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Built a marketing agency from $0 to over $30k per month in just under 6 months



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Josh Tapp 0:00
What's up everybody? Josh Tapp here. Welcome back to the lucky entrepreneur podcast. So today we've got Will Hyder on the mic. So will is the owner of massive marketing pros, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping real estate agents and other businesses to be able to blow up their digital presence and produce leads online for a fraction of the cost that there would anywhere else. So we'll took his agency from zero dollars a month to over $30,000 a month, in just under six months. This guy knows how to take massive action as shown within the name of his company. So we'll teaches us today how to take massive action for yourself. So decisive action that's going to help you to scale your business and grow your business very quickly. But also do so in the lives of your customers and your clients and anybody else that you help in your life. So I love Will's perspective. We're going to be hopping right into this so well let's get started. All right, so will tell me one thing about yourself that most people don't know.
Will Hyder 0:57
Well, it's a good question. Some people don't know. I love to drive fast. I mean, people are we know that but I love cars, fast cars efficient. You know, I'm always looking to help as many people as possible, like giving back as much as I can. I don't post all that stuff because ideally, you know, social media, if you do good deeds, you want to be posted, right. So I don't post that much. But, you know, like, right now I'm at a bank doing volunteer work. So a lot of that they probably don't people know about me.
Josh Tapp 1:33
That's awesome. Because you keeping kind of quiet on that social media presence?
Will Hyder 1:37
Yeah, you know, I mean, I mean, I use social media for helping people through marketing and through business growth. But I'm not posting when I go to Donald house, St. Petersburg, you know, cooking breakfast for the people, or, you know, giving out food to the homeless, whatever.
Josh Tapp 1:55
I love that man. So you mentioned your marketing. That's that's your business. So what are you how are you Get Started in marketing in general.
Will Hyder 2:03
Yeah, real estate marketing man, it's a beast. But you know what, it's been extremely profitable for myself and all my clients. You know originally started out I'm a realtor five plus years here, beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida, the best place to work, this place to live and play, though, they will come down and come visit me. But ideally, we started learning how to do marketing my own business. I invested in horses training, right? How do I do it right. And then I realized I was really good at it. So I started taking my skills outside of my area across the country. My first client was in New Jersey. So the need was there, right? Not only for myself, but other businesses, social media marketing and just lead generation and nurturing and qualifying. It's a huge need in this in any industry. So real estate was my niche.
Josh Tapp 2:57
Yeah. Well, you said you're currently producing around 30 Km month as an agency right
Will Hyder 3:02
here, $30,000 a month give or take 2530 K, and we're looking to scale it up to seven figures a month. That's where we're going now 66 deals by the end of the year, my price will get me there. I love that. It doesn't include the setup fees. So you know, you got to know your numbers, right? Do your math, what's your package? What's your average price that gets sold? Do the math work backwards? How many deals at six deals a week? You know, I mean, so you got to know your numbers. Got to know how to get there.
Josh Tapp 3:32
Yeah, absolutely. Well, I know in previous conversations, you and I have talked and you said that. I mean, if you look at just agencies in general, most people fail when they when they hop into an agency model, right. So what's what do you think is kind of your big differentiating factor as far as you know, when you started your agency and what keeps you ahead?
Will Hyder 3:53
First off, it's mindset, right? You know, most I see a lot of new agencies popping up and people reach out to me Hey, can you help me out? You know, me myself, personally, I don't want to help people. But there has been a time where I've asked for help. But at the same time, there's been a time where I pull out my credit card and I asked her mentorship, you know, free help and mentorship for two totally different things. So what I find is a lot of these new agencies are afraid to spend money to learn, they want to, they just want the secret sauce. Like, it's not that simple. Like, you know, it takes time and effort to learn the strategies that I've developed, or that other top people develop, that we're willing to share with you. Right? That's gonna save you months. So instead of worrying about you know, the few dollars you have now you can invest back into learning, allow you to skill up, build confidence, help more people, help your sales process, and ideally, grow your business. So don't be afraid to invest. It's all about mindset. I'm afraid they're not gonna like me because I have no case studies. I've never had any clients well, then you think like that. That's what you're gonna get. So, you know, you got to think positive Right, right.
