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CEO - Executive Advantage
Hit $500k in profit in his first year of business
Currently producing $200k per month in recurring revenue as a coach



Show Notes

Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Mitch Gonzalez on the show, Mitch is the founder of executive advantage. Having started his career within seven months, being able to push his business over $500,000 in profit. He is the master at the to call closed system. And it's built out a system that he now teaches to entrepreneurs through the executive advantage, and he produces himself over $200,000 a month in monthly recurring revenue. The reason I brought him on the show today is because Mitch is a personal mentor of mine. I've been learning from him. And I feel like he's got some great things to share with us on the show today. So Mitch will be sharing with us how to find the ideal clients, how to do the to call closed system, and how to book an additional 20 to 50 appointments per week on autopilot. So Mitch, we're so excited to have you here. So let's just hop right in. All right, Mitch, so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Mitch Gonsalves 0:56
Yeah, so I started my first business when I was like, Around 12 years old used to push you know, newspapers around and deliver newspapers in like negative 30 degree weather. And then also started my my first real real business at 15 was a car detailing business. I do have to ask you, are you actually making money when you're selling newspapers? Oh man, I was stocking though. Or when I was 14 or 15 I bought a dirt bike cash for like 1500 bucks.
Josh Tapp  1:27
Oh, man.
Mitch Gonsalves 1:29
Yeah, boom.
Josh Tapp 1:30
Yeah. That's awesome. So my first business did not go that way, man. So just so you guys know Mitch is from Canada. So that's why the negative 30 degree weather.
Mitch Gonsalves  1:40
It's not fun.
Josh Tapp 1:42
What part of Canada Are you from initially? You're in Toronto now?
Mitch Gonsalves 1:45
Yeah, I actually grew up like 30 minutes. 40 minutes outside of in like the Durham Region. Yeah. So I'm a town called Ajax. So I grew up in a little small town. And then, about two years ago, actually a year and a half ago I moved downtown.
Josh Tapp 1:58
Oh, nice. So I mean, you're not like super far north either?
Mitch Gonsalves 2:02
No, we're right near like buffalo. Yeah. Awesome.
Josh Tapp 2:06
So that's sweet. I will let's hop in man. So tell us a little bit of background about yourself and kind of how you got into where you're at now.
Mitch Gonsalves 2:14
Yeah, man. So like I said, I was a, I really started my entrepreneurial journey, maybe when I was like 12 years old when I was delivering pizza or delivering newspapers. And then I started doing anything I could do to get money man, I used to sell like, even like bus passes, like, I used to basically print them. And it was like little coatings and like, like nail polish and sell them to people at the bus stop that were like walking home. So I tell them like fake bus passes, but it looks legit. And then I also do like anything I could do to get like money man, like, I when I was again 15 I had a car detailing business out of my dad's garage. And then I was always like in this entrepreneurial spirit, but I was my parents and everyone always telling me like you need to get it. job you need to go, you know, get a real job, right? And I was like, I'm making more money than people, my friends that had a real job, right. And so I basically, when I was, I got into like, like landscaping, and I hated it. And like, it was something that I was doing just for the money. And I from there, I got into delivering pizzas. When I was like, first getting started my entrepreneurial journey. I was going to college at the time. And then I actually dropped out my first semester, and we're just delivering pizzas, just learning buying courses, reading books, and that's when I really started. I started doing like social media marketing. When I was, I would say, like, 18 like, I was just going to restaurants I saw that, like Facebook was getting big Instagram was getting big. This is like years ago, and I was like, What do people are put what are people posting on on Instagram that is mostly food, right? So you're eating right. So it's like Okay, well maybe I can just take these posts and do it for restaurants. So I literally just walk into restaurants and say, Look, I'll manage your, your Facebook page, your Instagram page, your email list, and you know, I'll get you new customers and I actually started about just locally in it back in Ajax, which is a town right beside of it called Pickering. And anyone that knows the area and basically I was I took this one restaurant from like 90 grand a month to like 130 grand a month within like two months. And but I just didn't really like working with restaurants. I only did it for like money and because it was easy for me to get clients there are and so that kind of stemmed into just building a online business and, and growing things up. And the biggest thing I struggled with which most people struggled with, is, you know, getting clients, you know, getting more clients, you know, expanding and really scaling the business. So that's when I kind of got into that's when I stumbled upon LinkedIn is kind of the main strategy that we Coach our clients on and we teach, as you know, you're part of our group. Yeah. So build upon it. And then I just committed to mastery vote three, almost four years ago, I was like, hey, LinkedIn, it's like, very untapped. Like everyone was, I mean, even back then, like Facebook wasn't, but it's still saturated. So I was like, let me just focus on LinkedIn. These were like, high value business owners are these were like, my ideal clients are what, at the time were financial planners. And I was like, I'm just gonna commit to mastery in this. And I literally just put my head down, and I didn't do anything else, locked myself in my dad's basement, and just went all in with LinkedIn. And that's kind of how I started and then kind of what I've been doing up to this point. Um, but yeah, that's kind of my story and kind of how I got into, you know what I'm doing now?
