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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Sidney clevenger on the mic. We're so excited to have Sidney here because he is the founder of the better leads Institute. He's also here to be sharing with us how to leverage intent based branding. This concept is very important to any small business, especially if you're in the online space. So Sydney, let's hop right in. Alright, Sydney, so tell us one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Sidney Clevinger 0:28
One thing that most people don't know, man, I am scared to death of Pilates. I don't know where it came from. You know, it's funny. I when I was little, this is one of my first memories. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. So I actually grew up in Eastern Kentucky which basically means I grew up with you know, if there's anybody from Eastern Kentucky listen to this, I'm sorry, but let's just call a spade a spade here. You know, we had people family sleeping with each other we had, you know, no stoplights. Everybody knew who everybody was. Everybody was in each other's business now, I, you know, I ended up moving to to Louisville, Kentucky and my first memories is I was at a Cincinnati Reds baseball. That's a huge baseball thing, huge resumes. And if you know anything about Cincinnati or where the it's called Riverfront Park so Cincinnati is right on the Ohio River. It sits on the river. It's a gorgeous city because it kind of has a mountain that goes up. And Riverfront Park sits right on the water and it's really, really cool place. There's a bridge that goes over and I don't know what happened. I don't know why. But all I remember is my dad picked me up by the waist, lean me completely over like age four, and said, Hey, son, look for some baseballs in there. I'll never forget it. And I almost failed because I was so scared. And then it goes back into when I was in college and I used to have a rooftop in the building and we went up to the rooftop and we were like 20 stories up and I'm 100 feet away from the psycho. And he decides that he's going to get up on the rooftop ledge and sit on the edge. JOHN one thing and I wanted to thank I don't know what it is I don't know if I fail. I don't know if something I seriously need to probably talk to my wife about helping me clear that but um, but yeah man like it's it's crazy I am just so scared of heights like I do not get near ledges I do not get I mean I almost don't go outside on my patio.
I am a pipe so I like my feet to be firmly on the ground.
Josh Tapp 2:27
It's a pretty common fear so you know, not not a big deal there.
Sidney Clevinger 2:31
jumped out of a plane last year and you think that would have broken Nope. strapped onto someone else. So
Josh Tapp 2:37
drink if you let me die. I'm gonna come back and haunt you.
Sidney Clevinger 2:39
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I die. I die. You just get pushed out. There's no like holding back, you get pushed out of a point. Right?
Josh Tapp 2:48
That's so awesome, man. Yeah, well, that's so cool. Well, so Cindy, give us a little bit of background on yourself how you got to where you're at now and what you're currently doing,
Sidney Clevinger 2:55
man, I accidentally got to where I'm at now. Um, you know, and it's funny. Because I think you know, Steve Jobs, you know, the one and only the amazing Steve Jobs, you know, preached about how, you know, you can never, you can never, you know, look at life, you know, from the forward, you'd never look at it from the front end, you always have to look at it from the back end, you can only look at where you came from. And you can only connect the dots looking backwards, never forward, I think, what's his actual quote? And, you know, and that's so true. I mean, like, I look back at like, you know, my wife and like, how we met. And I look back at my my homeboy here who sit on the other end of the screen, who's, you know, my right hand and how we met and how unlikely it was, would have been that we met, and how a year ago, you know, he was in, you know, drugs and everything else, just like I was three years, you know, just like I was messed up three years. So it's interesting how you attract who you become and attract who you are. And, you know, and, and I sit here and, and, you know, I when I first got started, I was in college, and I wanted to be an athletic director. I went University of Louisville, University of Louisville athletics was in the Big East back then we had an athletic director who actually turned out to be a massive douchebag was Tom Jarrett she got fired for basically letting Rick Pitino hire prostitutes to come and sleep with basketball recruits and yeah, big deal story about it when I look up look up breaking cardinal rules global basketball and there's a whole story about whole book about it. Rick general got fired because of that one. Anyway, so um, but he was like he had done so much he adversity a little like if you're into any type of college athletics, he had taken them from a really small Conference USA conference all the way up into the Big East back in like 2009 2010 Biggie, so it's actually bigger than the SEC in the ACC, or just as big on that level. So he had taken a team that was pretty much or a university that was mid major and taking them into one of the top major, you know, 20 schools, 25 schools, whatever it is, and that means millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and 10s of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue and all the stuff that comes along with it for Universities The university was able to grow. To me, that was cool girl, like, holy crap. He got to build a business and do it while he was around athletics. I mean, that's the coolest thing ever. I grew up playing sports, so like getting to build a business while around athletics. I was cool as hell. So I was like, Yeah, I mean, that like director makes a couple million a year. I'll take that job. So, you know, I got into that. And that's what I wanted to do. So my senior year I was taking I was a, I was a sports administration,