Unknown Speaker 5:02
I love that.
Josh Tapp 5:04
Boy. Yeah, absolutely. And so one of the other things that for you guys, I think has really made you you know, win has been really your offer, right? So I mean, like the offering that you create for people, how does that differentiate you guys?
Will Hyder 5:17
So we are a full service customer marketing agency, we don't just generate leads. We look at your entire business as a whole. We're gonna look at your website, we're gonna look at your, your Google presence. We're going to look at your social media presence, and we're going to attack it arm by arm, make those arms basically big muscles, right? Like, we want your freakin business to be massive. That's why we call it massive marketing pros. We think they do a massive level, massive leads, massive follow up massive tech automation equals massive revenues. So you know, that's all I've ever looked at, like I see problems I want to fix. Right so I know what the budget of the client is, will determine You know what we do first, but we specialize our main product or service is our Facebook ads. We help real estate agents all across the country United States, Canada, we just happen in Australia. We're now working with builders in Australia. So, you know just provide value to help people.
Josh Tapp 6:19
Yeah, absolutely. When if you're already kind of globalizing your business a little bit I mean, what why real estate is just because you know, started real estate yourself, or are
Will Hyder 6:30
you with it? Right? Like the riches are in the niches. So a lot of people start with like, even if you're like a coffee shop owner, right, like, first thing and do is call your friends to call your people, you know, well, the people I know I'm surrounded by real estate agents, surrounded by brokers and surrounded by title company routed by mortgage people. I get calls all the time myself because I'm in real estate. Right? You know, it's my space, right? I know builders because I used to do construction, maintenance and all that stuff. So you know, everything is a combination of the real estate. industry as a whole. So, I've got my hand and everything has to do with that, whether it be rentals, sales, property management, marketing, coaching, consulting, I've got my hand and every single one of yours, you better believe I'm doing the best I can to pull out see on one of those.
Josh Tapp 7:16
Yeah, that's awesome. I think one of the things I've learned even just you know, being a business owner in general, is you have to start where, you know, that's what I love. Like you're okay, I was already an agent, you know, like, you've already been in the, you know, the language and you really know the true problems that that people have. So that's really awesome.
Will Hyder 7:34
Well going, speak your language.
Unknown Speaker 7:36
Yeah, absolutely. Sorry, I get
Will Hyder 7:38
on the phone with a realtor and I can break down a listing agreement an appointment and how my marketing is going to give you a larger advantage when you go sit down in front of them even to say, check out this sales funnel that I'm gonna develop for you. And you can show them case studies and in pictures and images, that's gonna set you aside from the conventional real estate agent that's going in there trying to charge 6% just do the standard marketing where they take your listing, they put all the money Less and just syndicated to all the websites and they put their feet up and they pray we call it the three P's. They promised to put on the MLS, they they put it on the MLS and then they put their feet up and they pray. So
Unknown Speaker 8:12
how was a three piece?
Josh Tapp 8:13
Yeah, that's hilarious. Well, let's let's go clear back to the beginning of your business. So I mean, as a realtor and everything you were able to try it out in your own business, but like how did you fund your your business initially? And the reason I asked that question is because most of the people who listen to this podcast are in that starting phase and they're saying, Okay, well, how should I fund it? How should I get started because you're saying a lot of people are not willing to pay off a credit card so
Will Hyder 8:38
beg borrow and steal almost steal, but you know, listen, I saved my money like I got a closing I had a closing in real estate it be like, like, think it was like seven grand. I paid the car off and I took the other five grand and I put it all to learn how to market that was a biggest investment ever made five K. Yeah, that five k A month later landed me a 1500 dollar car. I quit my maintenance job, focus more on selling real estate and then start servicing my clients start selling more packages. And then you know, within six months I was doing 10 k a month. Still doing my real estate sales and picking up more rentals. You know what it means you just got to be persistent, you got to gain momentum and keep your foot on the gas pedal. You know, where you spend your time and your money and your effort is what you're gonna get. If you're gonna negative mindset, you're hanging around negative people and people don't like to shoot down your goals and your aspirations. It's gonna suck you down need to cut out the negative and surround yourself with killers. When I say killers, I mean people that are where you want to be. You can learn from positive energies. That's the biggest thing like for me, right, like keeping the negative out keeping that cancer out, right? Yeah, absolutely.
