the team was called the Atlanta crackers. It was short for firecrackers no giraffe. It was it was short for firecrackers. Anyway, he and his wife came to Atlanta and they ended up staying and that my dad was born here. So I'm a second generation Atlanta, but my grandfather played two games for the Boston Red Sox. It was the season and to make the game up, so the games didn't matter. Right. This is unbelievable. It is so cool. So he gets up and they say, hey, Galvin, you're in and you know, and then sublette the bottom of the bottom of the ninth inning, and he gets up to bat in the picture. No kidding. You're gonna love this was Babe Ruth. Oh, babe, Ruth, struck out my grandfather. Now that's pretty thick, you know? Not often are you proud by failure? Right, right. But it gets worse. My grandfather stroke struck out against Babe Ruth, Ruth and he hadn't pitched for 10 years. They put him into the game. They said, Hey, Ruth, why don't you pitch this game? So there we are. That's that's my grandfather. But anyway, that's a kind of a fun thing about our family history.
Josh Tapp 2:06
So that's that the claim to fame.
Mark Galvin 2:09
That's right.
That's right. If you look up Jim Galvin, who Jim Galvin is the pro baseball player, you'll see that what is it some baseball history group? I can't remember there's an acronym out there that you'll see they do that somebody did a full write up on my grandfather. I learned more about my grandfather reading this this historical summary on this baseball history website that I that I actually do.
Josh Tapp 2:38
I want to go check that out. I'm just really curious now.
Mark Galvin 2:41
Do that. That's cool. That is awesome.
Josh Tapp 2:44
Well, Mark, let's now dive into he presents you know your company and how like what really kind of motivated motivated you to start it. You know, how you got to where you are today.
Mark Galvin 2:52
Rock on. So I spent 25, actually 27 years in the hotel biz, and I did the opposite. Inside I was a front office manager, I was an executive housekeeper, San Francisco and Atlanta traveling around with Hyatt Hotels. So 33 different heights did all that fun stuff on the hospitality side. But I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I always had this, this this thing of, you know, if I start my own company, there's no limit on the amount of money I can make. I'm not there's no ceiling if I build it, I the money continues. So it's not based on you don't have to worry about salary as much I build something that's that's much more impactful. So I can't I constantly thought about that. After all those years in the hotel business, I ended up getting a job at at a digital marketing firm where they brought hotels together with meeting planners, and so I was still Kwazii connected to the hotel business. While I was there, I really thought about starting my own company and sat down with an executive of the largest credit union of Atlanta. he's a he's not only a pretty powerful But he's also a good friend, he and I sat down had a burger we I was thinking about buying a company. And over that lunch, he outlined this, he said, you know, executives need someone to help them with their social media. They need someone who can clean up their LinkedIn profile and get them active. But executives don't have time. They don't have the time. You know, quite frankly, he said time desire know how to do this, right. And I was using that as my kind of the three reasons why people hire us and I've learned people hire us because they don't have the time or desire. They have to know how our best clients know how to do it. They just don't want to do it. Right. So I ramped up I said you know what, I'm gonna give this a go and set up a great relationship with my with a company I was at and and left there on extremely good terms. They were very supportive and started off the presence with the focus of helping executives get online and stay online. And I did that four and a half years ago, August of 2015. It's been a slog, you know, what I've done is started a company, there was no template, there was no hey, here's the here's the operations manual. Manual. There's no, this is not a franchise, right? And so building it from scratch. And Josh, you've done this a few times, you know what it's like, you know, that? I would. It's really not for the faint of heart. I will, I'll admit. And the problem is I have a pretty faint heart. So it's, but you know, I wouldn't go back. It's been absolutely fantastic. I love what I'm doing.