Josh Tapp 5:44
Yeah, well, I'll let everybody know kind of where you're at, too. So we, in the intro, I'll be mentioning this, but so Mitch has already to $200,000 a month in revenue, but he's been doing that through helping other agencies and people trying to sell high ticket items using LinkedIn. So Like he talked about, you know, he he's got a whole unorthodox methods. That's the reason I brought you on, Mitch was to kind of walk us through your process. You know, I mean, the reason it intrigued me in first time, you know, I was able to join your group, because I just saw like this is it's an untapped market. I've been using LinkedIn for years, just for myself, right? Just building it up, kind of using as a resume that was never going to use because I'm an entrepreneur, right? But then you show like just how effective it can be to actually get those high ticket sales. So kind of walk us through a little bit of your process.
Mitch Gonsalves 6:31
Yeah. So to give you guys some background on how I came up with it, I was like I said, I was trying to get clients and once I stumbled upon LinkedIn, I literally like, only focused on LinkedIn. So this is me grinding, like, literally, I don't do anything else. anyone that knows me. I work basically, as most entrepreneurs work all day every day. So I was basically just going in and grinding LinkedIn like 18 hours a day. So when I first got started, it was all manual, it was all going in reaching out to prospects, you know, doing a little bit of research and maybe creating like a video pitch for them sending them a video pitch on following up through email, and like sending cold emails and stuff. And and so when I was on LinkedIn, I just knew there, there has to be a better way to do this. Like you're so manual, so time consuming. So when I first got started on it, it's kind of built upon it. So first off the the process that we do, and as you know, is the first thing is, you have to get very, very clear on who does your targeting, who is your ideal client? Like that's number one. These are like, baseline business principles that everyone needs to really put into place. Who is your ideal client? And where do they conglomerated? So what do they call themselves? Who are they? What do they identify themselves as, like everyone has an identity of who they see themselves as, like if you were to go out to an event, even at a networking event you ask, you know What do you do, they're gonna say I'm a blank. So everyone has like this preconceived identity in their mind of who they are. So if you can tap into the words, the phrases, the, the, the avatar of who this person is, that's the core thing that we do first. And then we go into really crafting your profile to fit that ideal client. So using some of their verbiage using words that they use on the profile, speaking to that specific client, and I know I see yours all the time people say, you know, Oh, I can't just cinch down like I don't want to be, you know, limiting myself. Well, if you want to get the clients, you really want, you need to sacrifice, you know, pushing some people away, because if people that really want to work with you and really resonate, they'll come to you regardless. Right. So in your profile just dialed in, is the first thing we do. So getting your headline, sales copy and we want it you want to look at your LinkedIn profile, almost like a landing page or like a sales letter in a sense, but you don't want to be obviously too salesy has to be professional, you know, look, you know, really dialed in. But the actual process to get clients is, if everyone's not familiar with LinkedIn, they have this premium version of it, which I don't know we're using it before we started working together.
Josh Tapp 9:20
I was not No.
Mitch Gonsalves 9:21
Yeah, see, most people don't know this even exists. So it's almost like Facebook Business Manager. If you're familiar with Facebook ads. It's basically like a place where you can really pinpoint target your ideal clients. So you can type in the titles, the industries, the keywords, the company size. You know, who this person really is, like, where they're located, all those types of things, right? So we use that tool, and then we basically built a fully automated software that basically sends out personalized connection requests with your clients. So we do a reach out, we say, you know, hey, I see your ex in there. industry, I'm always looking to grow my network on LinkedIn, if you open tell us connect, very simple, it can be whatever you want. But I found the simple works. Don't pitch them the initial, actual message, no one, no one will accept it, you don't get results in back all LinkedIn doesn't work. I hear it all the time. So you want to just get them to accept it. And then once they actually accept it, that's when you want to go in there and start to build some relationship with them. Right? Like everyone, everyone these days is like, all about, you know, pitching lead generation, you're trying to sell you something. If you can come at them, really with a genuine approach, you're authentic, you're really showing them how you can help solve their very specific problem that may be in their on their mind right now and get them a desired result, which they really want and like it helped them get to the desired situation. And you can do it through a method that they've never heard before. It's it's different. We call it the proprietary method. It's really going to help you stand out from everyone. So really crafting that message as authentic as genuine stands out. It's different from everyone else. Just getting them to respond, creating those conversations is kind of the core of what we do. And then we obviously take them off of LinkedIn onto a phone appointment, and then move them across our sales process, pre sell them, and ultimately turn them into a paying client. So the whole goal of the LinkedIn strategy that we do is to get appointments on the calendar, and, you know, close high ticket clients, and obviously, scale the business.
