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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky type podcast. So today we have Ryan west on the mic. And the reason I'm bringing Ryan on today is because Ryan is an example of overcoming adversity to be able to scale your passion. So Ryan had a brain tumor early on in his life and has been able to overcome that. And it has now turned that passion of overcoming that and getting around these amazing people to be able to leverage his passion into a true opportunity. And we have some incredible things to be sharing with you today in this podcast. So listen up. So Ryan, let's hop right in. All right, Ryan. So tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Ryan West 0:38
Well, thank you, Josh. So you know, I kind of put this out there a little bit on social media, but why Britain will end up in it. So I was in the Navy from 1994 to 1998. And I was on the USS Abraham Lincoln and which is an aircraft carrier CVN 72. And actually, I was stationed initially in Alameda, California, and they close that and then we Went to Bremerton, Washington, and then ultimately, Everett, Washington. But I had this really unique job. I was a flight deck director. And so when you watch stuff on the Navy or on ships, and you see sometimes there's like Skittles running around on the flight deck, you got red shirts and purple shirts and blue. So I was a yellow shirt. And so being a flight deck director, ultimately comes with one responsibility. You have people's lives in your hands, especially at a very young age. So you know, you're moving jets around, you're launching and recovering and the ships move in, it's dark, it's out at night, obviously. And you got all these crazy factors going on. It always ranks in one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs. And it really is one of the most exhilarating and also one of the most draining jobs or are you just you're literally on the flight deck 20 hours when you're out to sea, it's crazy. get no sleep and but you're out defending the country and so I haven't went into it a ton. But I'm very proud of the service. I'm very proud. I went in, and I'm very happy I got about, I guess. I mean, do seriously when you see some of these people I know some people who I was in with, they're selling and they're, they're gonna go to 30 years. Like, I cannot imagine that it is insane. I mean, they're out to see, you know, half their adult life is on water. I mean, think about that, you know, and I'm not talking about a water where your party and I'm talking about, you know, rules. And so it's a very intense time and I'm a very pro for everybody in the military. I, you know, put a lot into it. And so that's the one thing probably,
Josh Tapp 2:34
yeah, well, thanks for sharing that with us. Yeah, service, guys. It's, it's, I really appreciate that people are able to do that. Yeah. So one thing I do have to ask you, though, is, you know, transitioning a little bit so you started your career in the military. Yep. Tell us how you got to where you are now.
Ryan West 2:50
Yeah, so I got out of the military in 1998. And, and during my time in the military, I started real briefly I started develop these really odd symptoms. Very odd. So, in 1996, I was always somebody who kind of worked out at since high school, but in 1996 I started us and I'm getting really strong, like, really strong, like, Something's Weird here, like, credible hold type strong, like I could bench like, and I'm not exaggerating. 315 like 21 time I could do these really crazy things. Yeah, I'd always kind of worked out and but I'm like, Well, what is going on? It's kind of like, well, I, you know, I'm just working out a lot. It's just maybe who I am. Fast forward to the fall of 1997. I was going to have knee surgery. And during the second or third week of October, I still kind of remember all this like it was yesterday. I started to have this weird thing happened with my bottom jaw. So when I went into the Navy had a normal overbite where your front teeth come over your bottom teeth Well, in a three week span, my bottom jaw actually grew out. So I went from an overbite to an underbite and I didn't really understand what was going on, I thought, well, this is kind of odd. I was 21 and I okay, so long story short, I, through dumb luck had to go to the ship's dentist in February of 1998. And I was due to be out in eight months but I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled in the dentist actually said in that visit, like you got some weird spacing going on between your teeth. I think something's going on. I think you have a pituitary tumor. And I thought okay, I don't know this isn't good, but nothing was ever followed up on it. Yeah, kind of a whole nother podcast in itself, quite honestly. Ultimately, I just kind of dealt with it that summer though. 