undergrad student, and a minor in communications. And so like I was doing that, and I had to do I had to do a semester internship. So I went and I worked, not the University of Louisville because I wanted to have a bigger role. I went work in a smaller school, the Division Two school called Bellarmine University, they're actually really big and Division Two basketball, won a few championships national And anyway, and I went to go work there and they just threw me in the sports information department. So the sports information department is basically the athletic communications department. Started charged with press releases the websites, um, all the media guides, the design work or the media guides, we do all the photo shoots, we do all the information. So we do like all the questions and information on the players. We put all that stuff together. And we're also the people that run the scoreboard do the stats, you know, in a smaller school, you kind of work 50 different hands. So, you know, we got to learn a lot of stuff while I was there. And while I was there, I was tasked with building and helping build having a big role in helping build the new athletic website teaching teams or from school. And so I fell in love with technology there it was, none of it was at all it was technology was digital work, had nothing to do with direct response had nothing to do with any type of getting lead generation. It was just I enjoyed working online and making pretty stuff that people like to watch and see I remember coming back that night, or the night after when I would send out these press releases to people. And I would want to see how many people viewed it. Like I was so excited. Like I want to see how many people click on it like how many people read my words like it was like the coolest thing in the world. And that's it. sort of grew into, you know, I got a graduate assistantship down at university down in Miami at a division, a big division school to school there. And I came to find as I got more intimate and getting more stuff working in athletics, I love technology, hated the athletic world. It's a cutthroat world. And no one really makes any money except when you're at the top, like, you know, when you get into work, and this these jobs are making 16 to $18,000 a year and getting no benefits and literally just living off nothing. And you know, part of what you live off of is your meal plan in college. It's like you never leave college. I hate it. Right. I was working 90 hundred hours a week. So I got out of it. And I just got into websites. And when I got into websites and started building websites down there, Wix and Weebly came out destroyed that business. And then and then yeah, and then I ended up going in and working for a bigger advertising agency. And that's when I started learning media started learning by started learning just how to run an agency as a whole. What's a traffic person? How community service work, how does how to how do you build the assembly line inside a creative space and make it run, you know, all those little project management stuff was huge for me. So just in day to day operations, being able to train, train, train my right hand or train my creative director on how to get things moving more efficiently, I learned I didn't get paid a lot, but I got to take that with me.
Unknown Speaker 8:18
So, you know,
Sidney Clevinger 8:20
so yeah, man, like, that's just kind of how we how it evolved. And then when when funnels became big, I just sort of started dabbling. It made sense to me and I created. And, you know, how I got started was I started helping people for free, and learning this stuff to help you and if it works, we just let me know at work and give me a testimonial. After working with 15 or 20 people, one of my three people I worked with ended up paying me and send me over somebody to pay I made like two or $3,000 a month working with him. And two months later, I had my first $10,000 month and here,
Josh Tapp 8:51
it just scaled up and now you're actually teaching people how to do what you did. Right. That's you've built a whole community around this and everything.
Sidney Clevinger 8:58
Yeah, I mean, you know, Think, you know, not that people don't think like buying information anymore. I think people are always wanting to learn and buy information. I just feel like there's been kind of a maybe a pivot in the marketplace recently, especially with all of this technology just it's everywhere. Now it's in our face. I think that people don't necessarily buy information anymore, because the stats Don't lie. 95% of people that buy Apple products, never even open them. 98% of them don't finish them. You know, and, and so, I think people don't necessarily buy information as much, then they buy information attached with mentorship. So that community being able to add in that community element, like, you know, I had never done a community element Private Client stuff, because I always wanted to keep high paying clients separate. What I tend to understand is that the people that are making more money in the world are just as opposed to people that aren't, they're just stuck in different ways. And sorry, if my language I didn't mean to, that's kind of where when I started figuring that out, it wasn't necessarily didn't have different, you know, it wasn't that they had less difficult problems, they just had different problems, different issues, different things at a different level that they saw. So what I started figuring out was as I joined some pretty high level inner circles over the past year, some you know, with some pretty high and I don't wanna go into names, but I went into some really, really, really high high level where I worked with people and was in a community. You know, I mean, if you look at all of these high level input Now, I mentioned this because I won't go into which ones are bad because I don't want to drive people to a specific one. But, you know, that's your decision. And the reason I say that is because just because they didn't work out for me, doesn't mean they won't work out for you. Everybody's different. Everybody consumes that I work very well with Frank Kern why we think exactly the same way. So like when he talks, I get it from the from the get go. It doesn't mean that if it doesn't mean that if somebody else is doing the exact same stuff, it's not good. It just means that me and Frank relate. That's why I buy from Frank me and Frank we like I like learning from Frank Frank. brand I want to learn from the good oh homeboy, Frank Kern. So take that and learn that's a big deal. People buy from people not from profiles. Um, but but anyway man, like, I would just, I don't even know what I was talking about. I got excited about that statement. So I'm just gonna shut up.