Josh Tapp 5:30
I love that you decided to go that route. I mean, most people, like you're saying it's not for the faint of heart. But the problem that people run into is, it's because they're chasing the quick money, right? They're not willing to put in the long term because what you've now created is a business that has huge barriers to entry because people, like you said, it's the time and the desire to do it. Right. I didn't, I said people aren't going to be willing to do that. Right? So that it's an awesome business model. When you've set yourself far and above the rest that way that's kind of where we feel like we've been is it's just the only thing between you and it is very little that between you and the competition, but they just aren't willing to do it.
Mark Galvin 6:08
Well, and I don't have a ton of competition there is some and and frankly, right after I started the company My wife is a corporate recruiter. So she's attached to the hotel business she finds executives and places them in hotels. She has 30,000 connections on LinkedIn. So kind of give an idea of what she you know, we are still very in similar lanes. She came home a couple times at all you know, I just found there's another company out there that's doing what you were doing. I said hallelujah. This right yeah, that's right. You know, I we need more people doing this because there are so many people that need this help. This is a target rich environment. There's lots of folks who who know this is important who just don't know how, or I really don't want to do this and i and i, i stammer on the I don't know how that was one of the things I got stuck on my Perfect market my and I sat down, I looked at all of my clients, I did this whole grid on which client what kind of client is best for us. And that's where I found out. All of my clients are on Facebook, all of them are active on Facebook, it appears they appreciate social media, they when they get into the Monday through Friday, if that's what they work slog they don't want to pivot and try to do thing on on LinkedIn, but they know it's important.
Josh Tapp 7:24
Yeah. Well, so I'm going to challenge something here for you. So you said, a lot of people say well, they know it's important, but why? Why is social media so important?
Mark Galvin 7:34
So this is, this is so this is such a basic now that most people know this answer. The first impression today is digital. So when you and I met, and I can't remember how you and I came across each other, it actually could have been LinkedIn like
Josh Tapp 7:52
last year, I found you on LinkedIn.
Mark Galvin 7:54
So my first impression of you was on LinkedIn. So as soon as you pinged me on I went straight to your profile to see who you were. And if your presence was not, if it wasn't impressive, I probably would not have wanted to connect with you. Or at least get on the phone and have a chat with you. That digital first impression is so important. So you got to control it. And if it is one more year being compared, right, let's talk about you know, maybe it's a promotion. If you are looking for a promotion internally, and you're in your 40s, maybe 50s, you're not going to get a promotion because you're not relevant if you're not on LinkedIn. And if your competition's on LinkedIn, and they have a good profile, they look more relevant. In fact, they they are more relevant. That's the first The next one is business wise, if I am an owner, and I have clients that I'm trying to attract, for whatever my product is, those clients are going to go to LinkedIn to find out more about my company. What do I believe what's my what's important to me, maybe are people endorsing me? Why should I work with said person, if I can't find them on LinkedIn is Especially if my competition is on LinkedIn, there's a comparison. You've got to be there just to control that first impression. There's one more thing that's extremely important. And that is the age of the workers that are coming into our market. Now, the word the, their, their experience. They're very social media savvy. They're jumping into LinkedIn headfirst. And they're making judgments on where they want to work. Who do they want to work with? And do they want to do business and when based on what social media looks like, they don't want business cards anymore. They simply want to know what your LinkedIn profile, you know, give me let me scan your QR code for LinkedIn, which there is one for LinkedIn. Let me scan your QR code and I'll connect with you that way. So people need to make sure their phone numbers on there, that there there's an email on there that I can connect with you. And for the record, don't put your phone number in your header on LinkedIn. That's it that blows up the terms and conditions on LinkedIn and they've started to kick people off for Put your link Yeah, put your phone number in the contact tab because where people are going to go click contact, have a phone number there, don't do, don't do your your mobile phone. I do recommend that because mobile phone numbers are now personal ID identification when you get a credit card in the mail, right, pull up your cell phone, you punch in the number on the front of the credit card activate and they say, oh, Josh, thank you very much for calling us your credit card is now activated. So your cell phones, personal info, use your office line, or I say go to Google Voice and get a free number and forward it to yourself. But get a phone number on there. So those are the type of things why is it important, people are gonna look for you on LinkedIn, they're gonna wanna know how to connect with you. And it's that digital first impression for so many reasons. So many ways. The ROI is there you will you may not know it, but you're going to get more business influence more business by having a robust LinkedIn profile.
