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From: John Livesay

"Whether you want to get better at pitching projects in a memorable way that grabs listeners on a personal level, or you have to pitch yourself or your company to get sales or clients outside of writing, Better Selling Through Storytelling is the training for you!"
Do You Feel This When You Sell?
  • You are tired of coming in second place
  • You feel pushy instead of persuasive
  • Your sales cycle is getting longer and longer
Who Is This For?
What percentage of the time do customers or clients respond to your pitch with: "Tell me more," "How do you do that?" "How do you work with companies?" "Are you taking new customers or clients?" or "How soon can you start?"

Have you ever thought, "I have a product or service that works and gets people positive results 100 % of the time, if only I could get people to try it and much less, just hear me out before they tune me out in their mind?"

What if you could pitch your product or service in a manner that after you tell people about it briefly, concisely and so compellingly they actually immediately respond with: "Tell me more," "How do you do that?" "How do you work with companies?" "Are you taking new customers or clients?" or "How soon can you start?"

Shhh... let me whisper something to you... "That's what John Livesay can make happen for you. Because he did it for me in helping me craft my LinkedIn Profile. And that’s why people call him ‘The Pitch Whisperer.’"

Whaddya think?

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However, to get those results, you have to do the work to apply what you learn from his course and when you do that, you’ll not only become more successful but another person I root for.


“This course has shown me how to completely change how I approach meetings and express my messaging and stories to get new business. The value I got out of it is worth $5M!” 

- Aasim Saied, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Futurist
“John Livesay's course is captivating! His videos are Netflix movie-like quality with clear strategies on how to sell using better storytelling. My greatest aha moment was realizing how I need to shift how I think about my whole life in terms of stories to better captivate my prospects. John's own stories are worth studying and learning from. I'd highly recommend John to anyone who wants to become more persuasive and personable without sounding sales-y.” 

- Marian Knopp, Productivity Mentor
“One of the most revealing parts of your course for me was your quote "People buy emotionally and justify it logically." It helps quite a bit because I am an engineer working with facts and figures. I have been assuming the client will just give us the work based on our best numbers and now I know I need to tell a story!” 

- Naseer Nayeem, P.E., Regional Vice President at Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.
"The advice in the course will help me both professionally and personally and it is incredibly beneficial.” 

- Quinn Cartall, Territory Manager at Olympus Corporation of the Americas
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