Josh Tapp 11:16
That's totally fine. So what I really liked about what you're talking about there, I mean, it's, it's about choosing who you resonate with. And as long as they've got the result, it really doesn't matter who you go to. Because especially when it comes to internet marketing,
Sidney Clevinger 11:28
right, I've learned I've learned from everybody. I mean, there's people I might not like, in the internet marketing world, doesn't mean I haven't learned from them. And you know, I asked her and you know, one of the biggest lessons I ever learned I learned it from one of my I worked with Marshall silver, extremely high level, I got a chance to work with him on his ads and stuff, which was really cool. It was one of the first big huge influencers I got to work with. And he gave me that opportunity when I joined circle last year, which really helped skyrocket my career because I was able to leverage everything people, I was able to leverage that to get other you know, just Say, Hey, I got more so really, and then they check more. Yeah, you do a great job in an opportunity to work some high level people. And, and yeah, so I think you know, it's just people you know, I think you just man again It happened to me again I'm having these creative moments, they'll come back to me. But But you know, leverage. I think people need to learn how to leverage everything you know, leverage is a resource when it's quality that you know, when you when you can tap into the resource when it's qualities of what life is you can gain any resource including money that you could ever need. And I think that's a big thing that people need to know. You know that things like love and passion and grit and things that don't cost any money, things that you just resourcefully have in your body that everybody else has. You have that much more of? Those are the qualities that are going to get you the resources that you need to grow really fast.
Josh Tapp 12:45
Yeah, I completely agree. Well, I like the model that you've decided to approach because one of the one of the big problems A lot of people have and this is my personal qualms with buying courses is a course without a coach makes no sense. You're never going to do I get it Like, for me, I'm assuming you're a community
Sidney Clevinger 13:02
community. I think I think I think if you add the community and the coach is just double it's double whammy, right? It's twice the fire twice, twice as well. Thank you just gonna get twice as good results. Right. That's what I was thinking. You think?
Josh Tapp 13:15
Yeah, well, I completely agree. Because what most people don't understand is that you can spend money all day, you know, trying to learn, but what a coach is going to give you, they're probably not going to tell you that much that's new. What they're going to give you is the perspective change and really just kick you in the butt. So you'll do it.
Sidney Clevinger 13:33
Yeah, and I'll give you and I'll give you you know, this is me just collaborating here and telling me No, but just a little, a little, little quick thing. This is just a little hack here. I stay away from learn when it comes to ads, I stay away from learn when it comes to communication in general. Not in any way that you were doing this to me or anything like that, but we use the word discover. It's a simple little mind trick. When you say learn to people. It's not that you meant this in any way nor could you mean it in a communication but there's a lot of things that are missing. Communicate. So instead of learning where you're talking down there discovering where you're talking up, you want to lift the emotion. Because when you lift the emotion, you're going to get people into an emotional state of Yes. And their brain, meaning that they like saying yes to you, if you demean their emotion. Now, this is me taking this one word and really driving at home. Okay, so this would be more of us. Yeah. Which this would be more of like if you just massage this into your language and send it to the person over and over and over again, which is what you do in ADS. So if you continually say learn, that's going to get massaged in their brain over and over again, because they're gonna read that bumper tagline that says, hey, if you want to learn more about this, then go here. But if you say, hey, if you weren't, you know, if you want to discover how to x, then they're getting lifted in emotion in their brain. This is me and this is so insanely deep because I'm diving into NLP language now. I'm Tony Robbins. I'm diving into Tony Robbins land, you know, but those little things, man, you stack those little things. They matter and this is relates back to a training from Marshall silver play every ace in your life and in your business and by taking that one word and being that anal about it is playing an ace is playing an advantage. You play every advantage in your business and getting that freakin detailed about it. And being that intentional about it. That's one of the first things you'll learn as an influencer. Or first thing you'll learn when you start putting things online is that you're intentional with every single letter that you're putting stuff on there. I call it being spontaneously scripted. It's scripted, but you make it look like it's not right but it's all put out there to get someone to do X. That's the only reason you put them at every post picture. Every thing I put out there into the online world is done with intention and with and with some sort of goal in mind to drive them down a rabbit hole of some sort of something.
