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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast. So today we have Western Jenkins on the mic. Weston is the founder of disabled outdoorsman calm, which is a company dedicated to taking out disabled veterans onto hunting trips. We brought Western on because of his passion and his fire for helping out others. And I really believe that he's got some great things to share with us today. So Weston, let's hop right in. Alright, Weston, so tell us one thing about yourself. Most people don't know.
Weston Jenkins 0:29
Yeah, man. So sometimes on the weekends, I don't have too too much going on all go down to the local, you know, concert venues and go hand out my flyers and live single that I'm writing right now that hasn't been fully released. And, you know, try to get some gigs on the side. My dad was a country music artist in the 90s for quite some time. And so I'm trying to not, you know, follow his path with the music industry. And so, I've been playing guitar for about four years. And so I just recently started playing at Some venues around San Antonio and Austin.
Josh Tapp 1:03
That's awesome, man. Well, so let's let's hop into your business because it's actually not the music industry that we're here talking about, right? It's more where you've kind of started something else really interesting. So give us a little bit of background on where you're at and how you got there, man.
Weston Jenkins 1:17
Yeah, man. So I started a organization two years ago when I was a junior in college, by the name of disabled outdoorsman, USA. And the reason I started this organization was actually because of my cousin TJ who suffers from muscular dystrophy. And TJ superior has just turned 30 years old. And he's about double the age of the life expectancy for his disease. She has the shins muscular dystrophy, which was one of the worst ones that you can be born with. And I've seen firsthand, you know, what the outdoors has done for him physically and mentally. And so we I wanted to share, you know, what he has, what he's fortunate enough to have, you know, with the adaptive, adaptive equipment with other people and just let them you know, Come out for the weekend and not you know, worry about their disability or what they're, you know, born with, but to focus on what they're capable of doing, and achieving, and we have, you know, the equipment in place to really do that for them. And so we we've been taking people with disabilities out to our, our fully accessible ranch for about a year and a half now. And we have, you know, a logo that represents our organization. And we also have a broad line of apparel, and our barrels just got picked up to be on the academy website. And so the apparel is a constant, you know, battle to get into more, you know, retail stores and as a smaller organization, we do face some roadblocks to you know, bigger stores such as Tractor Supply and other nationwide stores as to our size, you know, just because a lot of the times if you're a smaller organization like we are, they don't think that you might, you don't have the capital to fulfill orders. And you know, luckily enough for us, you know, we could fulfill the orders but sometimes they just don't bite the bullet and you know, Take the chance on a small organization, which is understandable. So we're almost at that road that roadblock to where we're big enough, but we're not big enough. Yeah. You know, but as of right now, man, that's the that's the organization in nutshell.
Josh Tapp 3:14
Yeah, I love that. Well, so give us a little bit of background on yourself and why you chose to go this route. I know you talked about you know, working with your disable friend and everything like that's, that's a you know, pretty big motivation but what's kind of your, your direction like where you're wanting to take this and everything?
Weston Jenkins 3:32
Yeah, so coming out of college. I was I was intern I was, I had internships all throughout college, I used to sell insurance. My junior year I want to start to save on tourism, and then I worked with ADP, so on payroll, and then I was my last you know, right when I graduated, I was an intern for three and company so I was working with the PSD division and the Scott fire and safety. And so I was traveling around the nation and you know, going to these different fire departments and selling them you know, the personal safety equipment that They needed. And, you know, I really sat down one night and you know, was contemplating on what I was really wanting to do. You know, as far as wanting to, you know, try to see how big I could grow disabled outdoorsman, or, you know, I needed the money and to take the corporate world and just do disable endorsement on the side. But, you know, one night I really just struck in my head that I was like, you know, what, I'm young enough to where I can take the risk. And I don't, I don't need to make, you know, a couple thousand more dollars a month just to, you know, have that money in my bank account and feel good about it, you know, I can always go get a corporate job somewhere. As of right now, with age that I am, you know, I'm going to take the risk and just try to get, you know, this as big as I can, because that's something that I'll never, I'll never regret, you know, be like, you know what, I gave it a shot and sometimes just work out, you know, but taking the leap on something that, you know, I'm very passionate about, I'll never regret that. You know, and as, as we've seen, disabled outdoorsman grow. It just puts that, you know, distills more and more confidence in you That, you know, we really can take this as far as we can in regards to, you know, maybe even getting a show or starting a hunting show or getting on the outdoor channel. Because when we when we have these people come out to the ranch and you know we have the film crew come out and video it's always more than 100 with with disable outdoorsman, it's it's showing the people's story that comes out their background, you know what they go through and what the outdoors means to them. And so it's almost it's almost the show that we we think is going to be like bulletproof from the people that that may not like the outdoors or may not like hunting because it does more than that for people that with disabilities, you know, and I've seen it firsthand with every trip that we've taken people on which is 16 today, you know, even you know we've taken little kids that are terminally ill to you know, just we took a guy you know that's a double amputee. We've taken veterans out we've taken people in wheelchairs, we take them People that got Gregg's and so we're just a broad, you know, unbiased organization that with any disability, you know, any background with veteran or not, you know, you're welcome into our organization. And that's where we feel like we almost separate ourselves, you know, it's just with being completely unbiased on the disabilities that we help with, or the background that you have. And so these, the films that we're going to be releasing, are really going to be able to, you know, show that and what they go through and what the outdoors mean to them. And then our hat, you know, our lines can be it's more than 100. And so that's, that's probably like the five, five month, you know, plan is we want to have at least three to four completely films, you know, almost like episodes, and then we're just going to release them in segments and see what see what happens.
