021 - How I Raised $2 mil. In Capital By Going To Pubs With Shane Wallace




President of WorkApp
Raised over $3 million in capital by going to pubs
Just expanded his company to 4 other countries



Show Notes

Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Shane Wallace on the mic. And Shane is the founder and CEO of work app. Work app is an app that took Australia by a storm and is now being spread all across the world coming here to the US as well. So Shane is here to share with us how he was able to start this startup this technology startup with $2 million in capital that he raised by just going to the pub on top of that Shane's going to share with us how we can advertise a small business for free. So listen up, guys, let's hop right in Shane.
Shane Wallace 0:36
All right, Shane. So tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know. All good I Josh could get it all the listeners one thing about myself that people don't know, I guess people are gonna find out soon enough, and that is that the first app that I ever downloaded was mine. I had never downloaded an app prior to work app. So I think that's a pretty cool, pretty cool thing. Yeah. Well, and for a tech entrepreneur, he just told me just before this that he's never even been on Facebook.
until Christmas of last year, right? That's correct, right? Yes. Yeah. Probably the last person enough on the last person in the world to have joined social media. I think
Josh Tapp 1:10
that's awesome. I love that. Well, Shane, let's start walking through and kind of seeing where you came from and walk us through it, you know your journey where you're at now.
Shane Wallace 1:18
Now, Ari's might well, the workout journey for us started six and a half years ago. It was actually in early 2013. And my brother rang me one day and he said, Let's build an app that finds the closest Acme workers to the job sites. And my response to him was be no way. How are we going to build an app? Right, you know, you're serious. And they said, Well, if we don't, someone's got it, you know. And what happened was, he had a concrete truck turn up, and he had his labor pulled out on him at the last minute. He's a pool builder, and gave you two options. Turn the concrete truck around and pay for the load anyway, or find someone in the next three minutes and good luck with that type thing, you know? So he jumped in his vehicle and he drove up the street. You need to work gotten a worker. And he ended up getting the fill out the end of the street, brought him back, shoveled his bomb off putting the work, paid him $200 cash, and rang me and said, hey, let's build an app that finds the closest active workers to the job sites because as traders really needed, you know, and so it was a really good idea. It wasn't based on making money it was based on you know, basically solving a solution to a problem that they in many trades people face around the world so that that prick boys up I was I was quite interested based on that alone. So what we did is we we did to file in order to succeed once we put it out there to the community, we were told all these things cost a lot of money. Well, that's true. They often fail, most of them fail. Well, I'm told That's true. And, you know, don't even bother sort of thing and, but of course, I did listen to that because I was quite excited at the prospect of a platform helping people to thrive and to be able to find the work that they're looking for and to be able to, you know, pick up the shortfall of what he found. So in 2013, we dove in and we started building work out. And it was it was quite an interesting journey from that point because the first year went by. And we got our first attempt. I wouldn't call it first version, but the first attempt at going live at the end of 2013. It was quite dreadful. It was very awful. But I didn't know that. So because it was the first app I downloaded. So I was all excited and doing these ones. People are going Oh, my, it looks pretty bad. And this and that. And it used to glitch and it used to stop and it used to just crash and it was an you know, it was a harder task, then we got credit for, but we solved it on and we kept going and here we are six and a half. He's late at night. And she's up and running and brown on the world side. So it's pretty exciting.
Josh Tapp 3:46
Yeah, well, and so expound a little bit on the app itself. Because I mean, you said you know, it started off as connecting people geographically, but it's become so much more than that now.