Josh Tapp 9:52
Well, so where do you personally turn to get that? I mean, like, what do you when you're having problems stuff like you're saying it's easy to go to people who already have been successful. So where do you personally go to to get that?
Will Hyder 10:03
You know, I've got personal mentors that we use, you know, obviously, groups and stuff, but to be honest with you, Josh, like, I don't have a lot of neighbor around me because over the years, I've just cut it out. If I see a negative post from somebody on my facebook, and be like, we don't even talk that much, but it's just something way off. I was like, okay, that's, that's got to go. You don't mean like just current? It's crazy. Zero tolerance for anything negative or negative mindset, right? So I keep my social media pretty, pretty tight hold. And as far as my sphere of influence, like people around me, right, like, same thing. I don't keep 20 friends fake friends. I keep it nice handful of trustworthy friends.
Josh Tapp 10:43
Right? I love that. I mean, I don't know if you saw this recently, but there was a there's just a whole study that's been done on depression linked with Instagram, with Instagram usage. And I think, you know, social media can be used as a tool and like your saying like if you can have a zero tolerance policy and even if it's your mom, right and she starts posting negative crap, she's off right?
Will Hyder 11:08
I love my mom to death but she posts a lot of politics violent all around. She's still my friend, but I don't I don't follow my mother and what she did no offense, but, you know, we're different to different people, right? So
Josh Tapp 11:21
don't let her build up.
Will Hyder 11:25
She knows you know, but you know, I keep very strong entrepreneur mindset and people like so when I'm when I'm on my Facebook and I'm pulling up in the morning I was scrolling through, you better believe someone's posted like, Oh, it was up to 530 I'm at the gym, what's everybody else doing? Like? like everyone's coming each other up and setting the example on, you know, what should I be doing every day kind of thing? You know, every day it's somebody different, right? Or I'll see something. Oh, you know, you got to be careful. You know what you're looking at? You started liking, liking other people's negative stuff. That's all I'm gonna freakin show you. So, you know, you got to watch what you watch on YouTube and watch what you watch. On videos because all that stuff's tracked, and then they start putting similar stuff in front of your face. So, right we'll learn about motivation and self development and sales and marketing those things you need to search for that you can have in your feed. So,
Unknown Speaker 12:13
yeah, absolutely.
Unknown Speaker 12:14
dive right in baby all the way.
Unknown Speaker 12:17
Yeah, I want to only
Will Hyder 12:19
commit, whatever it takes 10 acts like Grant cardones, a big mentor of mine. So I'm always 10 acts in a massive everything right, like massive action, massive follow massive production. Whatever I got to do, like, just get it done. Yeah, that's awesome.
Josh Tapp 12:37
So, where you're already, you know, succeeding at a higher level, you know, where, what's one of the big obstacles that's been keeping you up at night, you know, and how are you overcoming it?
Will Hyder 12:49
A couple different things like, you know, growth and obviously scaling right scaling is, you know, as you grow and you're creating new problems for yourself, which is a good indicator that you're moving forward. But it doesn't mean you know how to deal with the problems. You know me like, you still got to deal with it for like 30 days, how do I go from 30 k a month to 60? How many clients I either got to get how many? Like, how many more employees has to do I have to get to get me there? Like, how many of me Do I duplicate? Right? Right addition to that, you know, as you get older, I'm like, 31 now, like, you start to wonder, like, how much is enough? Like, yeah, I hate this, and I'm gonna want more, right? Like, it's like, holy shit. Am I ever gonna, like, be? am I ever gonna be like, I've reached it, you know, I mean, like, I feel like, you know, I mean, it's that's kind of a struggle with me, like, what? am I ever gonna be satisfied with? what I'm doing? Yeah, I guess I'll find out in time. Right. Yeah.