Josh Tapp 10:54
Yeah, well, and I really love that you're focusing on LinkedIn because, I mean, I preach this pretty heavily To our audience, you know, LinkedIn is the reason why we've been able to succeed. And it's given us the highest level connections. But it's like, in my opinion, it's just because the whole focus is different of LinkedIn. It's not about let me post about my dog. I mean, people like that gets shut down like, right, right. Unless it's their business. Right. But then they're, I mean, that the whole attitude of people on there is, I mean, there's no barrier between you and them. It's just a matter of if you're a cordial, nice person, you can get in contact with anybody online. Right? Absolutely. But to me,
Mark Galvin 11:31
yeah, I do worry about the future of LinkedIn. Agree if the my here's my worry is that the, the LinkedIn automation systems are going to dilute the value. So right now I get a ton of direct messages on LinkedIn, from LinkedIn messenger. And those messages are a lot more coming from automated systems. And that could be Write people away. Most of the executives that I know that hire us want us to check their LinkedIn messenger to let them know when they get a real message. They delete all that other garbage. So that could drive people away from it. And then the other one is, I'm starting to see more and more political posts on LinkedIn. Right, that's new to that space that will also push people away. People like coming to LinkedIn to hear business related information. And to stay connected to those people who can help them in whatever that case is from business helped me get a job helped me get a promotion helped me find new clients helped me build alliances like this. As long as that continues to be the predominant return on LinkedIn, I think it will continue to be extremely valuable.
Josh Tapp 12:47
Yeah, and I really appreciate that you're seeing that because one of the things that we've even been concerned about is social media starting to fragment. There's becoming so many different places that you have to start determining Where your ideal audience is going to stay? And you have to almost check that weekly, you know, to know, okay, are they still here? I mean, do they still spend their time on LinkedIn? Or are they on Twitter? Are they, you know, on one to 50 other platforms that they're
Mark Galvin 13:12
absolutely. And that's, that's a struggle in some of our, some of my clients come to us they say, why would I do this? I don't think anybody's watching it. I don't think my client I don't think my audience is paying attention to LinkedIn because I don't, number 160 percent of people are looking at their feed at least once a month. And around 40% are on their feed once a week. So you know, six out of 10 people are probably going to see your post if if you're if you get good engagement, and that's important. Engagement is everything. You can post garbage and nobody's going to see it. But if you have engaging posts that people are liking people are commenting, then your that LinkedIn is going to push that in front of your audience. So those folks are going to see it and if you if you have someone that you are worried isn't going to see it Then see your posts, there's a way to engage them. So let's say, Josh, you're, you're a target of mine. And I need to make sure you, you see me as often as possible. You're not going to buy from me today. And this is important, LinkedIn, or all social media influences 93% of buying decisions today. So 93% of buying decisions are influenced by all of social media, not just LinkedIn all. Most of the time. If you have a product that I'm interested in buying, especially in business, I may not need it today. Let's say you want to let's say you are you do business loans, commercial loans. I don't need a business loan today, but I might need one six months, right? How do you stay in front of me to remind me that you are someone that can provide me a solution? And I say that's through LinkedIn. Here's how I would do it if you were a target of mine. So we'll split the tables. You're I'm the commercial loan officer. And I want you to remember when you're ready to eat alone to call me, this is what I would do. I would share content and Make sure that you saw if you're on your feed great content, that's the first check. And that's for my entire audience. But then I'm gonna go into your profile on a weekly basis, and I'm gonna look at what you're posting. And I'm gonna like what you're posting and comment on it. And be genuine. I'm gonna be honest, if you say something I think is interesting. I'm gonna say it's interesting Why? I may even ask you a question. But I'm so engaged with you with the content that you're sharing. But what if you're not sharing any content? Well, then I'm going to go and I'm going to find some content that I think that you'll find interesting. So you are it you're a digital marketer, right? You're you like to do podcasts. I could go out and find something that's podcasts related. post it to my feed, and tag you in post and say, Hey, Josh, check out this. This great tip on podcast. I think that that's this and this and this are interesting. I would tag whoever, whoever posted it. And then I would also put some great hashtags like entrepreneurship entrepreneur It is followed by over a million people on LinkedIn for the record. So use that hashtag all day long. So I'm pushing all that content to all them into my regular audience. Awesome. I'm going to notify you that something's out there that you should check out. All I'm doing is I'm giving you value. I'm showing you that I'm remembering you. And as a result, when you're ready to get that commercial loan, you're gonna say, gosh, you know what, I should check out I should call this Galvin guy cuz he could probably help me.