Josh Tapp 11:22
Right? Well, and a lot of the value I found, like when I joined your course, and I have to kind of reiterate some of the things you were saying, I mean, the message that you're sending initially is when you connect with somebody, and it's saying, just Hey, I'd like to connect with you, you know, and and I'm finding for myself, most people won't even connect with you unless you send that message. And if they will, they're probably not usually worth your time. Because they're just accepting whoever they want, right. But the value that Mitch really brings his system will help you get those leads and everything but his process for selling and closing people is really the secret sauce. let's delve a little bit into your sales process. Mitch.
Mitch Gonsalves 11:56
Yeah. So I mean, this goes back to like Literally man, I've tried almost every variation you could possibly think of. Like, I'm telling you, when I, when I only did this, this is all I did, like locked myself in my dad's basement 18 hours a day, I'm just gonna master this. And I started out doing the the pitching, getting them on, get them onto a onto a phone call, and then trying to do a one call close, you know, getting them onto a screen chair, showing them with some fancy presentation trying to close them. I did kind of everything you could possibly imagine. And maybe some of you listening are doing these things. And it's not really the right way to do it, I found first you need to have a qualification process inside of your your process. So getting someone to commit to a phone call. And just a little ninja hack if you're sending links in LinkedIn. Typically, I found from my experience and what I tell my clients to do on higher volume, you get them to commit to a time or two times or three times that would potentially work for them and then getting them to commit to a time that works best for them. So just quickly glance at their calendar say yep, that works for me. connect to a time. And then you ask for their email and phone number and you just go book it yourself. So that's a little ninja hack, don't send calendar links or whatever people do that these days. And then once you get them onto a phone call, this is where you just really want to qualify the person. So it's almost like the tables are turned in, you're qualifying them, which is extremely powerful. And most people are like, in this needy scarcity state, like, you know, Yes, Mr. prospect, I could, you know, it's, you don't want to be you don't want to have come from that frame, you have the power, you have the quote, unquote, suitcase full of money on the other side of your desk, and you have the solution to their problem, right? They need you. So the first thing is really just qualifying them on a 15 minute it could be even longer call. Just really getting them to really just qualifying them so seeing what their needs are, what their pain points and how you can help them what's their biggest challenges. Do they have the budget I'd even wanting to do something now. You know, these types of things. And then once you figure out, Okay, this is an ideal client, which you'll probably know within the first five minutes, you then are not going to close them on the call, which is very, like you said unorthodox kind of contrary view to things where people want to, obviously close a deal on the first call, usually, even if they want to, I'll still try and get them on to the next call. I mean, depends on how hot they are. But typically, I found to call clothes works really, really well on LinkedIn. So once we have the first call, we would book them on to the second call on that first initial call. So at the end of the call, we say, you know, hey, Josh, you know, based on everything you told me so far, this seems like a perfect fit. You know, let's hop on a 30 to 45 minute call, where you can dive a little bit deeper, put together some strategies on exactly how we can help you get x, y and z. You know, how does no Thursday or Friday at 2pm or 3pm work for you? Then they're gonna say, you know, Thursday at 2pm works great. Okay, awesome. Well, I'll send you I'm going to say You have some more information, a video, which is going to show you exactly how our process works, how we're going to work together, how we're really going to help you solve biggest problem, get desired result. Make sure please make sure you watch that before our next call. Because if you get on this call, and if you don't watch that video, this I'm paraphrasing is you obviously wouldn't say this exactly. But um, then it's not really going to be a big benefit for you. Like you really want to watch that video before our next call. And then we're going to do is you're going to position what I call a pre selling mechanism in between the two calls, which basically bridges them from a cold prospect who doesn't know who you are, who you just met, you've built some rapport with you understood that they're a qualified lead. And then you're basically putting a presentation together that's basically structured in a way that's consistent. It's already premeditated and it's already has the key components and case studies and education is educational. things inside the video that's gonna pre sell them on everything. You have the offer. So when you do get them onto a call, it's very the second call, which we call a strategy session. It's very like consultative. It's like, you're just taking through the process. And at the end, it's like, Okay, well, here's what it costs. And it's x, x, y, and z. And then basically, if they're a good fit, and they they're, it solves their problem. They're gonna Okay, look, let's do it. And so it's very, like, you kind of flip it around a cold bead or an outbound prospect into an inbound lead. And it's very, like you're kind of flipping the tables, and now they're going to be hungry and wanting to know what you have to offer. And if you do it, right, the prospects actually be selling you on why they should sign up with you, and then they're gonna thank you for the order after they close the deal, right?