Josh Tapp 13:44
That is true. So it's one of those balancing act, I think really figuring out okay, at what point do i do i quote unquote, you know, slow down, but I think that's the entrepreneurial curse, though, right? I mean, there's almost no slowing down. It's a good thing to
Will Hyder 13:57
have. Right? Yeah. It kind of stops And then I have two people that are like scared, scared money, right? Not afraid to invest not afraid, invest time afraid to show up and meet new people or new things. Try new things. Right? Right. So, you know, I use those indicators to move directly toward that fear, okay? I'm not afraid go toward it. A fear is an indicator to move toward it, not away from it. It's just your gut telling you to go like most people are afraid to try new things are afraid to show up. Once they get through and they realize it. They're like, What the hell was I afraid about? Like, right? It's just emotion, overcome it, and go through it. And that builds courage, right? That's how people don't get courageous. They do things they fear not because they get scared. Right.
Josh Tapp 14:41
I love that. That's gold. sakes. You can't You can't I have to repeat that. Just there
Will Hyder 14:46
is a true indicator. Yeah.
Josh Tapp 14:49
Yeah. Fear is, is how how you overcome that fear is how you get the courage and I love that. Well, just one last quick question for you. So what's one tool that You would recommend to every entrepreneur if they're starting out
Will Hyder 15:05
a tool or tour just got to Yeah, tech tool.
Then your freaking cell phone, like social media, like use it right? Like, I develop my entire business through social media. Like I started with the first client, obviously was my broker here in Florida, but he's right next to me like I didn't go out pitching clients around me. You know, I mean, I didn't go to people like I did all socially, right? I get involved with groups, right? Get involved with groups invest in courses. Because when you get nodes, you get in top with top people, other people that have invested people that are willing to learn, you know, get out and meet people figure out what you want to do. Just show up every day and do it is a powerful tool guys. Like I don't see it going nowhere. It's only getting stronger. Now. The marketing's changing obviously, it seems like every six months are changing something right? But as a good marketing company and as an entrepreneur, it's just like any company, you've got to learn how to pivot in your market in your business. So absolutely, that's it, it's show up skill up, momentum and persist every day. Surround yourself with positive people cut out the negative and you will be successful. If you've accurately estimate how long it takes to become successful. Most people don't think it's gonna happen in six months or a year. And then they realize they cut they stopped too short, and they waited too long or whatever, right? So do it until you become successful. So
Josh Tapp 16:37
that's awesome, man. Thanks for sharing that with us. So just before we sign off, how can how can our listeners connect with you? Well,
Will Hyder 16:44
so guys, like I said, I'm a full service marketing agency. So if you're, if you're a business, if you're a real estate agent, you're a mortgage partner, tech, if you're any business, I do a lot of Home Improvement companies as well. gyms. If you guys need a free marketing audit, check out my way. website massive marketing pros comm go right down to the bottom, click on schedule a demo. Pick a time in a day, I'll be more than happy to jump on a call with you and do a quick business audit. You know, give you tips tricks on how to prove what you are and you got going on. And you know, and the idea too, is to show you what we offer. So if you know if you're interested in doing business with us, if we're a good fit, I'll be more than happy to help you grow your business. If not, you've got a free business audit for your time. So either way, check me out massive marketing pros comm Also, if you're a real estate agent, you want to learn how to do marketing. We've got our top real estate marketing pros group, it's called the real estate marketing pros. Just check us out on Facebook, and click the invite and I'll go ahead and bring you in and we've got live videos from myself trainings, we've interviewed other top marketers, other realtors that are doing marketing, all in the group. The group is there for you guys. So if anything, feel free to reach out. That wraps it up. Josh, thank you so much for having me.
Unknown Speaker 17:55
Yeah, no problem. Thanks for coming on. Well,
Will Hyder 17:58
appreciate it. You guys have a good rest So
Josh Tapp 18:02
if you've enjoyed this episode or any other episode of the lucky entrepreneur podcast, feel free to leave us a rating or review or to subscribe as we continually be releasing new episodes that will help you to make your own luck. Additionally, if you feel like you need some extra help or some extra resources and launching your business or improving your business, you can reach out to us on the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page. I will personally be in there answering any questions you might have, as well as directing you to the trainings and the tools and everything that we have within the Facebook page. So all you have to do is either look in the show notes or go to the lucky entrepreneur Facebook page.
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