Josh Tapp 16:28
Yeah, I really appreciate that. Because a lot of people are, you know, they're, they're trying to speed up that process and say, How quickly can I get people, you know, through social media, but what you're talking about is that long term relationship that you can develop, and it takes very little effort. But especially, I mean, I love the fact you use commercial loans as a good example because, I mean, they make a lot of money off of that. So it's a super high ticket sale, and when they know that they're like, Okay, if I can spend five minutes a day, promoting this person or like following this person's stuff, I could eventually When they do need it within the year, maybe took you four or five hours throughout the year to really cultivate that relationship, but you are the person they're going to go to.
Mark Galvin 17:08
Yeah, and I will, I will tell you, I wouldn't even do it daily, weekly. So I suggest on Monday nights, and there's a reason for Monday nights, but on Monday night, at the end of the day, block out 30 minutes, just on Monday, and go after your top 10 prospects and like their posts or share something with those top 10 prospects on LinkedIn. And the reason I want you to do it on Monday night is because Tuesday morning is when LinkedIn blows up. Something about people are back in the office on Monday. They don't have time for LinkedIn. They come in the office on Tuesday morning like oh my god, okay the day you know, the weeks off and running. I got Monday done. I think I'll pop on the LinkedIn so early in the morning on Tuesdays is when a lot of people hit LinkedIn. They also hit LinkedIn. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays all three of these days in the five to seven Seven o'clock 536 30 hour. So those are the two time periods. But if you hit Monday nights, you'd have a good shot of capturing them on Tuesday morning and or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night to Thursday mornings, also a good day as well on on LinkedIn. And this data, when is the good time to post on LinkedIn, just search it. So when is a good time to post and there's some great content that's out there. We I've got this thing right over the top of my, my computer here that outlines Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And I just keep it here so that I remember when it's good time to post lunch times. also a good time to post for the record.
Josh Tapp 18:36
Yeah. Well, so a lot of the people are probably saying a lot of our listeners are probably saying, What, what's the best way for them to start creating engaging content? Because there are some people who are willing to do this? And yeah, I mean, I know that frequency is important, right? You're even talking once a week. I mean, what type of content should they be posting?