Josh Tapp 16:46
Because they're like, Oh, you gave me a great deal. Give me everything I need for just a little bit of money. Yeah, I love that sales price. So honestly, that was one of those big paradigm shifters for me when it came to starting our own sales process. You know that teamwork closed It's hard. I mean, I see sometimes when you're on that first call and they're just on fire, you can tell like maca totally charges person right here. It's really hard to have that discipline to say you know what? No I'm gonna wait till my second call I'm gonna follow my process but doing that allows you to prequalify them and make sure they're gonna stick. I just love that process so
Mitch Gonsalves 17:18
yeah and don't get me wrong like from like inbound leads that we get like we do do like I expect people to close on like a one call they've already been through my videos, my right know who I am. They've already been indoctrinated into my philosophy and my my strategies and stuff, then yeah, I'm gonna be like, Okay, take them through the entire process. And then, you know, here's the the offer but even some of our clients that have been doing paid advertising, just doing a quick pre qualification process, the the closers that are getting on the phone with, they're getting on with the highest quality of the cream of the crop. And they're weeding out the people that maybe they're not they weren't going to invest right now or they weren't a good fit. So you can kind of weed people out and only like, kind of basically just finding the cream. To the crop the top people the creme de la creme. Yeah. So to obviously offer your services for
Josh Tapp 18:06
Yeah, well, and what I love about your I mean, your whole niching down concept is the fact that everybody's always so scared. But I mean, most people are scared of this aren't even making a six figure income yet. It's like, man, if you'll follow your process, you only need three to five people in order to make a very healthy six figure income. You know, that to me, I mean, open my eyes for a lot of reasons. Because a lot of people are like, Oh, I mean, if I narrow it too far, I'm gonna lose a lot of people. It's like, we'll start with that. Get those five people who are just perfect, you'll never lose them. And then you've got a solid base.
Mitch Gonsalves 18:37
And I look at it as like, I call this like the sub niche specialist. And then you can graduate to like a niche authority, and then the market like Dominator, so if you think about like Amazon or Facebook, look at any of these like neglige on massive companies. They started out actually very small, and one of them is me. started selling books online, they only sold books. And now they sell their quote unquote, the everything store. And rice started at Harvard. And now they're basically they have 3 billion users with a goal to, you know, take over the entire planet.
Josh Tapp 19:17
Yeah, to buy the whole world.
Unknown Speaker 19:20
Hello, man.
Josh Tapp 19:21
That's awesome. So I mean, you know, you've walked through your process, and you've kind of explained how it all works, but share a little bit of, you know, your experiences and some of the numbers that you've been seeing with this.
Mitch Gonsalves 19:31
Yeah, man. So, I mean, some of our clients are absolutely killing it. I would say, to give you some perspective on this, I mean, some of our clients are getting like 12 plus calls a day consistently. Some of them doing a lot more than that, but they have like two people that are using the system. And then there's some clients that are consistently doing we say, like 21 to 53 a week. But if you have the whole system on what we show from end to end, because people that I know inside our group, as you know, it's not just LinkedIn, LinkedIn, we leverage heavily and we're, that's our number one core thing to get people in the door. But we leverage different things, email drips, retargeting, all these different things to really fill the pipeline. So anyone that I feel is utilizing the system can expect at least 20 plus highly qualified appointments. And these are sales appointments like that the second call per week, you can get that with just one LinkedIn account. If you want to build a sales team and build a prospecting team. We'll show you obviously how to add multiple accounts how to build this whole sales team up to fill the pipelines and obviously keep everyone's calendar red hot and then also do some like retargeting do some paid strategies as well to to really just blow that thing up. But yeah, that's kind of what I would say is like the average and like I said, some of our clients get like 12 plus a day.
Josh Tapp 20:53
Yeah, which is crazy.