Shane Wallace 3:55
It has Yeah, so in 2014, we had our second two tempted really gone live. This was before version one. So we're not even at version one. And I don't have professional developers at this stage, which I do today. But back before then we went for a second attempt at going live. And I had a real focus on the Indian market base, because workout is really built for densely populated market. And so I figured, you know, let's have a let's have a bracket open in the Indian market straightaway. And in 2014, we did a little bit of a competition and gave away some iPads. And too many people joined and it just crashed the straightaway. I thought, I thought, you know what, that's a successful failure if I've ever seen one. Yeah. And, and I got really excited at that stage. So I decided to be gone approach some professionals to actually build this thing. And back then work out obviously wasn't what it is today. But along that way, along the way of seeing what other things that were out there, what's happened gone really big at that stage, you know, and a lot of digital platforms are really on the rise and so I started to take a bit of a mental note of the goodness parts of the platforms and what I perceive to be the not so good parts of the platforms. And I figured, you know what, I reckon we can combine all of them into one not social media, but the industry connection side of the platforms all into one. And I reckon we can remove the seats by building an automation and not having to have massive overheads behind us. And so that's what we set out to do. Today, workout is totally free digital platform for automotive and real estate workers in jobs, you know, buying and selling, and much more. We've even added a digital shop feature with shopping cart PayPal integration, and there was absolutely zero fees on the sale of goods Josh, no fees, no charges, no commissions.
Unknown Speaker 5:43
So let's work it.
Josh Tapp 5:45
Yeah. What I love about the direction you're going with it, it's not about you forking money out of out of the the guy who's just struggling his pocket, right. It's all it's about helping them to fill their wallet, and you're building this huge loyal customer base. And so you Know what's kind of your motivation behind that, you know, wanting to work with people who, you know, are getting kind of stepped on by the people with deep pockets?
Shane Wallace 6:07
Yeah, well, I like I said before, and I've watched a lot of my mates who are tried, he's moved from the era of where we used to put ads in the newspaper, to be able to get a month's worth of work, to now putting ads in the newspaper, and you get nearly nothing from it, you've now got to go into the digital space where you're either making yourself into a, you know, a personality on social media, or you're having to find the clever ways around the digital marketing space. And a lot of people have been left behind in that in that department, they don't know what to do. And when you go out to the market to help for them to help you do it, it costs a lot of money. You know what I mean? And, and there's so many of us that have been dumped by the digital tidal wave over the last decade. And I started to have the vision of workout being the one the thing, the platform that helps all of these little guys and small businesses into the digital space without a cost and creating a level playing field because they all work happen to do location based model object geo locates the searcher and gives you the closest active plumber, the closest activate address or the closest active mechanic. You know what I mean? Instead of who pays to get to the top, we don't allow people with the deepest pockets to rank at the top on workout, it's the closest active results or the freshest results are at the top instead of the parts.
Josh Tapp 7:21
Yeah, and so that at that point, they can say, Okay, I want to start a business. And as long as you're in a densely populated area, they're going to be able to thrive pretty quick by just making sure everybody's got work out their pocket.
Shane Wallace 7:31
Absolutely. And not only that, even outside of the densely populated areas, they're going to be able to get their product inside the densely populated areas from being hundreds of miles away on workout because we don't have an algorithmic block. That's that's blocking the content from showing worldwide. You know, if you put a listing on work app, and you and you create the listing to be a worldwide listing, and you boost the listing, which is free to boost, you're boosting your listing in front of all the eyeballs that just opened the app from Over the other side of the ocean, you know, I mean that there's, there's no algorithm that's going to say Hang on, you got to pay to get out of side of this. So you're only going to get seen in your little friend group or you know, your little follow up group not on workout, you're getting seen worldwide, and for free, you know, without the cost. And then all inquiries go directly to the person and to the listing, because we've actually built in app messaging as well. So it's a full messaging service. You can have a five minute video on each site, each listing, you can have unlimited pictures, it's so good for real estate, real estate worldwide is absolutely going to love workout because log aside is no algorithm that's gonna confine you from getting in front of overseas investors. You can create the listing, you can put unlimited pictures, you can put a five minute video on what the property entails. And then all inquiries go directly to you whether you're a real estate agent, or whether you're a private Lister, you know, and you pay absolutely zero dollars for that. You know, so I think I'm gonna save a lot of people a lot of money over there. next big guy from work at being, you know, a viral thing in the world.