Mark Galvin 18:56
So I got you got to back up and I got a they have to ask me question first, and that is who's their audience? So take this step back. Who do you want to talk to? And make sure you specifically speak to that audience? So here's an example is, there is there are some people that I don't want to talk to, I'm not interested in, in talking to government employees. Good example, right? They're never gonna hire me. They may. Actually, I'd love for politicians to hire. So hey, if you're running for office, we can do the sidebar. But so speak to exactly who your audience is. My audience is entrepreneurs, lawyers are good targets for us, as well as solopreneurs. These are all these folks, these targets are the people that I really want to speak to. So now that I know that I need to find content that they're going to find interesting. Thankfully, I'm I fit in that category. So I look at me and I look at myself internally, what do I find that's engaging? Number one, I find that ways to build ROI and build sales is very interesting to me. Well, every solopreneur is going to want know that type of information. Great. Where can I get that from? You get that from a number of places. Harvard Business Review is a great place to pull content from as an example, there's so many, that's an example of one place. So I could go there, I could find something on ways to new techniques for sales. And I could drop it on my feed, but don't just drop it on your feet. I'm gonna tell you guys a trick. LinkedIn does not like when you post something on there, and you drop a link to an article, and you say a couple of words on it, they're going to take that and more or less throw it out. It's almost as if it doesn't exist. It is much better to type something in there and engage with someone. So I mentioned about you as an example, if I was that commercial loan officer and tagging you, but if I tagged somebody in my post, it moves it up in the algorithms value, okay, there is some engagement going on here. So I really every post I want to put in and I want to tag a person and tag a company So I'm in, I'm employing two methods here and trying to grow my audience that way. The other thing I want to do is I want to use hashtags. You go to LinkedIn, go to the search bar, type in hashtag and whatever term you want, hit enter. Don't Don't let the it auto answer. What's there's that pulldown menu that appears on LinkedIn. That's the auto answer I'm talking about. Don't wait for that. Hit enter. The next window that appears will show on the top of the screen the hashtag and how many people follow it. People follow hashtags. entrepreneurships a great way to do that right now. Hashtag entrepreneurship, hit enter. Watch that what shows up the top of the screen, it's a million something people follow that hashtag. So let's put those on every single post. Let's put entrepreneurship let's put some other things that you think are interesting. I encourage folks to use a hashtag that is branded to them. So for example with you, every post you put out there should be hashtag lucky Titan, right in the in whatever that looks like and you use it consistently. Your audience Get used to seeing it, they may start to follow it. Or they can find you faster using that hashtag because they maybe they don't remember, or maybe the handle for your company's not available on LinkedIn. So use the lucky Titan hashtag and maybe you income. You know, maybe there's another company that that pulls up. I doubt it, but maybe it does. But that's fine. You're in that mix. So it makes it makes it easier for people to find you. But that will drive that post up more. And then if you have and this is a hack, this is a trick. If you have 12345 friends that have a lot of connections on LinkedIn, ask them for a deal say hey, listen, when I got an important post, can I send you a text message will you like my post?
So if you got something, maybe once a week, or maybe all of you, your five friends all agree to like each other's posts once a week, you're going to automatically drive and say they have 5000 contacts Well, you're automatically going to be invited. Have all those contacts for all those folks. So, you know, five people have 5000 each, you do the numbers, you're 25,000, you know, pushing the 25 K, that's some value there. So, I, when I have an important post member before I mentioned my wife, right, he's got 30,000 connections, I'll pop on and ask her to like one of my posts. And if she likes it, it will, it will take me to a new level, it pushes my post to so many more people. So create that own network. And there's, that's just a great, I just call it a LinkedIn hack a way to drive engagement. But those are some of the tricks. What you should do should carve out. Really, you know, if you're liking people's posts, like I mentioned before, on Mondays, Tuesday mornings come in and share content, spend 30 minutes sharing content, you can use the Google. What does that that Google search function I'm having a, I can't remember what it's called. But you can go to Google Google Alerts. Yeah, you can go to Set up a Google Alert for all the key terms that you are interested in. Pop in on Tuesday morning, look at your Google Alerts. Make sure you have it delivered to you before you get in the office. And you can find five or six articles from that. Pick one, share the one that's most important. And you're you're rocking do that once a week. That's a great way to dip your toe in the water. You need to post on average two times a week on LinkedIn. If you can do three times it's the best two times during the week, one time on the weekend. weekend. You wanna you want to post before eight o'clock on the weekend. And if someone pops in the weekend, you can hit them. They're