1998 we wrote to see what we call Westpac and we were in the Persian Gulf and and it's incredibly hot, and I could not I could not handle it. My head was getting bigger My hands are getting I had all this weird freaky stuff going on. I was tired. Basically my body was kind of growing out of the natural frame that I I had and I was able to kind of get through it, I transitioned out and the symptoms only started to get worse from 1999 to 2000. And finally, my mom said, Hey, you need to go we need to take you to the dentist because I cannot stand your teeth being like that she's a big person on teeth. And so I was dying, went to the dentist, have an orthodontist look at my teeth just to see what was going on. And ultimately, long story short, it was diagnosed there that hey, you have a pituitary brain tumor. And so the tumor was the size of a lemon and was extracted in 2000. They actually go up through the top of your mouth through your note your navel nose canal. And they take it out that way, believe it or not, and they pull it out. And then they do some other weird stuff. They cut skin out of your stomach, they roll it up and they pack that into your nose so your spinal fluid doesn't come out. So my nose look like I was punched in the face. And that has to stay in there for several days and so the tumor was removed, but you know, when the doesn't show on an MRI but through blood tests right after that it was determined I still had pieces of this tumor embedded in the skull. So I still have remnants of the tumor and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. They took my pituitary gland out. And so I go to the doctor all the time. And so to get to your point, about a year ago, I was in the doctor's office and like, I would really love to interview people what I have Because ultimately, I was diagnosed with acromegaly, which is similar to giantism. And then it turned into Okay, well, I'll just interview people who have brain tumors, I want to get their story out because there's people out there who had way worse than me. It's not even close. And then it kind of turned into artists interview people who have a motivating health story. And so we were like we put it together. We went live in March, I was lucky enough to get Montel Williams on the very first episode, he came on and talked about his Ms. And I think primarily I probably got him on because he was a Navy guy and that helped and so it's just kind of, honestly Josh it really something clicked for me last year at this time. thought, you know, I need to take the adversity that I've been through and use it to my advantage. And I know there's other people out there who need to do the same or already doing it. And I'm late to the, to the to the show. So the podcast started
in late March of this year, and then it started to kind of snowball into Okay, I'd love to do a fitness app, because I really believe that people who go through some of these traumatic things, or who are going through fitness can really help them even when they think it can't. And so I wanted to create a fitness platform that's a little easier on folks joint wise, and not as labor intensive and so that's where we created resistance Asst. So the podcast is called revealing healing motivational health stories. Very excited about the episodes we have, we have a ton of great stuff coming into next year. But then we created the resistance assistance fitness app, and so I'll stop there. That's kind of how it kind of got to this point. He has a long winded way of answering your question. So I'm sorry, but there's a lot there and the tumor story is a story within itself too, but a lot of freaky stuff happened with that type of disease.
Josh Tapp 8:11
Yeah, I will say and you're not boring me at all. I I was like, Oh yeah, I want to hear the rest of the story.
Ryan West 8:17
It's weird. You know, I I this is we talked about this on on on my podcast with the guests. Sometimes a lot of times you will. I think when you go through a traumatic thing, no matter what it is, you somebody who brought this up and brought this up on one of the shows, you know, you this white knight comes into your life at that time, and then they walk right out but they are there for this split second or minute and they help you get through this. long periods. really odd, right? So for me that happened, I was after the tumor, I had to have what they call Gamma Knife radiation. And it's a way to try to extract the rest of the tumor. It's called Gamma Knife. They don't do it anymore. It's been changed because they really can pinpoint Where the tumor was with this type of radiation. So actually, the process is very barbaric. This happened about a year after my surgery. I show up and with my mom and they don't really tell me the details, everything I knew I was gonna have radiation done on my head. But in order to get into this contraption that's called gamma knife, they take a metal frame that's about seven inches by seven inches by seven inches. And it's called a halo. They put it over your head and they screw four screws right into your skull. And I'm not kidding with like a drill. I am not i'm not even exaggerating. And so what they do is they numb you in your forehead with morphine. So just picture I'm not kidding, a shot in your head for the North Korean and I remember the sensation of that. Out of all that crap being the most painful I could not. You could I could I can still hear the screws going into the to my skull. It's making me sick. And then my mom is sitting right across from me. And so it was very intense, very odd. But this white so I get this frame on. I don't remember what it weighs two or three