Josh Tapp 15:51
Yeah, well, I really thank you for bringing that up because I don't mind you directing those things because that's that's the kind of stuff Yeah, all of us are listening pot to podcast for right If
Sidney Clevinger 16:00
I don't then please please please like that was just a teaching moment that was not in any way shape or form like your voice and your tone is phenomenal. So I mean like you, you do really well enunciating things. That's another thing when you're talking which is all great stuff for people who are on the phone because guess what, when you're on the phone, you got one thing, your thread. Now I think a lot of people are shifting off the phone and going to zoom calls. I do that a lot. I go to zoom calls for my for my sales calls and for my calls in general, for a couple reasons, and you get to record it. So that person is someone who doesn't like to remember what you told them to do you ever recorded to it also protects you because it's recorded protects you majorly because it's recorded and you know, just obviously make sure you're in the laws. I live in Texas, I'm allowed to record without letting people know our record. Obviously though, I let people know I record because if they don't want to be on a recorded phone call, I probably don't want to be talking with them in any way or working with them because that means you're probably trying to pull something over on me and it gets me out of that conversation down that rabbit hole a lot quicker. So always, you know, that's a big advantage. And also, it adds in the, it adds in the visual component. There's four different ways people consume information. There's called the modalities. You do it by visual. So how you what you're saying those people that like to watch TV, people like to watch Netflix, you know, those are visual learners webinars and stuff like that. You got auditory. So that's obviously listening. So people like to listen to things. podcasts are huge radio, stuff like that. Again, even TV to an extent music, it's big. And you have what's called kinesthetic that's doing or writing. So doing are writing sales letters via sales, stuff like that. And then you have a fourth which is a mix, and that's called them audio and digital, but it's also a mix. The best one for those is a VSL because you're hitting them with a video that's changing constantly with a pic with a PowerPoint. You're also hitting them with sound of you talking into the video, and it's also a sales letter that's broken up and it's just words on a PowerPoint so then they're getting a chance to read it. So you're hitting all three of those. If you also go visit like massive, huge influencers, like maybe Brendon Burchard. Brendon Burchard is someone that I work with extremely heavily. If you go over to Brendan's website, Brendan br eak and do n.com. You know, if you notice how I did that I just mirrored how Brendan does it. He really emphasizes that Oh, because the E and the Oh, is a big one, people were misspell. So he really emphasizes that Oh, and he does that. So be He, he does be REM and oh him. Anyway, that's how he does and that's what I would suggest your listeners do as well, those little things matter. And what he'll do is is you can go check out his blog, and you can check out my blog as well. If you go and go to my website, it's www better leads Institute calm, and you go to my blog and what you'll notice is is the way I present the information is that we have video, there'll be a link to an audio which is usually a podcast, and then all I do is I go to rev.com or you can go to Fiverr if you want and just get it transcribed Reza dollar a minute they're pretty good at it. I talking to a microphone In a lot, so it doesn't really get too skewed up. And it's going there, they send it over to me all the stuff and then just do the grammar work make it sound sexy from conversational and, and then put it in there. And now they have a way of consuming this content in three different ways. They have the video, which is driving them to an offer, they have the audio recording, which is just the video and an audio that's driving them to the same offer. And then they have the written piece that gets people to like to read to scan it, which then again, drives them to a same offer. And then below that it has three different types of free things that they give me two things that they can consume for free, which is typically a book or another blog, and which sends them down another rabbit hole. And then based on where the rat is based on what offers they get. So that's how deep we get. I mean, like, you know, if they're on one page, they're gonna get sent down a whole different type of rabbit hole. And if they're on another abandoned cart on another page or another off, we don't send them the same stuff. We are back in our ecosystems massive but we've spent years building so you know, it's just a matter of following a couple of different campaigns on the back end and then just recycling using them with different offers. That's all. We do all three, we follow one called the double tap, we follow one for the high end. So that's an high end intimate campaign, which is a lot of video. And then we and then we follow one that's called our days of power. And then we just recycle those over and over and over.