Josh Tapp 6:51
Yeah, and I honestly think a lot of our listeners would be willing to listen to that and watch that as well. That's a pretty amazing business model that you guys have set up. So So Walk us through a little bit though, Matt. I mean, how are you guys getting the funding for all of this? You know, you've already done some pretty incredible things. So where's the money coming from?
Weston Jenkins 7:08
Yeah, so a lot of the times it comes from our sales on our apparel. So like I said, with, we're, we're just pay off, you know, the cost that we have with the shirts and the hats. So we're no debt, you know, but we're strictly using the profits to bring these people down, and to bring them on the places that we have. So you know, getting their flight getting license and stuff that, you know, is actually you know, what you really need to come down, you know, as where we're getting the money from our apparel sales. And then obviously, we have some people donating to us, you know, through the 501 c three, we're getting some donations here and there from that. But like I said, with the, with the branches that we have, we don't have to hypothetically pay for each and every hunt, that we're bringing people down, you know, if we didn't if we weren't fortunate enough to have the sponsors that we have with the ranch, then we would have to be paying you know, two $3,000 every time we go on but right Luckily with the ranch that we have, you know, we just have to pay for the food and on license and stuff, you know. So it really makes it a lot easier on us.
Josh Tapp 8:09
Yeah, that's a big deal, man. Do you guys you guys take donations you work mostly with businesses when you do that?
Weston Jenkins 8:17
Oh yeah. businesses and you know, just people just single people, people that are just wanting to donate. So we have, you know, sponsorships that if we have a hot Coming up, we'll throw out you know, write up like an article about it, and then we'll either post it on LinkedIn or just send it out to you know, our Shopify email list and be like, Hey, you know, we have this guy coming down if anybody wants to sponsor it, maybe put your name behind the video, you know, be like the hottest sponsored by and then you know, the company name or just the individuals business or whatever it is, and we've been doing pretty well on that with that type of marketing, because some people can just put their name behind them. And you know, some people just like to, you know, show other people what they you know, help do you know, just the Are you know, selling your buddies or whatever it might be, you know, just get a good feeling from helping people out. And so we've been you know, doing pretty well with that where people like sponsoring people's flights or you know, their hunting license or just little stuff like that, you know, are sponsoring the food or people sending us like seasonings and stuff. You know, whenever you're starting up organization even like, you know, food seasonings, you know, helps because you don't have to, that's one less thing you got to worry about buying or worried about, you know, getting that to grocery store, you know, you just have like, an abundant supply at the ranch and that's, you know, we got a guy up in Utah His name's that he goes by the drunken butcher it's like his that's like his business name, but he sent us like a huge box of seasonings, you know, so it's little stuff like that, that really can go a long way, you know?
Josh Tapp 9:49
Yeah. Well, so I'm sure there's plenty of people in our audience who'd be wanted to look into that man. So like, how do you guys take donations, they just reach out to you directly?
Weston Jenkins 9:58
Yeah, they reach out to us, right? Or if they go to the website on disable outdoorsman, they we have like a donate now tab or you can like send us a mission into us and if you want to sponsor a hunt or you know, help somebody get down to Texas or if you know somebody that's disabled and you want them to come on a hunt with us just do this, enter a submission like contact us on the website. And then I'll personally get you know, the new submission and then I'll go in there and you know, see see it and put it in the database of you know, people to take on the site down to the place you know,
Josh Tapp 10:32
yeah, which is awesome. So I'll send people there so that the the URL is disabled, outdoorsman calm, we'll be putting that in the description as well so people can can get access to that. But that's really awesome, man. I mean, this is changing gears a little bit but for you, you know why? As as the young of a guy as you are, why did you decide to kind of go into this this is like a really big passion project. I mean, some people's passion projects like hey, I'm Get out on the weekends, I'll go, you know, work in the food kitchen or something, right? Yeah. You know why take it on as a full time gig.