Josh Tapp 24:36
perfect. When you and I were talking about this beforehand, but the Twitter you said Twitter and LinkedIn are a really good way to kind of work synonymously
Mark Galvin 24:46
Yeah, absolutely. So there was a pull down at the top of every posting screen inside LinkedIn and you can tell every post to go to Twitter. So look at the top there's a pulldown menu and you'll see that, click that and you could push it Everything you post on LinkedIn, push it to Twitter, do it. Absolutely do it. And then my, my, my biggest comment is, why not? If you can expand your audience by one is that worthwhile, right? And you're going to expand your audience by thousands if you push push to Twitter, so you should do that. There's also something else that's really important here to remember. If whomever you are thinking about this, if you are an industry leader, and you're involved in a professional association in your space, it is very likely that the people at the or the editors of that professional social Association, probably a published maybe a digital magazine that's online, or maybe a print magazine, they're always looking for content. And if you're a leader, it's very likely they'll notice what you're sharing and eventually publish it. They'll publish your twit your tweet and we've all seen this and especially in today's political environment, we see twit tweets coming across Actually, I see a lot of my sports feeds, right? All of my favorite sports stars are saying something or tweeting something, and it shows up in my, in my sports app. So they'll grab that, well, they'll do the same thing for you. But it'll be your professional association. That's fantastic. It really gives that your voice a turns up the volume exponentially. If you can get just one or two of those a year. If you would like to be proactive, what you could do is you go into Twitter, find a couple of the editors or the writer writers in that professional association, and send them a note and say, Hey, will you follow me? I'm going to share some content that you may find relevant. There's nothing wrong with that. I'll tell you what people that are writers are always looking for content. And if you can make their life easier, they are going to look at what you're posting. They'll add you without a doubt they'll they'll follow your tweets. And if you say something that is worthwhile, they're going to share it.
Josh Tapp 26:56
That is so awesome. Well, honestly, I could ask you 50 more questions. I think you've really hit it home, brought a lot of value to our listeners today. So I do want to also give you a little plug here, because you brought and you just basically showed us your whole method, you know, for, for engaging in content. But you and I talked about this before, and there's there's a group of people, I sometimes fall into this group, I will tell you this, where they know how to do it, but they don't have the desire or the time to do it. Right. So what do you tell a lot of those people who are, we're in that boat?
Mark Galvin 27:30
So if you are if you fall into that category, we want to work with you. So that's what do you preferences based on? We would like for those folks to reach out to us we have, we have multiple plans. And really we have three lanes that we that we work in the individual social media management lane for executives. We have a sort of to do folks that are not business people, you know, but I would love to pick up a Kardashian. So if you're one of the Kardashians, you want us to help you. We'll help you But you know, from a business lane, LinkedIn and such, we like to help those individuals, and then includes an entire executive team. So if you've got five people on your team, two people, one, or your team of one, we love to help all of you get your profile cleaned up on LinkedIn, and then get you active. And so we offer that clean up your profile, make you look great, then drive content to your profile and a long term basis. And what we do is we assign all of our clients in a publicist. So each person gets their own publicist, and they'll make sure you're active on content for you make sure the posts are as potent as possible and are engaging as possible. And there's also one of the cool things is and this is one of my favorite things, because I have any publicists as well. I'll go out to an event. I'll take a photograph of me and someone at the event, I fire it to my publicist, and they post it for me. They take care of when is it posted? How is it posted? I have to make sure I mentioned Hey, I'm in this picture with Josh make sure you tag him and they'll tag him, but they'll push everything out to all of my social media feeds. So that's what we do. If you might, I'd love to talk about my price. Is that cool?
Josh Tapp 29:03
Yeah, go for it.