Josh Tapp 20:16
Awesome. Well, I hope our audience goes back and listen to this episode multiple times because you've been spitting straight fire with this stuff, man. I'm taking notes over here like crazy. A lot. Oh, man. Well,
Sidney Clevinger 20:26
I just want to help brother. That's what it's about. We all want we all win man. And you know, just be in abundance. And always just, you know, when you surround your people, they love this topic. I'm surrounded by people who are winning, what the hell do you think you're going to be doing? Right? You know what I mean? So like, it's just it's the whole same notion of Les Brown and all the amazing Zig Ziglar all those guys, Jim Rohn, all of them. You know, you're you're the average of the five people you hang around. I know. You've probably heard that read that from everybody since 1933. When Dale Carnegie, I think it was when Dale Carnegie came out with how to win friends and influence people. Whole books basically around being interested in on interesting and be more interested in people and having people be interested in you. And you will have a lot more friends and a lot more things that you want. That's the entire book people. Yeah. And, and, and yeah, man, I mean, just, you know, I think I just, you know, had a great article I had published that within addicted to success actually is the one that wanted me to write it. And it's all about how you generate those goodwill conversations with people out of thin air, like that's kind of my superpower, I always talk to my clients about what's that superpower that you do really well, we'll start there. And it doesn't have to have anything to do with their business. Now, this has to do with sales, which is a big part of my business version. But you know, it's literally just, you know, I don't even remember, I've written so much but it's like five steps of like exactly what to do and then like how they presented it, but a lot of Dale Carnegie's stuff in there and how to do that. So, you know, one thing I tell my clients a lot, just you're always more interested in, I guess the best way of getting people to talk to you as I close my eyes and think of yourself in third person waving your right white flag. If you're waiting Your white flag at someone that you're interested in all you're doing is typically finding something else that they're interested in, or that they have that you either have in common or interested in with yourself, that then makes them the hero in the conversation and allows you to come at it from asking questions and allowing them to give you answers, which then helps heighten that emotion again and get them to a state of I like talking to this guy.
Josh Tapp 22:22
Yeah, which is gold.
Sidney Clevinger 22:25
You see how that works. So it's just you know, it's all in positioning, you know, I mean, I, I wish I could sit here and take credit for all this. This is just a mixture of Frank Kern, power positioning, NLP, and you know, a little bit of sexy language pattern. That's all and a little bit of hypnosis but in a good way. You know, and I advise anybody that's watching this and listening to this language pattern, it is extremely lethal, lethal in a sense that I'm going to cover my butt here. Please do not do this for evil. I do not advise you to do this for evil. I do not advise you to have a really scam product and was unknown number of people do but just just you know, it's Someone random that is not from your community hops on here and listens to this. If you have something you're not helping people don't use this stuff to sell them stuff. And scam people. That's not okay. You deserve to go to jail for that that is being a thief. And that is not to help people figure out what is your superpower to help people and help people. All right now my butt's covered. Let's go.
Josh Tapp 23:18
I love it, man. Well, hey, before we sign off today, because we do have to end up here pretty quick. But what, where can people connect with you? And, you know, where can they get in contact with you as well?