Weston Jenkins 11:09
You know, it's a weird feeling, man. But something like, deep inside of me is telling me that it's like, almost like I was meant to do this. I was like, I take care of my cousin TJ on the weekends, and it's a, you know, 24 hour job. And but when I'm with him, you know, we're working on disable enforcement, and when I'm not with them, you know, I just got my real estate license. So I'm gonna get into the ranch real estate realm, you know, but as of right now, it's full time disabled outdoorsman? And that's because I feel like I was just born to do it. You know, it's like a gut burning feeling that whenever I was even, like thinking about doing the corporate gig in college, you know, it's like, I was like, Nah, you need to do this. And so I was almost just like a passionate gut feeling of like, this is what I was meant to do. And like, this is what I was, you know, meant to help people with when on, you know, planet Earth. You know, I almost feel like I'm meant to be help people with disabilities and help you know get them back on you know the confidence that they need the level that they need. Everybody that we take on trips man, I'm still like in very close contact with you know, like, people still text me all the time and still thank me for the trips and you know there's little things like even one guy that we took up to a trip in Utah we took him on a Alcott from Ohio and he had a he had a disease called rock bottom feet. And he he has one MPT has one amputation on his right leg. And he's been putting off getting his other leg amputated for a long time. And he's like, he's been going kind of through a rough path. And when we took him on this trip him and I were talking on that mountain for a while, and he looks at me and he's like, Man, I'm gonna be honest with you. He's like, I've been you know, putting off this surgery on my left foot for a long, long time. And I know it's my body's not where it needs to be. let you take me on this trip. And me seeing how well my prosthetic leg has like been performing and outperforming my real leg, he's like this trip has instilled confidence in me enough to, you know, get this surgery that I've been needing for a long time. So for that, you know, I thank you. And so that's why Yeah, that's why I feel like I was meant to do it. You know, it's like, even that's why it's always more than a hunt. You know, on that trip. We didn't even get an elk just because elk mountain on free range and Utah's tough process. But, you know, it's, it's more than a hunt, you know, that whole trip was honestly about him finding out that, you know, I need to get this surgery, even, you know, I've been putting it off for so long, but I need to do it for you know, the betterment of myself even though it's gonna be tough at first, you know, so the trips, the trips that we're doing are always going to be more than you know, it's always going to be something about that person is going to change when they come on a trip with us for the good. And that's why I feel like I was just meant to do it, you know, even if, you know, I'm not I'm not trying to Make a bunch of money as of right now and, you know, look good to my friends or drive that brand new truck, you know, or just be able to pay for everybody's stuff at dinner. As of right now, you know, I'm really just focused on, you know, making a difference in society today and have something, you know, when I'm gone, you know, you can't take the money with you to the grave, but you can leave, you know, an organization that's been able to change thousands of lives behind when you're gone, you know, and it's just something that I feel like, can be here when I'm gone for, you know, until the end, you know, as long as there's people that are in there that are motivated like me, as I can already tell there are as in Utah, we just opened up, we're opening up that chapter that knows a chapter in Utah. So I feel like it's just something that if I work hard for, you know, right now, I feel like it can be something that can be here when I'm gone, you know, and that's why I feel like I'm just so passionate about it.
Josh Tapp 14:54
Yeah, that's awesome, man. So, like, what would you recommend to young entrepreneurs at all? A lot of people and I had that same thing when I was in college, I was like, you know, there's something more calling to me, you know, and now entrepreneurial around. So for you, I mean, what would you recommend to the young entrepreneur?
Weston Jenkins 15:10
Yes, for the young entrepreneur, I would just say, honestly, the age that we are, take the leap and just follow the dreams. You know, you gotta, obviously, you know, budget for what you have and what you can do, but do not, I mean, and I know it's gonna be scary, and it's still scary for me as well. You know, it's the stuff that we have to go through on a daily basis, but the age that we are, you can take the risk and you can always go get, you know, a corporate job, but, and you will never regret taking the risk. I can promise you that. But if you know, you do the corporate gig, and then you're not, you know, being able to do what you're passionate about. You'll always regret that. But, you know, not not having regret about what you're doing is a really good feeling. And being able to do the corporate gigs. If the, you know, the thing that you're passionate about doesn't end up working out. I mean, you can always have a backup plan with it. You know, So it's, it's really, it's really, it's really worth it, I promise you that just follow what you're passionate about. And, you know, just don't worry about what other people say a lot of people want you to do. What, you know, the society does, you know, let's go to college, get a job, you know, buy a house. And, you know, it's like Robert Kiyosaki always says, and you know, being different, and thinking differently, and doing a different path than all your buddies is not a bad thing. Usually, it's a good thing because you're doing something that you're very passionate about. And if you're passionate about it, and you know, you see other people that are starting to get behind you, you know, it's really, it's really gonna be a force for good. You just got to keep on path. And don't worry about what other people say, you know, Mom and Dad are wanting to get the corporate job you really got to do what makes you happy. And just follow you know what you're passionate what your passion is.
Josh Tapp 16:52
Awesome. Well, thank you for that Wes. And thanks for sharing your experience with us and being able to grow and honestly a nonprofit and a business at this time. Same time is pretty impressive. So anybody who wants to either have one of their disabled friends or themselves to be able to come on to the show go on a hunt with these guys go to disabled doors men calm excuse me a disabled outdoors mentor calm. And with that less than well we'll catch you later man. Thanks,
Weston Jenkins 17:17
everybody appreciate your time and hope you have a good day.
Josh Tapp 17:22
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