Josh Tapp 9:04
Yeah. Why do you mean it's already become viral in in Australia, right. But then you've got it going in India and in some of the European countries, the US. So yes. How did you choose which markets to go into in the first place?
Shane Wallace 9:18
Well, I didn't really choose, we just put it out casting it to the world, you know, we just removed all boundaries. Work out is just the one app that's worldwide. It's only developed in English at this stage. But we have a vision in the future for it to be developed into Chinese and Japanese and German and French and you know, all of the various languages out there and to literally have the whole world on it because work apps kind of free where many of the other platforms just simply can't be Josh. Right. We went for a quite an automated model. Our costs are extremely low, with its cost us $5 million to build the platform. So yes, it costs a lot of money to build it. And that was A lot of research and development involved in that too, because we essentially just had the data file, they wanted to succeed. We didn't know how much it was gonna cost. We didn't know how long it was going to take, and always prepared to just file trawling, you know, browser wait. So we just jumped in and kept going. And here we are now six and a half years later. And it's it's growing in India big time. It's growing in Australia. And now it's really starting to, you know, catch on in the US as well. And I'm very excited for that in the US. Because I know there's a lot of people over there that really benefit from the geolocation model people on the streets that need a day's work, you know, and don't have a lot of money, but they have a smartphone, they're going to be able to go on work out, they're going to be able to create a work and listing and hopefully find the work that they're looking for. And that work won't be 10 suburbs away, that work will hopefully be a kilometer away. You know what I mean? where they could literally walk there because they don't have a vehicle for whatever reason, you know? Yeah, that's my vision for is to help people thrive in the digital life that cost
Josh Tapp 10:56
which is so awesome. So are you allowed to tell us how many users You have right now active users.
Shane Wallace 11:01
So yeah, so we've had 105, over 105,000 downloads of the app, we have 40,000 of those have actually registered on the platform. And over 10,000 listings now, but that's starting to really grow daily. I think in the next two to three months, we'll see a snowball effect. And I won't be surprised if I see one to 10 million users on work out over the next six months, because, you know, our back end can handle it was spent millions of dollars on the scalability of work at the data security workout, we've invested a lot of energy and time into our back end so that can can handle a significant load. And because all that stat testing is done now, and and it's proven itself, you know, we're ready to go. We're ready for the world to just jump on this and thrive and I do think with the way that it's the words getting out there now. It's going to happen in the very near future.
Josh Tapp 11:51
Yeah, well, I mean, that's why we have you on podcasts like this right, getting you into those markets and really sharing with entrepreneurs they can start I mean, honestly, a lot of our listeners should be you rejoicing at this they'll say hey, like I have an opportunity you know I don't have the money to expand my my handyman practice but yes now you're going to be able to download the app and boom, you're ready to go.
Shane Wallace 12:11
Oh, they're gonna spit out Josh because you know you look at ecommerce platforms worldwide and traditionally they'll charge about 10% of the sale right give or take, you know, so I'm gonna be a little bit less on volume and, and a little bit more if you're only selling a one off item. We've built a digital shop with merchant facility and and shopping cart and PayPal integration, which we're going to integrate many more payment gateways in time to come and potentially cryptocurrency because it's starting to really go big as you know, and I can see a die in the not too distant future where there'll be a cryptocurrency payment gateway in our back end for people to trade for whatever they use. And there's zero fees. There is no cost. You know what I mean? I mean, this is great for the single mom who's making gift baskets in the back shop in the back yard in the back shed and and selling him to her local market. And, and putting them online, not having to pay to get outside of the algorithm to be to be seen in front of people that are outside of their friend group. And they don't have to pay any fees on the sale of the goods whatsoever. And now they can put school shoes on the kids, you know what I mean? Like, that's my vision is to really help people and give them a hand up in this digital space. Because we've seriously been dumped by this digital tidal wave over the last decade. It's taken a lot of us by storm, and we didn't see it coming, you know, the old tradies and that sort of thing. And, and, and a lot of us, a lot of people out there have just thrown their hands in the air now and gone. I don't know what to do about it. It's not working, putting ads in the newspaper. I haven't got $1,000 a week to go on. Do search engine optimization, have basically got to go out there and work for a lot less than what I used to work for, you know, so it's time something came along like workout where it's based on helping the people first and foremost before any profits.