Sidney Clevinger 23:29
Awesome, man. Yes. So, you know, I'm, I told you about the phone call, you know, we want to help people. And you know, I want you to make that decision on if you like, kind of the stuff that we're doing. If you do cool, you know, we'd love to talk to you about helping you work with everybody from you know, I've worked with everybody up to you know, a million dollars a year in ad spend. So I'm sure I can help you in some way, if that's kind of what you're looking to do. But you know, just come into our community. We have a wife and I have a great community. We started on Facebook. There's gonna be a link down here that I'll shoot over on that you can share with your group, but we've started great community on Facebook, you can just search it on Facebook, it's called success secrets for purpose driven entrepreneurs again, that success secrets for purpose driven entrepreneurs. And, and what that is, is it's a group that that I like. And I started because we wanted to have a place where we could just have a place of people who are looking to not only just start a business, but start a business that has a purpose behind it of helping the world grow in some way. You know, I mean, with what we do, we don't, we're not doing what we do to make money. Money is the byproduct, we do what we do, because we want to help you know, and Tiffany and I are big on teaching about what our highest intention is. And then everything falls down and follows that highest intention up turned down offers from working with big customers as a CMO because they didn't follow my highest intention. They didn't follow what I was about. So you know, we want people that kind of have that what were you put on this earth for, and then everything within their business is a vehicle and they use that vehicle to then You know, go and live that life's mission we teach a great thing that Brendon Burchard make up the battle board, Google battle board by Brendon Burchard. You will love it. It is the fastest way to getting clarity in your life this year is a four minute video it will take you two and a half to two and a half hours to do it is phenomenal. It's called his battle board. Got to give him props on that that that changed my life when I first heard that content, but join our group. It's called success secrets for purpose driven entrepreneurs. You can search it on Facebook there, or there's gonna be a link I think you're gonna throw here Yeah, to all the links. Oh, yeah, so you can it's a bitly link so don't be thrown off it's a bitly link is just initialed with a set SS you know, whatever success secrets for purpose driven entrepreneurs click on that. When you do click on that we're going to give you a ton of stuff. You're going to get all the books I've ever written, which and Tiffany would she you know, it ends up being not a full size book because it's all of our ebooks. And it goes over a lot of things that we teach in the academy, that which you know, is a paid a paid course that we have. We also Have interviews from seven, eight and nine figure earners including like Zack Babcock. Ron Lynch who is famous copywriter who was behind or was part of being behind the GoPro the Snuggie George Foreman Grill. Those guys have a big one for him was oxy clean that was a big breakthrough. And so we have an interview with him where he goes over headlines and how to write copy so you get you get that interview with him which is basically an hour training with him which is really cool. He charges thousand bucks for that hour typically so he gives it to you for free. We also got Marshall silver, who's made close to $500 billion in his lifetime. His famous product took Tony Robbins off off air back in 94 with his infomercial, passion, profit power. You get that training when you get in there as well. And what we're adding in today is you also get a special offer from a good friend of mine named named Matt Gan Zach really good friend of mine. He created this amazing, this amazing software called friend filter and we use a lot of people are now using it to help with their organic and game On the front end, so we give you a little discount, we actually don't make, we just pay you the commission for using it. It's an affiliate link, but that's a good, he's helped me in so many ways. So I'm just actually giving him that money. And you can just save the savings on what I would ever have. So you're gonna get that as well. So you get a bunch of free stuff when you join and then yeah, you can just hang out with us we do interviews or trainings every day in the group and do you run across something that you're looking to get taken care of right now? I'll hop in there watch the free video. There's no opt ins, there's no there's no opt ins, there's no selling in that group by anybody including us we're you know, we might mention that we're doing something or Mitchell we have an offer, but we're not going to hard sell you or anything like that is simply a community for all of us to grow. And we would love Love, love for you to come and join us in there. Again, it's success secrets for purpose driven entrepreneurs and we'll have a link here in the notes.
Josh Tapp 27:48
Awesome. Well, I will link that all up so everybody can get over there. I'm personally going to go over there myself. It's kind of like
Sidney Clevinger 27:55
man get in there and like I said we're only reason we're asking for an email is when you get in there is because we have To be able to send you the stuff you're not getting thrown on a massive list you're not gonna we're not gonna hound you in email. Just you know just the only reason the emails there is you want to know why you want to join we want to know your interest you know, if you're just joining because you want to join the group, you have no reason for joining group but there's no point for you being in there. It's just a waste of time. So you know, I mean, join the group tell me why you want to join the group and just send me your email. We're gonna shoot you over all those things. It's just it's literally just an email with links. And you know, you're gonna click on those free training. Awesome, man.
Josh Tapp 28:31
Well, Thanks a ton for coming on the show Sydney regret, you're able to come share so much gold with us today.
Sidney Clevinger 28:37
I appreciate it, brother. And I look forward to this and always remember you all we all win win, we all win. Go help somebody else win today. I promise you it's done really well for me in my life, and I'm pretty darn sure do really well for you in your life.
Josh Tapp 28:49
The number one needle mover in my business is joint venture partnerships. Growing a following can be time consuming and frustrating. For that reason we created the tribe of Titans the world's first joint venture matching platform using this free platform you can find guests for a podcast YouTube channel or Facebook group or you can promote your brand product or service in one simple place. You can create your free accounts as tribe dot the lucky titan.com once again that's tribe dot the lucky titan.com
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