109 - From MLM to Sherpa: That awesome moment when one of the businesses I started eventually works With Shaily Hakimian



About Shaily

Growing up, I was bullied and became determined to make friends. After years of experimenting, I realized that making personal connections was key to starting successful relationships. That skill lives on in how I operate my business today. I help business owners stay top of mind bringing their offline networks online.
 I empower fellow business owners to maximize their referral reputation on social media platforms like LinkedIn with my social media workshops and 1-on-1 accountability sessions.
I learned the hard way on how to build a business from getting pulled into an MLM at 18 to trying to build a matchmaking business without profit potential to trying to survive as a social media manager to now coaching 100’s of businesses on how to do their own marketing.
She has spoken at Trunk Club, Fiverr, State Farm, Notre Dame, University of Illinois, DePaul University, and University of Chicago.
This Persian/Morrocan Indiana grad is a lover of cheesy icebreakers, bubble tea, poker, reality competition shows like Big Brother and Survivor, TEDx conferences, magic, flea markets, the Jewish community, and her sequin closet.



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