Josh Tapp 13:54
Yeah, what what I love about really what you've created, I mean this this opens so many doors Have those, those countries where they're a little bit less developed, I mean, a lot of the people who are winning over there are just completely and totally pushing down on the lower you know, lower class people for lack of a better word. And they can't get ahead because they literally can't spend the money to to grow and to create a good business. And that's what's really crazy about what you saw the huge problem, right?
Shane Wallace 14:22
It is, it's it is going to solve a huge problem. I know that you know, I just know that because of, you know why we built it. And you know, the heartache we went through over the years to break through the barriers to build it will give you an example just this weekend, I was out flying they kind of what a big quiet with a big work at banner, and it's just awesome. And I go and put it in front of a lot of eyeballs. And, you know, it's amazing. It's an amazing attention grabber, you know, right. On the weekend, I was flying in the Sunshine Coast in Australia, and there was a boat client company that was right there. And so when we'd finished it and they said, Oh, you know, tell us about this workout when I told them all about about it. And within 15 minutes, not only had she downloaded and registered on workout, but she had put her whole business on there with videos with slideshows with absolutely everything that you could think of inside 15 minutes. That's all it took for them to list this, you know, by hire company. And she even said to me, if I had to make a page on social media, I would have to sit down, not talk to anyone and I wouldn't need solid two hours to do it. And in 15 minutes while I was in Korea, she put it on designer. And that's what we need. We need it to be easy, and we need to be free. And we need it to be fair.
Josh Tapp 15:40
I love that. Well, I do have to ask you now the question is on everybody's mind, you know, you've created you've created an app that is free, how do you make money?
Shane Wallace 15:51
Look, it's funny because that was six and a half years in and I never actually came up with a revenue model till after the third year when it was only After the third year, I came up with a revenue model because everyone was hassling, you know, they're all gone. It's great. It's very noble to be free might even think that, hey, you're gonna make money, you know, and, and although I say, you know what, you provide enough value to enough people, there's ways of making money they really use it's rendering useful service to the universe at its finest. So don't worry about it. But after year three, there was no more not worrying about it. People wanted to know, you know, and I thought, all right, I better put some thought into this now, because first and foremost, it has to stay for it. Right? And so how do you generate revenue with a truly free model? And I was actually driving up the road. And I went past a big billboard signs on the side of the road. And I thought, Hey, I guess you know, they charge according to how much traffic's going past that billboard, right? And on high traffic zones, those billboards are worth a lot more. And in low traffic signs, those billboards are worth a lot less. And then I just had this vision of the workout user being a car driving along the road, there are traffic, right? So why don't we come up with a model called work? billboards. And so that's what we did. We came up with a model called work at billboards which has been trialed right now. Now, the beauty of work at billboards is the free listings both closest and freshest. take priority over the paid billboards. The paid billboard doesn't start till number seven, and then number 14, and then number 21. And they're every seven all the way through the app. But the first six are the closest free listings. And then number seven's a paid ad will get billboard, then eight 910 11 1213 are the next lot of free listings. And number 14 is a paid ad at work at Google right there number 1516 1718 1920. The next lot of free listings and then 21 is a paid ad and all I did was I put a digital version of the billboards you see driving up the road, so it's not search result related. You might be searching for cars on workout and you'll get a hairdresser billboard in the fourth position. You might be searching for, you know, a houses on workout, and you're getting A Hanes Honda boat, add, you know, in the in the 21st position, sort of thing so, and I think this is going to be great for the big advertisers, you know, like it you Toyota and your Holden, and a lot of those big world brains, they pay handsomely to hop in front of your eyeballs. Right workout workout app is a growing user base of active eyeballs. So essentially, we've come up with a digital advertising model called work at billboards. And we're making sure that the free listings both prices and brushes take priority in the rankings. So no one has to pay to get over the top of the Billboard ever. You're right at the top of the Billboard if you the closest, or the freshest. So on the Showcase we call what's fresh in work at you can boost your listing. If you haven't boosted in 30 days you fall off the showcase which means you miss out on the free advertising campaign. But let's just say the little plumber doesn't boost his listing and therefore falls off the showcase will in the search results. He will still show up the closest in the search results. Even though he hasn't boosted for 30 days, he won't get the free advertising component on the Showcase. But if Mrs. Jones is looking for a plumber near, and he's the closest one, even though he hasn't boosted over 30 days, he's at the top of the showcase. So there's not so you're not being disadvantaged by not opening the app and pressing the green button to boost your listing, you're not being disadvantaged, you're just missing out on the free advertising component. And it just made sense for us to cleverly locate paid ads in between that, but not the ones where you have to watch for three seconds or five seconds or any seconds. You can just scroll straight past in a millisecond to the next three listings are making it it's built for the people just everything that I looked at online that I didn't like about other platforms I made sure wasn't involved in work. So I took the things that were good. Combine them all into one and remove the things that I didn't think was