Mitch Gonsalves 20:54
So organic, which is crazy, too. And
Josh Tapp 20:58
yeah, that's it. the crazy part about it for a lot of people is I mean, once you learn the process, it's basically a free math, I mean, grand total, it's like 150 bucks for the software or something I don't want my so it's like, not even worth, it's not even that expensive, right? where normally you're gonna be spending thousands of dollars on ads, but you're gonna be cranking in 20 plus appointments per month,
Mitch Gonsalves 21:18
man, I paid 100 over 150 bucks purchase appointment off of Facebook. So if you think about that, in comparison to just 150 bucks a month, which I mean, give or take the different bells and whistles that you put onto the system like, right, it's Yeah, man. It's like it's it's pretty crazy. And that's what really helped me scale my agency from really low cost. With really low overhead just me and one other person. I got my agency to over half a million dollars within four months in like projected revenue, which was recurring revenue was I like 40 something grand a month, like it was 42 grand a month, within four months. So I was closing like five grand clients pretty much back to back every week. And so if you really dial this system And then you can get there pretty quick. And really just shorten that sales process. And then really just scaling up, you can kind of rinse and repeat this over and over again. Like I said, you can add sales reps, maybe put in some retargeting some paid ads, once you do scale things up, but the core of it is obviously completely organic without spending any money on paid ads.
Josh Tapp 22:18
Yeah. Which is incredible. I mean, because you could if, if you can't close one out of 20, you're not doing it, right. Yeah. Just imagine if you're doing that every week or every month, you know, I mean, you're gonna be, you're gonna be rolling it in just a couple months. So I love that. Well, you have a pretty special offer for our people here, don't you? You came on the show to share a little bit about the executive advantage. So how can how can they get going with that?
Mitch Gonsalves 22:41
Yes, so you can go to just WWE executive advantage.co cio.co. And from there, you can follow the link. There's a free training that you can get access to. There's some additional resources that you can get access to. And once you watch the free training, it's going to show you exactly that. process, kind of everything we talked about here today, but in a lot more depth. And then there's obviously going to be a basically a process. If you want to book a call with myself personally, or one of my advisors, you can hop on a call, you know, with one of my team members, and we can kind of walk you through the offer kind of how we can set this up. And yeah, really blow up your LinkedIn process, if desired, you know, wherever you're at. So if you're doing six figures, you want to get a seven, if you're a seven, want to get to eight, we can really put together this prospecting system, build sales team out, and really just leverage the largest b2b platform on the planet to get you there.
Josh Tapp 23:35
And I love that man. So thanks for offering that to our to our audience. They I think a lot of people need to know I mean, that free course and stuff you're offering those trainings is enough to get you started on this to be able to start getting these leads organically. So bare minimum guys go on there and start doing these free trainings because it will it'll change the way that you'd start doing the b2b generation. So awesome, Mitch, well give us one last parting piece of guidance and then tell How to connect with you, man and we'll find it. Awesome. Yeah.
Mitch Gonsalves 24:03
So I guess my main advice, the biggest thing that I can tell you, and this has changed everything for me is really committing to like being a specialist in one thing, I would say becoming like an expert and going deep into something like really becoming like what I like to call like a craftsman, where you're, you're basically the the person that people look to, they talk about, like, for example, if someone's thinking about x topic, or they're in a Facebook group, and they're like, Who's the best person at this, your name should be popping up, right? And if you really just go deep, like depth, and really just focus on your skill set and not necessarily being like this big time celebrity or, I mean, if you desire to be, you know, famous, go ahead, but I would say focus on the main key drivers in your business that are going to help you really just connect your life, you know, really blow things up, like focus on the main things which is In our case, if you're in a service based business is getting appointments on the calendar, and making offers and closing deals, and then obviously iterating your offers. So really just become a specialist. focus on one thing. And yeah, just really just get to that next level by becoming a specialist.
Josh Tapp 25:18
Awesome. Well, thank you for sharing that with us. So how can people connect with you, man?
Mitch Gonsalves 25:23
Yeah, so you can just search me on YouTube. Mitch Gonzalez is my name. You can add me on LinkedIn. I'm pretty active on LinkedIn as well. So it's just Mitch Gonzales, my first and last name. And then if you want to now follow my page on Facebook, Michigan's always the best two places are LinkedIn and YouTube. I post some free content on YouTube quite frequently. So you can go check this stuff out a lot of trainings on there as well. And yeah, looking forward to helping you guys really blow up your LinkedIn game, and oh,
Josh Tapp 25:54
yeah, one I'll post links to all of that in the description so that people can can get to you there. So awesome, Mitch. Well, thanks. coming on the show.
Mitch Gonsalves 26:01
Yeah, man, thanks for having me.
Josh Tapp 26:03
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