pounds, you look ridiculous. And you got to wear it all day because in this frame sits into the radiation machine so your head doesn't move. And that's how they pinpoint. I think they've ultimately done away with it because it was pretty barbaric. But I was sitting in this little room and it was like a closet. broom, it was like a real tiny room in my mom's center and I could look out the door through this hallway. And they were wheeling this lady down all that was there that day where people are having some type of brain radiation, I believe. And this lady was wheeling down and somebody was pushing her I don't know if it was their nurse or her family member and she had Hika she took it up a notch. She had like a jousting mask on. I have no idea where the hell she was going. But I could see her eyes. And the look in her eyes was like, my problem is way worse than yours. So shut up and that's really what I got out of it. NET NET changed my kind of changed my whole perspective on all of it. Yeah. So it's weird, you know, that was kind of my point where it's like, oh, this is this is a little different. So yeah. It's it's really about taking those, those things that you go through in life, whether they're there that are poverty or whatever, and like laying them out in front of you, and figuring out all of the things you've actually learned, and using that as a blueprint as a plan to help you be the person you thought you never could be. So,
Josh Tapp 11:31
yeah, I really appreciate that. What I really like, you know, your entire platform is built on adversity creates opportunity, right? I love that saying because I mean, that's the story of everybody's entrepreneurial life for overcoming a health condition. Right. What I really appreciate too, is you're able to take such a horrible situation, you know, and I'm even seeing that lady situation, which is probably worse, no, and being able to say, Okay, I'm gonna take this and make an opportunity for a year like I'm going to talk about this and bring it up. with other people and you started to create a whole community around this concept.
Ryan West 12:04
Yeah, no, I appreciate that. Yeah, it is. It's funny. Um, you know, like, I this is this sounds really bad but I we were kind of talking about this before you know, I wasn't on social media till this year I just I just didn't care. And so you got to understand this is like a big 180 turn for me to kind of go this route. I have a pretty successful job. You know, I'm state government. I've been there for a while. 10 years and I do a lot of business engagements. It's I get to do a lot of cool stuff. But I knew I needed more creativity and that's why I started this but I there's a whole community of people of African miglia on Facebook I had no idea you know what I mean? Or brain tumors and cancer wires and this and that and this and and so there is no shortage of people who have been through some just horrendous things. And when you have somebody tell you, you know that they're in Iraq and you know, a Humvee The heat that this individual is driving blows up flips up in the air 20 feet, creates a crater 20 feet deep, and the three people hurry with pass away and he's burnt 40% of his body may think that's worse. Yeah, it's worse. And so it's important for people to hear those things I think to put what you're going through in perspective and also to motivate and help you to get through whatever you're going through and it could be through this or music or art I'm huge into music and art stuff. I think that is just the best therapy there is. It's just getting people to open up and do it and I'm the same with with with physical fitness as well. I just, people just get I think so flustered. Let me give an example. Okay, let's say that you have to and this is the best way to explain the app that we have. Right You can get in your car and drive to the gym. Let's say it's 10 minutes, you got to park you got to walk in, you got to get changed. You got to wait for somebody on the machine. You got kids running around a lot of times You probably are going to get some type of germ at least one time just saying, Hey, you got to get back in your car, you got to drive back home. So I've tried to tally this up in a moderate way, and we're talking, you know, 4550 minutes when you can do an app like this or there's others out there as well. Where within 2025 minutes you're done, you never had to leave your home and your equipment is shipped right to your door. So that does those types of things. And that's, I think, for me it's funny you know, when I was a kid, you know, when you play let's say you're playing like army guys or just anything a boy would do. I was always about setting all this stuff up and then we get really pissed off if somebody would knock it down like yeah, organization and setup of it. And and that's really what I'm trying to do here is organize people's ability to sector adversity or organize help people efficiently work out and there's some I think there's something to it and I think you got to buy into it a little bit. But once you do, you can, oh, man, I can do all this. There's really no reason why You shouldn't be able to make time to work out unless you're just completely physically incapable of doing it.