Josh Tapp 19:57
which is so awesome. I mean, you've really created a model where I mean, it makes sense for a large advertiser to hop in and do that but that you could even have it be what no plumber is going to be paying to compete with the plumbers, Doritos written up just have their ads sitting within the playing ads, you know, that's really really awesome model
Shane Wallace 20:16
and not only that something excites me and I have a vision of this happening in the next two years and that is, you know, the traffic on our roads. What happens is companies paid search engine optimization so that they rank at the top Mrs. Jones looks for a plumber and she gets one an hour and a half away because that plumber had enough money to rank at the top one the search results and so that plumber now has to drive across town to go and do a free quote or whatever they're going to charge Mrs. Jones will on work at the one at the top is one straightaway. Yeah, no, that's that's one car we just took off the road driving for an hour and a half now times that by the whole world. And I think we actually make a dent in this and and and get people locally. in their communities, because let's face it, the little plumber doesn't want to grow up an hour and a half away, doesn't. He wants to drive a straight away two streets away, maybe even a suburb away. And if we can get everyone around the world localized in their communities and making money because it's all about making money for people, a little PAMA estimate, man, y'all know me. And Mrs. Jones doesn't want to pay someone for from an hour and a half away. And so how do we fix this situation? Well, I think work out goes a long way to solving this problem. Because when you put, let's just say a billion users on workout, because that's what it's going to have over the next decade, it's going to have a billion plus users know. And imagine now all of those cars, not driving an hour and a half to do the free quote anymore because they're getting to work in their local areas.
Josh Tapp 21:44
That's the visual force. Right? Which is crazy. Yeah, there's just so many implications when you think about that, too. I mean, even the emissions You know, I'm not a huge global warming person but but even the emissions you know, reduction without would be crazy. And that's man, that's some pretty awesome Awesome debt you're making in the in the world there. So that's so cool. Well, let me ask you this too. So I mean, you to build an app like this is extremely expensive. So, so talk about, you know, how you got the money for that. And I know you had a really interesting story about that. Yeah, it was,
Shane Wallace 22:17
it was crazy. You know, when we first started in 2013, we will alluded to the fact that it was going to cost about one to $200,000 that's what we were led to believe, and that's a lot of money, right? So yeah, something that you sneeze at or anything like that. And, and we didn't quite have that much money, but over the first year, that's how much money we sunk into it personally, my brother and I, and my close family members, you know, and and, and that didn't go anywhere that didn't even get us a product that was really working for, you know, the scalability and all that sort of thing. So, it gave me a bit of a wake up call as to what was actually going on here. But, you know, I was so so you know, adamant and In the belief that it was going to work, if I'd only found professionals to help me build it. And so that's what I ended up doing. The start of 2015, I teamed up with a company by the name of milestones Technology Group, they had over 20 years experience in the software game. And they loved what we were doing why we were doing it, it was very much aligned with their values. And they basically said, Look, you know, we can have a crack at building it. We don't know how long that's gonna take. We don't know how much it's gonna cost you, you just got to basically start with a million bucks and see how you go, you know, and, and oh, my goodness gracious. Okay, so I wasn't sort of thinking that sort of money, you know? So, I went home to my wife, and I said, Oh, look, it's really good. You know, that they came to build it with us and, and she said, Yeah, but what's Why do you look, why do you look sort of, you know, a bit, you know, funny about it all. I said, Well, because I've got to find a million bucks somehow. And she said, Well, how are you gonna find a million bucks? I said, odd. And I I'm gonna go to the pub for a schooner and I'll just have a think about it right. And sure enough, I went down the pub for a schooner and there was one fellow in the pub I looked across the team and he's all smiles and everything like that, and I grabbed the view and I've got all got to check this fellow and of course everywhere I go on pitching workout, right, like just everywhere I go, no matter who you are, I'm telling you about work at and so of course, when I told him about work happen, you know, he just loved it. He said, This is so good coin based analysis. You can invest and this is all How much? I don't think she's shy here, you
Unknown Speaker 24:28
know, oh, yeah.