Mark Galvin 29:04
Thank you. So let's now rock on. So what we do is to clean up a profile, if you pick up the phone to say, hey, just clean up my profile, we do that that's $1,000. And that's a 38 point inspection from soup to nuts. You're going to look great at the end of that. If you say, Gosh, Mark, I like that. Plus, I want you to get me active. Well, we want you to work with us long term. So we're going to drop that onboarding fee. We call that that LinkedIn profile cleanup and onboarding fee. Isn't that it? Since it starts at 1000, we drop it to 500 bucks. So if you go with us for a long term contract where we're helping you month to month, your onboarding would drop to 500. Then we have fees that start off at 398 a month, where we that's where we signed the publicist to you and they do everything from soup to nuts, and we have packages that can range all the way up to 800 and $800 level. We're doing custom content. We are creating, we're coming up with creative that is branded that is unique to them. That's, that's managing video that's managing blog posts. That's doing a lot more proactive at that level, we will monitor the instant messaging through LinkedIn. If someone gets a lot of solicitation, they say, Gosh, I just want somebody to tell me when I need to pay attention. We do that for them. So we have all of those various levels. But the goal is, is if someone needs this solution, and they realize how important it is, we have a plugin for that. We do have discounts. If an executive team comes on comes to us say we want you to clean up everybody. So we'll we'll we'll set that up where not everybody would be the same price because of the volume. We have some volume discounts there. We do have a company piece so we we've got our Director of social media, his his name is Eric Welch. He came to us from Fox Sports. So he manages our core, our company side. So if somebody needs their company to be managed, and they've got, you know, so you're paying $45,000 if somebody demands your social media, we can do it for a fraction of that price and do it better. And this guy, he's unbelievable. He managed the Memphis Grizzlies, the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Braves, the Charlotte Hornets. He understands all the different segments of social media, and how to drive engagement. So we have that company piece. And the last thing we do is we help college students, college students really need help. You know what, Josh, that was organic for us? Yeah, it's I had a lot of parents call me and say, Hey, I know you do this, can you help my son or my daughter, you know, their LinkedIn profile stinks. So we do offer a package where we work with collegiate students, and we call that a career catalyst. For 1200 bucks, we will clean up their LinkedIn profile, we will give them a new resume and we do a face to face interview. We do a lot of this in Atlanta. But we could do this by video, but we'll do a mock interview with them and help them figure out what it is that they're that they do in an interview because that's hot. That's the hardest part about these days, getting a job if you don't show up well in your interview. That's hard. Nobody practices interviews right now. Can you imagine your parents saying, Hey, you know, Josh, come in and sit down with me. I'm gonna do a mock interview with you. You wouldn't know Stop laughing. Right, right. Yeah. So we try to we try to give a solution for that. And we're offering a special gig. You might if I throw this out there, we're about a discount for your listeners.
Josh Tapp 32:16
Yeah. So that
Mark Galvin 32:18
you bet if if you're a listener, here are the lucky Titan. We will give you a 5% discount. If you go on to our website and our websites he presents.me that's he presses.me because it's all about you. He presses.me slash Titans. If you go he presses.me slash Titans Go on there. We will give you a 5% discount on any of our services. So everything I mentioned take 5% off. As a matter of fact, I did this number before before we talked what was it you can save 240 bucks a year on our entry level package just by being a listener here for the lucky Titan. And I said tightened I have the Tennessee Titans on my brain for the record. I was watching their what they played this weekend. And not that I'm a Tennessee Titan fan but you guys are tightened t i t a n so he present.me slash Titan t i t am
Josh Tapp 33:09
perfect. Well, Mark, thanks so much for coming on and we'll put those links in the description. And thank you sir, for bringing so much wisdom here today.
Mark Galvin 33:17
Hey, I am so glad that you're glad that you invited me Josh. This was fun. And I especially love that we connected on LinkedIn it just shows it's a great plot
Josh Tapp 33:26
proves the point. You bet. The number one needle mover in my business is joint venture partnerships. Growing a following can be time consuming and frustrating. For that reason we created the tribe of Titans the world's first joint venture matching platform using this free platform you can find guests for a podcast YouTube channel or Facebook group or you can promote your brand product or service in one simple place. You can create your free account at tribe dot lucky titan.com once again that's tribe dot lucky titan.com
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