Josh Tapp 15:06
Right? When I appreciate that the route you're taking with that, because for most of you, especially in our audience, they're saying, I really should get to that but I'm gonna get to that when I make more money. Yeah, it's worried about the money you know? Yeah, for most people that's like, that's still a ways away. Oh, dude,
Ryan West 15:20
I like especially talking to somebody like you who's been doing this for so long and clearly successfully you know that and firm rather listen, so I really didn't get into this whole game until basically April but still didn't really know what I don't know if I still know what I'm doing until June or July. And I've put so much into this and have gotten very little out of it. So and it's a commitment and I'm lucky that you know, my spouse is on board and I just believe I'm going to do I'm hell bent on making it work. Right. I think the hardest thing for me and I and I, I gotta imagine this is for most people out there. So many avenues to pick from. There are so many concepts like I'm getting into public speaking. It turns out there's about 9000 people out there that will sell you something on how to be a good public speaker. I mean it is and I think it just overwhelms people or and I would suggest that you just pick one and just focus on it and go I probably should have done a little bit more of that but your point is that on and especially coming from somebody like you who's well versed in all this stuff, it is very overwhelming in the beginning.
Josh Tapp 16:34
Yeah, the hardest part for a lot of people and I know we started off dropping over $20,000 on
Ryan West 16:38
exactly this ease I would have got way more behind I'm on pace I'm so I get it. Yeah.
Josh Tapp 16:44
And I really like what you're talking about. It's it's committing to one. The hardest part I think a lot of people struggle with is saying, Can I trust that this person is actually going to get me 100% of their total. I know a lot of the courses that I bought, I really love the people who produce them. Right. But when I got the result that they were promising, I was like, this sucks. Yeah,
Ryan West 17:03
right. Not like, that's right. Yeah. And that's right. I mean, I, I've tried to dabble in webinars and I don't know what's, what is less than zero that was my percent on couple of those so but you gotta try you know yeah and i know i think the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who know they need to go when it's not completely perfect. You just got to throw it out there and wing it a little bit learn, right? Oh, and that's, I totally agree with you. There are so many things out there and then the results like man, I just spent this much money and I didn't really get i don't know if i get anything out of it. I think you got to go through a little bit of that to figure out for one for some character building through the hall. But I would think I would say the most important you just you got to be fearless with it. You just can't be afraid to get on and talk to somebody like you and you can't be afraid to reach out to guests and get them on your podcast. I I don't know. You tell me on this. It's funny. You know, there's an abundance of people that will come on your episode on your podcasts, you just you have to be relentless to find them, right? But they're there and they want to talk. That doesn't mean that you may find them all on one day. But it's a it's a, it's a marathon, not a sprint, if you will.
Josh Tapp 18:15
That's why we've built out our tribe of Titans, because that's a community where you can get that I'd really like to see a day where you start a podcast, and you can fill up the year in one day, because you're going to be able to just get as many people as you need to on the show. And I believe that's totally doable. But the problem like you're saying, the amount of time it takes for people to get to that point is tough. Sometimes. I do want to make a note of something you're talking about as well. You know, we were talking about courses and like you said, I mean being able to follow the right people, one of the best things to do in my opinion, is instead of just waiting to be hit up on Facebook and buying everything that you see, you find somebody you know who you trust, yeah, to refer you to the right place. Like for us, for example, I like I will refer people to resistance assistance because if you built out a platform that is for the lazy man, right? Yeah,
Ryan West 19:02
yeah, basically, yeah,
Josh Tapp 19:04
yeah. Or somebody who's had health issues, right? Or somebody had health issues and like, I can't, I can't physically do what they're asking me to do. I mean, literally, that's sort of a platform or something I can back and then my listeners will know, well, if Josh will do it, I can do it kind of thing. That's a great point.