Shane Wallace 24:31
He'd obviously say no, if I said that, you know? Yeah.
Yeah. 10,000 I just blocked the figure 10,000 which is yet right now on me. And I'm thinking, Oh, okay. All right. No worries. So anyway, I mean, he'd become my truck real quick, this fella right and, and so anyways, he's gonna meet me down the pub for a beer on Saturday and he introduced me to a bunch of his mates and next minute know another Arby's mites and putting in 10 grain as well. And I'll have the first hundred grain within a week. Okay, all right. Game on now, you know, I kind of did that without meaning to you know, without great, you know what not down to venture capital not not going to, you know, the sophisticated market which is very hard to navigate and yeah, very enduring, you know, as many people would know. And so I figured, well, maybe maybe the pub is the best place for me to go and raise capital. I was actually born and grown, brought up in country town pubs my mum and dad used to buy and sell pubs when when I was young, so all of my schooling from year one through to year nine was a new pub every year was a new pup because it because I basically do them up for the year and then put it on the market and move it on. And so they had a bit of a knack for it. So they are going around and doing upcountry town pubs and selling the pubs on so I was quite comfortable in pubs. Let's just say, you know, I grew up there. And so I figured, well, you know what, maybe I should just go to the pub and see if I can raise a bit of capital. Do you know I raised over $3 million in pubs one Wow.
Josh Tapp 26:00
Yeah, by just talking to people,
Shane Wallace 26:03
well, asking every single person without fail. My averages were around about one Yes, for every nine No. So one in 10 was about right on average. So Chris loves this too, because I started counting the nose in the end, you know, instead of the yeses, you know, if I got to the seventh now, I'd be like, Oh, I need two more nose to
Unknown Speaker 26:25
go on, you know.
Shane Wallace 26:27
So, um, but we just set the price at 10 grand, it just got set that guy and we just kept with that. Other people will put more in there's been people along the way that have put greater amounts than 10. But the average amount that the moment that investors put in was was 10 grain and, and it's just been great. We've got an ambassador group now Josh have over 500 people that have that are shareholders in work. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. And they all bought into the, to the vision of it being good for people and helping people in the digital age, you know, every every one of our shareholder bought into the fact that this was truly built to help people thrive in the digital age. Of course, they want to get a return on their investment at some stage and everyone does when you invest. But I was very upfront and telling people that, you know, you could lose your money. These are the skills I have to be totally honest with you. You know, I made two promises to everyone. Number one, or one dilute your shareholding I promise you? Number two, if it doesn't work, you lose your money, I promise you. And yeah, that was that was how we sorted through it. And no one's under any false illusions as to what's going on here. And it worked out great for us in the end. And so over the years, I just kept going and going and going and, you know, we have Steve clear the venture capital altogether now because we don't feel aligned with the way that it's traditionally done, which is fine. I know it's worked for a lot of companies and and it's a good thing. I'm not knocking it in any way. But it just wasn't who we were as a group. You know, we're we're more interested in this having work for people getting results that we were about making money out of venture capital traditionally like that, that philosophy, right?