Ryan West 19:19
I totally agree. And we were kind of talking about this before, you know, somebody like john Lee Dumas was with entrepreneurs on fire and I listened to Amy Porterfield stuff a lot too. And I think you can tell you know, who's generally in this to help people too and that's been my experience with it. I'm certainly those are another set of folks who have at the top of the game, if you will, I also think there's people are at the top who are like, I don't I don't know. I don't know. So you do kind of got to be careful with it. Um, I think there's the other thing I need to do a better job but it's so hard when you have a full time job and you're trying to make this work on the side is, is being Part of more of those communities I know I'm missing out on that, and that's probably hurt me. And that's something personally I need to probably work on anyway. I it's not that I'm anti social by any means. I just for me, I, sometimes I need to walk myself away and just study and look at it. And that's, I think, kind of what I've been doing for the last 10 or 11 months. But yeah, I love this stuff. It's It's so much fun to create this stuff. And then hopefully, not only obviously making money off, it's, let's be honest, but helping other people too. So,
Josh Tapp 20:34
yeah, well, what I really appreciated about yours is one of the cool parts and one reasons I want to bring you on. I mean, you've even been able to hit 6000 downloads. Yeah, that's a big deal. And you know, a lot of people I don't know if you knew this, but once you pass 3400 podcasts are in the top 10% you know that. Is that right? 3400 downloads. Yep. So you're probably more in like the 9%.
Ryan West 20:55
No idea. Yeah, that's, that's, that's, well, it's there. I need to see this is exactly I want to talk to you today, Josh. Well, you know, you get so overwhelmed the podcasts. I love the podcast stuff. And I do. There's so many good ones out there, but man there is it is 750,000 allegedly or 800. Right? That's insane, dude.
Josh Tapp 21:15
And that's how it is with every business. And what's funny, though, I know most of them never get past the second, the fifth episode. Yeah, we'll get to number four and I quit. Okay, so that's
Ryan West 21:24
funny. Um, I don't mean to keep throwing his name out there. But I was part of this whole podcasters paradise thing with journalists. And I remember he tells him on one of the I don't remember who he was interviewing, but he said he was when he started his podcast or somebody else that started something similar and that person quit at 40 right and he kept going and he saw this guy later eyes like, dude, you should have kept going and now you know, now that you know John's done, like, you know, 17,000 podcasts, whatever it is, but right. Do you think that that people give Why do you think people give up so quick in the podcast game? I mean, did they just get burned out whether you think or what is it?
Josh Tapp 22:02
Yeah. You're hitting on some passion points for me here. Yeah. The reason people give up in my opinion is that they they've not sold out on the passion, the reason why they're doing it. Yeah. And it's all about the money because if you're getting into podcasts for money get out. It's not about the money.
Ryan West 22:19
That's right. No, exactly. Right.
Josh Tapp 22:21
We, like we've taken this is, you know, like, our masterminds are built around this is we take people and we help convert them into monetizing their podcast, but it's not about getting a million downloads anymore. Right. So I was just talking with jld about this the other day, he's like, if you're just seeking sponsorships, he's like you're never going to win because he says the podcasts that will win today are the ones who have 1000 just raving fans or 10,000 raving fans who listen every single episode. He says if you'll do that, you'll make millions every year. Yeah. And you'll eventually see your your audience grow. Right problem is most people watch on 40 episodes, right? 40 episodes in our first month.
Ryan West 22:58
Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, that's the other part of it too. Um, that's fascinating. I hadn't thought you know when you you said there is something to the passion because here's, here's the thing so like, like I had so I release on Monday I've went back and forth sometimes I'll do two a week and I know you're supposed to be consistent but I get so excited with some of them and I'm not excited about monitor I'm excited for I want people to hear it. All right. So when you said that it hadn't really resonated with me till this night Well, okay, that's how I am I that's that's why I'm doing this. You know, I genuinely want people to tell their story. And I do feel then would you agree that when you if you maintain that focus, then the rest will take care of itself kind of later on down the road?
Josh Tapp 23:45
Yeah, you'll organically grow when you when you just focus on making it the best podcast they can for me, if I never got paid to do this, I love talking to people. I keep getting entrepreneurs on the podcast, getting passionate people, right. It just, it's fun. It's what I'm about, right it's, it's where I really resonate with and if this is just a hobby, I would enjoy it.
Ryan West 24:05
Well and I got it you know this so this is the first time I've been on a podcast and actually been called an entrepreneur so that you know, I'm I'm 44 so I mean, you can do it whenever you want and I don't really know from an entrepreneur, aspiring one. But God, if you can find your niche and really focus in on or dial into what works and the passionate man it is, like the most fulfilling thing seriously, Yeah, it is. Honestly, I mean, and then and you know, just all of the different options of clickfunnels and this and that and the opportunity to not only be creative, but to I think at the end of day for me it's really trying to help people. Yeah, I hate seeing when people suffer through stuff. You know what I mean? Don't get me wrong, I'm, I've done rotten stuff I'm not perfectly is I just don't want to see your people suffer and as the older you get, I think maybe that's more The case I don't know. It's just like God, it doesn't have to be that bad, you know? Right. So,
Josh Tapp 25:05
yeah, I completely agree. Yeah, I do have to ask you before we sign off, though, what's one last one last parting piece of guidance you have for us? And then let us know how we can connect with you before we sign off.
Ryan West 25:15
Yeah, very cool. So um,
yeah, well, I think that the the one thing that I really want to say to everybody out there, certainly those who are just starting out is, you know, the, when if you go back and look at your through your life, no matter how old you are, at some point, and you've went through something that was difficult, and you've went through something that wasn't fun, and you've been part of stuff that was difficult or wasn't fun. And if you can, just take the time. I'm not gonna even say journal, just write that stuff down. You'll be amazed at what you remember, you learn through it. This is something I started doing and all my Got you will come up with a list of stuff that will make you look like you're the second coming of Superman. I really believe that and when you do that, your confidence goes through the roof and I will say the most important part of all this is you just have to believe in yourself. That's the bottom line. If you believe in yourself this will work out I hear it time and time again with our with our guests. I got sick I knew I was gonna get through it. I didn't believe I was gonna do it. Yeah, I freaked out. I got over that point. And now I'm on this whole stratosphere of Get out of my way because I'll steam Roja if you don't, so that would be the main thing I would tell people just believe in what you're doing and a workout. People can get a hold of me through I really encourage everybody check out the revealing healing motivational story podcasts. We're basically on every platform, apple, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify. I think most of our podcasts are download to Apple though, but we released episode at least once a week on Monday, and they're all motivational. Sometimes we'll throw into people who Got some experience of we have somebody coming up later down the road whose head trauma very interesting. He talks about what happens to your brain when you actually collide with somebody. It's very fascinating stuff. And scary at that, especially when you if you have young kids playing sports. But just a fantastic way you can also download the resistance assistance fitness Made Easy app, you can get it on Google Play or Apple App Store. first month is free. We have a ton of great videos, we're adding cardio starting in January or six, I believe. And so Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we actually will do Facebook Lives with cardio in the morning and all you need is what you call a super band, which is basically a huge resistance band and a medicine ball and the lightest one, you can get all that stuff for like 10 bucks, and it'd be the best workout you had will be done in 20 minutes. So when you combine that stuff, with the total body resistance being workouts that we've put together, your sets all you need to do never have to leave your home. So those are the two main ways then you can find me at Ryan west.com And we have some adversity University teaser stuff coming in January as well. And that's really to take what people have gone through as I've stayed here 1000 times today and use to their advantage.
Josh Tapp 28:11
Yeah, well, we'll post links to all of that in the description so people can reach out to you as well. But Ryan, thanks so much for coming on the show, man.
Ryan West 28:18
Hey, my pleasure, Josh. It's a real honor to be on your show. I appreciate it. The number
Josh Tapp 28:21
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