Josh Tapp 28:07
Yeah, they don't prescribe to that. That's awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming and sharing so much about this. I do want to to ask you it is open in the US market now. Absolutely. And growing. So where can people go to either sign up as a business or as a user?
Shane Wallace 28:24
Sure. So I work at DOT world is our website I love www dot att dot world instead. of.com.com the old school my dot world what it's all about now. I think that happened off all the dot coms left and gone and you can't buy.com anymore and so they had the right different way. But But workout dot world really fits who we are anyway. And of course, you can download the app at the app stores, both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. Work that works for you. If you do find other work apps in the app store. Ellis's work app works for you. So we can download that. There's no cost to download it. It's all free to join and register. And then you can create unlimited listings on there. You could if you've got five different businesses, you put all five different businesses on separately, you can boost call separately in this in the search results, you can boost them separately on the Showcase something else, a great feature that we've put on there as well is you can actually deactivate a listing with one press of a button. So let's just say you're a worker, and you put a worker listing on there, and then all of a sudden you get free week's work. So you don't want to be called now constantly. You just deactivate that which just pauses the listing takes it off the search results makes it invisible. And then you know two weeks later when all of a sudden you think oh Jesus only couple of days work with you can just born activate, and that just puts that straight back on one press of a button. So the thing with us is we've made it so that the user controls they work at we don't control the work out for them. Everyone controls their own work. Again, they control what data is being seen what time of the day, it's been seen what's live and what's not live, you know. And I think that that's what we need is the people we need to control our commercial activity and not have it be controlled for us. And we need it free and fair, you know?
Josh Tapp 30:15
Yeah, absolutely. Man. Well, so let's get one last parting piece of guidance from you for our audience. And then just let us know where we can connect with you. And we'll close
Shane Wallace 30:24
work at because it also has, yeah, it has a messaging service on there. I've put a listing on there as well. I've got two listings on there in the community section, and the most recent one that I put up there is booked me for your event, I intend on going out there and telling the workout story for organizations if they want to have me, I don't charge to do that. I'm not interested in making money from that or anything like that. However, if I'm required to travel long distances, you know, maybe a phase and that sort of thing I would ask for but outside of that I'm not interested in commercializing me as a speaker and making money from iterating on that I just want to get out there and inspire people to Jump back on the horse now that there's a platform here, that's not going to make you do funny things and funny business to try and get to the top, you know, you can just jump up there so, so connect with me on workout, you can go into find people on the search results. Now, because if people don't have a listing, and therefore you don't have anything to inquire to, then you can just go to find people and providing that they've made their listing or their profile public. So they'll show up, then you can find them you can send them a chat request. And then you just it's just a normal chat facility like the others that are out there. But ours is more based on being able to inquire for different listings and commercializing your your activities starting Yeah,
Josh Tapp 31:42
yeah, well, that is exec connect
Shane Wallace 31:44
with me on work app. I'm really keen to connect with people on work app and, and I'm planning to come over the US so I'm hoping to come over the US in the next few months, maybe three to six months and, and start getting out there and showing you guys over there how good this is. What is Chris say, Alavi? He's made the terminology Born in Australia, and made for America, and I just love it.
It's, it's gonna help. It's gonna help so many people around the world and that's a thrill for me.
Josh Tapp 32:10
Yeah, that is incredible. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing with us today.
Shane Wallace 32:15
Thanks. Thanks, Josh. I appreciate it. I look forward to meet you in person someday. So
Josh Tapp 32:21
the number one needle mover in my business is joint venture partnerships. Growing a following can be time consuming and frustrating. For that reason we created the tribe of Titans the world's first joint venture matching platform. Using this free platform you can find guests for a podcast YouTube channel or Facebook group, where you can promote your brand product or service in one simple place. You can create your free account as tribe dot the lucky titan.com once again, that's tribe dot the lucky titan.com
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